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BB-Aussie Update


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Thank you for the updates Hanklee...I'm getting hooked on all the international BB....Keep them coming. :lol:

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In a strange twist for the Land Downunder, the producers of the Australian Big Brother Website have pulled all of the photos which depicted nude housemates. They have also deleted the UNCUT section of the website which held videos and nude/semi-nude photos of the housemates. There was a intermediate screen which warned you that the following content contained material which might be unsuitable etc. and you had to click yes or no to proceed.

This happened right after several of the members of parlament complained to Communications Minister Helen Coonan that things might be getting out of hand!! This happened right after several conservative groups in Australia started protesting that the Late Night version of the live broadcast called UNCUT.

Big Brother Uncut, the raunchy late night version of the daily reality show, has angered viewers and community groups in the past few weeks with the housemates' risque behaviour and full frontal nudity.

Uncut is shown on Monday nights at 9.40pm and is classified MA 15+.

Three episodes are being investigated by the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA), at the request of Communications Minister Helen Coonan.

For further information you might read the following article.


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Turn Back the Clock

They all thought that they were finished with uniforms and going to class!!

This weeks task has the BB-Aussie HouseMates going Back-To-School!!

Throughout the task, the HMs will be following the strict routine of a school week. HMs must wake up each morning when BB sounds an alarm clock. They must shower and change into full school uniforms - shorts, ties and long socks for the boys, and pinafores for the girls. When the school bell rings to mark the beginning of the day, the HMs must make their way to a school assembly in the garden where BB will read the role call. 

The HMs will be considered school students from the moment they put on their uniforms in the morning to the moment they change out of them in the afternoon. They will take part in classes and sit exams every day. They will also practice as a school band to perform "Advance Australia Fair" - a task the HMs could find rather daunting since not one of them can play a musical instrument or read the sheet music given to them by BB. 

Of course, the school experience wouldn't be complete without discipline - the HMs must follow a set of strict rules throughout the task. The bedroom has been divided into a boys' dormitory and a girls' dormitory. In boarding school style, the male and female HMs are not allowed to set foot in each other's dormitories. 

But here's the rule the HMs will probably struggle with the most - bullying and swearing will not be tolerated while HMs are wearing their school uniforms. HMs who bully or swear will face severe punishment from BB. So that means no more picking on Tim, and more importantly, no dirty words.

The HMs may not have noticed their potty mouths in the past, but this afternoon it became apparent to them just how much they actually swear. Christie was the first to slip up - during the HMs' first band practice, she declared: "I'm s**t at music," and earned herself a punishment of 25 lines: "I will not swear during class." 

The house has wagered 100% of next weeks grocery money on their ability to pass this weeks task without getting a failing mark from BB who has been noticably non-lenient this season.

And to help out - this week 3 Intruders will be entering the house on Wednesday. A fact which the HG don't know (but we do)! The HG have been wondering when they would be getting intruders - a staple in the past in the Aussie house.

For a look at the intruders see:


The girls have been very adament about the lack of male excitement in the house and complain repeatedly that the guys have been working/wearing themselves out in the gym and ignoring them. They have been calling for some hot guys to come in and give the negligent men some competition and them some love and affection!

What will happen? Stay tuned - same channel!!

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More news on the 3 Intruders which are entering the house on the Live Wednesday Night Show. There names are Rita, Heath and Melanie.

Here is a picture of the 3 new HM:


Here is a link to their introduction page:


And here is a direct link to their introduction video:


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More on the UNCUT or "Too Much Nudity" controversey on the Australian version of the Big Brother Show...

Last night's Late Night Show, also called Uncut was significantly "cleaner" than previous shows.

Big Brother made an attempt to clean up its act in more ways than one in last night's episode of the reality television show's late-night program.

Big Brother Uncut, the raunchy late-night version of the daily reality show, has angered viewers and community groups in the past few weeks with the housemates' risque behaviour and full frontal nudity.

Uncut is shown on Monday nights at 9.40pm and is classified MA 15+.

Three episodes are being investigated by the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA), at the request of Communications Minister Helen Coonan.

In one episode of the Network Ten program, a male flatmate was seen massaging the shoulders of a female with his pants down and his penis hanging out.

While poking fun at the outrage, Big Brother last night attempted to clean up some of its mess.

Host Gretel Killeen introduced the show by saying: "Tonight's Uncut is a very clean show ... with waxing and exfoliating."

But the show still displayed its usual full frontal nudity, and one housemate even pulled out a condom. 

The program exposed the dirty conditions of the Gold Coast compound with one housemate, Christie, telling fellow housemates there was pubic hair among other things in the bathroom.

"I get scared to sit on the toilet," she said.

Most of the show focused on contestants cleaning each other with two semi-naked housemates Glenn and Kate soaping each other in the shower.

On a more serious note, Killeen also told viewers: "We don't condone the behaviour of these housemates but we do believe it should be out in the open."

She said that the program "appreciated the debate" adding that she thought it was "healthy".

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In one episode of the Network Ten program, a male flatmate was seen massaging the shoulders of a female with his pants down and his penis hanging out. 

I'm so glad I'm not back home right now.... lol

Thank you hank!

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That particular segment of the show was an attempt by the guys to find out whether the girls in the house were actually paying attention! The answer was NO, they didn't notice until he finished massageing her shoulders and walked around the chair and she saw him from the front!!

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Well, the 3 intruders have now been in the house for over 24 whole hours. And the outcome, the house is still the same, almost. It seems that with the intruders also came the rain. The sky over southern Queensland has opened up!


The image on the left is a shot of some of the HM playing in the rain during the party the first night after the intruders came into the house. Since they brought some booze to get the party started, the young got a little frisky. They all piled into the pool during the downpour! Who cares if your drink gets a little watered down if you are having fun. The guys got a little roudy and decided to play Slip-n-Slide on the grass and it progressed into a impromptu Rugby game, but without the ball. A couple of the girls decided to join in the frolicks and fun. But most of the kids just played cannonball into the pool over, and over, and over again till early into the morning.


This shot is what the road between Dreamland and the Big Brother House looked like the next morning. But BB says not to worry, there is another road on the other side of the house so they can get supplies into the house if they need. If the rains continue, there are always canoes!

And how are the intruders getting along with the HM? The girls seem to be getting along ok. Melanie is almost a carbon copy of Kate. Prim and Proper but with blond hair instead of Kate's red. Rita is Vesna without the breaks. She is almost one constant happy toy. Heath on the other hand is a big disapointment to Christie. Christie, who longed for a 'hot surfy guy', has been left disappointed by this new arrival to the house. She told David: "He just seems like the untrusting type. I just get a vibe." But while most of the HMs are uncertain of Heath's in-your-face nature he has found a good friend in fellow Victorian lad Glenn. The pair spent their 'after school' hours in the spa talking about the ladies of the BB house.

Oh, and further proof that she is part of the house, Melanie got her first fine today. You guessed it, she forgot her microphone. $5,000 Ka-Ching!!

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This weeks Friday Night Games were bittersweet. Everyone always looks forward to this break in the action. Especially with the carrot at the end. Weekend in the Rewards Room - catered food, soft bed, DVDs to watch, booze! But Big Brother is being Big Brother and lording it over the HM. The "Back to School" task for the week continues thru saturday.

So back to the games...

The competition is set in Asia, or a down under version of Asia.

The housemates split into pairs for the first round tonight. Logan (David) is a spectator this week and the intruders got a head start and automatically advance to round two. The HMs entered an arena decorated with Chinese lanterns and a giant red and gold arch flanked by giant Chinese dragons.

The first event involved giant chopsticks and prawns, which the HMs must pick up and carry to the bowl at the other side of the arena. Then their team member had to collect it and bring it back.


Kate and Vesna got the slowest time and were disqualified from the next game. The intruders drew chopsticks to choose their teams for the next round.

Melanie drew the long chopstick and chose Tim and Hotdogs team. Rita joined Dean and Glenn's team and Heath joined Christie and Greg.

The second event was a rickshaw race. Hotdogs, Tim and Melanie went first. Tim climbed into the rickshaw, with Melanie pulling. Hotdogs guided his blindfolded team-members over a bridge, where Tim had to hook a lantern with a hook and pull it down. Then they went around the marker at the end, back over the bridge to the starting line. Unfortunately Hotdogs forgot to tell Melanie to stop and she ran straight into the wall of the arena.


Rita, Dean and Glenn were much slower but Greg, Christie and Heath were the fastest, and also discovered a little slime treat inside the lantern they pulled down. The three went through to the final round.

The three finalists were strapped to giant red shields and barefoot had to run up a slippery course toward a fortune cookie. Sounds easy, but a giant industrial fan was blowing down the course making the progress almost impossible.


Greg went first and made a fabulous start running almost all the way up the course. Unfortunately the fortune cookie was blown in the crowd and Greg was forced to retrieve it from the sidelines and had to complete the course again.

Christie went next and got halfway up the course but struggled as she got closer to the fan, the wind blowing her back down the course toward the boys. She finally crawled up to the end of the course, but had difficulty reaching up to grab a coloured ball from inside the fortune cookie before being blasted back down the course exhausted.

Greg had a second go and made it quickly to the end of the course, but struggled to get the ball from inside the tightly tied fortune cookie. After struggling with it for ages he finally managed to grab the ball.

After the cookie malfunction Big Brother decided to make Christie and Greg run the course again - the fastest to the end of the course to touch the post. Greg completed the course in 8 seconds. Christie completed the course in 37 seconds and Heath completed the course in 11.6 seconds, making Greg the winner of the Friday Night Games. He received a waving kitty trophy for his efforts.


So the house had a party after the competition and a good time was really had by all. But the forgot that Saturday was a school day and most HM didn't get to bed until after 3 in the morning.

Big Brother had no mercy.. He got everyone up at 8 AM. Headaches and all the kids got dressed and started their last day of school hoping to finally finish up with reading, writing, and arithmatic, and history, and english, etc. Again, BB had no mercy. The guys were not feeling well after a night of debauchery and several foul words wer uttered. BB was not napping however, he was Johnny on the Spot with his "Schoolmates May Not Swear..." Hotdogs, write "I will not swear in class" 25 time on the black board. Hotdogs is not new to this. Thru the week, he and the other guys, (the girls too) have covered the chalkboard many times over with one phrase or the other as punishment for speaking unruley words.

Finally class is over for the day and they have the final task. Play the Australian National Anthem on band instruments (none could play more than a single note on manday). And suprisingly, the concert was not bad. The HMs perform their final rendition of Advance Australia Fair for their school concert. BB tells them the results for this week's task are in. He reminds them that they wagered 100% of their budget on the successful completion of the task that they though would be so easy on monday.

"Generally BB was impressed by HM's commitment during band practice. The school concert was performed with true zest, vigour and enthusiasm.

"Class performance during the week was not as impressive, however for the final exam, the class was marked as a whole. As a whole, the class passed. However, overall, HMs' dedication to this week's task was poor. Attention in class, impudence in class, tidiness in classa and swearing were constant issues that resurfaced during the week. For this reason, HMs have failed this week's task. So they are not looking forward to next week on only eating staples (their verion of PB&J).

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Eviction Night!!!

Sunday is not really a pleasent night in the Australian Big Brother House. You have to say good by to someone that you may consider a real friend or possibly your biggist pest in the house.

This week,, due to a querk in the voting system, there are 5 housemates on the chopping block. Dean, Glenn, Hotdogs, Kate and Vesna. Everyone is anxious with the three extra Intruders in the house. Big Brother could take this opportunity and make it a double eviction.

But you have to have fun, don't you. Its dress up night for the prospective evictees. Or dress down in Glenn's case. He stripped completely for the live broadcast. But he chickened out and covered himself with a pillow when he had to go into the Diary Room and speak his peace with Gretel and his live audience via TV. Finally Gretel appeared on the LCD screen to talk with all of the assembled HM on the Lounge couch. and then the fateful words.. "It's time to go....."


Well from the photo, you guessed it, the unlucky winner was GLENN and there he sat with only a pillow and he had to go out onto the live stage with Gretel and over 5,000 screaming fans. Needless to say he quickly ran into the bedroom and put on a pair of jeans and a tshirt so he wouldn't make things any worse. Finally he said all of his goodbyes and out he went.


As you can see he had a few adoring fans outside the house, one of which wanted a sample of what he had been sharing nightly with Michelle while she was still in the house. After talking with Gretel on the stage there was one more suprise for the Shearer from Western Australia...


You guessed it, Michelle was on hand to give Glenn a piece of her mind as well.


She was not happy with some of the things he said after she was evicted from the house at the end of week 5. Especially right after spending a rather steamy weekend in the rewards room just days before. This was shown in explicit detail on national TV on the Late Night Uncut version of the Big Brother Show. The highlight was a very provacative scene in the bathtub where they cuddled (and rocked andmore) in each others arms with the lights out. But Big Brother cameras use night vision and we got to see everything. You can't prove it because of the camera angles but many think that the pair made Australian TV history that night.

Then right after (within minutes) of her eviction, Gleen was off to the next girl on his list using his "Plan B". He never suceeded in getting his girl since Kate was not having any!

Now Michelle has her chance to call him on it, Live and in front of a large crowd and on national TV! Can revenge get any sweeter!

Stay tuned, since BB will probably be posting a link to video of this part of the live show later in the week.

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Another Week - Another Task

Big Brother has been acting increasingly more "Big Brotherish" as the time in the house progresses!! This week he has decided that the theme for the week's task will be "Keep It Clean!" In more ways than one.

The house has been split into two seperate teams. Rita, Heath, Greg, David, Kate and Vesna are on one team and Hotdogs, Tim, Christie, Dean, Melanie are on the other. Each team is assigned a bedroom and given "Cleaners Uniform" - white overalls, white T-Shirt, white socks and white shoes. Each person is given a cleaning implement, which they must carry with them at all times throughout their shift.

Teams alternate shifts during the day. During their shift they must clean the parts of the house, inside and out, to include the yard, spa, gym and pool. By the end of the week the entire house will have been cleaned several times.

At then end of each shift one person from the other team is given a white glove and is directed by BB to wipe at specific spots where cleaning was to be done. When they are finished they return the glove to the diary room for BB to see if any dirt was detected.

But, as I said,

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Intruders by definition are meant to disrupt the life of the house for a limited span of time.
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"Keep It Clean" - Task Results & Friday Night Competition

This weeks task was Keep It Clean. It was a wake up call for all of the housemates. They had gotten in a rut and hadn

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  • 2 weeks later...

Another week in the House

This week the task was a take-off on the popular Australian Tap Dance group - "Tap Dogs". The HM had to learn to tap dance together in three teams of three, teams of two, do a solo and dance in a large group with everyone together. They were shown a video of the Tap Dogs group doing their routine which also included a quick tapdance primer on how to do some simple steps. A couple of the HM had already seen the group prior to coming into the house and were very excited by the task. Three wooden stages were set-up in the backyard for them to do the task on and given basketballs and some other props to work into their routines like the Tap Dogs do in their regular show. The HM were so sure of their abilities that they bet 100% of their budget on their success.

Throughout the week, BB called the HM out to the backyard in their tap shoes to practice. Vesna showed a hidden talent and quickly became the dance director.


On saturday, BB called them to the stage with the traditional "Break a Leg" comment to show his support. But between the afternoon practice session and the time for the actual final show at 18:30 in the evening it had rained. So all three stages were WET!!! Metal tap shoes and wet wood floors - formula for broken legs - which Dean and Vesna quickly find out. TIME OUT!! Everyone runs over to the pool and grabs a few towels and they dry the floors.

They run through their routines making sure they watch out for the still wet floor. But tapping on the wood quickly causes the water which has soaked in to rise to the surface. BB tells them to dry the floors again and then he lets them do the show over. Much better now since they are not slipping so much.

BB tells them the results for this week's Tap Dogs task. As they bet 100%, a win will give them $280 and a loss means nothing. He calls tonight's performance "worthy of applause" and tells them: "HMs, you have passed this week's task." They all jump and tap, cheering and hugging.

BB calls the HMs to the lounge room, and instructs them to sit in their dance teams. He tells them: "This is BB. The results for the best dancing trio are in."

He says they were danced on teamwork, creativity and timing, and that David, Dean and Melanie are the winning team. They hug each other and David grins: "Bloody well done." BB calls them to the diary room and the others hoot.

The winning team emerge carrying a "BB Party Pack" with food and alcohol. Dean tells them they'll make a plate for themselves and share the rest. Rita replies: "Aw, thankyou!"

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Dean is evicted from the House

He has been a sore spot with Big Brother ever since he came into the house. BB accused Dean of lying on his application to get into the house. Like Constance and Nelson who were evicted in the first week for failing to tell BB that they had a significant other on the outside, Dean said that he was single on his form. But during the interview process which lasted several weeks, he told the producers that he and "Emma" were becoming close and were planning on being exclusive outside the house several weeks before this season started.

For this reason, BB relented and let his fate hang on popular vote. Week after week he was up on the Nominations block, but the public never chose him. Emma in a side interview said she was running up quite a phone bill each week voting for his opponents (You have to pay to vote in the Aussie house using a 900 type number).

Finally, the public tired of Deans' "Alpha Male" actions in the house after he had several heated arguments with fellow HM Tim in the last 2 weeks.

On Sunday night, Gretel called all four nominated HM into the rewards room in a secret eviction. Kate, Dean, Rita and Tim thought that it might be a double eviction week as they sat on the lounge waiting their fate. The HM in the house were just as anxious! First Gretel sent Kate and Tim back into the house much to the relief of the other HM. Then Gretel told Dean and Rita, "You though you had only 2 weeks left in the house. You were wrong!" She then told the same thing to the HM sitting in the house. We still haven't a firm date for the finale!!!! Finally sge tells the pair in the exit/rewards room... "It's time to go... Dean!"

Rita went back into the house, much to the disapointment of Christie who has been hounded by Rita almost constantly for the last three weeks in Rita's attempts to give "helpful" advice to the 19 year-old Christie on how she should think and act so she would be more mature. Rita is a teacher (29 years old) and considers herself to be a much more mature individual and therefore has made it her mission to give advice to all of the "younger" girls. Her main fault is there just is no "OFF" switch to her mouth. Christie has tried to be polite and told her that she does not need or want her advice and does not want to know or see her after they leave the house. Rita just laughs it off and says "She will change her mind!" and goes on talking.

Meanwhile Dean has made his way to the stage where Gretel and several thousand fans are waiting for the on-stage interview and wrap-up of Deans time in the house. At the conclusion of the interview, Gretel has one more suprise for Dean. EMMA!!! She runs out onto the stage and into Deans arms for a very passionate kiss. He has kept his promise to her. Not once in over 10 weeks in the house has he even looked with want or desire at any of the very good looking and very friendly girls in the house. He told her that he wouldn't and he told everyone in the house that he was smitten with Emma and he was a man of his word. Just look at her face. She now knows he was a man of his word!! And looking at her, can you blame him??



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Week 11's Task - Be a Scout

We have had Back to School and Keep It Clean and even Let's Be Calander Models week so I guess going back to basics makes sense in the Aussie Big Brother world.


This week BB has the HM getting back to their younger more carefree days by making them be scouts in his Big Brother Brigade. They were all issued uniforms, down to yellow scarfs, backpacks and knee high socks (called Woggles). They had to come up with a slogan - "We Strive to Survive BB05" - and learn scout tasks, such as map reading, fire making, tying knots.



Vesna didn't appreciate the shorts that were part of the uniform since they were not very flattering to her full figured form (even less so on Rita) but she decided to keep a "stiff upper lip" aka the british settlers since "Scouts Don't Swear" just like back a couple of weeks ago when the were all made high school students for the week.

So in keeping with the nature of scouting, BB had to have a Jamboree!! Out in the backyard he had them go. BB had put up a tarp for cover but neglected to provide tents. He did give them "swags" (sleepingbags), 3 doubles and 2 singles. By the time they had used the map of the backyard to find the "Treasure Box" BB had hidden, it had started to rain! They all gathered under the tarp and opened the box which contained tea, flour, flint and some other food basics. It also had a note telling them to cook a traditional Aussie camp dinner of "Billy Tea and Damper". Damper is a large Hoecake of bread which Austrailian Cowhands and campers cook to eat throughout the day on the trail.

So the boys started to build a fire in the yard and soon they had a good one going and overall they had a great time. Until Melanie spotted an insect crawling next to her leg that is. Screams and jumping was then the order of the day for several of the girls.



When it got dark, the HM divided up who would sleep with who. Vesna and Rita took one bag, Kate and Melanie another, so Christie decideed to crawl in with her long time cuddle buddy Greg in teh last double. Tim and David took the singles. Now they tried to get them all under the trap. No Way it was going to happen. There was oinly room for two doubles! So the rest set up out in the misting rain around the fire and they were all asleep early (for them) by 1 AM.



Little do the HM know that the early camping trip (Tuesday night) was due to the impending eviction of one of the Logan twins on Wednesday night during the Aussie Live Show. So BB had to get this part of the task out of the way before the suprise. Hope they can recapture the scouting spirit after the show since BB told them when they headed out of the house on Tuesday afternoon that they could not reenter the house except for trips to the diary room (at BB direction) or to see the nurse and that they should pack for an extended stay outdoors. Hope Vesna is comfortable since she neglected to put on underwear when she donned her uniform!

Especially as she squats down to cook morning breakfast over the open fire. By the way, breakfast is scrambled eggs and bacon cooked in a large pot and toast.



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Week 11's Task - Be a Scout - Part 2

Part of this weeks' task of scouting is water craft - building a raft. BB called one of the HM into the store room to collect some equipment. Inside there was a bundle of bamboo poles, some cut up rope and four innertubes. On top of the pile was letter from BB.

The letter instructed the HM to construct a raft, how was up to them, that could ferry 2 HM across the pool with them on the raft, not in the water hanging on.

Their first construction attempt was a little less than perfect. The HMs hurriedly tied the bamboo poles together, but forgot to secure the rubber tires. When Rita and Christie tried to climb on the raft, they both fell head over heels into the pool as it gave way beneath them.


After regrouping and getting some much needed advice on the basic laws of physics from resident scientist Melanie, the HMs launched their second vessel into the BB pool - this time with success. Rita and Christie managed to paddle their way across the pool and back again, barely even getting their feet wet.


Buoyed by their success, the HMs then took it in turns to captain the BB raft and Tim even had a go at standing up on it. Needless to say, he didn't stay upright for long. The other HM had some fun calling him Huckleberry Tim but it's doubtful he'll master the art of banjo playing and tobacco chewing before the week is out.


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Suprise Wednesday Night Eviction

In a surprise move, BB interrupted the HM camping jamboree with move back into the house so they could have their regular Wednesday night dinner and discussion forum. Ever since they entered the house, BB had made the HM put up topics for discussion at the Wednesday night dinner. The HM thought that this week since they were on an

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Week 11 Task Results

This week BB had the HM play like scouts. In true Aussie fashion, they were rebelious and stuborn. No task was too hard and maximum effort was the name of the game. They complained, of course! No true Aussie is going to submit graciously to being dominated, but this is a game of course, so shoulders to the wheel and lets get through Mate!!

It wasn't the task, it was the language that tripped them up. One of BB's steadfast rules is - Scouts don't Swear! So even though they passed BB's grueling tasksmaster potholes - tying knots, building camp, make fire, sleep in the rain, and negotiate a water hazzard with only some bamboo, twine and 4 tyres, they couldn't curb that one young Aussie attribute that they are all infected with. When they get frustrated, they can't or won't curb their language. They express themselves verbally!

So since they were extremely confident that they could pass this weeks' task, and they wagered 100% of their grocery budget, they lost again. Or better say, BB won! Several of the girls were suspicious early on. They said BB wouldn't be lenient this week. He couldn't let them eat cake high on the hog 2 weeks in a row. They knew that BB would find some way to put them back on staples next week.

This years Aussie house is not a dumb as they first appear. They know that for ratings to stay up, there has to be drama in the house! And BB's way to get it is to keep them off guard. Staples for food is one of his few capabilities of punishing them and when you are disgruntled about your diet, especially when you are a young lady put on a high carbohydrate diet, you get disgruntled. I wonder what they would do if they had to eat PB&J like the US house???!!!

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Even though David was evicted on Wednesday, BB still carried out his plan to whittle down the number of HM this week. Double Eviction Night came to town - just like they long expected.

Sunday night as the time for the live show approached, the HM grew restless in the house. They all were up for nomination this week, even Logan Greg, who had a chance on Tuesday to slip by before his twin was ejected. BB gave them two boxes which they had to keep and not open. They had to pick one which would be their key to staying in the house. Last night Greg was given the key at 3 minutes to 7 PM and the Eviction Show starts at 7! He opened the box and there on a small slip of paper was his fate! Logan's Nominated it read!! So he was up along with everyone else!!

All of the HM had made a special effor to look their best for this night. Vesna was wearing a slinky black dress with her day-glow green feather boa around her neck. Christie wore a very short and revealing white and silver dress that will stick in the brains of many young and not so young Aussie men for quite a while. Even reserved Melanie was dressed up. Kate as always was the perfect lady, even thoug she wore jeans and a black top, they would have raised the dead on her with those stilleto heels!

Gretel started it off by having each one of the HM come into the Diary Room and talking to her and the audience privately. She got quite and ear full from what the HM said to the others after they came back out. Gretel was very interested in Tim who won this weeks Toolman competition and spent the weekend in the Rewards room with Vesna!! Vesna was one of the last HM to never have been in the Reqards room. Only Melanie and Rita who were Intruders and only been in the house 2 weeks have never been in there as a reward.

Then Gretel asked Tim about the second part of his prize. As a special reward, he was given the right to a cell phone with a recorded message from HOME!! Messages have been a sore spot in the house for weeks! They have been available since about week 4 but they always cost so much that the grocery budget would be gone even buying 4. So the only one who ever got one was Hotdogs and it cost $50. Now Tim gets his for free! But Tim likes Kate! So he went to BB and asked if he could give it to her, no strings attached. BB said YES. When Tim came out and approached Kate to tell her she knew that Tim was going to say something she didn't want to hear. He had not said anything to anyone about this. He has never hidden the fact that he wants to express his feelings for her but won't because she doesn't feel the same way about him. This time she couldn't stop him and he told her that he was giving her his message. She broke down in tears and huged him but nothing has changed. Maybe when they finally get out of the house things will change but for now he is satisfied with what he did and she got her message from her Mum who she has missed from day one. She had the phone for 1 hour and must have played the 30 sec message over 100 times showing everyone. After the girls squeeled for 5 minutes watching over and over, Kate broke out in tears and jumped up and said "I have to go show Timmy!" and off she ran to the backyard where he ad Greg were in the Spa. The look on her face will keep Tim on cloud 9 for weeks!


To watch Kate click this link


Now back to Sunday Night. Gretel asked Tim and Kate about this little episode and they were both quite circumspect but you could tell that maybe Tim has a little better chance now then before. Finally, Gretel gets around to the matter at hand and appears on the big screen in the Lounge. "It's time to go - - Rita!" and the house goes wild!!



Christie was happy to see Rita go since she has never gotten along well with this Intruder. She said all week that she was sure that this was her week to go and in the past she has always been right in her predictions no matter how strange they seemed at the time. Thirty minutes later as the house had settled down some, the HM were called back to the lounge. They thought it was for the after eviction message from Rita, but it was Gretel and she said "It's time to go - - Christie!" and the house went wild for a second time.






After getting over the shock and saying goodby tearfully to their beloved Christie, they ran outside to hear the crowd from the live stage! They were astonished with the roar that greeted Christie when she drove up on the cart and ran down the shute to the stage where Gretle awaited her! The best reaction was from Tim as he said, "Oh My God, Listen to that!!!"

Christie kept her record firmly in tact! Even her prediction of her own demise came true!!

And Now There Were Only Five Left!!! Who will go this week and when?? Only Big Brother knows!

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Week 12 Task -

It seems that the Australian Big Brother must have a sense of humor after all! Who but a bloke from down under would torture, tease, starve, over indulge and alcohol saturate a group of hormone saturated young sex starved post adolescents for 11 weeks and then to top it off, come up with a task like this?


Give one day to come up with an idea for a movie. Then one day each to write a scene, plan the script, and then film the scene. Make them do this 3 days in a row!. The whole thing feeds into one movie comprised of three scenes. Now, they all have to be in the movie and all five have to appear in at least one of the scenes.

Since BB is the executive producer, he has set some rules. He gave them some "one liners" from past movies and had them select 9 which had to be included in the movie, 3 for each scene.

Scene one:

"What's a nice girl like you doing in a dump like this?"

"You can't handle the truth."

"Frankly, I don't give a damn."

Scene two:

"You had me at 'hello'."

"Shut up and kiss me, you fool."

"I'll be back."

Scene three:

"You'll never take me alive."

"I see dead people."

"There's no place like home."

The HMs must be on set for rehearsals and shooting every morning within one minute of their call time. BB will provide them with all the film equipment they need, as well as props and costumes - and judging by some of their script ideas today, they're going to have some pretty interesting requests for BB.

Oh yes, the plot! It's a twisted tale about love, murder, revenge, and a schizophrenic Marilyn Monroe impersonator (played by Vesna). And BB already nixed a lesbian love affair scene since the movie must have a PG rating. Aww! Seems that the X/R rating of some of the antics of earlier HM has made BB a little skittish about how far some of the HM will go!! Too bad Christie was evicted last Sunday. She would have loved this!!

Then the game came in to play. Just as Kate and Tim are busy planning the 1st scene, BB calls Kate into the diary room. It seems that they forgot that Kate is this weeks Shopper/Chef and the rules are quite explicit in who can cook and who can't. Kate had let Vesna start cooking a beef dish over rice which was the main course for dinner just as a master chef gives direction to his/her helpers. Vesna had been tenderizing the beef for the last 2 hours since she was the cooks' helper. Then BB called Vesna into the diary room and asker her what was for dinner? She told him the entire menu. Then he called Kate into the diary room and asked her who was cooking dinner? Only the chef can cook dinner, the helper can only help!! Three hours work and the entire main course confiscated by BB!! Vesna went ballistic!!



Then Kate preceeded to cook a very simple meal for the HM to replace the one that the BB crew is now eating. They really enjoyed to one that Vesna cooked for them a couple weeks ago. Maybe that is why he took this one?

Oh well, noone said that show business was easy! And aren't actors supposed to be starving? Since they are already restricted to food staples this week because they failed last weeks' task they really will be starving actors. And they wagered 100% of next weeks groceries on success at this weeks' task.

Wasn't this week supposed to be the last week in the house?? Maybe not! Stay tuned and lets see what else BB has planned for the HM this week.....

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