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After 74 days, Big Brother has had enough and gone on a much deserved holiday - to Margate.

The housemates were gently woken up this morning to discover an oversized postcard in the lounge, telling the HMs "glad your not here!"

With Big Brother away, an automated version has been placed in the diary room along with an oversized keypad.

"Welcome to Automated Big Brother. Your visit may be recorded for training and security purposes. Big Brother is unavailable at present. In order for your visit to be handled more efficiently, please choose from one of the following options..."

"Press one to leave a message, two to make a request, zero to leave the Diary Room."

Apart from that, the only other thing the HMs have been left is a telephone - with Big Brother bound to phone in to check up on them!

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Big Brother may have been on holiday, but Automated Big Brother over saw this weeks nominations...

The housemates nominated for eviction this week are...

In alphabetical order...





Automated Big Brother then malfunctioned leaving the HMs uncertain of the results.

Newspaper reports this morning said Imogen, Mikey, Jennie and Susie would be up for eviction, though this is not confirmed.

P.S. How many of you are still following BBUK?

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I am brekkie....Keep it coming.

I think its funny that BB went on vacation.

LOL they have no clue at all how else is nom?

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Nominations are as reported earlier - Imogen, Jennie, Mikey and Susie!

Susie's nominations were very funny as Automated Big Brother put her on hold for over half an hour as she went to make them - and Susie began to crack!

Dade - what did you think of the Best Friends / Prison twist?

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It was twisted....being a prisoner and haveing a secret spa. Voting on prison out of prison just to have the best friend take his place, and the former prisoner glad tobe out but had to give up the spa and the letter from home. BB UK really plays with their minds lol

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It's been confirmed that this week it's a double eviction with two of the four nominees going - with Mikey and Susie the clear favourites to leave.

In addition, it's rumoured that at least one evicted housemate will return to the house, though as in BB4 will not be eligible to win.

The returning evictee will probably be chosen by viewers - and will probably be Nikki. There are rumours more than one will return though, and they will live "Next door" until one of them returns to the main house.

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It's a big night for Big Brother with an eviction, a surprise second eviction and an even greater surprise to come.

The show opens with Sam, Grace, Lisa, Lea, Nikki, Jayne, Michael and Spiral all stood on the stairs to the house, with Davina asking "What are they doing here?". She later tells us it's personal - but that's all we know so far! We can pretty much guarantee though at least one of them will be returning to the house tonight!

On to evictions and the eleventh housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house is...


He's given 30 seconds - rather than 30 minutes - to say his goodbyes, meaning the initial shock that Mikey was leaving was quickly replaced by the prediction of a double eviction!

At the end of his interview he is asked if he'd like to return - to which he says no - until pushed by the crowd, and by Davina, whether he really means it, when he is asked to join his fellow evictees in the audience!

The second eviction - and THE twist - still to come later tonight!

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The crowd chant something - couldn't understand a word of it - and Davina introduces part two with the words "It's time"

First it's time for the surprise second eviction as Davina cuts straight to the house and gets down to business.

The 12th housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house is...


She gets 30 seconds to leave before joining Davina in the studio for a cup of tea!

Again at the end of the interview Davina asks if she'd like to go back in - and after repeatedly saying no she changes her mind when she spots her fellow evictees in the studio.

So here is the twist...

The viewers are invited to "bring back" their favourite four housemates to the house next door, with the results to be revealed on Tuesday.

Only one of them will move back into the main house though - and Davina reveals something they don't know - they will be eligible to win!

And in addition to the usual 10p to charity, C4 will also donate their profits to, meaning 28p/50p will go to charity from this vote.

Shahbaz, Dawn and George are not eligible for the vote, along with Jonathan, while Bonnie and Sezer can't go back in for "legal reasons".

The evicted HMs join Russell Brand on a special edition of Big Mouth after tonight's eviction show.

So my choices would be...

Nikki, Lea, Michael and Spiral

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Today, in the most important Saturday Challenge of the series, the housemates have played a life-sized Big Brother board game, with an extra special prize for the first housemate to reach "Day 80".

Half way through the game Richard found himself sent back to the start, while Pete won a letter from home. Glyn also found his progress hindered when he had to eat an entire chocolate cake before he could re-enter the game.

However, for the winner they had to pay a visit to the diary room to pick up their prize as the other HMs watched on the plasma screen.

Jennie was the first to reach day 80, and went to the diary room to collect her prize.

Along with a bottle of champagne was a message informing her of what she has won...

"Congratulations. The bearer of this ticket gets a free pass to the Big Brother final...the bearer is immune from next week's eviction!"

So Jennie is our first finalist. The other five HMs will have to go through the nominations process to discover if they've won a place in week 13, with at least two of them having to overcome the eviction itself.

And in addition, there is one more place in the final week - a place the current HMs are unaware of!

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Please keep your thoughts coming - I post here because I want to here your views!

For this week's task the housemates are working for BB Radio!

Each housemate has had to make thier own 15 minute radio show for the challenge, with two HMs talking about five things they love/hate about Big Brother, two talking about hot topics and two using music to describe their lives.

The shows have been made into podcasts and can be listened to via 4Radio at http://www.channel4.com/bigbrother or http://www.channel4radio.com .

Listeners will then vote to decide if housemates should pass or fail their weekly task!

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