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September 3, Live Feed Updates


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2:30am Eric & Jess in HT just playing around on feeds 1 & 2. Dick & Dani in round room on feeds 3 & 4 thinking out what way to go with the veto use it and zack put up Eric and they say whats good by doing that and whats bad. and talk of keepng it the same and how they will vote (use M&m's as Hg's) Dick:"no matter what we must and i ean must win HOH next week." Dani:"i know" Dick repeats himself. its official Dani & Dick just said that they will make sure to get rid of Jessica and go to final 3 with Zack! Dick & Dani say this is so serious and frustrating. Dick i have troble sleeping because of this. Dani says but getting rid of Eric this week. Dick talks her out of it. Dick: "Jameka would have to make a deal with devil, no bullshit ya go home or ya do what we want if you chage ur mind ya go home in 20 minutes, or i may break your bible." Dani:"we have to make her feel safe. Jessica thursday and Eric next week." Dick:"i was talking to her in the lawn...." FOTH

im out

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2:17 BBT

Jess and Eric talking in the HT, Jameka, Daniele and Dick talking on couches in BY. Jameka leaves, Dick and Daniele go to round room to chat.

Daniele says she doesn't want to hear Eric talk to Jessica about his sex experiences with other girls. Dick says that's a weird situation. Daniele goes to bathroom, Dick mutters about Jameka eavesdropping.

Daniele returns, explains her new tactic with skittles. Daniele says if they vote Jess out they need to get Jameka's word that she will vote and use POV next week as they say. Dick wants to add plus if she gets HoH the following week they won't go up then they will keep her this week. And he gets her black nail polish.

They are getting rid of Jessica this week.

Daniele has reviewed the season and knows that each person has lied or backstabbed to get further in the game and they can use that to get jury votes.

In the HoH if Eric goes out of the game first, Dani plans to throw it to Dick.

They don't want to reveal anything to Jameka until right before the vote so they can blindside Eric, Dick thinks it will make him a wreck for the HoH, Daniele is concerned that it will make him more determined.

Daniele says they will both be furious, Dick says Jess will be gone and he will explain it to Eric after.

Daniele says Eric has to go next, if he doesn't get HoH or POV.

Dick says he has explained to Zach that Zach will be a pawn since Jameka has to vote the way they tell her to.

Dani wants to keep Zach in the dark so he can't tip off Jessica. Dick says they have to make Zach feel he needs them both to get further in the game.

Dani feels Eric hasn't been throwing comps, he's as horrible as Jameka at physical comps.

They plan on taking Jameka to final 3 with them if everything falls into line. Dick says they are America's sweethearts. They can't sleep anymore they are so stressed by figuring out the options.

Dick feels Jameka has to make a deal with the devil, make her swear to their agreement on the bible and in front of a camera 20 minutes before the vote.

Dani says they have to make Jessica continue feeling safe.


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2:40 BBT

Dick and Daniele feel "they" give things away, like 2 weeks ago with Jen and the voting order.

D&D realize they have to get HoH next week for the plan to work perfectly.

They know Jess will be furious, Dani feels horrible about breaking the deal. Dick says he feels bad about it too, they are uncertain if J&E would have broken the deal first.

They discuss how finale voting goes. They discuss how flimsy the keys are this week.

They feel Jameka and Eric will try to align, but they will tell Jameka she has to keep it quiet.

D& D talk about how they copied so many comps from last year, they are very similar so far. They try to figure out what the remaining comps could be.

Maybe questions concerning past houseguests. Both are nervous, feel its unlikely Eric would get HoH and POV.

Dani feels they are at the part of the game where they have to do whatever they have to do to get to the end. They feel confident they can beat Zach if he lasts to F3.

They go over options, just make sure Jameka knows it is a 2 week deal. If she gets HoH on her first available time, they want to make sure she doesn't put both of them up together. They also feel Zach won't put them up together at that point.

Dani thinks Jameka may get more strategic, Dick says Jameka is stupid though.

They discuss Will being the best strategically and Janelle being the best competitively.

Dick thinks if they both make it to final two, the producers should combine the prize because he can't tell the jury why he deserves the money over Daniele.

Daniele doesn't agree, thinks they came in separate and played separate games. She would be happy with second place.

Dick feels if he wins, people will be saying "What happened here??"

Dick can't stop thinking about after game, getting out and meeting Janelle. He's been daydreaming about her.

Dani says "they" will be all depressed when the showmance is gone.

They make fun of Eric talking about moving to Kansas, Eric's speech and Zach's speech. Dani thinks a lot of other people's speeches are so corny and fake.

Feed 1: 3am BBT E&J conversation about their comfort with each other's bodily functions: underarm hair, burping, farting, puking.

Eric discusses his first impressions of her.

D&D in the bathroom. Dani says Zach told her she has to decide if she is playing for "the 3 of us", which she found annoying.

Dick returns to the backyard. He asks where Jameka is, is she back upstairs eavesdropping.

Eric says his feet smell like something, Dick guesses poop, Eric says boogers. Eric goes for a drink.

Dick says Eric would drink Jessica's urine because he is so p-whipped and he could get a glimpse of it at the same time. Jess goes to bathroom.

Daniele comes to BY, complains she wants it to be Thursday already. Eric returns, Dick asks if the imitation thing is still happening. Eric continues to mimic Dick. Dani enjoys it because it annoys Dick.

Dick spits with Eric imitating it. Dani gets grossed by them blowing snot on the carpet.

Jessica returns. Inane conversation about the task (masked as a side bet), Carol, juice, Zach's CD - trance music.

Eric asks Dani why she is awake again, she's becoming an insomniac. She says she hates this house.

More non-game conversation. Ragging on previous HG.

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3:40AM BBT: Dick, Daniele and Jessica and Eric are out on the porch. Conversation is light at the moment. Eric goes in to get his pajamas on. Jessika teases about what her don't-evict-me speech is going to be like - "please don't make me go live with those suckers" is one example.

Daniele asks what Jameka thinks and Daniele says that she thinks Jessica might go home since she can't compete for HOH. This surprises Dick and Daniele and they mention that she shouldn't be that confident. [A throwback to what Dick cautioned Jessica about yesterday?]

They move on to ranking the HGs in terms of popularity - most of it in joking fashion. eric notes that many HGs (past included) are known for one major (or silly) thing, such as Nakomis for the 6-finger plan or Zach streaking. Dani tosses in the bunny suit.

They determine that each HG has about 3 hours worth of time in the DR each week, of which the show uses maybe 4 minutes. They mutter about having good songs tomorrow, or a good games to play, such as pictionary or monopoly. Eric says he would choose the thimble for monopoly.

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4:00AM BBT: Daniele wants to double-check the time as she goes in for juice, bringing on a brief call for bedtime, but conversation shifts to lighters and Jen-bashing.

Daniele visits the bathroom and then just slips into bed. Jessica announces that she's going to go to bed, but first returns to showing Eric just where (how low) he should wear his pants. As she adjusts them Dick comes up from behind and pants him - leaving Jess a quickie close-up shot.

She goes inside and Eric goes to SR. Dick stays outside. As he pours her some Coke they share a quick giggle about her seeing his penis again. He tries to pants her but gives up. As she heads to bed they whisper about Jameka's suggestion to Dick and Daniele. Eric asks how they reacted. Couldn't hear but the tone seemed as if it were nothing of consequence. Eric tries to pants her again and she slaps his butt. Eric ignores it and immediately jokes about her seeing his privates again.

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4:20AM BBT: Eric says he'll keep her company for a while and gets into bed with Jessica. She asks what she should wear tomorrow, mentioning that her hand still hurts from slapping him. They go on to discuss how Jess would look and feel doing jumping jacks, and how much they get asked about each other in the DR.

They hear Dick in the kitchen and Eric shifts to a very low whisper [hard to catch]. Jess apologizes for being so bitchy. Sounds as if he's telling her more of how hard he is trying to make sure she stays, and that she petitioned Daniele, partly to appear not so confident.

Conversation gets louder as they shift back to joking around. Eric mentions that she pulls away from him a lot.

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4:45AM BBT: Dick still outside - doing a bit of his usual monologues.

Eric mentions that he has a real thing with respect and people who don't give him the respect he deserves or rag about him. He goes to kiss her and makes another comment about pulling away. They have more of their trivial babytalk about his 'bad kisses'.

They hear Dick go into bathroom, which breaks up the kissing talk. He says she reminds him of a lunch-line lady he had in school. [That one does not go over very well.] He jokes with, "And when I went to kiss her she'd pull away."

Dick brushing his teeth, then returns to kitchen and then backyard to file his nails. Eric and Jess are quieting down.

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5:00AM BBT: Dick gets excited because he can actually see a star - a rarity given the bright lights in the area.

Jessica has returned to a semi-sitting position. Eric says "You're not being very nice." She teases back with, "I'm not here to be nice." Eric continues to cuddle into Jessica, keeping her restless. He hovers and gets some kissing in there.

In the background we have Dick saying "Witchita Kansas is gonna be bummin' on Thursday."

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5:20AM BBT: Dick has switched to the hammock, saying it "needs a tuning."

Eric went to get more drink and is now standing beside Jessica's bed. They experiment with open mouth to open mouth noises. After more joking and more discussion about how low Eric should wear his pants, Jess says that she can't wait until he's HoH so that he'll get the questions about them as a couple. They continue to tease as we hear Dick muttering, "Gotta do it, gotta do it, gotta do it."

Eric goes to the BR. Dick continues on with how much he really wanted Jameka to go this week, dammit. But, as he told Kail in Week 2, he isn't here to make friends.

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5:30AM BBT: Jessica asks who Eric thinks would win in an argument between the two of them. He says there are no winners, only losers. She says she'd win, because he would just keep on talking and she would keep on saying, "I'm right."

They joke about the phrase "I'm so gay for you right now." Jessica says she'll use that when Eric wins HoH.

They return to the old subject or arguments and hanging up on each other. Jessiica asks, "Who do you think would hold out the longest after a blow-up?" Eric says she would since he's not like that.

They hear Dick come inside (who goes to the BR) and quiet down again. Dick eventually walks past them (with their sheet over their heads) and goes into his room and closes the door.

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5:45AM BBT: Out of the silence, Jessica asks, "Do you think he masturbates in there?" Eric says yeah. Jessica begins to ask questions about it, saying guys really don't have to do that. Eric says yes they do, that it gets uncomforatble and they have to 'unload'. Jessica asks, "Then why don't you just do it (have sex)?" Eric explains that there is not always that opportunity - most of the time, as a matter of fact. He goes on to say that it's not a sensual thing in any way - it's just a means to an end. Jessica asks where he does it - in the shower? Then, "No, nevermind, I don't want to know." She asks how often and he jokes with "every day." She goes back to saying that he can't need it that often. He infers that it just becomes part of a routine.

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6:00AM BBT: They continue on a variety of subjects, including how often she'll see him naked in the next 24 days, her phone call with her brother, and whether or not they are 'hair-pullers' during sex.

Jessica: "Oh, God, what if Chicken George is the next PoV host?"

They shift to her speech tomorrow. Jessica asks what she should say and they make up funny stuff. "There I was, at the ripe young age of ... in the Big Brother house..." and then break into a Jameka cheer. Or does she start with, "This house, these people, this game...?"

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After a few more kisses and jokes about being "so gay for you right now" these two begin to settle down (again).

6:30 BBT

Every time it seems like they might fall asleep, Eric whispers something in her ear that prompts a two or three sentence conversation of no consequence.


"Have we ever kissed standing up?"

More kissing.

[throw him outta the bed and get some sleep already]

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Eric shifted to be atop Jessica and the kissing got a bit more passionate. At one point he asked "Do I pass?" "Yup, you pass." [i think they are referring to his now-hard 'Earl.'] But their passion is always interrupted with comments, including Eric asking if, once out of the house, Jess will talk a bit more, maybe even move a bit more. They tease about Julie's questions on their getting a bit more hot and heavy. "Yes, I am so gay for him."

Back in conversation again, Jess says that someday they will get all-the way-drunk. Eric says, "And then?" Jess hints that is when they'll do it.

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[sorry - phone call]

Eric has been telling personal stories, perhaps one about a business idea. Now discussing some reality show, perhaps a dancing one? "Snow" was in the first season - also Blake, Nick, and Jemiah.

They hear someone and quiet down. Nothing showing on feeds but I can hear it too. Zach still asleep. Dick moving but sleeping.

Eric goes in for more kisses between sentences. Jess teases with, "Zach's right there" trying to get him to look.

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An Eric Story:

It's midterm week. He hadn't studied - rarely did, just paid attention in class. Wasn't that worked up about the mid-term week. Thankfully he had friends who also weren't concerned. So they drank (heavily) and started playing pranks. Full-scale whipped cream fight at 4 a.m. - all over halls and floors. They heard the RA coming.

They thought the male RA wouldn't come into the girls' bathroom so they all ran in there and jumped in the showers (clothes on). The RA yells into the room. They eventually had to come out and they were written up.

Eventually he gets a phone call from Karen Stein. "Oh yeah, what's it say?" ...Your son was found prancing topless, covered in whipped cream, hiding and giggling with two girls and one boy, sopping wet in the girls' shower-room. As a result he is on housing probation."

"Pretty interesting letter," his mom says. "Well, in all fairness, that pretty much describes the situtation," he replies. Expecting a lecture from mom he was surprised to hear a sincere, "Well, I'm glad to hear you're having fun at college."

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Eric goes to the BR again. Jess is supposed to tell a story before they go to sleep but when he returns she says she can't think of one. They discuss an answer to a Julie question about feeling so liberated during the bubbles comp. Jess prefers the word 'free.' Eric adds that when she comes to his apartment she can enjoy being free.

J: Do you think we're going to sleep tonight at all?

E: I don't know. It could go either way really.

J: I want to hear another story.

He runs through a list of ones she has heard already.

[throw him outta the bed and get some sleep already]

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He starts to tell a story of his high school days when they all rallied together in teams of warriors. Every team paid an entrance fee, so it was like a $500 pot. Then he decides he doesn't like that story. Tells about running around the track and started having breathing problems - almost died (exaggerated a bit). He starts on his music teacher, but Jess has to go to the BR. On her way, she comments that it's light outside. <no kidding!>

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When Jess returns, Eric gives Jess a backrub as he tells snippets about his choir teacher. Jessica chimes in that hers (a guy) had an affair with one of the students. [see, even the FotH people are snoozing]

8:00 BBT

The backrub has just finished.

[Me too. Have agreat day all.]

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