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I wonder why they changed to BB to Sunday instead of Saturday?


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i'm just glad they did change it

sundays are way better for tv

most people are home (its a work night)

saturday nights people are out, out of town...busy

i love good tv on sunday nights (mon and tues too)

late week and weekends are harder for most people

so i just thank them for changing their nights

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Saturday TV - not a good match for their target audience (25-35 yr. olds)
  • No competiton on other networks
  • like has already been said, target audience goes out on Saturday nite
Sunday TV - Best night for Nielsens in the target audience - not only because they're home, but because shows like Cold Case can't steal viewers from shows like:
  • Desperate Housewives on ABC
  • Sunday Nite Football on NBC
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