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August 21, Live Feed Updates


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Dick and Jenn in a major battle. Jenn took all his cigarettes and poured bleach on them detroying them(against the rules)

She then took more stuff...

Dick is now furious and is collecting all her property and hiding it not giving it back til eviction.

She is clealy trying to get evicted by DQ...Jenn is pissed BB replaced the smokes..

They are in a major war right now.9(See video threads) I am recording them..(.see video thread)

processing lots of them...

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9:05 bbt Jen says BB thats fucked up, you told me I could have them and is running around pouting seeing if he found all her clothes, Dick continues screaming at Jen calling her names and saying he's so excited that the bitch in thehouse will be leaving on thrusday

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bb must have bought dick more cigs. jen definitely destroyed them but dick found 3 cartons in the storeroom and the trash was taken out so he didn't see them destroyed and bleached. jen went into the dr and we hear "this is ridiculous"

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Dick went into the SR and looked in every cabinet and drawer and when he started looking in the trash can (my heart jumped) he found nothing, but he opened up a cabinet and found 3 cartons... i guess BB replaced them, He tells Jen i found them and Jen tells him that she crushed them and put bleach on them, he said well I got them back and your not getting your clothes; Jen gets pissed and says, thats not fair BB and then oges into the diary room

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Dick was just searching the SR and it looks like BB put two or three new cartons of cigs in there and emptied the trash. He still doesnt know what she did...

Dick told her he found them in the SR, that BB returned them to him. Jen says "Thats fucked up Big Brother. I smashed them and bleached them."

Dick says "Yeah, whatever" He doesnt believe her.

Jen goes into DR and you hear her say "Thats ridiculous" Sounds like she wanted to get caught.

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9:09 bbt Jen just sat down and strated eating a turkey burger and cottage cheese (even though shes on slop) and is now crying

Jen says that BB lied and told her that she could destroy cigs and thats why shes should be allowed to eat

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12:15 bbt Jen flipping out and I think just hit dick screaming at him "don't smoke in my face" and now we get FOTH UGH!!! It was just getting good!!!

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Dick came outside and Jenn went after him hitting him, telling him dont smoke in her face and he said number of times dont touch me, dont touch me...(see video thread)

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OMG!!! Watching Showtime! and They have gone to Showtimes version of FOTH!!! THis has never happened! Jen and Dick are fighting because Jen was outside eating and Dick came out and blew smoke in her face! She got all up in airs about it and tried to grab his smoke and he burnt her with it! It was about to get ugly!!!

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wow even shotoo was cut to production room....dick sat down lit smoke jenn smacked at him and his cigerette.. yelling dont smoke in my face, eating an apple and trying to grab the lit smoke it burnt her...feeds are back everyone else in hot tub..huge yelling match (this is obviously her trying to get kicked out or provoke him to get kicked out wrong just wrong)

earlier she told eric that dani told her that she had the votes to get her ( jenn) out (I watched those feeds didnt see anything of the sort)

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awwkwarddd..poor Jess & Eric are sitting in the HT looking REALLY uncomfortable while Jen and Dick go at it on Shootoo feeds still on FOTH

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Dick comes back from the HOH

Dick(on his way down): winning over the hearts and minds of America

Zach(to Jen): so where's all your stuff?

Jen: it's up in Daniele's room, it's no big deal, and I'm sure it's not near all my stuff

Zach: but you can't destroy things?

Jen: yea, even though I specifically asked before coming on the show, if I could destroy cigarettes, and I was told yes, so

Zach: so what is he limited to?

Jen: he can hide my stuff

Dick(outside now): ha ha, *&^%b idiot.. go cry somewhere else

Zach: so tell me again?

*Dick sits down on the patio next to Jen

Jen: don't smoke in my face!

Dick: don't touch me!

Jen: I'm eating:

Dick: I don't give a *&^% what you are doing

Jen: don't smoke in my face

Dick: don't touch me! don't touch me again!


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Dick goes back outside, where Jen is eating a turkey burger, cottage cheese and an apple, he tells her "ha ha you fing idot, go cry somewhere else", he lights up a cigarette and sits down as he blows the smoke in her face, she says 'oh dont fing smoke in my face" as she tries to swap the cig from his hand, dick says don't fing touch me, she says dont smoke in my face, again trying to take the cig from his hand: he says dont touch me, im eating, i dont give a fuck what your doing dont touch me, dont touch me again

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9:10pm bbt

back from FOTH

F1/2 Jen in bathroom, doing makeup

F3/4 others outside excited that it's after 9pm so on showtime

Eric: finally 51 days and a good showtime episode

Zach: you didn't intentionally burn her though?

Dick: she grabbed my cigarette, of course she's going to get burned

Zach: she grabbed your hand... she could have walked away

Eric: we've got lots to catch up Amber and Danielle on

Dick: they thought they were going to have lots to catch us up on

Eric: we are on the mystery vacation here

Zach: so wait, course of events, she took your *&^%, you took her *&^%

Dick: she was packing up all her stuff, I found out where it was, she was bleaching my cigarettes...

*Jen comes to the outside door and we get FOTH again*

9:20pm bbt back from FOTH all outside

Jen: I never said that

Dick: you're in a *&%% dream land, because people like you don't exist, it's only in dreams, it's all about you, and now it's all about you leaving the *&^% house

Jen: ok

Dick: good *&^% bye, don't let the doorknob stick in your *&^% when you leave, you stupid *&^% good bye, this is even happier when I beat Dustin and stayed, watching you leave, I"m taking great pleasure, that's why I sat across from you when you got put up so I could watch your face

Jen: I knew I was going up before, who cares

Dick: you don't care? no, no you are going home this week

Jen: this is because I found your cigarettes and I took them away and bleached them

Dick: you were totally *&^% crying when you came out of the DR

Jen: because I'd already done it and they told me I wasn't allowed to do it

Dick: get the *&^% out of here

Jen: who the *&*^^ would do that? only whores would do that, and I'm not one of them

Dick: *&^% my *&^% you, with your *&^% panties... when Nick put on your bathing suit and found stuff

Jen: when did Nick put on my bathing suit?

Dick: when we did the pedestal, you'll see it on the tapes... eewwww I'm not putting these on.... get the *&^% out you stupid *&^%

Jen: whatever

Dick: nobody gives a *&^% about you

Jen: we've established that, obviously you don't, so

Dick: good bye, nobody gives a *&^% about you, nobody cares

*Jameka is on the patio just sitting there, Eric is in the hot tub, talking and Jen starts interacting with Eric and ignoring Dick*

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9:25bbt the fight between Jen & Dick continues (same convo) Dick calling her a stupid bitch and a cunt and telling her to suck his dick

(Eric was in the backgorung laughing in the HT...he said I've been naked twice, wore womens clothing a couple times but this drama will be the entire episode E says "what does a guy have to do to get a little bit of air time")

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