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August 16 Live Feed Updates


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3:20 BBT

It appears as though BB has given them a rack of clothes to pick from for Prom night.

Boogie says so BB is finally listening to some of our ideas, the show's finally starting to heat up.

Will says (to BB) when you told me I wasn't a producer, maybe I am. You guys are using my ideas.

CG is wearing a silver silvery sparkly jacket.

Will & Boogie start whispering (but I am on quad & can't hear it)

They continue to try on outfits. I think it may be a 70's themed prom becasue they keep saying things about the 70's & James pants are bell bottoms. For some reason Erika keeps having to go into the kitchen where all the guys are hanging out to get her dresses zipped up. Will wants to try to talk Howie into wearing a dress.

Marcy & Erika are in the redrum. Marcy seems a bit sour (as usual)

Jan & howie in the HoH doing their irritating baby talk routine.

Boogie, James, CG in LR. They think they may be having a dance marathon for the HoH

(I guess BB hasn't told them they are having a prom)

Marcy is packing.

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Just popped in for a sec &

Dani is in her pink robe sitting on the floor in the corner of the workout room (looks odd)

Erika & CG making small talk in redrum

Howie, Will, James in LR. Before I can even see who all is in there something is said about the wrap party & we get FoTH

post FoTH... nothing much going on

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Erika and George talking in red room. James, Howie and Boogie talking in LR.

Will comes in and says he hears pounding. Howie says they are building the set for tommorrow.

Howie trying to rap, using Will as his subject. (not doing a great job). Now talking about medical schools. Will saying if you go to medical school at Yale, you are the smartest. Talking about how doctor's are the worst businessmen...just general chit chat about this and medicine in general.

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Dani, George and Erika talking in red room. Talking about how George asked if he could drinkother things than water, such as soda. They told him they would get back to him.

All quiet in the red room. Dani playing cards by herself. George leaving to use the bathroom. Marci is also in the red room, sitting on the floor. Moves to the bed, and puts on his eye mask. Still all quiet.

James jumps into the bed. James says to Marci that he really does like him. Talking about who was America's choice to get onto the show. James says Marci is america's favorite HG. Marci says that they picked america's choice first, then the producer's picked.

Marci saying Kaysar is probably hosting House Calls. Dani and James laugh. James says Kay would not do it. Then they wonder if Jase could be hosting it. Dani says no because Jae wanted to get home to his family. George is back. Today is day 44 in the BB house.

George asks James what the strategy is. James says if George wins HOH, don't put him up. That's as far as that conversation went.

Dani looks very deep in thought. No conversation going on now.

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HG's in the living room talking about dentists.

(Will, Boogie, Dani, Howie)

Dani says every time she goes to the dentist they ask about her wisdom teeth because they want to take them out.

Will says he was born without wisdom teeth (yay! my mom and I didn't know anyone else like us)

Howie says he had all four removed at the same time.

Now talking about various kinds of surgeons (Howie likes vascular surgeons, Will says they are badass)... Will briefly talks about dermatology. Howie asks if he's making the money.. Will responds "uhh... medium"

Howie asks what Marvin does... they say he embalms people... general conversation about embalming

BB: George, please go to the DR.

Talking about the food competition... Will says they were supposed to get a BBQ and a feast.. but all they got was ribs. Will refers to this as "gross meat that I can't eat" because he does not eat pork or beef.. says he told the producers this before the show.. complains because they didn't get a "feast"... and what a "feast" means/entails... says he will have low energy because he isn't getting his protein

CG has joined them on the couches

Boogie: i feel like we're a 9-year old baseball team

because they get pizza and cake... lol

talking about how they want sushi (Dani asked for it and BB said no) and Boogie wants them to get food from his restaurant

talking about how BB won't give them food because of the budget (i'm surprised that we don't have FotH for this because they are bashing BB)

they're all on slop so they're getting creative... they are sitting around eating these red slop krispies.. (they look kind of like dog treats.. lol) Howie says that he thinks they are like marshmallow treats (i have no idea what they used to make them) also.. just noticed that Howie's hat says "Howiewood" on it

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Dani hears mumbling, and wants to know where it is coming from.

Switched to LR, where Will, Howie and Mike are talking. Talking about mad cow disease, cleaner fuels for cars, cancer prevention cost vs. treatment of the disease.

Back to the red room. I think James, Erika and Marc are asleep. Dani and George are awake. Dani going to look what time it is.

Dani joins the boys in the LR. Talk is about medicine and dentists. Dani wore braces. Will was born without wisdom teeth. Howie had all 4 removed at once. Talking about practicing rural medicine.

George joins the LR bunch. George called to the DR. Will asked Howie if he was a doctor, what kind of doctor would he be. Howie says he likes dermatology, or vascular surgery. George comes back and says they told him no, no. No to George's question and no to someone else's question, which was about getting sushi. Will does not eat pork or beef, which he told the producers before the show. He goes on to say that he never got his feast. Talk goes on about the feast (I don't know which one he is talking about). Boogie says to go to his restaurant and get all the sushi they want. Howie is in the kitchen eating rice krispie treats of some kind, made with slop. Howie keeps yelling that they are good. Apparently Will made them. Howie raving about them. Brings a tray of them over to the LR. Dani says she isn't going to waste her taste buds on them. Will tries them again. Howie just eating them, really eating a lot of them. George brings a bucket of slop into the LR. They all ask if he is going to eat it out of the bucket, which he does.

Talk goes to the clothes that they had awhile ago. Will says they were 70's, Howie says 80's.

Talking about what they look like when they go into the diary room. Will says he doesn't care. Boogie says Hardy was very concerned how he looked at all times.

I think they are on IL. George asked if they will be inside all night. Howie says no way. Sometimes they assemble it and take it down again. They don't want anything to go wrong like last week. Talk goes back to the slop krispie treats.

Janie is sleeping in HOH room.

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James & Dani in front of wall of houseguest's pictures studying who won what, ie HOH, POV, etc., this season and on their own individual seasons. James thinks all the photo's have been airbrushed. Especially Jase with all his lines on his face.

Marci asleep with his mask on.

Dani & James now in BR whispering and can't hear everything on quad.

Jam: Will and Boogie not taking the heat for anything, Dani & James are taking it all. (Sounds like James is trying to get Dani to turn on Will & Boogie soon.)


Dani now at dining room table playing cards. James doing dishes and getting ready to cook or have coffee or something. And now lockdown is over. George checks the outside and nothing is different.

Jam: Camera's gone and that's it.

George: Nothin'

Marcellas wakes up and goes outside with George.

George to Marcellas: Nothin'!

George goes back inside and eventually Marc does too.

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James, Will, Boogie in bug room whispering very quietly.

J: If how wins this and D & J are going to go.

B: Says D & E need to be nominated next week.

whispering and can't hear well even when on cam 2

W: says power should be used on jan

B: imagine if one of us wins HOH and we can use the power on erika

W: says they all need to go to howie and jan to say why marci should go.

B: we just need to ease them into it. what happens if CG flips it?

J: we need CG right now.

W: says excuse they can use for voting out erika is that boogie is getting too close to erika

it's really hard to hear them. changing to cam 1. Well that was worse. Back to cam 2.


Howie joins them.

W: Boogie and them are trying to figure out what his power could be and they are wondering if it's to put someone up if they should put up Dani or who it should be.

W: CG told me that Erika and Dani are at war. Says he saw them have a big fight last night in the BY.

I really can't understand all they're saying. Sorry.

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George and Boogie in HT, Howie Jogging and Will is stacking Jenga in back yard, preparing for *the big BURN* Theya re going to set Jenga on fire.

James was helping but was told by BB 2 times to stop so he chickened out and went inside.

Boogie is chit chatting with CG to get his vote for MArci!!

(They even work the dudes hereLOL)

Jenga is now set for the fire just waiting for ingnition (I cant wait)

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