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July 8, Live Feed Updates

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The feed on cam 1 goes back to the hammock.

Eric says someone (a female) asked him if he had a crush on Jessica.

Eric says he got freaked out about impressions people may have of him.

Jen says she doesn't want to be rude, but she doesn't think people even have impressions of him. No one thinks about him one way or another!

Eric says okay. He says he thinks at first he was the crazy funny guy, but then he had the "live feed incident" and also got pissy with Joe, so he doesn't want people to think he is overly competitive. Plus, he doesn't want people to think that he is spreading himself too thin and talking to too many people.

He says that Jen is kind of the "outcast person" and tells her he doesn't mean it in a bad way or anything.

He says that someone made a comment that he is getting to know Jen.

Jen then asks if she and Eric should join with Mike and Kail, or if they should each make separate alliances?

Eric says that they should each make their own relationships, and then sway that relationship to keep each other on the block. (This is basically the same conversation Amber and Dustin just had! --ed)

Eric says that they should "use these sub-relationships" to try to sway the vote for each other, if they are on the block.

Eric says this is more effective than having an alliance of four and taking their chances tha way.

Eric thinks he could get Jessica and Dick so that they would be protective of him, and not vote him out.

Jen says she can get Zach. Jen says she has had people claim they would protect her, as well.

Jen says it would be awkward to be with Mike, because they had a date and she knows he is on a date with Amber right now, but she doesn't want Mike to think it can go further with her than a date.

Eric says that any single person in the house could flirt, but that doesn't mean it anything has to come of it.

Jen says she needs to make friends with a girl. She thinks she could get Carol on her side, because of the sorority thing, and she feels Carol tells her more.

Eric: I don't think she likes me, for whatever reason.

Jen: She wouldn't be your person. She would be mine.

Eric says he will use flirtations and silly business for his strategy, and he is the least likely person to be able to do that. He says that "if he were single," he would be going crazy trying to go after all of the women in the house.

Jen says she feels awkward with single people, like Zach, who she feels touches her.

Eric tells her Zach is at the chess thing, so be a little quiet.

Jen says Zach told her he would keep her safe, and Eric told her that he probably said that to everyone, except Eric. He says he can't get a read on Zach--he is hard to get to know.

Eric says that Jessica and Daniele are "having some sort of chat over there alone. Is it worth my interrupting them and trying to break it up, or is it not worth my while?"

Jen asks who he would talk to, and he says he would rather talk to Jessica, but he could talk to both.

Eric asks if she thinks it would be okay to get up and just walk right up to them? She says yes--that is all any of them do!

Eric leaves Jen. He says that he has to beat Joe, who is on his way there!

Over at the couch, Daniele, Jameka and Jessica are talking about Jen. They wonder if there are enough people against Jen in the house, and they thing there are. They all agree. They are ready to change the subject if anyone walks up. They are wondering who to put up with Jen.

Jameka: I always think the best policy is the back door.

They talk about how you would have to have two people who are expendable, in case the back door didn't work.

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Daniele asks how Jessica feels about Dustin. Jessica: Not good. Not good at all. I just get vibes from him.

Daniele agrees, and says that is how "we" feel.

In the house, Mike and Kail are talking. They seem to be a team! They stop talking when anyone goes by.

Kail: So everything is still on track?

Mike: Yeah. Everything is good.

Kail: (whispers) Is it still Carol leaving?

Mike: Yeah.

Kail: It will be a surprise to her.

Nick comes inside.

Mike says he has heard a lot of commotion in the storage room. He has heard people restocking, perhaps. They think they will be allowed to eat at Midnight.

Kail: Carol thinks this house is split. I don't think so at all. I think everything is good to go.

Mike: The conversations I've had with people, I don't think anyone is planning to keep her around.

Kail: That's my understanding, too.

Kail: I hope you win HOH!

Mike: I do, too.

Kail: That would make my week.

Mike: Mine, too. Believe me.

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Kail is in the HOH and Nick comes in, and they talk. Kail says that she and Nick never get to talk.

Nick: Mike came up to me and he says Kail thinks there is a twist where we played football together.

Kail says she thought that at first. She says she doesn't think that now, though. She thought there was a secret twist.

Nick says that there is a secret alliance--THEM!

Kail: They don't know about me and you at all!

Nick says he wants to keep it that way, and that there is another one brewing. He says they want him in the alliance.

Kail: Oh no!Nick: It's Joe. Joe wants it to be me, him, Jameka

Kail: Where's Evel?

Kail says Joe flip flops every week, going to different alliances.

Nick: I love our situation. I'm really glad you came forth, because it is perfect! I was just chilling, waiting for things to happen.

Kail: It's perfect. No one is going to suspect me with you three guys!

Nick: I'm going to go downstairs! Bye!

Zach is in the HOH shower, and she tells him not to come out. He comes out (with pants on) and he is horribly sunburned!

Kail: Did you hear her tell us what famous person she (not sure who this is) dated?

Zach: No! Please tell me--I'm dying to know!Kail: I knew you would love this one!! (laughing)

FOTH! (Tonight, alliances are literally falling out of the woodwork!!! --ed)

They are back.

Zach is saying that Kail will say that she is "Just a vote in the four, and she can't take responsibility for anything!!" (They are laughing together) She says she will win all of the HOH's and do the dirty work for them. He says that isn't going to happen, because he wants his own room!

Kail says they need to find out who the other alliance has in it.

Zach says he already knows. It is Dick, Amber, Dustin and Jameka.

Kail suddenly realizes they should be going after Amber instead of Carol, then! She says "Why aren't we going after Amber??" Zach says that he doesn't think they have the votes to do it.

Zach says that he thinks they need to "blow that six out" and they have to take the risk this week.

Kail: You don't want to go after Amber, then?

Zach: I mean, I'm down, but....

Kail: You don't think we can do it?

Kail starts listing Amber's votes.

Zach says that he thinks Jen will keep Amber. Kail says "Not if I talk to her."

She says she thinks they "need to move aggressively, right away!"

Zach says that even though Carol is floating, she won't be an asset to them.

Kail says that Carol can't hurt them though! She says that Carol is irritating people.

Zach: All the more reason to keep her, then.

Zach: We can't take the risk that that six is together, though. If we take out Amber, then that six is still together.

Zach says that if they take out Amber, then the six will have no choice but to band together, even if they don't like each other.

Zach says they don't want to put everything out there on the first week, even though it seems like it has been a month.

Kail: We don't want to be stuck in week 8 with Amber and not be able to do anything about it!

Zach doesn't think it would happen. Maybe Dustin and Joe go up next week, and they can blow that apart. If that happened and POV didn't change it, then he thinks that could happen. He thinks HOH will be harder next time. It won't be about being "Fair" or random. It will be about making a decision and having to handle it.

Zach: Like, if I win it, everyone is going to kiss my ass. I mean, literally kiss my ass.

Zach says he wants it--he has faith in his alliance (the four).

Zach says he doesn't get to talk to Mike much.

Kail says she will talk to him now and then and ask if everything is good.

Zach says the risk with Mike is that he could side with one of the girls.

Kail: That's another reason to take Amber out this week! If this date goes good...

Zach says Amber is good at making friends.

Kail says Nick and Amber are friends. Zach says that is "expendable." He says he is sure of this.

Zach says if they try to take out Amber, and the vote is 7-3, then it is bad for them. Amber will know who went against her.

Zach says that nobody knows about their alliance as it stands now.

Kail asks about the possibility of a tie, but they realize there can't be one.

Zach: I still think Carol and Jessica are in on it together, even if they play like they aren't.

Zach says they should keep it the way it is, for now.

Kail says okay--she can see pros and cons to both sides. Carol would be great at comps.

Kail is worried as she can't compete.

Zach says if Joe got HOH, it would be hard, as he is like night and day. Or if Jen got it.

Kail: Or if Eric got it.

Zach says he thinks Eric would be pretty fair.

Kail: And Daniele probably wouldn't do anything too significant, would she?

Zach: I can't read her.

Kail; I wonder what Jessica would do?

Zach: I think I can sway her. The only way I can sway her is if Carol is gone. If Carol is gone, Jessica is on her own and she'll start to fall apart.

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Kail & Mike in the kitchen... She asks if everything is still on track. He says yes. She says so Carol is still leaving. He says yes.

Dick & Dustin spinning slowly in the BY teacup & complimenting on how well the HG work together on the ADL. Talking about how smoke breaks makes it easier to get to know each other.

Meanwhile Kail & Nick in the HOH... Kail says she doesn't think anybody knows that her & Nick have a secret alliance. He tells her Joe, Dani, Jameka want to get in a secret alliance with him. Kail says Joe flipflops & wants to be in a different alliance every week. Nick loves his alliance with Kail & he is glad she came forward with it. She says no on will suspect her alliance with those 3 guys. (hmmm Kail/Nick/Zach??)

In the kitchen... Amber/Mike/other lots of idle blahblah

In HOH Kail/Zach... Kail says we gotta figure out what the other alliance is so we can start breaking it down. Zach says I know what it is, it's Dick, Amber, Dustin, & Jameka. Kail says then why aren't we taking out Amber then?? Zach says he is open. Kail says we need to take out Amber, what are we doing. Zach thinks Amber has the votes. Zach says they should wait. Zach asks Kail to turn the HOH monitor on but she says it is broken. Kail starts counting the votes to keep Carol. Zach is unsure & thinks Jen will side with Amber but Kail says not if I tell her too. Zach thinks they should lay low & let Amber stay but Kail thinks Amber could hurt them long term. They debate. They lean towards letting Carol go. They think based on Dick's earlier Theoligical debate that they can use him to their advantage provided that they get rid of Daniele. Kail says so do you think anybody knows about me with you 3 guys (now it's 3? who is the 3rd, Mike?) Zach says no that he thinks the whole ruse with Jen staying in the HOH is working. Lots of Mike talk (so I think the alliance of 4 is Kail, Zach, Nick, & Mike). Kail says she likes Dani & would like to see Dick go 1st. Zach says NO he wants Dick to stay because he can get to Dick but not Dani. Zach says Jameka breaks the rules a lot with food & stuff & is very opinionated. He thinks she is like an open sore that you can pick & get to explode anytime.

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Kail asks if Zach is scared about Evel throwing a big temper fit over things, but Zach says he can handle him. He says that he wants Evel around--he is a straight shooter, and says how things are. Maybe not voting, but he did tell Jen how he felt about her, and that says a lot about his character. He could have pulled her outside and talked with her, but instead he blew up, and if he is willing to do that, then he is willing to go against anyone here. Just like the religion thing outside.

Zach says that if people won't have a conversation that is controversial with Evel, then that shows their character. They are hypocrites.

Zach says with Evel, you need to "kick out his leg, and that is Daniele."

Kail thinks that Dustin will be strong in the game.

Kail wonders what people think about her.

Kail wonders if people know about her alliance with the three guys.

Zach: We have to play it off. I think the ruse with Jen up here is totally working.

Kail: Good!

Zach: You just have to watch what you say with her.

Kail says she would never tell Jen anything. She doesn't trust her!

Kail says she kind of can't wait to get downstairs to mingle with people.

Kail: You guys have to be my eyes until I can get down there!

Zach says the only shady thing he see is that Jameka and Amber whisper, and Jameka and Daniele whisper together, and yet they should be on different sides.

Zach says that means that they are all on the same side, even if Evel isn't in that, they have five, and that's nasty.

Zach says ideally next week is for Mike or Nick to win HOH, and not him.

Kail: Why not you?

Zach: Because I think Mike and Nick are a little more smooth when it comes to talking with everybody.

Kail agrees.

Zach says he will not back down from getting it, though, because they need it.

Kail: I do see--Nick can smooth anything over with the girls, and Mike--he can say anything to anyone.

Zach says Jen is getting on Nick's nerves.

Zach says that Jen asked Nick where he was. He told her he was hanging with Daniele. Jen said, "Do you have to hang with Daniele all the time?" Nick said, "What? Are you stalking me??" Zach thought it was funny.

Talk turns to Daniele. Zach would rather keep Evel instead of Daniele. Kail feels Daniele is smart. He doesn't think so. He feels she is picky and if you don't fit in, you aren't able to be with her. Nick fits that mold right now with Daniele, and he doesn't think he can get in with her at all.

Kail asks if he really thinks they don't need Jen. He doesn't think so. Kail isn't sure that Jen is telling her everything. She can't figure out who Jen is with, and Zach said that he didn't think Jen was with anyone.

Kail: Eric will play with his heart, and I thought Jameka would play with her heart.

Zach says that Jameka is dangerous--she abuses the rules a lot, too--eats food when she isn't supposed to do it. He says that she will eventually blow up if people don't agree with her view of things.

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Kail and Zach are trying to figure out the schedule.


Dustin and Jen have joined Kail and Zach in the HOH. Jen says that she decided to see if she could go the whole day without wearing her bikini, as a challenge. (My eyes are rolling so hard, they rattle!! --ed)

I'm out for a little while, will try to be back later. --Cat

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Outside on their "date," Amber is literally talking Mike's ear off, as she stands up for Dustin. She has now talked for about 10 minutes straight, without taking a breath. She feels that Joe is going around telling lies about Dustin. She talks about how the first night, Dustin stood there without a bed or anything, and after Joe said that about the STD, he didn't have anywhere to go. So, she welcomed him to her bed to sleep. They are friends, and it is hard for someone to be in the house with an ex who still loves him. According to Amber, Joe has told Dustin that he still loves him. Dustin told Joe that he doesn't feel the same. She tells Mike that Joe asked Dustin to be in an alliance with him, and he told him no. She tells Mike to watch out for Joe, because he lies and changes his stories. Joe changed his story to Amber several times about the veto and what he would do.

Amber says that Joe came up to her and told her that he was voting for her to stay, but he told her that Carol thinks he is voting for HER. She says "Little did he know that I was talking to Carol" a little while before that, and she counted Joe as one of the two people she definitely had voting for her (Jen was the other vote).

[Mike now has a look on his face like he might gnaw off his own leg to escape Amber, but she continues to talk]--ed

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The houseguests have been given one of those poles with a ball on a string, where you hit the ball back and forth and the string wraps around the pole. I don't know what they are called. (Edited to add: This is a tetherball. Thank goodness for Angelo Joe!! I was going crazy trying to remember what the thing was called!!--ed)

Nick is on the couch outside. His favorite quote is "Every man dies, but not every man lives." I think he said it is from Braveheart.

Joe just screamed a very loud, irritating scream. The others sitting with him (Jameka, Jen, Jess, Nick) asked him what that was. He said it was the pillow, coming alive and screaming.

Joe: What? You thought that was me??

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Joe is apparently going to tell ghost stories again later.

Mike and Amber have gone back to their chair, where they have dragged pillows from the bedroom to, so they are comfy. Amber just finished her second beer, and is starting her third. Joe tells her to go ahead and drink more--he wants to see her loose. She says she is a "fun drunk."

Amber tells Joe that the game is crazy.

Amber asks Mike if he has Myspace, and what his name is. He says it is his real name and ---FOTH

Jessica is walking around with a great big blanket poncho on, and she is playing golf with Eric.

And now Joe's story starts.

Mike is called to exchange his mic with one in the storage room. Dick offers to do it, so that the date isn't broken up.

Joe says the room last night was set up perfectly for ghost stories.

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Eric & Carol are talking strategy in the hammock. Eric seems a bit psycho & is babbling, Carol thinks that she is a strong competitor physically, mentally, & intellectually (sidebar... mental & intellectual are the same but I guess Carol's big ole brain knew that) but none of the females strike her as being intelligent at all except Jameka & Erika. She says the other 3 are just here to float by on their looks.

Switch to Amber desperately strategising Mike in the back yard indifferent21.gif. Mike agrees to a pact & Amber swears to a pact with Mike on her child's life :rolleyes: (mothers who swear on their child's life should have their children taken from them)

Back to Eric/Carol... Eric is talking at an odd, erratic, nonsensical 90 MPH pace & not saying anything sensible (I am worried about our AP) but Carol listens as she is desperate for a vote.

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"Time is fluid here, said the demon," is how the story starts.

There are implements of torture on the walls. Including a fiery brazierre.

A cat-o-nine tails.

(Joe is telling this story like he's reading it from a book, so he must do this a lot. --ed)

The demon is going to torture the guy with the cat-o-nine tails, which he puts in fire.

The demon goes through 119 torture devices.

Through bloody lips, the man says, Now, what? The demon says this part is worse.

The demon makes the guy go through everything he has said in his life. All of the lies and everything.

The demon calls him on any lies.

The pain the guy caused was the pain he was suffering, now.

Finally, the guy tells the book of his life just as it really is, as fact.

The demon doesn't say anything.

There is a door there.

He opens the door and a man walks in, in a suit.

"Time is fluid here," the guy says to the man.

That's it--Joe says it is a story that goes in a cycle. The next guy becomes the victim, and the guy becomes the demon.

They start to ask about another story.

Joe: I thought you guys were going to be patient, and let the stories unfold as they come....(big dramatic pause)

They giggle and Joe says it was better in the room with all of the atmosphere.

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Now, Joe is telling a story that he says is 90 percent true.

He grew up in Aurora. The story takes place in a farmhouse that still stands to this day. It was the 1920's, right before the great depression.

The story he tells is of a family who were starving during the winter, and they ended up becoming cannibals. Joe claims to have heard/experienced ghosts. He says he and his friends went in the house and found old pictures and letters to back up the story, along with modern things from a family that left and abandoned their things at the house.

(One interesting thing going on is that while Joe is trying to dramatically tell his story, some people are very rude. They are over in the corner on the couches, but Daniele gets up and down off the couch, some people stand right there playing golf instead of moving away from them to not be rude, and Dick several times went over and dropped things on the table where they are talking.)

Jameka tells a story about someone who supposedly couldn't bear to lose her mother, so she decided she would stuff her with taxidermy and keep her in the living room.

The others are playing golf.

And I'm out for the night, I think. --Cat

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Amber talking warp speed to Mike about the vote. He seems relieved when he gets a chance to escape to the poddy. We switch back to the Eric/Carol hammock where the eviction talk continues. Feeds are jumping around. Amber/Mike in the kitchen, Amber is wearing a white poofy skirt that no woman bigger than Dani should wear (& no woman should be as skinny as Dani so I must say the skirt is a total faux paus no matter what).

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Thanks to everyone for their coverage. I need someone to keep things going tonight as I have to quit now and Jem won't be back until the AM shift.

Thank you, you've all done very well. Carry on.


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11:56 BBT Feeds FOTH

Showtime we have Dick Amber Dustin Mike Zach playing golf in the backyard

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11:58 BBT In the bedroom we have Danielle and Nick Talking telling him she'll save him a spot on her bed

Surprise Zach comes in.

They are talking about going nutty from not eating. They are saying Eric is freaking out from the lack of food and being on slop then FOTH.

Looks like that everybody is now getting food now that its past midnight. everyone is in the kitchen eating. Kameka seems the most excited about food.

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12:03 BBT

Eating frenzy going on in the kitchen as food restrictions have been lifted.

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In the small bed room, Danielle is in her bed. Nick comes in and tells her that if she needs to bunk up, "for safety purposes," he's fine with that. He seems very smitten with her. He's gazing at her, and laughs when the camera focuses in on him (you can't see her from this angle). She says she'll save him a place if he needs to bunk up. He says, "Oh, I'm coming in here?" And she says, "For safety purposes." He just gazes at her. Then, Zach comes in the room.

They say that "He" (Not sure who this is) is acting funny, acting weird. He is going nuts about the food, as he's hungry, and Zach agrees and says that this person's face is as red as Zach's chest. (This may be Dick that they are talking about). Nick says that they were saying they needed to be optimistic about the possibility of food at midnight, and apparently this guy said they'd better, as he was going crazy. Danielle said something to him, and he must have said something to her. We don't know what it is, however, as we get FOTH at this point.

When we come back, we are in the kitchen and everyone has food and they are acting like ravenous wolves.

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12:13 BBT Still eating and HG talking over each other but I think I heard Jameka and Eric make a "date". Convos hard to follow as so much talking (espicially with full mouths)

Mike and Jen in storage room talking what food is there grab a couiple apples and rejoin the group

12:20 BBT Dustin alone outside on the hammock by himself. Eveyone else is inside

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On F4, we have Dustin in the hammock alone, talking to himself. Everyone else is in there eating and gabbing, and he is out there talking to himself.

He just said, "She is so good...."

Okay, this is scary. He just laughed hysterically, twice. To himself. Alone.

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12:24 Jessica Joe and Zach at the table pounding beers. Jessica siad she'll drink first then eat later.

Now AMber talking again about Joe being "two faced" to Dustin out on the hammock AGAIN!

Dustin Saying how Dick values his convos and that he's not a type of guy to bullshit around.

Dustin claims he never had these convos with people but him and Dick are good. Amber says they both have mike and Amber thinks Mike has a crush on her because she worked it. Amber says that Mike really likes him too.

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Amber, get this. So, I lay down here, and I hear: RRRRRRR!!! Look at these two guys. They are ON. ME! (Obviously, he is talking about the cameras -- ed)

Dustin: How was your date?

Amber: It was good! Were you a little bit jealous?

Dustin: No. I just couldn't handle the pandemonium in the kitchen.

Amber says that she got Mike's vote. She laughs.

Amber tells that Joe is on the fence, but he will vote for her because everyone else is doing so.

She explains how she told Mike how great Dustin is and how two-faced Joe is.

She says Mike loves Dustin--he does.

Dustin tells her she is doing too much for him--it will come back for her, someday.

She says that no, that's not how friendship is--you don't do it for getting repaid.

Amber says that she told Mike they aren't an alliance, but they really are, and it is obvious (she says). She says that the great thing is that they are the ONLY TEAM.

Dustin agrees and says "People are coming...People are coming!"

Amber agrees and says that people want in because Dustin has her, and people want in because she has Dustin.

Dustin says he talked to Dick. He never noticed the conversations he has with people, where "his cards are stacked," and he and Dick are good.

Dustin: Dick's doing his own thing. Dick's like a one-man show in his own way.

Amber: Now we both have Mike. You don't understand. With this date, Mike--I made him secretely fall in love with me.

Amber says that Mike has a crush on her, and she can tell, and she really "worked it." She says Mike really likes Dustin, too.

Dustin: I can tell.

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Many in the BY playing golf, talk turns to the fact Amber notices that evelDick has a bulge to the right, always to the right (I have always thought that evelDick goes comando but until now I have not been confirmed :grin2:)

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12:30 BBTNow Dustin is saying how good Amber is and "how weasly" she is and stroking each others ego.

Camera switch to Eric talking about all the food he will eat and at the moment he's no longer hungry

Jen says that no one is going to sleep and everyone will be staying up all night.

Eric says the beer made him "feel horrible" because he hasn't eaten for 7 days. Eric talking about going uninvited to the DR.

Mike and Jen head upstairs and Jen declares the "taco meat smells really good from up here"

Looks like Mike and Jen will be playing a game of chess.

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