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August 21, Live Feed Updates


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11:00 BBT

Jameka saying "this game" she then asks Jess if she's eaten dinner.

Jameka saying "something about BBQ" she could eat it often...saying there is still 5 weeks and Jameka Jen said she doesn't want to sit in sequester when she could be making money......

Jess "what is ahe doing her then" Jameka "I don't know" "it doesn't add up" talking she may be a "paid actress"

Jameka says "I could see ED" as that...

Jess saying she can see "Joes" as one

Indoors Zach saying "I don't like rules to be broken" and Eric sayin he does also and Jen will be on his "shit list"

Outside Jameka wondering Dani and Amber are getting back talking about afternoon or evening...Jameka "how could you really know..you couldn't" [talking about pov questions]

Zach "what a crazy past few hours" Jameka "this is true" Zach "what a crazy crazy woman"

Zach asking what she be doing at home and Jameka says today would be asleep getting ready for scool[work] tomorrow.

Dick upstairs in HOH where he move all his crap to keep it safe from Jen [lol] changing his clothes.... Dick laughing "I can'y stop laughing It's not fair..It's not fair to have this much fun" to himself [or us]

Dick laughing "oh my God"

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Meanwhile in the BY... They talk of what set Jen off to destroy Dick's ciggys. Eric says Jen is an idiot. Jess asks if Dick blew smoke in Jen's face. Dick says yes but he was provoked & you can't grab a lit ciggy & win. Jameka wonders why she stopped Jen as she could have had a really good week.

Jen scarfing down yet another unbunned turkey burger. (HEY at least she is still watching her weight :giggle: )

---this is dumblonde, your mysteriously anonymous live feed updater, signing out. Good nite all :grin2:

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11:10 BBT

a very giddy Dick saying he still hasn't seen a doctor about "my God damn rib" talking to himself again......

On the patio evryone else except Jen who's in DR just talking about Jameka's job and Zach's mom teaching at a Catholic school...talking about how she tutors

Dick comes out "is she pooping on my bed?" Dick asks "is she in the DR still?" Jameka "I don't know yay I gess so" Dick saying "I did not do it" "she broke" and Zach saying "I know" Dick saying when he thought he was leaving he didn't go around breaking his stuff or bleaching her clothes.......

"Jess "whoever would of thought this house would have been like this " "new season new people" Jameka just hmmmmm shaking her head..

Dick talking about his cigs and Jess wondering "what set her off" and Dick saying he gave her word he wouldn't do anything or start anything..

Eric saying "she's an idiot" talking abot the reason she's was crying because "they were going to replace her cigarette" Jess ask if he blew the smoke in his face...Dic said he did when she sat right next to him..

Jess and Jamekas saying "I really thought she was going to hit him" Jameka joking [i think] saying she's sorry she stopped it...

Jameka talkog oh so sweet to Dick asking if he's had another cupcake and ice cream...

Jess called to DR so Jen's out of DR

Jameka "this can't be real life" Dick saying this isn't real life and she's not real[jen] "that's why Daniele calls her the fable"

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11:32 BBT

Jameka lament about the situation of penalty noms saying it could be used as strategy..looking very worried..

Jess come out of DR and Jen who's still eating "that was short"

really no convo or insults as Jen and Dick sit together with Jameka on the patio as Jameka hums......

Jen finally says something to Zach saying "that's embarrassing" talking about his chess game I think. Dick gets up and Jen sitting there like nothing has happened...

Zach talking about his Chess game Jen saying "more than four" asking about the moves since she lost to Zach in 4 moves..

Jameka still hasn't uttered one word to Jen...

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11:32 BBT

talking that "they'll get back to me tomorrow" trying to explain that she didn't mean it about keeping her with a penalty nom saying at the time she didn't realize it...Jameka "no problem" [she's pissed]

Jen saying that they'll probably do something else....

Jameka gets up and in the bathroom "I think this day is done for me" to ERic and he says might be afraid "its just beginning"

Eric heads out saying to Jameka "trying to avoid people" and goes outside where everyone except Jameka are talking..Jess playing tetherball with boxing gloves with Zach and Eric acting as ring annoucer....Dick on the hammock adding his commentary

Jen just sitting there smiling....

Jameka in her room folding her clothes......

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Tetherball still going on with Zach and Jen looks like she's taking some kind of pill in the bedroom and Jameka is getting ready for bed.

Jen heads into the SR

Dick comes in and tries to Jameka "come outside" and says he "can't blame you" and "we'll try to be quiet" and says she'll see them in a little bit she 's "chillin' out"

Dick "what a day what aday what daaaaaay"

On the hammock Eric and Jess and talking abot whether Jen is "going to be in trouble" Eric asks if Jameka was crying since she had a tissue and Jess says she didn't think so....saying "she's just really mad" because "it's not fair" saying a bite of food should not be the same as eating "all week" Jess saying her break down was not provooked.

Eric saying now "were going to win"

Zach talking to Dick on the patio saying that talking about the penalty nom and said "I confirmed it" saying "that's a game change for me" Dick wants to know every rule about it and Zach says that "they don't have to reveal anything" but wants to know "any way " she can't get off and Zach says she's nominated if she stays and "can't compete in POV and they said yes" saying collateral damage' and Dick says "sucks for us were stuck with her for another week" Zach saying it doesn't bother me...

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Zach just told Dick that he confirmed with DR that Jen will get the penalty nom if she stays, and that is a "game changer" for him. Dick says that he wants to know every detail about the penalty nom and whether there is any way at all that Jen can get herself off the block. Zach says that he disagrees with Dick--that the DR doesn't have to tell them that.

Zach just said to Dick that he is glad Dani is gone and having fun and didn't have to see Dick's part. Dick told Zach that he had nothing to do with it, and Zach said he had "collateral damage!"

Zach says he thinks that Jen has had a side wager all of this time, to get money elsewhere. He says that Jen will hate how she looks on the show.

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11:53 BBT

Zach talking about Dani having a good time and is "all smiles" Zach talking about Jen probably had a "side wager" from some "rich guy" to get to final 2 and Dick says "she won't" Zach saying she's going to be embarrassed about her behavior and saying things likeshe's on the Entertainment shows saying things like "she needs a strait jacket"

Eric and Jess talking about what Daniele said [ making final 4] and Jess says that "maybe Danile didn't say that" and maybe Jen put 2&2 togther talking it would hurt them and D&D as well

Jess wondering who Amber would put up and Eric says Zach and me or Dick and me....Eric say she told her she wouldn't put up him but doesn't believe it.. Jess saying she really doesn't want to win HOH

Eric says 3 choice 1 go to the four and all bets off

2 they picks us off and 3 we pick them off

Jess saying "if I won it next week I think I would nominate at least one of them"

Dick still talking about Jen and what she did ...

Jess and Eric still talking on the hammock...I really don't know how she didn't get blamed......Eric saying he's the most like HG but the least like "in the game"

Jess saying who Eric thinks who's going next week and Zach talking about Amber getting HOH and putting D&D up saying "she is with Daniele all the time"

Talking what the HOH will be...

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Eric and Jess on the hammock

Eric says if he stopped speaking to everyone who had been mean or rude to him in this house, he wouldn't be talking to too many people! He says he'd still be talking to Jess, though....

Jess is wondering why Dani would say anything to Jen (about the alliance of 4). Eric thinks maybe Jen was being cocky, saying that she had Jess and Eric's votes, and Dani told her that she didn't have their votes.

Eric says it is unlike Dani to say that. They think it couldn't benefit Dani because Jen would be leaving. Eric wonders if maybe Dani thought Jen would make a comment to Jameka and Amber before she left the house?

Jess wonders if maybe Dani didn't even say that to Jen?

Jess says that they got Jen to keep Dick last week.

Eric says that probably one of the reasons that Jen is upset is that she knows that keeping Dani and Dick is detrimental to Jen. Jess says it was, and it was to Jameka and Amber, too.

Eric says as long as it benefits them (Eric, Jess), that's what matters--it's the way of the game.

Jess agrees.

Jess wonders who Amber would put up if she won HOH. Eric says Zach--probably Zach and Dick (maybe said Eric with each of these--it was hard to hear for me with stuffy ears--Cat). He says it depends on how this week goes, though.

Eric says Jameka told him that even if Amber had won HOH immediately after Dustin left, Amber wouldn't have put up Eric. Jess says she doesn't believe that, and Eric says he doesn't, either.

Eric says if they have a week like this one where Daniele can't compete for HOH, those would be the weeks to pick on Dani, as it would be better to go against Dick rather than Dani.

Jess says she thinks if she won HOH, she would at least nominate one of them (Dick, Dani).

(Showtime is over, and I can't listen with headphones) :(

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12:08 BBT

Dick talking to Jess and Eric and Zach went to DR and they said they will get back to him[?]

Dick saying BB is ok about hiding but not destroying personal property...

Talking about Real world challenges saying none of them have to work and all they do is challenges Dick surprised RR has been on "20 seasons" as Eric stated

All four cams on the guys in the BY as Jess is called to DR....talking about "where they went" but glad "daniele could enjoy her birthday away from all this bullshit"

trying to guess what they sre doing "letterman" "Kilborn" maybe guessing what they did Zach "Irwindale Racing Speedway" and talking maybe dog racing Dick saying they don't have "dog racing in California..get the fuck outta here dude"

Calling a Zach a "know-it-all"

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Eric, Zach, and Dick talking about dog racing in CA and the topic switched to Vick.

Eric said he wouldn't be surprised if they got out of the house and found out that Vick was suspended for a year. Dick wouldn't be surprised if he was in jail. (Classic and perfect timing.)

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12:21 BBT

Eric saying that "one bite " of turkey burger shouldn't be as bad as eating all week and Zach disagrees saying the rules..Eric saying jen is 'embarrasing" with her destrying property, eating, threatning to leave the jury and calling her a "cop out" saying if she doesn't think it's not important and is for "shits and giggles" then would want "her to win"

eric talking about Jen wanting to come in second but not first "it's not for me" .....

talking about Dustin's offer to go up...

Eric asks "is Jen sleeping" and Zach says yes and Dick confused as he though they were talking about Jess..

Zach saying "jameka's reading"

Eric making fun of Jen's coughing at night "she sound's like an 80 year old man"

FOTH on and off but Jess is outta DR

Eric and Zach going to play Chess again

[i'm otta here early tonight as I have an early moring meeting..night all]

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Dick going to sleep in the HOH room. He imitates Jen saying "I asked you if I could destroy cigarettes and you said I could" and laughs. He keeps laughing and says "I hope your having fun baby" to Danielle, who is on her trip with Amber. All other HGs are asleep.

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9:33am bbt Dick is the only one up, in the kitchen preparing food and talking to himself, keeps giggling over the events of the last 12 hours, expects another fun filled day in the BB house... says this is awesome...

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10:18 bbt Jen is now awake (Dick and Jen now only ones awake) this should be interestingJen uses the BR then goes right back into bed

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