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September 3, Live Feed Updates


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dani and zach in the WR now

he asked her if anyone of them are treating her any different

she said no

he said he feels a little tention when he's in a room with them

dani said none of them have talked to her about the veto, she said i guess they are assuming i'm not gonna use it

so they figure what's the point

(i'm out till tomorrow, good night)

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Just turned the feeds on and it looks like they sorted out a whole bags of M&Ms by color and eric was going to spell out eric with those. Zach explains a game called pente to Dick that he says is like connect 4, but it is on a board that is 20 stones across, and the M&Ms are called "stones". Dani and Jess are wondering if they have alcohol, and Jess brings up the fact that it is only 9:30.

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Jess asks Jameka to check the SR for the booze, as she was called to the DR. Eric, instead of creating "Eric" with those M&Ms has created "Earl". Zach explains pente again, and Jess joins in. At 9:38 the game officially begins, and so does the silence. Dick has lost after 2 minutes and they start a new game. Dani is drinking a vitamin water and is observing the game, along with Jess and Eric.

As an update

Dick, Zach are playing

Jess, Eric, and Dani are observing, and Jameka is in the DR

Eric's creation is now "I *heart shape* Earl" Jameka is out of the DR at 9:43.

Jess and Jam go out side. Jess talks about how Eric over exaggerated a story, and how she told him that. Jameka talks about how boring her DRs must be and we get FotH. Jess says that she must be a good drunk. Jameka wonders what they show on Showtime. Jess wonders if her folks bought showtime to see her. Jess says that her parents bought the live feeds, and that they have a lot of computers. Jameka thinks her DR was cut short, cause something might of happened in the house.

Jess and Jameka say that they feel intimidated by zach and dick, and that is why they are not campaigning. Jameka says that this is the time when we need to pray to god for our safety.

(I'm really tired guys. I thought I could last longer, but I can't.)

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{okay, just walked in from an outing}

Jam, Jess, and Eric are outside talking about whether they would agree to be on season 9 if they were asked. Jess said yes because she'd just be graduating so it would be great. Eric said that he wouldn't pass up the opportunity but he doesn;t think he would be too enthusiastic but rather get straight to buisiness, and that for him it's been the best thing that ever happened to him (me saying, how saassd) but there have been some hard times, still he takes it seriously and would come back.

Now comparing how long Survivor is vs. BB

Jess says that even if she's on the block, she still enjoys being here. He said that he would always have amazing memories and that it's a great honor to be here. But the low moments that he's had at the BBH were lower than he's ever had - and many times he just wanted to leave and let go of it all. But at the same time, he wouldn't trade it for anything in the world (I'd say, it's been the best of times,. it's been the worst of times).

Zack and Dick are lying on the counches in the LR, Dick is tired and wants to take a nap - it's 10:38 BBT.

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10:29 BBT

Eric outside with Jameka and Jessica sorta getting the cold shoulder from Jess but she insists nothings wrongs...Eric talking about his experience saying it will be hard "it will never be the same" after they leave..Jess cuts him off and offers them some wine..jameka says yes and Eric "no thank you".

Jameka saying she'll go over with the show with her girlfriends and discuss it with them..Eric asks "do you ever think to yourself ..is this worth it".........Eeric talking about when Zach asked if he would do BB( and said yes but be more "edgier" with less of a gung ho sprit and come in "like a maniac" and tear thru it...

Eric poses tyhe question to Jess and she said "yes" she would do it...and also tells him "I always thought it was worth it" even though she missed her bros homecoming from Iraq...Eric tell her what hee told Jameka if he would do it again...

Eric saying things were "exceedingly difficult" "really hard moments" this season....

Jameka talking Survivor half as long......

"I hate this place" Jessica is saying she finds herself saying a lot this week[maybe because you may be heading to sequester]

Eric saying he's having "mixed feelings" "a dream come true" to "a total nightmare"

Eric continues to retrospect this season and wonders if he'll have any realations out of BB house with those who have been evicted...

They got alcohol.."a bottle of white wine and 10 beers" and Dick corrects Zachs and says a bottle "of zinfandel"

Eric says he doesn't want to watch this season with anyone saying comments from people.."I will snap"

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Dick and Zack are off the couch. Dick wants to make coffee so he doesn't fall asleep. Zack wants beer, but it looks like he's opening a bottle of wine.

Zack complaining that he's got gas.

Dick complaining that he's falling asleep.

Zack suggests that the throw the frisbie - Dick agrees but wants coffee first.

Back in the BY: Eric says that he wouldn't want to watch the show with other people because if they talk in the middle and interrupt, it would ruin it for him.

{sorry, just lost my connection and showtime's BLACK - if t comes back I'll eep going. sorry guys}

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10:41 BBT

Dick making coffee to stay up and jokingly says "we should save it for tomorrow and have a case and fall into the pool"

Dick "I'm tired I don't think I'm going to drink tonight" to himself..

Back outdoors

"I'm going to punch him at some point" [wow tough guy] talking about Zach I think...

Talking about the heat[its been blazing] and what they will wear Thursday......

Jess 'I'm about to go inside"

Inside Dick "I'm tired and I'm bored" waithing for his coffee..

Eric talking about Zach and says he rubbed his head and Eric says he almost got up "and beat the shit out of him" [right ..I'd pay to see that...oh I did]

Jess comes back "what's shakin sista" and Jess says nothing its hot..and Eric says "I have an idea" "or proposal" to not be mad and be nice to each other ...Jess saying "I don't think we bicker that much" talking about "getting mad" and how they don't like it......

Jess agrees to it.....Eric heads it and so does Jess

Eric says "does anyone got to get worked over by me in quarters"

Zach telling Dick "I don't have to drink to have fun".......talking about wacking off.....Z saying its inappropiate and Dick says Dustin did it several times and Zach says that's because "he's a fruitcake"

A very somber Jameka making cookies........

Everyone in the kitchen except Dani.....Jameka ready to stufff her face and asks Jess to play "TIc Tak Toe" and Zach offers to play Jess and says "I'm playing with Jameka"

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10:54 BBT

Looks like we have some very unhappy campers tonight.....Jameka and Jess playing while Eric and Zach practicing quarters......saying "I'm three of five" and Jess and Jameka gave up their lame game and will join him in a game in quarters.

Dick outside talking to himself [or us]

Zach calls out to play quarters...and says he wants to finish his coffee first and his cig......

Back inside Jess saying acohol" puts me in a good mood" and "reminds me of home" [i see AA meetings in her future]

Jess wonders why "jameka doesn't drink a beer" and Zach says he'll play but if only its "Chandelier"

Zach heads to his HOh room "jessica is such a fucking bitch" telling Dani she's treating him badly and asks her a question and she's "ignoring me"..."we'll have problems if she's here"

Dani listening to music and volume is turned up "it's like a dance party in here" and we get foth

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11:03 BBT

Jam Eric and Jess well Eric making fun of Zach......and Eric saks if Jess has "talked to Daniele" at all about tomorrow...Jess "no why?"

they begin their quarters game ...........Jameka playing as she stuffs her face.......

upstairs ih HOH Dani listening to music while Zach sits in the chair bouncing his head to the music [which is audible] and Dani says "lame" ..."glow sticks please" says colorful lights and X[ectasy]" BB realizes the music can be heard and we get foth...

quarters game goes on downstairs and Jess seems to be correct...as the beer has put her in a better mood......

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11:12 BBT

In hOH "i see a different side of her" calling her a baby "for not getting her way" and Dani says she's been like that..

both now are Jess bashing saying she wants to go to bars after getting out of the house daniele calling it " a bizarre answer"

Both are talking when they get their stipend and Dani says she heard it was at "the wrap party" ...."I can't wait til next week..it better be somebody good" "it better be will"

Dani saysing about Dick "he's driving me crazy again" calling him rude and "gets mad" saying "get over yourself"

Zacg saying their realtionship is like the one with " my little brother" its 'wierd" and Dani says she doesn't really consider him family but "a really annoying friend" Zach trying offer advice.....Dani says "some stuff" can't be forgotten "the scars" are "way too deep"

Zach again playing psychologist..Dani seems to oblige and goes on about Dick....

laughing about their quarters game and saying how bad the resolutions of the spyscreen is..."want to go down and play with them" dani asks Zach and both head downstairs ..Zach "i see this interesting game and I want in".......and everyone at the table playing......Eric explains the rules....

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11:24 BBT

The quarter game is going strong and seems to be a free for all but the somber mood from earlier seems to have lightened....and we actually are seeing smiles and laughter..well at least for now....

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11:41 BBT

Pretty much the same going on..everyone seems to be having a good time playing Eric's new quarter game.......

11:54 BBT the game goes on with a self proclaimed slightly drunk jameka givingnthe Showtoo viewers a countdown until they are put out of there misery from this boredom..well actually they are trying to get the quarter to land in the last drink...[will they make it?]

there have been close shots and Jameka gives the 5 min warning..Zach "who's gonna do it"

Well it ends with no one making it.....

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12:05 BBT

"i may be legitimately drunk" Jameka proclaims as the game continues on....

Zach saying "jameka's got the reach" while refering to Dick as "old man" and making fun of his "jedi skills" or lack of them...

Wow Jameka grabs Erics neck like "steven segal" laughing as her "snapped his neck"

Talk turns to "what do nipple rings remind you of"

Jess has turned sassy from the brew...while nearly breaking Eric's hand wih a hard high 5...

Beers gone but there is wine...

Jess saying "drunky Mcdrunkerson" saying its the most drunk she's been in the house ..Jameka belting out "oh what a feeing...dancing on the ceiling" FOTH

Dani cuting up some watermelon..and Jameka and Jess toasting "to the block and all the bullshit"

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12:16 BBT

Well Jess and Jameka are drunk and they are singing so we are getting FOTH.......

Feeds back and turn talks to Actors Oscars and broadway......and scandals about "naked photos"...

Jameka " I'm in a singing mood and I can't be stopped" and says maybe she should go back to her room and sing "into my pillow" [might I suggest dunking your head in the toilet..I'm kidding..I think]

Talk turns to the what a calandar featuring Jess....from Memorial Days to Labor Day and Halloween,spread eagle with a pumkin, and costumes.......Thanksgiving..and holding a cornucopia laying across a table.. ....

Jameka sings "don't make me close one more door" and we get foth.. briefly comes back just to have them singing again.....foth

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12:29 BBT

We are getting a lot of FOTH from all the singing and its getting old...Jess talking abot "I hate brodway" and Jess yells "ERIC!! I'm still talking" when his attention turned away.......

Broadway talk about choreograhy...Eric saying someone's "is horrible" FOTH

Jameka telling Zach "becareful it wil take you there" talking about music being "really soulful" [hard to follow as we keep getting FOTH]

Music talk

Jameka Jess talking about loving to perform.......

Zach hasa broght his Twizzlers down and they are munching..

Talking about edible underwear..jameka saying "it's like eating a Fruit Roll up" zach asking how do you know and Jameka says "i've seen them"

Jess saying he naughty gift she got from her dance team was a keychain "pocket vibrator" and kept it there until people kept asking "what is that"

Eric doing shots of wine.....

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12:43 BBt

we have a slurring Jessica..and Jameka and Eric at the table as the quarter game has broken up..No sign of Zach Dani and Dick[no doubt laughing at their pity party]

Talking about training dogs and what they are getting.."i want a dalmation" says eric.......Jess say "they shed" Jameka and Jess saying they miss Joe when Eric suggested they name one of their dogs "Joe barber"

Now they are talking about their alliances which are left......Talking about getting "trashed" when they leave the house.....Jess says 'why are we going to Disneyland" when we can go "to a bar" saying her brother hated Disneyland

Talk turns to finals..Eric saying "i moved my flight for finals" and we get FOTH

Jess talking about unable to get a direct fight to LA from Kansas having to fly to Chicago first.....Eric asking them if they been to NY ..Jameka says she has when she took a $60 bus ride to there and Eric asking where she stayed...and we get foth..again

druken jameka keeps singing...... "Viva Las Vegas" and of course we get FOTH.....

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12:55 BBT

Dani plucking her eyebrows and Zach warns jess about going into the toilet room and jess in a very bitchy tone 'why do you use the downstairs bathroom when you have your own" and enters with a "yuck"

Jess washes her hands and completely ignores Dani..Eric comes in saying Jameka suggest they go the hot tub..and in the background you can hear Jameka's big mouth singing again and we get FOTH

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12:59 BBT

Jameka and Jess outside

Talking about "next week" talking about everyone playing POV..Jameka says next week is tie breaking week 1-1...."one of us is going this week" [umm really]

Talking about playing Next week and Jameka says the only way they keep me is because they don't want both of them playing next week...

Jess saying she doesn't want to lose her buzz talking....

Talking about game again..'if won of them win" and Zach pulls them off..."you'll have to put me up"..and "i'm gone" ...both "that sucks" saying Jess has to win both HOH and POV...Jameka "this game is brutal" ........Jess "oh my God" "This game's brutal"

Jameka "i would totallly 100% pick you" and Jameka says even if they put Eric up 'this still blows" [dream on jameka]

jameka saying Zach "wants me gone" and might be here "very well be me going home"...Jess says "if they put me and Eric up" she thinks Eric will goes.......jameka "we have no power"

Jameka wondering "why did he go back in" about Eric....Jess saying "if that's the demise of me" for being nice and getting along with people she'll "punch em in the face" and doesn't want a hug on the way out...

Jess is mad "I'm about to break that frisbee..or hide it"

Jess wonders why Eric is sitting inside by himself........Jameka "Eric Elroy Stein" tells himto come out...

Jess hides Zach's frisbee..

Jess was worried Dani was talking to Zach and Eric says no and out comes Dick........Jameka singing again 'and you're gonna be screamed at again"

Dick talking about Janelle not liking Eric ..he says so because he called her "ugly" "fat" and "miss piggy" Dick saying she's not fat or ugly and Talk turns wonder if James is still with Sarah and Dick "who cares he should be with Dustin or Joe"


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Eric just called to DR [probably getting his AP task]

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1:16 BBT

we keep getting FOTH as Jameka keeps singing...

Eric called to DR about his AP [lame] assignment..

Dick Jameka and Jess are outside talking

Jess "oh God Eric is going to be in there for like 2 hours"

Jameka almost sings and says "oops" and stops..

Talking about Danile being "played up" for "Tuesday's show" Jess saying "for sure Danile because she won" and Eric for calling Janelle "fat" and "miss piggy".....

"what do you think they are doing in the sequester house" Jess asks...Dick "bitching and moaning" and Jameka says drinking and swimming.....

"who knew LNC would be biting off LNC' Dick says of course what would you expect with a group of 7 with 14 people in the game.....

Jameka goes in..Dick "is she trippin?" Jess saying she doesn't want to go home telling Dick she thinks she's being pulled off and Eric is going up....Dick saying "she must of smuggled crack in" saying 'people have" wild imaginations....Dick saying "she's horrible in these competitions" and Jameka comes back and Dick goes to bathrrom...jameka says if Dick sayid anything and Jess lies to her and says no.......

Jameka saying ED and Dani should go because they "fucked up the LNC" trying to vote out Eric ..."whyyyyyy"

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1:29 BBT

Jess saying "i'm done with today"

Dick talking about Jen in sequester saying Dustin and Amber wouldn't put with it..

Jameka says "I don't think she's cluess she just don't give a damn" and Dick says "she's cluess and doesn't give a damn"

Dick now obsessing over Jen calling her "an idiot" and "bizarro" calling "an escaped mental patient" and micxed up he lines getting her "lithium" and got in BB casting line........

Dick saying she's had a pretty "tough skin" until they put her up as a backdoor....talking about kail not putting Jen up when the whole house wanted Jen out.."instead she became Kail's BFF" Jess says

talk turns to Dustin and Kail........Dick says he and Eric talked about big personality changes "dustin upstairs" and "dustin when Joes was her" calling him "Joe's bitch" Jameka disagrees..and says "Dustin was pretty ballsy in from of Joe to me"

Jameka asks what is the one they notice dic saying the robe and crown and "raise your hand" blah blah blah Jameka "I can see it but it didn't bother me"

Dick mad talking about Dustin told him "Prancing around" "fucking Idiot...I never pranced in my life" Jameka says "that was a Marcellas moment"

Dick saying yoou can't get cocky "in this place" talking about Jase from season 5 and talk turns to season 5....

Eric outta DR...

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1:41 BBT

Eric comes out and the seasn 5 talk continues....talk turns to masterbation and Jameka 'i don't want to hear about it"

jess asks about his DR and w

Eric smoking and is mimicking Dick so it was Dick for AC....Dick laughing about it

Jess "I don't get it" Dick "neither do I"

Jameka "I'm confused"

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1:43 BBT

Jameka "how long is this going to go on" telling Eric to light the cigareete if he's going to do it..

Jess "what is this"

Eric mocking Dick...

Jessica's totally "confused"

Eric finished for now saying "that's the first of a couple of times" Dick goes in and tells Jess that he's going to mimick and mock him to annoy someone "who annoys everyone else"

Jessicas saying it was wierd......Eric warns Dick its the first of "many to come" Jess saying she wouldn't of found it funny

Dick calling Jameka about 'licking ass" and a very annoyed and Eric says "it was Jameka I heard it too" Jameka "I don't remmber saying that" saying "I dispute the part about licking ass by the marina"

[i'm disgusted enough tro call it night.....night all]

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