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July 29, Live Feed Updates

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Just checking in::

Amber and Jam in the bedroom discussing AGAIN amber crying blah blah blah

Jameka reminding her that Dustin was always there for her and she needs to remember that and he deserves more from her

Amber said she is going to talk to him but she doesnt want to hear what he has to say(WHAT??)

She said he will give his reasons and she doesnt want to hear it

Now we are going into her drug habits and addictions and how much she is better

Talk rolls to God (trust me amber God is not paying attention to the BB game)

This is same ol stuff from Amber

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Jameka is talking to Amber. Amber telling Jam that she can't hold her tears when she's upset, she can't control them. Jam tells Amber that the bible talks about professional mourners, people that would be hired to cry at funerals (ED. don't know what the point was for that LOL!)...Amber says "you haven't cried at all today, huh?, Jam: no. Jam says Amber has to give Dustin the chance to talk to her (Amber) because he has been her friend this whole time. Amber says she knows that Dustin is sick right now because Amber is mad at him but she thinks his true colors came out and she doesn't want to hear what he has to say because she can't forgive him. Well, she'll forgive him, but she won't forget.

Amber says this has been a trough year for her (Amber) Jam: mmmhmmm, mmmhmmm, mmmhmmm...Amber says she was on drugs and got off them because she's so strong and God is guiding her throught this game...Jam: mmmhmmm, mmmhmmm, mmmhmmmm...

Amber says she's all cried out. Jam says she (Amber) can have that talk with Dustin tomorrow. Amber says she needs to take time and get it all of her system, she can't just bounce back...it's not in her. Jam: mmmhmmm, mmmhmmm, mmmhmmm. Amber asks Jam to give her like ten more minutes, because she doesn't want to go out there alone. Amber says it is so weird wit Dustin now. Amber: did Dustin tell you sorry and stuff? Jam: mmmhmmm...Amber: Did he tell you what he's going to say in his speech? Jam: No

Amber tells Jam Nick asked her if she thoguth Jam would use the POV and she (Amber) told him that she didn't know and it wasn't her place to ask Jam that...Jam: mmmmhmmm

mmmhmmm (ed. doesn't answer)

Amber asks Jam if she hates Jen...Jam: no...Amber:well, I do...

Dick and Dan whispering: Dick asks Daniele if Jameka is going to use the POV. Dan says she's pretty sure Jam will use it. Dick says if she does that she's stupid and they should all vote out Kail no matter who Dustin puts up just to make a point. Dan agrees and tells Dick not to do anything because she doesn't want Dick to cause a split in their alliance of seven. Dick tells her he won't do a thing (ed. Dick may be calling the shots to the rest of the HGs but it seems to me Dan dictates to Dick what he can or cannot do. she's the brains in this operation, he's her henchman)

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All 4 cams now on DR/kitchen area, were Zach, Jess and Eric and Nick are playing while Jameka, Dustin (looking sad), Dick and Dan (off and on) look on.

Daniele is now telling Amber about her convo with Dustin in HOH and how much she hates Jen and thinks Jen is a horrible person... Dan says she's mad at herself...

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Earlier on Showtime Too, Eric, Jess, Nick and Zach played a game of "Beer Pong," which Daniele suggested, but in which she did not participate. They got plastic tops off bottles and threw them across the table into big paper cups of beer.

Jess and Eric talked about Jess learning a prayer in Hebrew. It is a prayer of thanks that you would say over bread and wine. Eric says Jess is going to say it for his mother. Jess says she hasn't learned it yet (after Jameka asks her to say it). Jameka asks for a few words, then. Jess won't say them, so Eric says a line, but he thinks he missed a few words in there. Jameka repeats a few words, and in the "ch" sounds she sounds like a cat with a hairball. (Just my opinion, and I know. --Cat)

In the kitchen, Amber and Dani are talking, and they aren't really whispering. At one point, Eric goes over to the cabinet near them and gets something, and they continue the conversation regardless of his presence. Dani is saying that it would be stupid of Jameka to use the POV. She tells Amber that Dustin has now "Packed his bags in this game." She repeats it over and over, and tells Amber not to tell what she is telling her. Amber says, "I never do." (I waited for lightning to strike Amber, but I guess God was busy--Cat). Dani tells Amber that ther eis no way that Dustin can win the game, now.

Eric comes over to Dani and Dani puts a clothes hanger with clips on his back, and he walks around that way. Dani asks Eric why Jameka would consider using the POV? Eric says she told everyone ahead of time that was what she was going to do! Dani tells Eric that you might think you are making the right choice early on, but then the "right choice changes." She says that if Jameka uses that POV, a lot of people won't be happy with her.

At one point, Dustin comes and sits down at the table or the bar (I couldn't tell which) near them, and Amber and Dani still talked about him, and they weren't whispering. We saw a shot of Dustin's face, and he wasn't looking happy.

Dani tells Amber that she should "be careful" about Dustin. Amber tells Dani that she was told by someone before the game that she would probably get close to the "gay guy" and to be careful because they always end up screwing their friends over in the game. Dani tells her again to be careful.

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In the hot tub at 2 a.m. Eastern, Nick is talking to Dustin. Nick tells him that he would have done the same thing in Dustin's place. Dustin says that he is the fourth person to tell him that. He says that he's happy, either way. He says that no matter how this week goes, he's happy. If the nominations stayed the same, he would have been happy. If they change, he's happy. Nick keeps agreeing. Dani joins them at the hot tub.

Nick talks about he's going to build on his family's land, and his brother-in-law's family are in construction and will help him save lots of money. (He's told this story numerous times--ed)

Nick: Daniele, what do you want to talk about out here?

Dani: Nothing.

Dani says that she is mad at "her" because "she" told her that she is spoiled at home.

Dustin says that Dani works and lives with her boyfriend--how can she be spoiled?

Dani says she isn't spoiled, and that is one of her pet peeves, when people tell her that. Dani says she only has one credit card, and that's paid off!

Nick tells Dani that he had her back today. He says that Zach was sitting next to Nick and started "shit talking" Dani.

Zach called her "the Princess."

Nick says he told Zach that people were trying to have a private conversation, and he sat outside the door, and that was rude.

Dick asked Nick what Nick was talking about.

Nick didn't want to get Dick upset about the situation, so he told Dick to leave it alone.

Nick says that Zach is in the HOH room, right now.

Dani says that he won't leave, either.


Jess just hid behind a wall near the bathroom. She was waiting for Eric and when he walked in, she scared him!

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Jess is doing dance twirls in the kitchen, and Eric is watching, sitting on the HOH stairs at the bottom. She asks him if he wants a cookie, he says no, and she says, "Loser!"

She asks him what he wants to do. They decide to go upstairs and bug the person in HOH (This appears to be Zach, waiting for Dustin, who is in the hot tub) and "stare at him" because he is in the HOH room without Dustin. So, Jess goes upstairs and she is banging on the door.

Eric is rolling, over and over, on the floor of the balcony, on his way to the door. They wonder if maybe Zach isn't even in there. But he answers the door.

Jess runs into the HOH room.

Zach immediately wants Jess out.

Jess is telling Eric that Jess asked him, "What are you doing?'

He said, "listening to music. What are you doing?"

She said she was going around looking to see where people were. (Jess is a little buzzed from beer pong).

Eric can't believe he didn't ask her to stay.

Now, Jess wants Eric to dance with her. They are dancing in the dining room area.

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Jess is yelling cheers as she helps Eric make his bed. He says "Dick rubbed his grassy dick" on his sheets, so he had to change them.

Jess: Now, help me make my huge bed!

Eric: Okay!

And they do cheers as they make her bed.

In the hot tub, they are discussing how they are allowed to play a CD, and whether BB has to get permission. And we get FOTH.

(I forgot to mention, earlier in the evening (an hour or so ago) Dick was saying that he used to get the feeds. He was explaining how they worked to Dustin. He said that you have four feeds and you have to choose one to hear the audio (not true now). Dustin asks what happened if they had a comp? Dick explained that you saw fish. But he said that probably this year it is the water swirl thing they see on their t.v. (So they have that on their t.v. most of the time). Dick told him that the fans get pissed when they sing because the feeds go off, and it takes a few minutes for them to come back.)

And now, back to our regularly scheduled feed report:

2:20 Eastern

Zach has come outside to the hot tub. Zach says that he heard a rumor that Nick moved the chess pieces. Zach can't find them all. (A few minutes ago, Jess and Eric were telling EACH OTHER that they can't believe that Nick and Dick hid the chess pieces, so Zach must have heard them). Nick says, "Let me guess. Eric and Jessica?" Zach says yes. Dick yells "What?" And Nick says that they told Zach it was HIM (Nick) that hid them.

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Jess and Eric are whispering. He is telling her that Dick and Dani and Amber were "furious."

Eric says that it is "ridiculous" that Jameka has decided that if she gets picked for POV, she must play to win and use it, because it is God's will.

Jess says that she was told by Jameka that Jameka is not going to do this anymore. She is not going to tell anyone how she will vote, either. She's not going to play for POV to win, either.

Zach comes in and interrupts. He says that he can't find all of the pieces from the chess board.

They tell him that all of the pieces are in the living room.

He goes to try to find them (supposedly).

Jess and Eric start to whisper some more. Eric says that Jameka told them that the winner is "predetermined," and it doesn't matter what they do in the game--the winner is going to win, either way. Eric thinks it is ridiculous.

Zach interrupts them again. Eric says that he and Jess couldn't find them, either. Zach says it is like an Easter egg hunt.

Zach asks which of them are drunk? Eric says neither. They're just bored. Zach asks if they have "made out yet?"

Jess says "no!" and Eric says "Not yet!"

Zach says "Good answer.'

Jess asks Zach if he has heard if Jameka will use POV?

He says he doesn't know, but if Jameka makes a decision and it doesn't have the outcome she hopes, then she is in a "world of hurt."

Jess says, "Oh, really?"

Zach says that "everything is a risk," and she will end up putting Dustin in jeopardy, possibly.

Zach says he doesn't like getting into people decisions or their business. He doesn't know who Jameka is aligned with.

(He says this as a question) Jess and Eric say they have no idea, either.

Zach says he doesn't like to get into other people's business.

Zach makes a comment about not fitting in. Jess says no one's home is like this, and you have to adjust. She says it's like living in high school. Eric and Zach both say they "hated every second of high school." Jess is amazed by this. She says that it's only been 3 years since she was there.

They see Dick nearby. Eric says that Alison hid in a big pot for three hours, trying to listen.

Dick comes in the room.

Zach says they (Jess and Eric) that they did a good job of hiding the chess pieces.

Eric says they didn't do it. It is "word on the street" that the pieces are in the living room.

Dick says Jessica looks buzzed. She says she is, but not drunk.

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jessica and eric were trying to get into HOH but zack could not here them because he was listening to music. They finally ended up getting in.

Zack- What are you doing

Jessica - Nothing just looking around seeing who was evreywhere.

we get the vortex as she leaves the HOH.

Jessica is rehashing her recent visit to HOH right now to Eric.

Jessica is now dancing with Eric down by the kitchen.

Eric asks as they dance where the going. Jessica says she dosnt not know.

Jessica- teach me a dance mr pro dancer.

now they are doing the hokey pokey.

Eric- make my bed please.

jessica - no make your own bed

eric- thats not nice.

jessica- im not nice.

they dance to the bedroom(lol)

eric- this is not dancing

Eric- go move it along lady

Jessica - ill help you but i am not making it myself.

now they are helping each other make there beds. Eric is falling asleep.

zack joins eric and jessica in the little bed room.

Zack- BB want all the chess peices back.

Jessica - how many are missing

Zack - like 6

Jessica- I wish i had more beer.

Zack- you guys make out yet?

Eric - not yet. What are you up too

Zack- nothing at all. I listened to that cd that Dustin has.

Eric- How was it?

Zack - some of them are good some of them are really really savvy. They make you think of old girlfriends.

Jessica- Your like no thank you.

Zack - its like ooh forget it.

Eric- Thats no good.

Zack - anything that will break you down isnt worth listening to.

Eric- i listen to music to be happy. We talk about the yankees, our favorite palyers.

Jessica- you think Jamekas gonna use it or not?

Zack- I dont know. I know if she does or dosnt get what she wants out of it it will be a whole world of hurt.

Jessica - really? I have a feeling that...

Zack- i know if the outcome isnt what she expects then all it does is cause distraction.

Jessica- She gets another person but up is that what you mean?

Zack- well that puts dustin in a horrible spot too. I think its a hard desicion. I dont know i dont like to think about other peoples choices you know but overall... So far things in this game havent panned out the way that there suposed to you know, certain people winning HOHs, people leaving.

Jessica- I dont think anythings intended. Evreyones want something to happen but it dosnt mean its gonna happen that way.

Zack- I think its a difficult descion for Jameka but she has to make a choice.

Jessica - you know thats true.

Zack- its just that the choices made and it dosnt work how its intended to work, and it puts her in a disadvantage as well as Dustin which sucks. Its a risk evreythings a risk. I dont know if she has anything going on with Jen and Kail.

Jessica- I have no idea.

Zack- neither do i. No clue, dont like getting in peoples business.

Jessica- me either.

Zack- unless theres drinking. We should have won the food competition.

Jessica- sorry guys.

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Outside on the couch, Dustin sits next to Amber, but she turns her head away from him and bites on her fingernails. Finally, Dustin gives up and leaves the couch.

Jameka is sitting on the other side of Amber, with her head on the couch, near her.

Dani walks up and says they are so quiet!

Amber says that Jess and Eric are the positive couple, and Dani and Nick are the negative couple, and that's that.

Dani: We're not a couple!

Nick: Those crazy kids are falling in love with each other!!

Dani says look what you've done--you encourage this!

Amber says that they love each other (Dani and Nick)

Dani: Amber, I've had enough of your sass!

Dani asks them if they heard the comment Dick made to Jen (she's repeated this all night).

He told Jen "You apologize about as often as you shower."

Dani thinks that is so funny.

Supposedly, Jen has only showered once since her HOH stint.

Dani has a lighter, and she is flicking it over and over. The flame is really high.

Dani: I hate Zach. Do you see the way he is to me? Did you see that? He said that music sounds like Ska. I was like, what??

Dani says she loved that whole scene and used to go to shows 3x a week and knew everyone there. Dani told him that was not like Ska at all.

Dani: He was like, trying to tell ME!

Dani says that he always tries to act like he knows everything and has been everywhere.

Dani: Then he had the nerve to try to talk crap about me.

Dani tells again the story about how Dustin, Nick and Dani were in HOH and Zach tried to interrupt and she told him they were having a personal conversation, and Zach stayed outside the door.

Dani: I hate him. He is so rude to me!

Dick comes outside

Dick: He says the same thing about you.

Dani again tells the story about how Zach stayed outside the door when they were tryng to talk (I swear, it is the exact same story--ed)

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Dick says he has come up with a new term. When someone comes into the room and everyone gets up to leave, you are "Zaching them."

Dick laughs. Amber and Jameka don't.

Dani keeps flicking the lighter, faster and faster, and tells the Ska story.

Dani says she is sick of Zach.

Dani: It's the same thing as with Jen. It doesn't affect me in any way.

Dani says it's really annoying and gets on her nerves. She says it doesn't bother Dick because he has such thick skin, and hers isn't that thick.

Dick: Just keep in mind, with this, some people just make a bigger ass of themselves. Right, Jameka?

Jameka: Mmm hhmm

(Dick keeps confronting Jameka tonight. Earlier, he yelled to Jameka that she was like the Gambler. He said she "Knows when to hold them, knows when to fold them, knows when to walk away, and knows when to run.")

Dick tells Dani that when she leaves here and she reads what "people who don't even know her have to say," she'd better have a thick skin.

Dick asks if the smoke is bugging Jameka. She says slightly, but he doesn't need to leave. He gets up and starts pacing.

Dick: You okay, Jameka?

She says yes.

Dick says he wants to ask her a question, and she doesn't have to answer if she doesn't want.

Jameka: It didn't bother me. I mean, it was just so blatant...

Dick: Not just her (Jen). It was him, too.

Jameka says it wasn't until she talked to Dustin that she even saw it from a different perspective. She thought he was just enjoying HOH. Then Dustin told her how others saw it, and she hadn't thought of that.

Dani: Can I say something about that?

Dani says that in her opinion, the HOH should have been the one to do the most in the competition.

Dani says she was flabbergasted and offended by what he did.

Dick starts to interrupt and Dani is upset, and says, "Can I finish??" He apologizes and she continues.

Dani goes through the whole competition, and how Dustin told them just before it that they all had to play to win.

She talks about how they had to get a certain number of points to be sure they had enough points for the POV.

Dustin claimed to be surprised that they did all that addition.

She says Dustin told her that people have told him that they would have done the same thing.

Dani told Dustin that she would never have taken the prize.

She told him that out of the six up there, five wouldn't have taken the prizes.

Dick says Jameka wouldn't have taken the 5,000, either.

Jameka: Mmmmm

Dick says it was Dustin's idea to backdoor and he "reneged."

Dick: He knew what his goal was, and his goal changed in the middle to a trip to Barbados and $5,000.

Jameka tells them how she told Dustin he got overwhelmed in the moment, like Eric did at the end of HOH.

Dick: When he said he pushed the buzzer on accident, I'm sorry, that's bullshit.

Jameka: Who, Dustin??

Dani claims that two other have heard Dustin say that he hit the button on the $5,000 on accident.

(I don't know if this is true or not. I do know that Dustin told Jameka in the hammock earlier that he thought out the $5,000 and felt no one else would take it, and so he didn't want to waste it, basically).

Jameka: I mean, do I agree with it, no. Am I tripping over it, no. I don't care. The big overall focus is that one of them are going home, and that was the goal.

Dick: Don't you want to move on to the Jen thing? Don't you feel used over that?

Jameka: No, it's just typical.

(This is a gang up on Jameka, in my opinion--ed)

Jameka says that people show you their character.

Dani says that Jen is going through the game using people, and she doesn't like that!

Someone asks Jameka if she is staying up late? She says probably so.

Amber: You are??

Jameka says she gets tired, then wakes up.

Talk of Nick's hair. Jameka says it's only bad in the back--the front is cute.

Dani: It's awful!

Dani follows Nick and Dick inside.

Dani: I'll be back, ladies!

Amber makes a sound when Dani is gone.

Amber says that she (Dani) is such a brat. She can't stand it when people try to assert themselves over others to get what they want, and Dani is like her Dad in that way.

Dani's back, with a cookie.

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Talk of food. Someone told Amber to put a piece of pizza in the port-a-potty, because there is no camera there, and they would sit there and eat it.


Dick says he misses soda.


Jameka asks if Dick went to DR today. Asks if he mentioned to them about the smell. Dick says he will do that after everyone is sleeping.

Amber says Eric is hilarious.

Dick: You know who doesn't get brought up near as much as I thought he would, is Joe.

Dani: I hear about Joe at least once a day.

Amber: I don't.

Dani says she and Nick talk about him.

Talk of a game Eric played with them where you name 3 people, and you say you would marry one, have sex with one, and throw the third off a bridge.

Dick: She is such a crusty chick.

Amber: Who?

Dick: Jen.

(Dick was talking about the disgusting state of Jen's private parts).

Talk turns to Vanna White, and Dick feels when Jen leaves here that they should tell her to pack her bags. We get FOTH

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Eric, Dustin and Jess are having fun playing BB comps. Eric is making up questions about "which houseguest" does various things.

Who fills the motherly role.

Who can be quoted as saying, "My boobs are white!"

Dustin and Jess and Eric are laughing their butts off in the big bed room as they play this game.

(Amber should watch out--Dustin may realize he has more fun laughing instead of petting her mood swings--Cat)


It's midnight, Hamster time.

We have FOTH, and(I'm outta here, I think --Cat)

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Eric just admitted to Dustin and Jessica during the BB Trivia that he was the one that put the mustard on Jens pillow. The feed had been on them for over an hour and then immediately left them.

Eric was still a little drunk from the beer pong and claimed he had 5-6 beers in one hour.

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LNC is in HOH

Jen told Eric and Jess that she thought they were having a meeting upstairs to decide if Jameka uses the POV. Eric told Jen "I think I'd better attend that!" and he left. (ROFL!)

Dick says that Jen's behavior today showed that she is a bitch.

Eric says that he doesn't feel that they should "flip the script" and go after Jen. He says that he feels they should stick with the program and go after Nick or Zach. He says they shouldn't be emotional.

Dustin says that Jameka has already said that she wants to use the POV as she said she would, and that he doesn't feel it is in Jameka's best interest or the whole group's best interest to argue that fact.

Dick says the meeting is to discuss this, and he wanted to throw out his thoughts.

Dustin says that now they need to discuss whether to take out Zach or Nick.

they all vote together, then they will decide.

Dani says that they don't have a guarantee of winning HOH next week.

Eric says he is going on that assumption, as they have the numbers.

Dani says if one of them gets out next week, and one of the other side out this week, that puts 3 of the other side in the jury.

Dick says that if they are worried about jury with Zach, Zach hates Dani more than anyone else in the house.

Dani says that makes her feel just great.

Jameka says she thinks Zach should leave. He's shady with (she names everyone but Dick and Dani). She says that is a guaranteed vote. Jameka says that is "guaranteed shadiness."

Dick says Zach is like a lost puppydog. He doesn't know what to do.

Dani says Jameka is trying to talk about the jury, where Zach will name who he hates, and he will like the people who flirt with him.

Eric says he will present a different scenario--and is interrupted.

Eric says they should go for the people they are all (in the room) on the most level footing with. Not the one that only 3 or 4 of them feel they are on good footing with. So, if someone is only an advocate of 3 or 4 of them, they should get rid of them. Eric says in Zach's case, he hates almost all of them. So, if he is on jury, then it doesn't matter.

Eric says they should pick the jury for the benefit of ALL of the LNC.

Dani says she feels you should pick people who are less personal, and more fair. Like, Jen would be personal.

Eric says he thinks Nick would be the least fair of all of them!

Eric asks if anyone knows how Kail or Jen would vote for any of them?

Dustin says that every person has their own pick for who they would like out. Dustin feels that Zach would vote on a strategic level, as he hasn't gotten to know anyone on a personal level. He would vote on his personal observations.

Jameka says she can't stand the thought of Zach in the sequester house. She wants everyone to be clear, but as with everyone else, she will take one for the team.

Amber says she doesn't care which order they leave in--they are all "fucked up."

Dick and Dani say she must have a favorite to leave.

Amber and Eric say strategically Nick should leave, and personally, Zach.

Evel says strategically Nick, and personally Jen. Eric points out that it is between Nick and Zach.

Jess says that she knows Zach would be a vote for her. She says Zach has nobody. Strategically, she would take out Nick.

Dustin says they should "put him out of his misery and get him out of here." Then they can think of the game.

Evel says (rightly so) that he doesn't understand this, as every person said strategically Nick should go (except for Dani). Why not take out Nick?

Dustin says that he doesn't want any one person to be "torn" about the decision.

Eric says you don't get chances like this repeatedly--you only get one or two. He didn't play in the game (Nick), he has been erratic all week. How many chances will they get to take him out?

Jameka: Mmm hmmm

Dick: And this would send Jen right on her ass.

Dani: She still has Kail.

Dick: That's all she has!

Dani: I'm just saying. She does have one person.

Dick says that next week, they can take care of it, or get Zach out, if the HOH wants.

Eric says he would be delighted to see Zach leave before jury, but if people want Zach out this week, he won't be perturbed either way.

Dick: It's making people think, and that's good.

Jess: If Zach did make it to sequester, I'm the only person in here that you guys think he would vote for.

Dustin says he thinks Zach would like his strategy.

Eric says he knows for a fact that if Zach goes to jury, he loses a vote.

Dick says there is a long way to go, and how people act from this point on is going to come into play, things happen.

Eric says he does believe Zach would approach jury from an analytical, strategic viewpoint, as he likes the gamesmanship thing.

Dick: That's how he approached me. "Do you really wanna play??" I was like, no, you're not doing very well.

Eric says he can't envision a scenario in which Kail, Jen or Zach do anything to them. But unfortunately he can envision a scenario where Nick does something to them. He's athletic, he has shown he can be untrustworthy, he's charming.

The more Nick stays, he can come between the group.

Dick: Yes.

Eric and Dick says there is a good chance Nick could infiltrate, damage or splinter the group in the future.

Jameka asks if Jess gets HOH, who would she put up?

Dustin asks if they are trying to have Kail and Jen in the jury?

Dani and Amber don't want Jen on the jury.

Dick: I'd be in jail for murder. One way or another, I'd be up for murder.

Eric says they should be planning on who to keep in the house--not on who they might be with in sequester, when none of them wants to leave.

Jameka says that it's just courtesy, as some of them WILL be in sequester.

Dustin says it is the consensus that strategically they should get rid of Nick. He wants to hear from everyone about this.

Amber says she loves Nick, and she knows he has to go and has done "fucked up shit."

Dick says he has to go sometime.

Amber says "it makes her sick" because he has done shit to her and said shit, and is playing all of the sides.

Amber: If we get rid of him, that cuts Jen off, she'll be a lost cause. It takes stress off you, Dani. It takes stress off me.

Jameka: Mmm hhmm

Amber says she would love to have Nick in sequester, as she thinks he would be fair, but then she feels that he would pick Amber or Dani if he could, so that's not fair. He gets mad, but he would still vote for them.

Amber says it hurts to say it, but it is true.

Jameka says that Dani has said Nick should stay, no matter what.

Dani says No...

Amber says Zach is a lost cause, and she doesn't care if he stays in the game until just before final four.

Eric agrees--he looked at the memory wall, and Zach has no chance of winning. Nick has a good chance of winning.

Dick: Dani, you didn't get a chance to talk. Go ahead.

Dani: I have nothing to say.

Amber: Nothing to say about Nick going? I mean, it's just as hard for me...

Dani says she and Nick are close--he's one of her best friends in the house.

Dani starts crying.

Dani: I hate this. I didn't want to say anything.

Dani says she has her boyfriend at home and she's sickly in love with him, so it's not like that. She hates this, and it sucks. You big relationships with people, negative or positive, and Nick is close to her. She would like him in the jury.

Dani says she feels Nick would be a fair vote for anyone in the final two, and she knows him better than anyone, but she won't go against the group.

Dick asks if it wouldn't be harder for Dani the longer Nick stays?

Dani: Not necessarily.

Amber says it makes her nauseous to say get rid of Nick, and it "fucking sucks!" She says she know Dani is closer to him. For their safety as a group, they need to. For her own benefit, Amber would still like him around as he has her back. But for the group, there is stress because of him. Amber says with Dani and Nick, it is hard for Dani and they are close. But at the same time, she could focus better, as it is a lot of stress for Dani.

Amber says if it means that much to Dani, they will keep him around. She's sure the others wouldn't mind.

Dani says no, she already said she wouldn't go against the group. Four people need to go, and it doesn't matter the order.

Dani would rather take out Jen. It's not personal. She feels stupid because everyone thinks it is personal. She doesn't like the way Jen plays the game. She lies, manipulates, and uses people and their weaknesses to get further in the game.

Amber: NIck does that, too! He lies to people and uses people in the game. I'm not calling you out or anything.

Dani: I know!

Dani leaves and says "I'll be back."

Dustin says he thinks Dani is saying she will do it, as it benefits the group in the long run, but it is hard to do.

Eric says he doesn't want to put words into her mouth. And she can correct him, but he feels she will be better off in the game without him.

Amber says she thinks Dani wants Nick in sequester.

Dick says that he thinks the longer Nick stays, the harder it will be on her.

Dick: If I have a vote in this, I say Nick. I'll be back.

Dick leaves.

Amber is crying, and her gut is telling her Nick has to go.

Eric talks low, and says that in the confidence of the 5 left in the room:

Eric: There's only one person who tried to throw us under the bus. It was Nick.

Eric says that Kail and Jen are really the ones who saved them from it.

Jameka: MM m hmmm

Amber again says that Dani wants Nick in sequester. Amber says she knows Nick as well as Dani does, and Nick will vote personal.

Eric says there is "no fucking way" Nick will ever vote for him in the end.

Dustin says that he is looking out for Dani outside this house, and Nick is trouble for her.

Dick says Dani is either in bed not answering him (he just re-entered the room) or is hiding somewhere. He can't find her.

Dustin says the house has decided to take out Nick.

Dick: As a father, I'll be glad to see him go, as well.

Dick says he has always, as Dani's dad, suspected that Nick is playing her.

Amber says that her boyfriend has to be freaking out.

Eric says Jen came to him in sincerity, after the big blowup when people called her a liar, that when they sit and watch the show, they will see her and Nick kissing in the first three days kissing in the hammock and the SR.

He asks if that is hard for anyone to believe?

Dick says no, and so do others.

Dick: Jameka, don't worry. Zach will be taken care of. We promise you.

Eric says if this is a big sacrifice for people to do this week, he promises he will zip his lips next week and not say a word, and he will vote as they say next week, and he won't debate it or campaign against it. He doesn't care how it affects him personally. If they all make a sacrifice personally, then he will do what they want next week.

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Amber again says that Dani needs to be without Nick, as she is always with him.

Dick says that he doesn't want Dani to be the Erika of the season, which could be happening.

Jess: I don't want to sound like a bitch, but it isn't our job to deal with Dani's personal life.

Jess says strategically, he is the right person to go.

Amber says he is a psycho.

Dick says they have more than enough people to fill the void for Dani, and that's all of them.

Dustin says that after Nick goes home, they need to extend their hands to Dani.

Dick says they will--it doesn't need to be said.

Amber says she'll be fine--Amber and Dani are "really close."

Dick: Jessica, I'm glad you said that. You surprise me sometimes.

Jess says they are the same age, and it's easy to be swept away sometimes. They need to step back and look at it.

Dick says yes, she (Dani) can't see the forest for the trees.

Dustin says that strategically and personally, this will be best for the group--moving forward.

Dick: Stamped?

Dustin: Stamped.

Eric says that they have to be sure that if they put Nick up, he goes home.

There's no "He tickled me an it was charming."

No late night decisions. No flip-flopping or rediscussion.

Dustin: If he goes up, he goes home.

Dick: Agreed.

Jess says that after Nick leaves, Dani is not going to be prepared for the comp. So, the four of them need to step up their game.

Dustin says Jess is blowing him away tonight. They all need to be sure to fill the gap.

Dick says he could be wrong, but he thinks Dani will be on a "fucking tear" as she will want a letter from her boyfriend so bad. She will kill anyone for the HOH.

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Eric originally says that they should tell Jen and Zach how to vote.

Amber says they should let Nick think he has a chance, even though she hates to lie.

Dick says he feels it would be best if Dani can tell him the truth and say goodbye.

Jameka says they will have to deal with the pestering, though.

Jameka is wondering if they are all up to that.

Eric says that there is a 70 percent chance Nick will be thrown out of the house before he is voted out.

Amber says he will be a psycho.

Dick says they don't have to tell anyone!

Dustin says last week, they didn't tell anyone about the vote with Mike.

Jameka says she agrees with Dick, you should say "my vote is my vote," and that's it.

Amber: That's easier said than done.

Dick says they can each handle it in their own way, then.

Eric says if there is any way that Nick comes off the block, then Nick shouldn't go up.

Amber says this is directed toward her, even if they won't say it!

Dick says he promises it is not directed toward her. They are just talking.

Eric says he is just saying that if they aren't sure he is going home, he isn't going up!

Jameka: Can I ask this question? Is any one of us saying "You do not have my vote." I just want to know. Because if that gets out and he spins that, which he will. He will spin that.

Dick says every single one of this has said they will vote Nick out.

Dustin and Jameka are saying that they need to be sure about whether they are telling him he is leaving.

Eric says if he is threatened by Nick, he will tell him he is going home.

Amber says maybe he already knows--she may tell him. He will know if she is crying.

Dick says not to speak for her--She'll tell them what is going on.

Eric says he wakes up every morning to Nick whispering to her under the covers, and they all know what is going on there.

(I turn to the quad feeds, and Dani is curled up in a ball on the bathroom couch, sniffling)

Jameka feels maybe they should travel in pairs for the next few days.

Amber wants to know if she should tell him she is voting for him or not?

Dick says she can, and then later tell him that she didn't know what was going on, and she didn't want to lie.

Eric says he won't let any of them be alone with Nick and be hung out to dry. He will come up to HOH and sit with Dustin if Nick is screaming at him.

Dick says he saw the "beer go" and him coming off the hammock--he is not fazed by Nick. He can handle it, too.

Dustin says he sees Nick "becoming physically irrational at an inanimate object" instead of a person.

Jameka says that innanimate object can come flying in their faces!

Eric says if they are having this conversation, this is all the more reason he needs to leave!!

Dick says there are about 300 people in that place (staff) and they won't let anythnig happen.

Eric; He will never, never ever lay a hand on any of you! It will not happen.

Eric says he won't entertain the thought that they are in physical danger.

Dustin says he will stick by Jameka's side, as she is concerned.

Dustin says if they have a moment where they are afraid, they will "go to code red," and he is serious.

Dick asks everyone to watch over Dani.

Dustin says she will be #1 in their eyes.

They are counting how long they have with him in the house.

Dick says they could be surprised--he could go into his shell.

Eric; No fucking way.

Jameka: Competitor to the end.

Amber: He's going to be like, how did I get put up??

Amber says she thinks she has to tell him he has her vote.


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Eric says that Nick will try his hardest to stop them from voting him out.

They need to take anything he says with a grain of salt.

Joe tried to turn them all against each other, and carried tales.

So, Nick might do the same.

Dick agrees, and says they have to take what Nick says lightly.

Dick says he feels Dani is smart and quick on her feet, and hopefully if Nick sees her crying, she can say it is something to do with Dick. He says that they'll have to see, though.

Amber is crying.

Dustin asks if Jameka is okay.

She says yes. She asks if anyone has anything to say about the veto.

Jess asks if she is going to say she is a person of her word?

Jameka says that she will probably just say she will use the veto.

Dick says that all of this behind the scenes stuff isn't the show--the meetings aren't shown. So, she should say that she promised and that is why she is doing it--so people will understand when they watched the show.

Amber says she should say that Jen pulled her ball for a reason, and she didn't like the way the veto was played, but she is keeping her word and using the veto.

Dick says if she doesn't, people will wonder, "What's with this chick!?"

Dustin says that it will show Jameka's true character.

Dick agrees, even if he doesn't agree with the decision.

Dick wants to smoke.

He says that this was a great meeting, and everyone thought with their heads and not their hearts.

He applauds Eric and Jess for their great points.

Eric says he thinks Amber was incredibly unselfish and admirable.

Eric says that since Jameka won for their side, she did them a great service.

Eric says Dustin was open to everyone's suggestions and has the courage to do this, even though it was against his first instinct.

Eric thanks Dick for everything he says, too.

Dick says he wants to give Dustin more credit for not insisting putting up Zach, for putting the group first.

Dick says they need to stick together, and Zach will be taken care of.

Dustin says as a whole, as a group, this is the most successful, productive, well-mannered meeting they have had. They're moving forward as a group, "Collective conscious as a whole."

Eric says they have "destroyed, massacred and embarrassed" Kail and Zach in comps, and collectively the 6 of them can beat Jen in a comp.

Dustin: This was a dominating week for the LNC, and we will continue to push forward.

Eric: Separate point of order: Is everyone happy with the Late Night Crew as our name? It was referred to me in sessions


Eric says that "they never intended it as a group name" and they had good times together, but the truth is that it was late night, and a crew of them was still up.

Dustin: It's just the LNC, you know what I mean?

Dustin says they will all have t-shirts with LNC.

Eric says that it rings good to him, but he figured if they wanted to change it they better do it now.

Dustin: It is what it is, and we're stuck with it.

Dick: Amber, are you okay?

Amber: MMm hhh. It's gonna be a tough week for me.


Eric says no matter how you think you are prepared, this is harder.

Dick says that in real life, he never had people plotting and scheming against him, like with Joe!

Dustin: I dated Joe, so I did.


Talk about how it is different in the house, compared to watching on t.v.

Talk of filling out forms by Eric, and we get FOTH again.

Dustin says he doesn't know who he will look at, since Mike and Nick will be gone.

Eric says he has his choice of "this elderly fellow" (Dick) or him.

Dick asks if he might end up straight at the end of this?

Dustin says no. But he says the ladies are looking mighty good... (Joking)


Talk of the DNA BB year.

Dick says Nakomis and Cowboy must have had a "hideous-looking" father.

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Dustin, ERic and Jameka are left in the HOH.

Dustin says they have, in this month together, they have as a group done a good job of "weeding out the good people from the bad people." They have done a great job of figuring out which of the 7 of the 14 are the people to be in a group that you can trust. He says he couldn't be more proud.

Eric says he can't be more proud, and he can't wait until he can cast his vote for the victor of the game, knowing it will be a person who deserves to be there. He says he has always said he wants to be with people who are equally passionate about this experience, and he will be proud and happy if he can be in that position to cast that vote.

Dustin: Absolutely.

(Jameka said Mmmm mmmm the whole time)

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dick and daniele in the hoh room, having a one on one talk. Seems like the group has decided that this is Nick's week to go, and Daniele is upset about loosing her only friend in the house.

Dick is telling her that this is not only good for her game, but also her relationship with her bf outside of the house.

Daniele says that it sucks that Nick would never vote me out, and it sucks that I can't give him a pity vote. Daniele does not like hurting people that she cares about. dick says that 2 or 3 weeks down the road it would be much harded since they would be closer.

Dick says this is important to her relationship with her bf and that once they are outside of the house, she can remain friends with Nick.

Dani says that she may not be able to not tell him that he is the target this week and is going home, due to their relationship.

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dick still reassuring and comforting daniele. Now they are leaving the HOH bathroom to go outside and talk about non game related stuff.dustin going to bed, tells jameka, eric, amber, dani and dick he will see them tomorrow afternoon sometime, and eric says that with his luck they will probably get a 7 am wake up...

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Dani says that Nick is obsessed with her, dick says that he is a street boy and will be fine and dani says that it does not matter.Dick wants to talk with Dani about her plans to go to disney and epcot for a week. When this is all said and done, how would you feel about taking a trip to europe? Dani says that she has to go back to work. Dick says that he has to go back to work, his fiances are a nightmare, and Dani says that she wants to go back with chris and not go home and then leave him againTalk about the pre game sequester, and that when they were allowed to contact their loved ones, she ran out of minutes, and that is how Dick knew for sure that she was going to be in the game. Dani says that in the 2 years that she and chris have been together that was the longest she had gone without speaking to him.dani talking about hooters, she has been there almost a year, she is a trainer, she loves her job, and the money is good. Now foth.

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Dick: You know, people still talk aout us.

Dani: What, cuz we're related?

Duck: Yeah.

Dani: Well, that's why I have to hate you.

(Although she did tell him where she was living now - very close to where they used to live.)

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