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August 14, Live Feed Updates

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We're back...Dustin, Eric, Dan saying they're tired. dan says she hasn't gotten much sleep...Dan asks if anyone has ever woke up in the middle of the night because they have to poop, Eric says it's rare, but it happens...Dan says it's never happened to her (ed. umm thanks for sharing guys!)

Amber asking them if they're going to the HT...no takers...Jen and Eric say they hate whispering...Eric says Now that Kail is gone they don't have to deal with that...they all agree that Kail was the worst whisperer cuz everyone could hear her...

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All hg's sitting around some in kitchen, some in HT. Seems everyone is getting along. Jameka and Dick sitting in BY on the couch. Most comments are they have ate to much and everyone is tired.

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Conversation at dinner table is now about Mike and Kail's alliance. Jen says "5, 6, 7, 8...going to the HT...Eric" Eric says he wasn't invited because Jess hates him, Jen says he was...

Dan, Eric, Dustin talking about Jen...Eric notes how when she goes into the HT bubbles come up and you can see her beard...Dan asks what nationality she is, they say they don't know. Dan says Latin women are like that...Eric and Dustin think she (Jen) may have some Latin in her...

2 cams on Jess/Jen in HT 2 cams on Dustin, Eric, Dan at DR table talking about Jen...

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Outside, Jessica says she has a hangnail, and Jen says she doesn't know what one looks like, so she looks at Jess' hand. (Jen probably has manicures every week--Cat)

Dick offers Jess his cuticle remover and she says thanks.

Dani is eating chips in the kitchen and says she "wants to keep eating!!"

Eric is worried that people saw him in the shower nude.

Dustin says they did. Eric says that he doesn't understand why anyone would want to see that.

Dustin: Because they LIKE it, Eric!

Dustin says it's like if Eric had a chance to see Jessica without clothes.

Eric: Can we arrange that in the next three days, please??

Eric says he needs to start negotiating.

Dani whispers to Dick that "they aren't going to vote against each other." Dick wonders about Jess and Eric, and she says no, it would be stupid of them.

Dani: But he thinks he knows everything! (Not sure if "he" is Dustin or Eric or Zach).

Eric comes in the room and asks Dani if she is hot tubbing, and she says she is not a "hot tubber" and she is surprised Eric hasn't figured that out yet, as she gets cold and then sweats, etc.

Dani is joking with Eric. (I can't tell if it is genuine or not--Cat)

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Dick goes in the room where Dan is and whispers something brief then leaves (didn't catch it) Eric comes in right behind to ask her if she's going to the HT, Dan says she's not a hut tubbing kind of person and he should know that by now...Eric leaves...

Dick goes outside and asks why is everybody spread out all of a sudden. that they have all bein "in love" and now...

2 cams in HT where Jess and Jen are and 2 on the empty blue bathroom (?)

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Dick goes in the room where Dan is and whispers something brief then leaves (didn't catch it) Eric comes in right behind to aks her if she's going to the HT, Dan says she's not a hut tubbing kind of person and he should know that by now...Eric leaves...

Dick goes outside and asks why is everybody spread out all of a sudden. that they have all been "in love" and now...

2 cams in HT where Jess and Jen are and 2 on the empty blue bathroom (?)

2 cams on HT...Jess/Jen

1 cam close up of Amber pedicuring Jam's toes, 1 cam on Jam. Jam tells Amber "Something's going on in there...you feel it"...Amber: mmmhmmm

Eric is now in HT...very animated (ed. he sounds too animated, really) Jess tells Eric "you said you were coming to negociate"...Eric says he is, then Jess says "but, you're already in it"

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Eric asks Justin something about getting something for ? sounds like the negociation is for Eric to get naked... Dick tells Eric across the yard that he (Eric) has already seen Jen's nipples and her vagina.

Dick is sitting on the couch with Dan and Dustin...

All 4 cams in BY...Zach, Dustin, Dick and Dan on couch...Jess, Eric, Jen in HT...Amber and Jam out of range but last seen Amber was pedicuring Jam's toes...Dick asks what time it is...Dan says it's only like 9PM...Dick: "Shut up!"

apparently Jam has an ingrown nail and Amber is trying to pull it out with tweezers. Dan says she's never heard of that so Dustin is explaining how it's done...Dan says it sounds awful...

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Lots of laughing and talking in the hot tub with everyone but Jameka and Amber. Amber is over on the lounge chair with Jameka, and she is giving Jameka some sort of pedicure, although it sounds like she is trying to dig something out of Jameka's toe.

At one point, Eric yells he is "being treated like a piece of meat!" Jameka looks over, shakes her head slightly, smiles a little and says in a low voice to Amber, "And he likes it, too." Amber just says, "Mmmmm hmmm." (Hey, is she taking lessons from Jameka?--Cat)

Dustin is talking with Dani and Dick, talking about how it is hard to believe that this is all of them, outside.

It sounds like Zach is trying to get Eric to streak. Eric is saying that Zach covered "his" with his hand!

Zach calls Eric an "Indian giver, a liar and a coward." (By the way, Indian-giver is a racist term, too! --Cat)

Jess: And you didn't even know you were an Indian!

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Jameka has an ingrown toenail. Dustin is explaining, in great detail, about ingrown toenails. Dick says that some people have them so bad they have to go to the hospital, and Dustin says his brother has had them that bad.

Zach is very disappointed about the streaking not happening.

Zach: Disappointing.....

Jess says she is leaving.

Jess: This show is never happening!

Dustin says that Eric has lost his #1 fan!

Eric says that's okay--they come back. Only one more HOH shower will do it.

Zach: Actually, I'm your number one fan, cause I want to see you do it. So, I'm still here and I'm waiting.

Eric: I've never, ever, had a straight man want to see my penis as much as you!

Zach: I don't really want to see it. I just, uh.

Dustin: He wants to make sure it's gonna play out.

Zach: I want to make sure you write checks your butt can cash. I want to make sure it doesn't bounce.

Eric gets out, and Dick wants to know if he is getting ready. He says no--he's just getting out.

Dick and Dani laugh that they can see Eric's butt through his white suit.

Dick: Who buys white shorts???

Dani: A stupid donkey! That's who!

Zach says any hate mail about that last incident can go to "LALonghair," and we get FOTH

Talk outside of e-mail addresses. Dani says it would be hilarious if they ask Jess if she knows Carol's address and they could say it. Dustin talks about Joe's address. He says Joe told him when he got it that "it's all about me, all of the time, so why would it be anything but Joe?"

Dani says that's so Joe!


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Dani talks about the music. She says she would have preferred Fergie.

Jen: I don't like her! She's dating my boyfriend!

Dani says she used to not like Fergie when she was in the Black Eyed Peas, but now she has "stepped it up!"

Dani sees a huge spider web and comments on it.

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Jess is telling Amber and Jam that he (Dick ?) was trying to get her to vote Dustin out. She says she (Jess) asked him (Dick?) who he had, he said he had Jen/ Dan/Zach, Jess says she thought "whatever dude, I'm not getting rid of Dustin, no way, no how"...Jess says he (Dick ?) told her "We'll talk later..."

Jameka is screaming in pain...Amber says it's gonna hurt more but to hang in there...Jess asks Jam if she was supposed to come talk to her and Amber or if it was just between him and her...Jam answers, in pain, "Between me and him"...Jess says mocking a male voice "Nobody would suspect us..." (ed. I don't know who they're talking about).

Jen is now in HOH...Amber and Jam (operating on her toe, herself now) talking to each other about the nail, Jen talking to Jess about something Jen usually gets on Saturday...Jess leaves the room. Silence...Jen says she's tired, Amber says she is too...

Jen says BB yelled at them because Eric was giving someone's e-mail address...They talk about some guy in production named James Dan, Amber and others seem to "love".

Jen asks what's on TV...Amber says "nothing"...

Jen, Jess, Amber, Jam, Eric in HOH...they're acussing Eric of doing something but in a "joking" kind of way. Eric says he's still recovering and feels weird, he says he thinks he had food poisoning...

Zach's now in HOH...he wants Jen to do something but she says she didn't know it would be such a full day with that 45 day celebration party and all that and she's tired...

Dustin comes in. Jen asks how he's doing, Dustin says he's feeling kind of ill, Jen asks "too much food?", Dustin says "yes", Jen says, "me too, but I want to eat more, I want more food in my mouth" Dustin asks her if it's an oral fixation, Jen chuckles and says "yes"...Jam is there, too, saying she wants more lobster and shrimp...

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2 cams on HOH: Dustin just left...Jameka leaving to "put on my PJs"...Jen left alone in HOH...Jen leaves...2 cams now in couch outside HOH room where Jen is now laying down, watching the game going on downstairs...

2 cams on DR table where Eric, Jess are playing beer pong against Dan and Zach...Dustin is sitting at the table watching...

Dick comes in and says "WOW! You guys are getting your asses kicked!" Dan asks "Who are you?!"'

Jam and Amber alone in bedroom...Amber asks her (Jam) if she's going out there...Jam says "yes...I don't want to be anti, and that includes you too" Jam leaves...Amber stays folding clothes...

Cam 1 Jen, apparently asleep on outside HOH couch...cam 2 moving around outside HOH area and view of the DR table from above....cams 3&4 on DR table area where beer pong game continues between Jess/Eric, Zach/Dan...Dustin, Dick, Jam watching and making coments (mostly Dick)

Jam wants cereal and wonders out loud "what is our problem?" (ed. because they ate a lot but are still having the munchies)

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Nothing but looooooove tonight at the BB house, my friends...all but Amber and Jen (who's asleep on couch outside HOH) ase gathered around the DR table, still participating/watching a new game of beer pong between Zach/Dan, Jess/Eric...they all agree that it's been an exhausting day of "binging" in the BB house...

Dick is now outside, smoking a cigarrette laying on the couch...Amber also outside by the washer/dryer...no talking...

All cams back in BR table area...Dick has rejoined the group...All are still getting along, laughing and having a good time...

Cam 1 Jam eating pizza

Cam 2 Dick smiling and yawning

Cams 3 and 4 on beer pong game between Jess/Eric, Dan/Zach...with Dustin sitting at the table watching...

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10:52 BBT

The whole house downstairs watching Eric/Jess vs Dani/Zach playing a game of beer pong....seems the game is winding down as Jess says she doesn't want to play. Eric talks Jess into one more game.......Dustin "aren't three game in a night enough"

Eric "last night we played six"

Eric trying to "work off our debt"

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Jess/Eric and Dan/Zach playing their 3rd game of beer pong, but Eric wants to play it with water. (game 1 Eric/Jess won, game 2: Zach/Dan won) Dustin asks Eric if this is their last game? Eric says yes, for tonight...Eric says he wants to make a request... Dustin asks if 3 games in a night aren't enough...Eric says "we played six, last night"

in betewwen that they were all yelling "Carol's clams! Carol's clams!" (?)

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10:55 BBT

All the hg's in the kitchen watching/hanging around the beer pong game. (Daniele, Zach, Jessica, Eric playing.) Dustin is waiting for Eric to finish so, they can cut their hair.

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Jameka is now getting some cereal and cries "pleease, i don't know what this is!" Dick starts explaining that she didn't sleep much last night...Jam says "but the problem is...I can't stop eating!"...Dick: "ahhh"

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All cams still on BR table area...Game still going on...everybody still happy, Jam still eating...

Fourth game... Zach/Dan won last one...

Zach says "Big hairy Carol clams" (ed. missed what that's all about, sorry)

Dick can't believe that Zach got yelled at by production for getting someone else batteries...Dick asks why? Zach says it's because "they" (production?) don't want anyone messing with another HGs batteries...

Zach: "clammy, Carol, panties, munchies" (?)

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11:15 BBT

The game continues and the other HG looked bored as they watch and wait for the finish

Jameka "ok jess I need you to win it"

Zach and Dani victorious.

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FOTH...All cams Back to BR table area...game seems to be over...

Jess now getting something to eat, saying she's mad (joking)...Dustin eating something out of his own hand...Zach sitting at counter...

Dick is smoking and spitting laying on BY couch...

Amber and Jam talking in the bedroom. Amber says in a few weeks it will be all over... Jam saying she doesn't know if what she is feeling is nervous or what...amber says something and Jam asks her why, "who does she (Amber) think is going to take her (A) out?" Amber says she doesn't know...

Dustin is now in bed, holding Amber...then leaves...outside Dan is talking about her b-day celebration, saying she really like the cake they got the last time...

2 cams on Dick telling Dan in BY that everybody in there is a liar...Dan says "He's an idiot..."

2 cams on Amber telling dustin she doesn't like when he wears "those" shirts...Dustin asks her if it's too "WT" Jam asks what that means, Dustin says "White trash" ...

Dustin leaves...Amber asks Jam how the hell is she (Amber) going to make it to the end...Amber says she really wants to win HOH, Jam tells Amber that she heard Jen is not even going to try to compete...

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11:23 BBT

Amber and Jameka talking in the bedroom Jameka nercous about the "halfway" "i hope i can pull it out" Amber thinks she isn't going to make it...and Jameka asks who would take her out and Amber says I don't know..

Jameka putting "neosporion" on her ingrown toenail

Outside Dani saying she ate enough for the last 4 days she hasn't eaten. The cake Dani liked "I liked it a lot"

Dani saying it was a really nice surprise..Dick saying it "relieved a lot of pressure" in the house..

Dani "I feel gross" Dani talking about Eric buying pitchers of beer to play beer pong saying "It's wierd"

Dick upset about Jen being a liar so is Dani saying they were the bigger people for giving her the slop pass.

Both think Jen will evict Dustin before Dick unless she made a deal with him.

Dani "idon't like that at all" that Dick is sayiong they should make a deal with Eric and Jess...Dani saying he screwed us over and Dick says we can "call it even" with making a deal. Dani says she will sell "those two out" before Zach and says she has Zach's back. Dani says "If this deal goes through I want Zach to know" because she wants to know that she has his back especially after the whole "Nick thing"

Dani "you better start talking to Eric" Dick says "tomorrow" and says she doesn't want them to know they have Zach.

Dani doesn't know hoe to feel about it saying she only trust Zach other than Dick.."that's it"

Dick talking softly and Zach comes out..

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Dan is telling Dick "I don't know how I feel about this"...Dick tells her she's going to have to trust people...Dan says she doesn't trust anyone in there but Zach...Dick says then she's gonna have to make deals with people she doesn't trust, if she wants to keep him (Dick) in the house...Dan says "I don't know how I feel about this", again...

Zach comes out and says he's stoked about all the things they won tonight, Dan says no matter what they're not giving up the cleaning of the house on Thursday...Talking about how grumpy Jess is going to be that day for having to clean...Zach says Eric is so pissed, he's not going to admit it, but he (Eric) is mad (about having to clean).

Dan says they are the most hated people in the house (D/D) Dick says he's the most hated person outisde of the house, Zach says he doesn't think so, Dan says "I do"

They talk about "Survivor" and how Richard Hatch was the most hated but everybody was happy when he won...

Dan leaves, now Dick is telling Zach that he wants to make a deal with Eric/Jess...Tells Zach that if he can swing a deal with J/E, who's left? Dick says Jam is nothing, has done nothing in the house, Amber and Jam are not good competitors, Dick says Jess is not dumb, if she wants to get far in the game she's better with D/D...

Dick says he'll tell Jess if she has any deals with Zach and Jen to let them off (J/Z) that deal...Tells Zach not to say anything...Zach says if Dick wants him to vote him in, he'll be breaking his deal with Jess...Dick says that's the plan...for Dick to tell Jess to go to Zach and ask Zach to join in...Zach would act as if he's game but did not know about the deal...He'll play dumb...Zach says it's risky, Dick says it's a "power play"...

Dick tells Zach he's already talked to Jess and has told her he'll talk to her more tomorrow or the next day...

Inside...Amber tells Jam, and Dustin in the little room that if she wins HOH next week she may not put up Dan because she (Amber) feels bad for her (Daniele), she wants to put up Zach and Jen, instead

Amber tells them she wants Zach out because he's going after Jam...

Outside Daniele is telling Zach there is no way she (Dan) will sell him (zach) out in this game...she (Dan) has his (Zach) back...

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