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July 13 Live Feed Updates

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Will is looking at the bb5 cast picture talking about how funny marvin looks even in a picture

marcellas says it looks like big brother the western with what everyone looks like and what everyone is wearing

and will again brings up look at marvin's face it is just so funny (starts laughing)

Boogie asks where holly lives

and jase says she lives... wait im not gonna give directions to holly's house

Danielle: yeah its just between us... and all the internet viewers.

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8:57 BBT

The cleaning the toilet with hardy's toothbrush comes up

will thinks her accent was sexy

Boogie: she was so very people smart and street smart.

9:00 BBT

They were talking about turning on the news when they got out of the house to watch things from 9/11

Will: 9/11 happened, there was an accident, and boogie got engaged (talking about headlines)

Wait, Boogie got engaged :lol:

FIRE :angry: but only for a sec

Tune in to the BY on F1 to see diane laying on the grass saying: I need CPR :lol:

James and Nakomis are playing pool.

Chicken george watching it and really getting into the game when James makes in a ball

CG: man nakomis you are realling getting ripped off.

back to F3 in the hoh room

(more interesting conversations imo :P )

Will mentioned how BB told monica her cousin was missing and they were looking for her (9/11)

Jase: i would be thinking what kind of a twist is this

Will: well it was right before the last competition and we didn't think anything of it.

Everything going on in america meant nothing to what was going on in that house

Feeds cut to red room with diane and either alison

Diane: are we still gonna hang out when the show is over

Ali: you're gonna make it to the end

again feeds cut back to the BY where nakomis and james are still playing pool at 9:08 BBT

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Diane, CG, and erika are watching the game

James: Gosh, so basically you just win this game right now

Nakomis: Yeah, I'm gonna try to

James makes the ball in

Nakomis: good shot, now you have to make the 10 and the 9 he misses

James: Game over

Nakomis: No i normally scratch on these shots (she makes it)

James good shot

Nakomis has one ball left sitting in the corner

She gets it in and wins the game.... lol gotta love reporting on a pool game ( i mean ALL star pool game) :P

Erika: You wanna play doubles?? Alison you wanna play?

Ali: i dont know if i can even hit the ball

she takes some practice shots

Feeds cut to the gym on both feeds 3 and 4

Howie is in there on one of the machines

Kaysar is in there

Kaysar: You're whole life relies on sex

Howie: so does everyone elses life

Janelle: I agree howie

Howie: there are rock stars and athletes and they do it all for money and to use their skills and money to get the chicks.

Howie: I always see someone less good looking then me getting the chicks so i know i have a shot

Kaysar: way to stay posetive

Janelle: howie why are you so bad at veto

Howie: because you (janelle) and james are always playing in them

Janelle: but your so physical

Howie: well sometimes there mental

Janelle is lifting some weights (dumbells)

Howie talking about previous vetos and how he lost them

Howie: well the chess board was random and fun after we got maggie and ivette out

Howie: i didnt get to play in coach potatoes but that looked pretty tough

the picture turns to fire but i can still hear what they are saying

janelle is whispering saying someone is scared but im not sure who she is talking about

they get quiet and im guessing (since i still cant see) are still lifting and running in the gym.

Maybe im just a bit slow but i just noticed the kickball boucing around.

But focus in the BY is still on playing pool

looks like they are playing double and from what i can see nakomis is playing the best

Nakomis is trying to tell Ali how to hold a pool stick. Telling her about how to use your supporting hand

Ali: Well how do you hold it nakomis

Nak: well i hold it all different ways

CG looking at the ball saying come on (to get it to go on lol)

Ali trying new ways to hit it saying it feels wierd

Feeds cut to james and diane sitting on the red coach thing in the BY but i cant hear what they are saying due to i hear tons of balls hitting around in the pool game and random things like nakomis saying you can do it and then out of nowhere hearing Jase say the skipper

but all of that was just random chatter

CG: Yeah girl

Ali: Damn that was tricky

James and Diane talking

James: my sister has kids. 3 little girls

Diane: little girls are monsters

James: but i havent seen the littlest one because she was born right before i came in

James picked on of the names of the girls (kathlyn... not sure who you spell it)

he said that his sister asked for a name and he said katie and they went with it

James sister turns 27 july 16th

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Ali & Diane in the redrum making fun of Janelle. Ali (trying to imitate Janelle) has a ball in her shirt (like she is fat or preggers?? dunno sry I came in on the middle of this so I don't fully get it), a baseball cap on, & is putting on lipstick. Diane makes a comment about her big fake lips

Janie-Howie-Kaysar in the workout room. J&H talking baby talk (YAK) (man Kaysar needs a haircut :huh: )

Jase-James-Daine in BY kicking around a blow-up ball. Hear Nak in the background (think she is playing pool with someone)

Janie says she is putting on her competition gloves ( :rolleyes: ).

She whispers:Nak said to me OMG you are pretty hardcore because you put on gloves for the veto competition

Kaysar: could you ever marry Howie

Jan: under what circumstances

Kay: like he had a lil bit better personality but he still farts & does gross things

Jan: I don't really look at Howie that way

Howie: thanks Janie

(ugh everytime I go from the workout room feed to quad they start whispering & I miss it)

Diane & James laying together on the outside Chaise Lounge talking about how Diane was good at Track in high school. Diane was a cheerleader & she dated the quarterback for 3 weeks. Nak joins them. Nak talking about going to college & her future.

(meanwhile back in the workout room) Janelle & Kaysar whispering something about winning HOH & I hope it's majority rules.

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Diane saying she did track in highschool but quit senior year because her boyfriends dad was the coach.... she wishes she didnt quit now

she said that he made them practice like the football team

James (sarcastically): they made you practice, i cant imagine a coach that would make you practice, what a mean coach

Diane was also a cheerleader along with her sister. she says the two of them were the best

Diane was born before her sister was by a minutes

James: i remember this kid i meant in CCD class born on the same day same hospital but he was born at 3:34 and i was born at 3:33

Diane: oh yeah, that's pretty sweet

James: im gonna keep people up tonight

9:33 BBT

Nakomis joins diane and james on the red couch in the BY

Diane bringing up that its pretty bad that something still smells like fish chum from the veto comp (to alison still packing)

Nakomis wants to go back to college to teach art to people in highschool

James: they are crazy (artists)

Nak: no they are quiet and crazy on paper

james: until they cut off their ear

Nak: im not sure what exactly sure what i want to do with my life

she has been jumping around with what she wants to do

James: what is crazy is that half the fans already has ringtones and our pics as backgrounds

Diane: yeah my sister better have me on her phone

James saying he didnt know what to say for the ringtones they made

Nak: i think one of mine was: cool beans answer your phone

(she likes that phrase "cool beans" she said it in the casting episode when asking for america's vote0

nakomis said when she first went to college she clearly said monday weds and friday, dont schedule me morning and no volumes (not sure what that means). first week went great and she had 100 average in classes. 2nd week she got volumes every day and it screwed her times all up.

nakomis says she works at a restaurant and shes worked there long enough that when she seats people she can get "snippy" with them and get away with it

she says she hates the people that are cranky and angry when they get there that are drunk or just ass holes

James said he told a customer when he worked at a restaurant once that he was working there for extra money and dont mess with him

nakomis said she told people to leave before. she said she would tell people that she wont seat them and then the customer will want the manager. she would tell the customer that the manager would just call the cops and the cops would escort you out or you could just leave now and they would leave.

nakomis said she cant push some tables together because of fire exits... and the conversation cuts of

BB: jase please put on your microphone

james: DUMB ASS (love that :D )

Erika is cleaning make up or scum or something off the hot tub liner

Nakomis: and thats why i dont use hot tubs

Diane: thats why i normally pass

Nakomis: what was it

Diane: mold

back to restaurant ass hole conversation

a big group of people came and wanted to move tables to fit them all but it was blocking exits and even though they were told to move the tables back they didnt. Nakomis went up and said do you guys you need a new table because all 10 of you arent going to fit here

They started getting pshyco

so she told them they were blocking exits and they were saying there wont be a fire

nakomis said well if there is i would get fired for not moving you

they wouldnt move so nakomis said she was going to get her manager

but they said they were only getting drinks

so nakomis went to get the manager

and one of the customers ran after her and grabbed her arm and said you fuckin ruined my christmas

and she went again and nakomis turned around and said grab me grab me i dare you too

and nakomis got another waiter to help her that would put knifes on customers and they got the guys to leave and on the way out they were yelling that their xmas was ruined because of nakomis telling them to move their tables

she hates people who dont have any respect for their waiter or waitress

James: i hated howie the first time around because he fucked our season up

but he is warming up to me

i think im gonna take a break maybe go to sleep... so someone else should take over

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Feed switches to Marc (bitching about the nerd herd), Will, Boogie, Danielle, Howie, CG, Janelle in HOH.

Talking about how they don't remember things they say that the fans really love like when Janelle said Bye Bye bitches. Rehashing the whole nerd herd betrayal (again :rolleyes: )

Talking about how they have all cussed on a live show.

Will tells them when he wins HOH next week he isn't going to agree with the noms so the other HOH will go on the block with him.

James-Nak-Diane still on the chase. Diane says Jase just left, maybe she pissed him off w/her asshole comment.

James: there's still tension between you guys huh

Diane: I can't talk to that kid about anything

Nak: he says he doesn't want to talk to me about anything so I stay away

Diane: he thinks that if you guys see us talking you guys will think we are in an alliance when we really hate each other. If you don't like somebody the 1st time around you won't like em the 2nd

Nak: I don't want to provoke Jase

James: the last thing anybody wants to do is intimidate anyone.

James says BB went off on Howie for what he did to April last year & they won't tolerate it again.

They think they won't get alcohol for awhile again because of the way some people acted last time.

Talk of how Will said whoever gets HOH he want them to nom him & Howie.

Diane: do you think Will would possibly go into this game to risk losing 3 months of his life just to walk around saying he doesn't want to be here? Give me a break.

James says Karen ripped on him during revenge of the HG last year. He says she didn't even play the game she was a piece of furniture. Diane asks if tomorrow will be a rough food day because we have the food comp on Friday. James says yes.

Big loud party still going on in HOH

(nite all bedtime for me)

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Janelle and Kaysar in hammock

Alison and Erika in Hottub

Janelle and Kaysar were talking about James and his allegiance to the SOVS and how if they don't win hoh next week, they at LEAST need to win veto to hold some power that week.

J: Whats wrong with you?

K: What makes you think something is wrong?

J: Nothing

K: Just thinking

J: think i should style my hair?

K: How long will it take?

J: a few hours

K: jeez

She washes her hair every three days

Kaysar wants Janelle to look her best.

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Howie's ass is hanging out on F1 in the BY

they are talking about keeping dani and will in the game because they will always be targets

kaysar: you been taking your vitamins howie

howie: no actually i havent

and they start quizzing about hoh stuff again

janie: you have the biggst ass crack hanging out right now

howie: and i just farted too

janie: that's awesome

howie making fun of george because he always says your okay howie

marcellas yells no watermelon in the recycle bin

kaysar: that will be the tiebreaker for hoh

howie: how many times has howie passed gas in the big brother household

kaysar: could you imagine if you got that one wrong and someone else got it

howie: yeah i know

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Boogie and Will talking in the kitchen with Ali about doing some wild stuff on the live show to make things interesting.

Will: They will not ask us 1 question tomorrow night.

Ali: Then how will you make it humorous

Boogie: We'll answer your questions

more talk about about upsetting the powers that be at CBS during the live show

mood in the house seems really light, everyone is poking fun at eachother and telling funny stories.

and of course, more eating

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2:06am bbt - HOH - howie, kaysar, marc, janelle

Janie asking howie to get her fiber pills from the HOH br. Marcellas is convinced that Howie didn't pass the psych test. Howie agrees. They've been going over trivia for hours. What color is this, what color is that....

F3 & 4 - red bedroom - ali, diane, nak - I think Ali is wired and cant sleep. there's some talking going on between Nak Ali and Diane Alisonsays that she even took a Xanax and they are supposed to knock her out. She said she feels like she could do a backflip right now she's so wired.

Ali - it's so cold in this room

Diane - it's hot to me

Ali - you're crazy girlfriend

It's hard to hear in there because they are rustling the covers and whispering. Diane suggests that Ali count sheep backwards to fall asleep.

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2:19am bbt - as marc, jan and kaysar are going over the colors of things in the rooms and they decide that the lamps in the living room are red. The camera starts to nod back and forth like "no" and kaysar notices it. he starts asking they are red? they're not red? The camera wont answer any other questions he asks though. - Howie is in the bathroom taking a shower (I think)

Howie announces from the shower that his nuts are huge and he'll have to jerk it tomorrow

Marcellas: what the hell does that have to do with anything?

Janie/Kaysar: It doesn't...

At 2:25am bbt - there is still just a lot of the same quizzing going on in HOH with Marc, Kays and Janelle - Howie still in shower. nothing much happening

Marcellas seems amazed that bb would use trivia for as important an event as HOH or POV. He thought that was just for luxury comps. Janelle assures him that trivia was done a lot on their season and that they had to really keeep track of the numbers and colors of things and what things were missing, etc. Janelle tells him that Nak and Diane are definitely studying and that Diane had answered Boogies question earlier of "what are you doing?" and they said "studying". Marcellas thinks this was the time that boogie realized that they might need to be keeping track of things like that.

F1 & 2 - HOH

F3 - big red room bed

F4 - Jase sleeping/not sleeping

2;34am bbt - It looks like janie is kinda trying to sleep, but listening in and chiming in here and there, marcellas, howie and kaysar seemed really awake....and ready to talk....like they are nervous excited for tomorrow.

Marcellas says that if dr will's strategy is confusion...i think it may be working. They all seem very non trusting of will and agree that he's just lying his way all over the place.

H: he's too cool for school. Boogie filled him in on everything.

Marc: really?

K - yeah , he said he watched like 80% of our season

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2:43am - Janelle says "hey you guys I wanna go to sleep!!!!!" kinda laughing, but definiitely serious.

Janelle says she may not even fit in her dress tomorrow and Marc. tells her from that bathroom that she has no one to blame but herself...eatin all those cookies and Janelle laughs and says that "she wouldn't be eating cookies if she weren't in this damn house"

Howie: nite tiffany, yana, trisha, dumbcakes

Kaysar says some...they are doing shoutouts to internetters

They all go over whether erika is trustworthy and kaysar is sure that she is. Marcellas says that they just gave her the game cause they got rid of her biggest opponent. Janelle says that will and boogie are saying they want to get out floaters, but they all laugh and point out that you cant trust anything they say.

They say that they think this season is going to be "bloody". marc says that the minute we walked through the door he knew there was going to be bloodshed by all the people in the house. He says that it will soon get to the point where no one knows what is going on from week to week.

Marcellas said that he thought it might even get to the point that danielle slaps marc. Howie and Kaysar ask him why and we get brief fire.

Come back to Marcellas saying that no one will get slapped 'cause the girl that was the kind to do the slapping is on her way out the door"

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3:00am - lights out.

F1 & 2 - HOH with marcellas and janelle in the bed, Howie has stretched out on one of the chaise. Marcellas cant seem to stop talking. he's upset at himself for allowing his worse enemy stay in the house. Janelle keeps telling him to shut up and that's not true. They are laughing.

Howie says he HAS to jack it and wants to sleep with Jan and Marc. They agree that Marc will be on one side, Janelle in the middle eand Howie on the end. The joke that jani smells like a fruit basket, howie smells like "bod" and marcellas smells sweaty.

Janie to Howie:you washed your pitts right?

they all laugh

They joke that allison is downstairs kickboxing right now. (I think she's asleep)

F3 - big bed - all sleeping

F4 - boogi (?) sleepinng

**That's all for me..g'nite

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last 30 minutes have been Danielle and Nak still sitting at the counter, general conversation about nothing(current topics have been Danielle discussing ladies from her season, and now Holly)... all other HGs still sleeping...

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Dani and Nak at the table talking about telling their bosses they were going on the show and how hard it was to get them to understand the concept...

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It's 9:30 in the BB house and as usual Nakomis and Danielle are the only two awake. You'd think that as the only early-risers, they might realize they have a unique advantage for an alliance. They are in the Kitchen together this morning.

So far this morning discussion has included a recap by Danielle of the BB3 cast and what she liked about them. A lot of time was spent discussing Amy. They switched to discussing Vegitarian Diets and Nakomis's complaint about the Hard Rock's Veg Menu. All too exciting, trust me!!!

They continued to discuss the 14 house guests picked for all-stars. Danielle can't believe that Lisa was omitted. She thought that since Will was a winner, they should have had another winner. They comment about how ALL the BB6rs are America's Choice to be in the house. Danielle also points out that the male/female ratio is not split down the middle as it has been in years past. Perhaps they consider Marcellas a bit of both she adds.

No real strategy discussed so far today.

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Danielle doing ADL's not sure where Nak went... Everyone else is sleeping...

It's 9:35 BBT... Nak is cleaning the kitchen... Danielle is taking a shower and now we have fire...

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