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This isn't my interview with Howie, but this is very important to him and to this very special little girl...


A Special Message from Sonia and Howie

This past week Howie and I received devastating news. My God-daughter Rabekah ("Bekah") was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. The specific type of tumor is a Pontine Brain Stem Glioma. They were told it is inoperable.

Rabekah's parents, Shannon and Glenn, are now in search of the best treatment option. This has become very expensive as they are no longer working and a lot of travel is involved. Thus we have set up an account entitled the "Rabekah Fund" to help cover Rabekah's medical treatment and expenses.

Rabekah is a beautiful 4 year old little girl. She was born April 16th, 2003. Aunt Sonia was so very lucky to be right in the birthing room as Rabekah was welcomed into this world. She has one older sister, a younger sister and mommy has a baby on the way. Rabekah can't wait to be a big sister for the second time! Rabekah has a light about her that emanates for everyone to see, and a wonderful imagination. She likes dressing up like a Disney princess, wearing crowns and jewelry. She loves to sing and dance. Every time Aunt Sonia comes over, the first thing Rabekah does is turn on her music and show off her new dance routine. Bekahs favorite color is purple and she loves, loves, loves kittens! She especially adores Hello Kitty and the Barbie princess Serafina Kitty.

When Howie first met her last year, he and Rabekah hit it off. They played all night and watched the movie, "Free Willy." They sat on the floor and watched the entire movie from start to finish singing and laughing all the way though. Then the following week after Howie had long since returned to his home in California, Rabekah was helping set the dinner table and set one extra spot. When Rabekah's mom asked who the spot was for, Rabekah exclaimed "It's for Howie!!" Shannon called me right away to tell me that story which I find so sweet. Then a few months later Rabekah found out it was Howie's birthday and she took her own personal movie of Free Willy from her collection and gave it to Howie for his present!!

As girly and petite as this angel is, she is very strong and courageous too. It is very hard for us to watch her fight this battle, but she is not alone. We are all fighting in this with her and for her. We are looking for a miracle. We expect nothing less. We will never stop fighting, praying and praising God for that miracle, as Rabekah is one in herself!

Howie and I are asking you, or those you may know that can help out, for any type of donation so to help support Rabekah and her family through this battle. There is no amount too small and any little bit helps. For more information on Pontine Brain Stem Glioma, Rabekah's website, or payment instructions, please see the links listed below.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your love, help and support. Also thank you for taking the time to read about someone that is so very, very precious in our lives.

With much love, Howie & Sonia




Howies ebay listing link



To send a check via mail

This information is listed at Bekah's site

The Rabekah Fund was set up by friends of Glenn and Shannon to help cover their living expenses while they are searching for the best course of treatment for Rabekah. Donations will be also used to offset medical treatments and travel expenses not covered by insurance. To everyone who has already contributed to the Fund, and to all who will be contributing, thank you so much for your generosity!

Please make check payable to:

Glenn Hicks or to Shannon Hicks

In memo section on check write:

Rabekah Fund

Send to :

Bangor Savings Bank

Rabekah Fund

22 Main St. Box 308

Dexter, ME 04930

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Reality TV Fans Rally For Howie Gordon To Help Little Girl With Brain Tumor


Big Brother All-Star Howie Gordon is one of the most beloved and popular stars in reality TV history. For the last two years, Howie Gordon has entertained fans at the annual Reality TV Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, and he has engaged in numerous chats with fans on several popular reality TV fan sites over the years.

Now, other reality TV stars and fans are coming together in supporting Howie Gordon in helping to raise money for a four year old little girl, who has been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. The little girl is named Rabekah, and she is the goddaughter of Howie

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JEDI posted this in the BB9 Media thread................

Big Brother Howie's Godchild Dies of cancer



Many of you will recall Big Brother 6 & 7 Howie's godchild Rabekah from last season. She was stricken with cancer, and the reality community rallied behind her and her family to show their love and support. No one should ever have to eulogize a child, but today, we do just that. The following letter comes from the family:

March 11, 2008

It is with such heaviness we say to you, last night our sweet Rabekah left our sides and began her journey with the Lord. The tears and sorrow are left for us to bare but her soul sits high above smiling, dancing and painting colors for us all to see as a reminder of how much she loved in her precious life.

For so long our family has prayed for her Miracle when all along it was right in front of us. She was the Miracle. Of strength, hope, love and most of all of Light. Her struggle taught so many how to open themselves up to God and prayer. Her eyes carried such peace within them and those of us who were lucky enough to share that with her will forever hold that dear to our hearts. So many of us believed that the Miracle was her healing but now know it was and is within the lessons she has given to each one of us.

She was such a fighter and would want us to remember all the happiness life has to give and would want us to take the time and celebrate the fullness that we have, for her. When you see a rainbow you will see her and remember that all we need to know in life is how to love one another- Perfectly, just as she loved all of us. Thank you for allowing yourselves to be part of her life and ours and continue to rejoice in her name.

There will be an intimate Burial Service with Immediate Family and a Memorial Service at the Millennium in Newport Wednesday March 12 at Noon for anyone who wishes to pay respects.

In Lieu of Flowers and Baskets, we are asking for Donations to the Rabekah fund that will be taken to the PICU Unit at Eastern Maine Medical Center and given in her honor. On the day of Rabekah's diagnosis our family was unsure of where to turn and the staff embraced us all so graciously and turned our devastation into hope and hope into love. They allowed her to become the fine line between what is and what can be.

Yana, Please pass my Condolences on to Howie and Rabekah's family. My thoughts and prayers are with them. Thank You.

http://patientsweb.org/rabekah/' target="_blank">Rabekah

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Thanks for posting this Dade and Jedi... Through reading about her and hearing about her through Howie so much this has hit me a little harder than I thought and I don't know that I would have gotten it up here... Thanks so much again...

If you would like to send your thoughts to Howie, his girlfriend, or Rebeckah's family, please post them and I will make sure they get to Howie...

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