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July 13 Live Feed Updates

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Thanks, Suechick, that was great!!

9:27 BBT

Dani is telling Janelle, James (and George) that Ali never once mentioned Erica's name as a great threat. Says maybe it was because Ali knew they were friends.

George says "Enjoy tonight" because, as James said, tomorrow it starts all over again.

He and Janelle leave.

Dani asks James if she's in trouble.

James says, "I don't think so."

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How & Will in BR, saying how great the footage of them following one another must be.

Marc saying he didn't get Di or Nak in Housecalls b/c of sequester.

How saying he farted during the live show.

Kay, Jase & James in the Bug Room talking about the HOH comp.

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Dani left that room (bug room), leaving James alone. Along comes Jase and he's onto a bed. Will in and then gone again. Kaysar comes in, takes a bed. Hopes he gets the Huka but says it's short notice.

Howie comes in and coversation turns to banter and the Howie/Will on the block scenario.

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James (to Kay) Can you turn him off (meaning Howie)

Kay: I'm looking for an off button

James: It's in the rectal cavity


In my opinion, how going on the block right now would be stupid for BB6 team.

Jase: Everything is different two years later, it's like all we do is sit around, waiting for competitions.

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Both Jase and Kaysar are disappointed. Feel this season should be moving faster, having more crazy things happen.

Howie says he's retired after this show. James says that last year Howie drove him up the wall, that he beat everything into the ground last year.

Janelle joins, offering bits of peanut butter and honey on bread. All there is left to eat is PB&J, so they expect a food competition tomorrow.

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BB6 + Jase in Bug Room talking. Jan brought in PB sandwiches for everyone. Jase thinks he's depressed, How tells him to go rub one out if he misses his girl.

Di walks in as they talk about the food comp. and they all shhh! each other, and she walks out.

Now, they are talking about season 2, and how great it was that Kent won so many HOH comp's then was voted out.

James bitching b/c he wanted HOH. He thought the comps would be crazy this year. Jase reminds him there is only so much you can do on the live show.

James: Last year, you were scheming in the gold room, locked in there.

How: This is the new Gold Room.

Jan asks Kay for his old dresser & bed.

My feeds cut out, but I came back to Kay calling Jan & How annoying.

Jan & How give a shout to Joker's

LD over, Nak & Jan outside smoking. Laughing that Julie congratulated Nak!

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Lockdown is over and most head outside. George tried to offer dinner meals, but at least those in the red room responded with "not hungry yet."

Outside, Janelle offers Nakomis a cigarette. She doesn't want to use up all of Janie's stash. Janie says, "No problem. W smoke together, we quit together."

Jase mentions they moved a camera, opening up the back yard a bit more.

Discussion (Janie, Nakomis, Dani) moves to eating bugs vs not eating at all. Dani mentions the three S's BB has warned them about -- no swearing, no shout-outs, and no singing.

Diane appears to be sitting by herself in a lounge chair. Haven't heard a word from her. ... Oh, there she is. Nothing worth commenting so far. Talk moves to energy drinks - Jolt in particular.

Playing pool -- Erica, Kaysar, James, and Howie. Kaysar mentions that the whole room seemed to get depressed after the show was over. Hopes it "not him" (his winning).

Janelle and Dani leave, leaving Nakomis and Diane to themselves.

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BBT: 7:00 pm

Lockdown over. Feeds on backyard only. Kay and Erica playing pool, Howie playing Jedi, Jan,Nak,Dani and Di sitting on red couch. James watching the pool game. Still no conv about comp or who is HOH, (I know who it is, there just not talking about it.) I can't see Jase,Boogy or Will. I believe CG is cooking dinner

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7:10 BBT

Two feeds on the pool table foursome. Two feeds on the girls at the couch (Dani and Jani re-joined Nak and Di.)

Saw Will pass by -- think he went to the hammock. ... No, he's weight lifting in the background.

Pool table group think the fans saw Ali's interview with Julie, so that they knew all the answers and who would be loosing as it happened.

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BBT: 7:10 pm. Jan and Dani went into DR to ask for alcohol. Dani back telling Nak and Di, "Never ever will he give us alcohol on Thurs nights". Di asks why and Dani said because food comp is tomorrow. Di asks Dani how she is feeling since she survived her first Nom. Dani says she is doing pretty good and now she will know what to expect. Dani says she misses "Ali Bear" she said Allison is a lot of fun. Will in backyard now, he's just walking around with Howie every now and then slashing at him with the pool stick like its a light saber. Howie is playing pool now, looks like Kay,Erica,James and Howie are all playing the same game. Jan backout with the others on the red couch. Everyone just having fun, talking laughing. Will still just standing in the middle of the backyard.

Triva is Back!!

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Finally to the kitchen -- all 4 feeds no less.

CG has made steak (slices), a salad and garlic bread. Chatting with Howie (only them in there). Says he's ready for bugs -- that he can eat anything.

Howie promises to do the dishes <yeah, right -- somebody follow up on that later!>

CG made a baked potato just for Kaysar. Janelle joins Howie for nibbles. Lots of "You're okay, Georgie." Boogie joins to eat but so far no chatting.

Seems that some people are napping -- mentioned by couch crew earlier, when Jase was called to DR.

Jase and James descend on the food, too.

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Feeds are now all on the Kitchen w/CG and Howie who are talking about the question/answer of the HOH game.

H,K,J go into the BR whispering can't hear what they are saying because of CG in kitchen banging around. The walk away laughing.

Howie,J,CG in Kitchen. Jan was thinking Ali questions were from before coming into the house and Howie explains, No, she was right outside the house.

Boogy in Kitchen making a dinner plate.

Nothing much happening sorry!

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Nak and Diane on couch. Diane noticed that just after HOH win:

- James went straight to the SOV group in the bedroom.

- Erica didn't go -- she's too smart to do that.

- Jase looked scared to death.

James joins them with his food and breaks up that discussion.

(West coast due in soon. I'm off to post some pix. Later...)

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during the nak and diane convo in by

diane talking about janie and howie celebrating like crazy and that was a mistake and she would use it in her nom speech next week when she won hoh

they both seem to think that jase is scared

now will and boogie in hot tub

jase comes over to them and they all three talk about how they need to get the sov's out in the next couple of weeks

they all need to ban together or it won't work

marc joins them and game talk stops

talking about food comps etc

kaysar and nak playing chess

diane watching from floor

dani laying on couch

diane asking questions to learn how to play

(earlier nak taught her how to make coffee...diane is learning alot in bb)

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8: 30

Howie and James where in SR and James was saying he wants will and Nakomis up. Howie just wants Nakomis out. SHe is good at mental comps. They seem to be on to Jase but decided that helped them for a week.

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back to by hot tub area

will and boog in tub

marc and jase on side

marc called to dr

janie and james in ant room


talking about who to put up

james said ...?

jan said wouldnt be smart

james, i try to play all angles, dont get caught up in the emotion

thats part of the game

janie..talking about jase being untrustworthy...but why wouldnt he disagree with me?

they are talking about jase now

that he is in everyone's alliance

james, i have a feeling, i could be fucking wrong, i dont know

they keep getting interrupted

james leaves, says...we'll talk later

janie putting her clothes away in a drawer under one of the beds in the ant room alone

how and james in kitchen

howie..it's over..(in a good way he says it...like game on)

talking about how they screwed up on the questions

howie, whispering,...all i hear is couches, hiding and nakomis

bb turns mics up

james bitching about half eaten ice cream



how and james still in kitchen talking about chilltown

diane comes in

they are all worried about the food situation

food comp will be early because it gets so hot

and bb won't give them booze tonite because of food comp tomorrow (janie and dani went in dr and asked earlier)

jase in ant room with janie now (he has been following her around since the hoh comp)

jase, they are coming up with all kinds of crazy shit (he was just talking with will and boog and seems to now be reporting to janie)

he says that will said they are going to cut a deal with kaysar

and that if they last a couple weeks, then sovs are cool, if not they are going to turn on you guys...they are just like brainstormin...he says

janie doesnt understand

jase, you know how will talks, i dont kow what he is saying

jan, theres no one else to go after

jase, chicken george

jane do you think they would waste a week going after cg?

jase, i dont know

jan i dont know

jase leaves

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BBT: 7:40 pm

Jase,Will,Boogy,Marc at HT, again Will with the talk of how he doesn't want to stay for seguester. Will,Jase and Boogy were talking before Marc joined them but it was hard to hear what they were saying because of Jase being the only one with a mic on and his was obstructed because he was laying on his stomach.

Feed changes to Kay,Nak and Di up in loft area. Kay and Nak playing chess. Just talk of chess.

Changed Feed to Storage Rm, Howie and James talking however, as soon as I changed James left the rm.

James and Jan now in BR talking.

James tells Jan that he believes Jase is playing all angles because Ali knew information that only Jase knew at the time. (Could not hear what information it was supposed to have been) Jan said she doesn't think so. James tells Jan not to get caught up in the emotion. He says he could be wrong but he has a feeling.

Howie and James now in the Kit talking again about the questions in the HOH comp. They are whispering really low and I cannot hear what they are saying. (Probably because of the chess players in loft)

Jase goes into BR where Jan is putting her clothes away and says that Will and Boogy are brain storming. Jan asks about what and he said about cutting a deal with Kay. Jan laughs.

Jan do you think he'll waste a wk going after CG.

Jase, I wouldn't.

Jan, I wouldn't either.

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8 42 PM BBT

Janelle and Jase talking about WIll and Boogie, Jase said that will and boogie are brainstorming and want to make a deal with Kaysar for three weeks of safety. They bring up George and agree they won't waste a week on evicting George.

8 43 PM BBT

Janelle and Erika are going to go in the hot tub

Janelle wants to get this over with

Erika asks who Kaysar is going to put up, Janelle doesn;t know.

Janelle wants to see the HoH room so she can take her makeup off, well the maybe we shouldn;t go in the hot tub since we might be called into the DR

J: WHy are they gonna make us eat bugs? Why I don't understand

E: Eating a bug would be the only thing that would make me beg for PBJ, she says she can eat any disgusting food, but she can't eat bugs.

8 45 BBT

Janie and Erika laing in bed in the yellow room

J; do you think they will let someone back in the house?

E: I don't think so, but i was wrong about the HoH too

J: What about the hoh thing?

E: They can't switch it back and back forth, that would be stupid.

George walks and the girls act fake nice to him.

Erika gives a shoutout to some websites.

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jan in ant room

erika comes in

are you going in the hot tub erika

erika, i dont know

jan i was thining about it

erika, whats wrong

jan, nothing

jan, i want to get this over with

erika, who is he gonna put up do you know

she says who are YOU GUYS going to put up

janie says nothing

erika, i thought thats what you were talking about getting over with

jan, no i mean hoh room and stuff

erika, oh then maybe i wont go in hot tub

jan why do you think they will make us eat bug? why i dont understand?

erika, cuz eating a bug is the only thing that would make me beg for pbj

i could eat anything but a bug, liver organs whatever, bugs now that would be the thing that would get me i think

jan, do you think they will send someon back in the house?

erika, i dont know, i was wrong about the dual hoh's tho

jan well they cant go back and forth every week

cg comes in

cg, back to being bored again

jan, i know

shout out to jokers and teeny chat.net (dont know that one)

erika shouts out to swampy...he did her website

erika hi swampy hope you are feeling better, hi moom, hi survivor sucks even tho you hate me

jan, survivor sucks hates you

erika they think i had a post taken down but i had nothing to do with that (talks about the fishbowl)

erika shouts out to feedsters that she had nothing to do with it, she loves the fact that we hate her at least we talk about her

ed, they are all really bored and seem to be jumping out of their skins

erika continues shout outs...hi josh,,,he probably hates me

switch to nak and kay playing chess with dani watching

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janie and erika

i am just glad that we are safe ( i think it was janie who said that)


...jan, but i like her, i like her alot

erika, i know but she is dangerous (not sure who they are talking bout)

erika, i say we send cg home

jan, but that's like, i dont know, its so hard

erika that means we got the whole ....feeds break up

erika, come on diary room, call us in so we can go in the hot tub

maybe ill go walk on the treadmill

erika, i hope my dogs are ok

what kind of dogs do you have?

jan, i gave one of my pomeranians to my cousin

i just have one now, he is beautiful

erika, do you take him everywhere

jan, i do, but i take him to the doggy daycare when i go out of town, i spend thousands of dollars there

erika my dogs love to go to doggie daycare

ed. this is exciting stuff folks, bb needs to open hoh or somethin

erika i wonder who the 2 votes were for her to stay

jan, nak and diane

erika really

james walks in

he is bored out of his mind too

they talk about weights and james sore shoulder

and cg spotting james and doing it wrong

kaysar gets called to dr to get his key (thank goodness!)

james jan and erika talking about chicago weather

james, didnt i already miss summer?

erika, you won't miss it cuz you are going home next week

james, what did you just say erika

they laugh

kay comes in to change for the dr

what up kaysar they all say

i honestly do not know if my feeds are frozen or if they are just laying there...boooooooooooooring

erika, lets do dr, then work out, then hot tub

janie ok

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