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August 16 Live Feed Updates


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Will & Janelle still in the hammock...

Janelle tells Will he is smart, he is sooo supersmart. Can't he figure out what everyone's doing? Will says he's not that smart then he flips & says I can tell you right now what everyone's doing. He tells her to break it down by person & he will tell her what they are doing.

(Will's breakdown)

Howie-he is a good guy w/a good heart. he is loyal to Jan & as loyal to CT as he can be. he is terrible at the comps & he's not a target to anyone because you, me boogie, & James are all bigger targets than Howie is.

James-he is superwormy. He is only loyal to his alliance becasue he needs to be. He's def w/Dani. He's def w/you & now he's def w/us cause we're fucking stupid & we never should have agreed to take him on. He's going to go very far, at leat a few more weeks because he has become a floater. No matter how many times Howie yells at him or asks him stuff he won't tell the truth.

Marcellas-he is doing exactly what James is doing. He is bitter & angry & has a vendetta against Boogie & I. He hates you too.

CG-he is going to throw this comp, chill, & last 2-3 more weeks. If he wins he will put James up because James put him up.

(the nameout ceases & they get up off the hammock)

Will joins Boogie & Dani in the HT...

Feeds switches to Marcy & Erika on night vision in the redrum. Janelle joins them. They all say they wanna go home, they are done. (they seem really tired & listless) Jan says she wouldn't mind going to sequester, she is mentally exhausted. Jan is depressed & wants to call her BF. When she gets out she is going to get lipo & go on a vacation (eat it up, suck it out :P )

Jan goes to HoH. Howie is there. Boogie is there listening to her CD. James & Will come in. (All present for the big meeting) They tell Howie no yelling. Will says Dani just asked him what was up. CG asked Howie what the deal was. Boogie says Erika & Dani had a big tiff because Erika knows Dani promissed her vote to Marcy. Boogie rahashes the Marcy talk, Marcy is after Jan blah blah blah. Will goes to take a shower. Boogie says before the show everyone was contacting everyone, Will comes back & interrupts. Will says Marcy came to one of their clubs & said no way was Boogie making the show & that Lisa was for syre so he wanted a pre-show Will/Marcy/Lisa alliance so they could go after Season 6. Boogie says when BB6 got power he abandoned them. Marcy said he will nom Jan or Howie blah blah blah (sry I have heard this story so many times I am tired of it)

Boogie says Erika want to take Dani down now that she knows Dani is voting to keep Marcy. Janelle eating chips (no biggie lipo coming soon :lol: ) Basically James & boogie are saying things about Marcy to steer Jan & Howie away from voting Erika out. Jan says I told you guys I should not have put him up this week because if he wins HoH he is going after me.

James says Jan is an awsum player. Janey says no, people have been throwing comps & she has just gotten lucky.

Janelle (actually) brings up of her own fruition...What if we vote Marcy out? Howie says he thinks Erika is the smarter player. Boogie says we can get rid of the biggest snake Marcy & he has the power even though they don't know what that power is. Jan says she thinks they should get rid of Erika. Will says let me play Devil's Advocate...Boogie can control Erika, she is in here showering w/him. Marcy sits alone lotioning himself up. Flip Flop Flip Flop.

Jan says I think we should vote out Erika as planned. All in agreement? boogie says lets not vote yet we are in a meeting. Boogie says he kinda fels like he can control her. Howie says she is letting you fingerbang her for a vote.

Jan says Look I put up Marcy as a pawn. They say we know we are just discussing it. Jan says all in favor about voting out Erika raise their hands. Only Jan * Howie raise their hands. Boogie says can't we talk about it? Howie says bring Erika up here & if she swears to put up Dani if she wins HoH, Jan says NO. Boogie says what if she agrees to throw HoH, Jan says NO. Boogie says he is afraid of Marcy & what if we get rid of Marcy now & use this special power, whatever it is, on Dani. Jan says NO. Jan says if Marcy leaves she is going to feel lied to. Boogie still trying...Jan saying NO NO NO.

Boogie says (to Will) should I bring it up? Will says yes. Boogie says I knew this girl before the show (Erika). I FB her before the show. I knew this girl was a badass bitch from the beginning. I have been playing her since day 1. I have been waiting for the moment & I was willing to cut her a few days ago but now by putting marcy up the 2 queens (Dani/Erika) are fighting each other. Will says Boogie doesn't want his street cred hurt but he has been dating Erika. Boogie says he has been dating her only because he knew the moment in the show would come when he could use her. Jan says NO. Jan says she wouldn't have put Marcy up if she thought he was going home & she doesn't care if Boogie has a secret power over her, Erika needs to go home. Jan says you guys are going to vote out Marcy, is that what you guys have been planning all along. CT says its 50/50 right now. Jan didn't think it was an open discussion & we said we were voting out Erika. Howie says Dani/Erika are directly responsible for gettign out Kaysar. Boogie says we don't care, Kaysar, you guys have the chance to deal anyone the way you want about Kaysar that's not us. Jan ill as a pill. Boogie says things have happened since they said they would vote out Erika.

They ask James what he thinks. James says pissily that if Jan & Howie are so willing to accuse him of being in an alliance w/Dani (didn't make sense, something about) Erika being a piece of furnitur or a sheet.

Will says lets go around the room & say what you think...

James-(gets interupted by Jan & Howie constantly)


Jan-Erika & if it fucking doesn't go down that way I will be pissed

James-I am not fucking saying around these 2 idiots (J&H)

Boogie-talks circles about how he controls Erika

howie says well then get her up here right now & if she says she will nom CG & Dani then he'll do it. If she doesn't I will destroy her, it will be like WWIII. Will tells Howie to stop & let it go, no one cares about that. It doesn't scare anyone except some old lady with big buttcheeks (thank you Will) FoTH

back to...Boogie's chair is empty. Howie ranting about how he will go off on someone. Will keeps asking him why that is a big deal. Will says he doesn't want to upset Boogie or them. They are his alliance but he wishes he hadn't made a commitment to the SOV because they are a bunch of knuckleheads. Will still pushing for Marcy elimination. Boogie comes back (I think he went to get Erika).

Erika comes in. Boogie aska Erika for her thoughts. Erika says certain people are not voting for her that she thought would. Erika wants to talk to Jan 1 on 1 so everyone leaves.

Erika says my objective was to never come after you. Jan asks why would you throw the comp to Dani? Erika says she thought Dani was going after CT :rolleyes: Jan says Dani told Jan that she was def in an alliance w/Erika & Erika would protect her. Erika stutters & says there is noone else to go after but Dani, she isn't going after SOV. Jan asks if Dani & Erika have a deal. Erika says no. Jna asks if you were to have won this HoH instead of me who would you have put up? Erika stutters. Jan says but when you won it Dani & Erika felt supersafe. Jan says why didn't you come up here & talk about nominatiosn when I was HoH. Erika said cause the you blew me off after the Kaysar eviction. Erika says you guys turned on me 1st. Jan says your actions speak diff. Erika says what am I supposed to do, howie yells at me. i ask you to come in the HT w/me don't I. Jan says i know. Jan says why were you so excitied Dani won POV. Erika says i wasn't excited I knew I was fucked. Jan says it's just everyone sees you w/Dani sothat makes you a really bigtarget. Jan says what of you were to stay ,what would you be doing? Erika sasy I would go after Will (strike one Erika)....long pause. Jan says so you would go after Will, you think he's a threat? Erika says yeah & then sidesteps (realizing her mistake) & says well now after hearing all this I would go after Dani. Now Erika starts crying over having to evict Kaysar (wahhhwahhh)

Janelle continues to grill Erika hard & she pretty much flubs around & answers. Erika has now "thrown her alliance under the bus". Erika says she is working with noone she is alone & can only do what's best for her in the house. Jan asks what about Boogie. Erika says she will go after Dani. Jan asks if they vote to keep her will she go after Dani or either throw the comp? Erika agrees (well duh). Jan tells Howie to get all their alliance in there.

While waiting for everyone to arrive Erika says she feels like Dani has latched on to her (OMG skeletor get real). Jan says she doesn't want Marcy to go either, she was pressured to put him up & now she feels screwed. Jans reasks if Erika swears she will put up Dani. Erika says yes.

All are now present in HoH. Will says CG is the only person he likes in the house including himself. In front of all Jan says Erika & I talked that if we keep her she will get Dani out. Erika says now that she knows Dani wants her out of the house she is willing to gun for her. Again Jan says so if you stay you won't work w/Dani. Erika says from day 1 I have been alone in this house. She told Kaysar from day 1 she wouldn't put the SOV up. Will sasy he has no beef w/Erika even though she has thrown his name out there several times. Will sasy lets get rid of Marcy this week & then throw me out next week. He is ready for sequester, he is paraniod, & ready to jack off, Howie says use the Jack Shack. Will says he is a33 yo man & will not use the Jack Shack.

Jan asks for Erika to swear like a zillion times that she won't work w/Dani & will nom her. Erika kissing some major butt. (lost my feed)

Come back to Erika in BY, pissed, saying I thought you were my friend Danielle. Danielle says I thought you were my friend Erika & goes inside.

In HoH the Perfect Storm is still going over stuff. Will says lets make a decision. Jan's still pissed & wants Erika out. Will sarcastically says fine, lets vote out Erika. Jan says what do you want?

(I say tune in Thurs to see who they vote out, I can't take this anymore :P)

Meanwhile..Danielle is totally wasted & Will says they are voting all day tomorrow not live Thurs.

(nite all)

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Erika and Janelle in HOH room:

Erika says she didnt make the nominations, and she isnt going after janie, she was disappointed that she heard a couple of ppl say they werent voting for her. Erica says she has made no deals with anyone..it was totally dani decision to put up janie.

Janie says if we keep you will you promise to go after dani. Erika agrees,she'll do what ever Janelle wants and lets her know that she has always voted with the sixers up until Kaysar and that was a bad decision.

Erika promises Janelle if she stays in the house she will put up Danielle

Erika says dani said she was voting for her, then she found out she was lying..Erika says the misconception is i'm working with dani, i'm not, i'm alone here,will says after a pause, i have no problem with Erika even though he knows she has put his name out there to go up..janie again asking "we have your word if you stay you go after dani" ..once again, Erika says "yes"

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Side Note:

Erika leaves the room and heads outside to the hammock.....dani and cg on the couch outside.

Jan,Erika,Will,Howie and James back in the room to discuss keeping Erika.

Meanwhile in the backyard Erika tells Dani I thought you were my friend, Dani says the same talking across the yard to one another.(Fake Fight) Erika says go with it.

They think it would be good to vote out marcy and keep erika........still pending

and now dani in the kitchen dong YMCA....Been drinking and you can tell.

Dani Outside now stumbling,swaying,,,,drunk....bigtime!!

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A little earlier Danielle and Marcellas were talking alone in the red room . . . Danielle has been assigned by LOD to 'light a fire under Marcellas' so Janelle will want to evict him or they can justify evicting him to her. She is trying to do this by spelling out to Marcellas that Erika is upstairs trying to cut a deal with Janelle because Janelle is in good with Chilltown and that he is in danger of getting evicted, but Marcellas either isn't buying it or doesn't really care anymore because she is not getting through to him. He seems to be picking up on the fact that she's got ulterior motives . . .

D That's what's goin' on . . . cause here we are two people sitting here, we got stinking Chicken George is in the kitchen and everybody and their mama upstairs

M Upstairs, dealin' against us

D That's what I'm telling you . . . a little drunken rambling . . . something about kissing that 'cream bootie' lol

. . .

M Look you don't know what's going on with . . .

D Marcellas, come on!

M Before we say this and this with Erika's doing this and this . . .

D What else do you think is going on, come on now don't be stupid . . . (more rambling)

. . .

D But if Janelle was your friend she would have never nominated you . . . it don't make no sense

M You keep saying it over and over . . . I know. I never got played, I knew . . . I'm not angry about it - I didn't win HOH, I didn't win POV, it is what it is.

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I wanted to add a note to Jinx's side note........

"Meanwhile in the backyard Erika tells Dani I thought you were my friend, Dani says the same talking across the yard to one another."

They agreed to do this for CG's benefit. They wanted him to see a little conflict so he wouldn't think they were "together." (It worked) Erika smoked a cigarette to make the fight more convincing. Once CG went inside, Erika turned to the camera and said, "You thought that was good, didn't ya?"

"and now dani in the kitchen dong YMCA....Been drinking and you can tell."

Dani is actually not drunk, but is pretending to be so she can be more outspoken without being held entirely accountable for it. (She told the cams this about an hour ago and also told CG.)

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James and Boogie in the SR:

The plan is to use the special power to evict Janelle (Per James) ...only caught part of it... Think they got Janelle convinced to get Marcy out.

Meanwhile back in HOH room Erika and Janelle have agreed to a pact:

Erika says dani is really drunk...will says CT has a 1 wk truce with the sixers erika says she will put up dani, will asks jani is she okay..she says she wants dani gone..Erika reminds janie she did what she wanted wk 1 can she extend the courtesy...DEAL..Erika swears on her MOM...janie "Done Deal"

Editors Note: Can someone take over

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Everyone in kitchen. Eating and eating since they are on slop in 15 minutes. They are still a little tipsy since they could drink earlier.

Dani was hammered tonight.

Talk of the food comp. Will's cupcakes were terrible. George and Will disagree. Will is doing most of the talking. (as always)

Dani marci and erika in the bug room. Getting ready to go to sleep.Earlier, Will said BB is going to wake them up at 8:30am. Dani drinking tons of water, almost the same amount of wine she drank.

Marci thinks that the 'power' will be used tomorrow, that is why they have to get up early.

James and Boogie brushing teeth and whispering in bathroom.

I can hear Jani and howie say 'screw you' in the loving way they do.

Will is still talking, now talking about a haircut that nicole gave him during his season.

Marci and james whispering in the bathroom. sorry, I could not hear any of it.

Marci say good night to everyone. NICELY. Kinda opposite of what LOD and chill town and sov6 expected.

Will still eating, with one minute to go.................

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Boogie talking really bad about BUNKY. :blink: crude and bad words.

Will is taking food to the DR for the crew. I guess he leaves it for them. that is kinda cool.

James is talking to janelle and howie in BY. They want to get out erika. They know boogie will be mad. Howie says that he was mad when diane left cause he wanted to date her too. James says we will know by the votes if we are being played.

Will tries to join in, James says private meeting.

Howie shouts, SCREW YOU WILL.

Jani really regrets putting up marci. She wanted CG. But jani says everyone else wanted marci.

They think dani is voting out erika.

rofl howie and jani are begging james not to tell dani what they are talking about.

Jame says the whole house is against them.

Howie says if we cant win hoh over these little f@$*s we dont deserve to go on.

boogie and will in bathroom.

Telling boogie about the private meeting. Boogie says they cant have a private meeting, we are all in aliance.

boogie goes outside. "I thought there was no season 6" boogie says can we come out. THEY SAID NO!!!!!!!!

boogie and will are pissed. they cant believe they are not invited to talk. Now they want to vote out marci.

Will is very mad about the sov6 meeting. everyone comes in from the backyard. Howie yells ' I thought there was no chill town'

Erica is still up. Jani is off to take a shower.

Will says they have CG.

Feeds switch to erica talking to james. James says that you (erica) and boogie have been lying to me. Erica promises that she isnt with boogie. She swears she is not going after James. Erica wants to know who told him about this. James says just think of who might have said something. Erica say it has to be marci. James says no, marci has not campaigned against her. She says that she will investigate this. she want to know who said it. They say good night.

Boogie and will come in "james what the hell with the secret meeting." sorry, I cant hear they are good at whispering., and moving the blankets.

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Its 530 BB time and Howie and Janelle are still hashing the voting. Janielle is very upset about putting up Marci and has a bad feeling(bye Jani) She is a smart cookie B) and Howie convinces her of that.Tells her it is best in the long run because if they turn on her and vote out Marci they still take out one of them. They will also know who turned on them.

(BB gods..keep Jani please) They decide not to worry :( about it and get to sleep, they are voting in the a.m(8.30)

***NOTE**11:30 eastern time...the showdown begins!!!

Getting my snaks ready!! :rolleyes:

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Dani is up now in the bathroom 6:59 bbt

(Ed. Am I imagining things? I thought I saw something sitting on the coffee table in the living room as Dani walked by...Looks like it had a light focused on it...Im probably wrong though...)

Dani is getting ready to shower and do her ADL's

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8:03 bbt

(went and did some housework because nothing is still going on! lol)

Dani is still primping in the bathroom...Looks like she has blown her hair dry nicely, and is putting on makeup.

(Ed. Is something going on today? She never takes this much care unless its a live show day?!)

8:14 bbt - Dani is in the kitchen making some coffee, and I bet I can predict what she'll do next...(LOL) She will take her coffee and go sit outside until the others wake up!

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8:56 bbt - George is up...Will and Boogie are whispering about something

Boogie is in the BR.

Dani and CG are in the backyard talking...She keeps asking him 'what are your thoughts on this George?

He mentions something about Marcy selling him out at one point, and how he has no idea what he will do...

Dani thinks that they are trying to force a tie so Janie can vote out who she wants.

Dani asks Boogie what she things George should do.

B: Oh, he should vote out Marcellas. Im not saying how you should vote, but all Marcellas does is sit in that room and does nothing. Im voting out Marcellas, I know Will is voting out Marcellas, and if you two do then it will be done. Im finished with their indecision.

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9am BB

Dani and Mike just finished a talk in the BY.

Basically, they are voting out Marcellas !!

Talk of how Dani's drunkeness was all a show last night, she even winked at Mike and the camera a few times to prove that.

Also, Erica has no intention of keeping the deal she made with Janelle and Howie last night.The deal that said she would nom, Dani if she gets HOH this week, if they vote to keep her instead of Marci.

Then Mike is called to the diary room after asking BB several times if they could vote yet.

(So, he is either voting, or taping his thoughts on the two nominees or recieving the low down on his power,if he indeed did win it)

CG-is in the BR showering,shaving and getting ready for the day.

James is now awake and doing his morning activities.

Discussing with CG that today is SLOP day.

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