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Showmance or the real deal?


Janie and Will  

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  1. 1. What do you think of thier showmance?

    • Will is playing Janie.
    • Janie is playing Will.
    • They are playing each other.
    • It's the real deal.

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He he - most of us seem to think Will is playing Janelle . . . I also think he's playing us most of the time and am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I have been duped by him more than once! I've never seen anybody so good at lying . . .

I think what I got caught up with in believing Chilltown was really committed to LOD above everybody else was that I wanted to believe it was true because Danielle and James were my favorites at the time. Chilltown said a lot of stuff to reinforce their commitment to Danielle even when nobody else was alone, such as wanting to take Danielle to the end so Danielle and Janelle would continue to target each other and leave them alone and it sounded reasonable to me.

So now when I look at Will interacting with Janelle in light of how he's backstabbed Danielle and James who were committed to working with him, and how Howie went out of the game, it doesn't seem like that far of a stretch for him to do the same thing to Janelle (?) The only thing I would wonder about is what is Janelle getting out of Chilltown that would necessitate her 'playing' him in light of the fact that he's engineered the eviction of her 3 closest allies one after the other after the other and then put her up on the block. Like is she there because they've actually done something to help her or is she there because she's won comps? If she's still in the game because she's won comps, then I would wonder why she would need to 'play them', especially since she probably can't beat Will in final 2. Like maybe she's saying that because she like the rest of us has her suspicions and doesn't want to look like a 'fool' if she's being duped? I could understand that . . . either way that's a good sign that she's got her suspicions, although it would seem to be in her best interest to get rid of him sooner rather than later perhaps?

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I agree with Chickpea. Since they are stuck in that house, it's only natural to have their flirting and stuff. Outside of the house, I'd be shocked if they talked to one another in that way.

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I think Boogie was right, for once. He's been telling Erika that it started as Will trying to play Janelle, but it turned into something else. Now, according to Boogie, he's starting to really like her, as he gets to know her, and it's starting to worry Boogie. As far as Janie goes, I think she was kinda drawn to Will after Howie, her last ally, left the house. In her DR sessions, she keeps saying that she's "out to get the people who got my friends out of the house". And that would be Mike and Will.

It's an interesting dynamic between those two. It has a lot more boundaries than the Boogie-Erika thing does. They both call their relationship a "flirtmance". Because , really, that's all they do is flirt a lot. I think they've grown to like each other. I also don't think that either one would hesitate to put the other one out of the game if the occasion arose. But they're putting it off . Will, until Erika is gone, and Janelle, until Boogie is gone. They both want to go to the end with George, it looks like. He's the safest one to keep in the game, because he's bad at competitions, regardless of his HOH win. They have to get Erika out because she's capable of winning an HOH and messing everything up for both of them. Erika's only real allegiance is to Boogie. And he's about fed up with her.

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Wed 10:41 PM BBT

Will says his whispers with janie are dropping hints about the future...that janie thinks they have one.

He then says: Officially, for the internet, I totally love Erin Brody. This is just strategy.

Will is letting Boogie (and us) know that his flirtmance with Janie is a show, nothing more.

Does THAT answer your question????????????????????


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I guess it depends on how people define the term 'real' - like if Will's primary motive in flirtmancing Janelle is to keep himself and Boogie in the game and the feelings he's developed for her are incidental, then you could also say their romance is 'real'. I guess I just look at it from the perspective of wondering Will would still be romancing her to the same degree if it were his gamestyle to dominate comps or whether he would have wanted her evicted because she was a threat to his game.

But I still don't see how Janelle is 'using' Will in the game. Like are people saying that because Will may have equally strong feelings for Janelle that therefore she's not being 'used'? I guess in that respect you could say she is not being 'used'. Also I guess since nobody can ever evict her because she keeps winning the comps then it doesn't ever hurt her to keep him around and in that way she might be 'using' him in the sense it's impossible for her to keep anybody around that will work to her detriment (?) I mean like we all know for a FACT that Janelle WILL either win HOH or POV tomorrow . . . I just don't see how she's 'using' Will to advance herself in the game the way he is using her and I do think that injects a certain lack of reciprocity in that relationship.

jmo though :)

PS Gad, it took me so long to type up my mini-novel like 3 of you managed to post in the meantime - lol. That quote kind of sounds like he's trying to have his cake and eat it too - he tells Erin what she wants to hear, he tells Boogie what he wants to hear, then he goes to snuggle with Janelle for 12hrs and gives her what she needs and what her fans want to see, then he comes back and tells LOD fans like me what we want to hear. And on last weeks show he talks about making Janelle better/faster/stronger and Janelle fans loved that, then two seconds later he tells us he's Dr. Frankenstein and Janelle's his fembot. I feel like Will's playing all of us by telling all of us what he thinks we want to hear and we all buy it or try to resist buying it. I've never seen anything like this! :blink::(

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So if that was your boyfriend saying that, would you believe him? I wouldn't believe anything he says.

The guy is pathological any way you slice it. Madly in love or strictly strategy, she needs to hit the road.

Oh Sammy MeowMeow...Did you ever think you would be using the word "Flirtmancing" rofl.

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I knew this guy who operated like Will seems to be. In that case, the flirting was a game to show off for his boys. As soon as the girl would fall for him, then he would back off a little and act like he wasn't interested, which of course would confuse the girl. As soon as the girl would start to back off, he would start in on the flirting again to reel her back in. It was a "see, I can have her anytime I want" kind of thing. He had a girlfriend but it didn't stop him from doing it, nor did it stop him from sleeping with these girls. Even the line Will used last night about not doing anything with her because he really isn't a jerk, was a part of this guys game. Funniest thing was watching him deal with the occasional one who was just as good at playing that game as he was. When those particular girls would back off and he couldn't just reel them back in at a whim, it drove him nuts and he would end up with a true interest in them. This guy had a serious girlfriend at the time too who he definitely didn't want to lose. Is still with her last I heard.

Applying that to the Will/Janelle thing would mean that he started it off as a showmance, met his match, still playing the game to a certain degree but his interest is seriously peaked and it becomes a mutual ego stroke to pull each other back and forth. Will stepped it over the line a little bit too much and ended up liking more than he intended to and having her like him back. Adding the alcohol last night brought it all to a point where it could easily have ended up out of control and in a little fling in the outside world, but at some point he remembered the fact that it's all viewable by the public he started pulling it back towards the end of the night. Now he's sober, realizes he lost control last night and is now in a position that he can't pull back very far without Janelle getting extremely pissed and (being the only true competition in the house) seriously jeapordizing his chances to win the money and at the same time he has to try to do a ton of damage control so he doesn't lose both his girlfriend AND (maybe more importantly) his reputation, which could seriously affect his professional practice. Janelle will eventually figure it out, get over it and if the real world boyfriends and girlfriends don't make it impossible, they could very easily stay friends because they both know how that game works, both inside the house and outside the house. It's more about the challenge of winning the other one over than it is about the end result. I seriously doubt either of them really believes that this was ever going to be a fairy tale ending.

That being said. If Janelle is smart and DOES figure it out. The best thing she can do is keep it up on her end, tone it down just a tad, and keep Will bouncing between squirming and feeling safe about a trip to the final three....right up to the point where she gets a chance to bounce him out. If she went to the end with Boogie or Erika I think she would be a sure win. Less sure if she would win if CG was there in the final two with her and if it was her and Will, I guess it would just have to depend on her looking like she ended up as the ultimate flirter or if Will can both redeem himself so he doesn't look like a jerk and still come off as the master manipulator. If the two of them are there at the end I believe it's a 50/50 chance for either of them.

Sorry about the 3 part series...lol

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smart series. i agree with most of what you said.

i also hold on to a hope (a vain hope probably but a strong one :D ) that will & janie will become friends outside of the house, and realizing that their bf and gf have dumped them, keep on track with the flirting and eventually date.

they mentioned doing amazing race together, and i salivated at the idea. i would totally watch it, it would be hillarious. rob & amber x 1000.

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I have thought of a theory!!! SERIOUSLY. i may be desperate and grasping as straws here, but i think its a legible theory.

so freaking confusing.

maybe they decided in these diary rooms to play EVERYONE including boogie. so will is telling "the internet" aka boogie that he doesnt actually like janelle and stuff so he wont catch on.

actually, scratch that will wanting to take janelle to the final 2 stuff; its unlikely. HOWEVER, a thought came to my mind (although it may be a desperate thought from a raving lunatic romantic who likes these two kids together ) MAYBE he said to the "internet" in a way to try to show boogie he doesnt like janelle. boogie would be much more likely to believe will if he said to the internet that its all for show and he doesnt like janelle and loves his gf, etc then if he just said it to boogie. he might not be PLAYING boogie, but he's noticed that boogie is starting to get iffy so he had to throw that out there to get him to be less suspicious (boogie totally ate it up). he doesnt want boogie to be suspicious because a) then he'll lose boogie and b ) he doesnt want boogie to KNOW that the reason why he wants janie to be in the final 3 is because he KNOWS that either way he WILL be going to the finals no matter what. obviously he would prefer to go with boogie because they're best friends, but he wouldnt mind winning the money against janie, a girl he enjoys spending time with either.

So by telling this so LOUDLY and blatantly and in a mean fashion to mike who (as we have ALL noticed) is getting testy about their relationship, he is reverting suspicion from himself. And its working. Boogie hasnt been nearly as mean and questioning to janelle after their talk.

Is Will playing Janie? Boogie? Himself? EVERYONE???!?!?! I'd go with the last one. I dont know WHAT this kid is doing.

I think my theory is a pretty good one though.

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exactly. boogie has discussed the fact that he wants to win this year.

i think if they're final 2 boogie expects will to hand it all over to boogie and be like: "listen boogie deserves to win." and hey will might/probably will do it.

the thing is, and this is really hillarious, if that happens they're still going to give it to will over boogie. :lol:

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if you read the hoh diary on cbs dot com it says the following--------

from janelle week 6

"To Big D:

Please forgive me for the stupid shower incident. Nothing happened. I really miss you and think about you all the time. The flirting with Will is all just strategy. Please remember I'm trying to win $. I can't wait to get out of this house and be with you again. xoxooxoxoxoox Muah!"

from boogie week 7

"My fellow houseguests want me to pass along a few well wishes:

Will: Erin he wants to remind you we are competing on a tv show. He loves you very much and talks about you ALL the time. Things aren't always as they seem as you would know. He misses you and Scout so much!

Erika: Happy Birthday mom and hi to my brother.

James: Sara he loves and misses you (I can't wait to meet you as well)

Chicken George: Hi to his family and friends in Rockford, Illinois

Danielle: hello to all her family and friends...she misses you!

Janelle........she's been HOH so much she already said everything!"

so there!

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