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BB25 - Episode 29 - ZingBot OTEV Competition


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We pick up on Day 66 after the nomination ceremonies. Bowie Jane has nominated Cirie and Felicia because she hasn’t really trusted them since the Red blindside and doesn’t talk game with them, but Cirie is her target.


Cirie says she made it 65 days without being on the block and she was hoping to make it longer. But she finally gets to play veto and she needs to win it. Felicia says they always knew Bowie Jane’s smile was a facade. She needs to win veto.


Cory says he needs Cam to get backdoored. He says Cam CAN win next HOH and he would nominate Cory and he could go home. Bowie Jane doesn’t think it’s fair to nominate Cam. She has her targets on the block and there is no need to change them.


Jag thinks Cam should go home too. Then they can take out Cory and America and Jag can have his ideal final five of himself, Matt, Felicia, Cirie, and Bowie Jane. 


Bowie Jane talks to Cam and tells him Cory is pushing hard for Cam. Cam says they need to backdoor Cory and Bowie Jane doesn’t want to do that because America will be coming after her. Cam says America will not go after Bowie Jane. 


Bowie Jane says Cam wants Cory out and vice versa and that’s why noms need to stay the same so Cory and Cam can go after each other and not her. Cam says Bowie Jane being so resistant to putting up Cory makes him think maybe she does have some sort of alliance with him. Jag and Matt discuss turning Bowie Jane against Cam so they can get him out.


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Cameron is hoping his name comes out of the box because the only way he can stay safe is if he gets to play. Bowie Jane really wants Matt or Jag to play because they are great competitors and they will do what’s best for her. 


Bowie Jane draws Matt. Matt wants to win so they can get Bowie Jane to backdoor Cameron. Cirie draws Jag. Felicia draws America. America is glad to play so she can win and protect herself and Cory from the block.


Cameron thinks maybe Meme’s speech when she was leaving might have been true and he has a feeling something weird is going on. He needs to talk to Jag and he says she’s coming up with weird reasons to not go after Cory. Cameron says if Cory is not chosen as a backdoor then it raises red flags.


Jag says he is nodding at Cameron but The Minutemen are coming for him and everything he’s saying about Bowie Jane plays right into his hand and he will use it against him. Jag goes to Bowie Jane and she is concerned because she was protecting him but if he doesn’t trust her that’s a problem. 


The HG have a message from the Scrambleverse and Zingbot enters the house! Zingbot asks how it’s going winners? Everyone is confused. Zingbot from the scrambleverse and his zings are a little different. He is happy to see all their beautiful faces, Zing! Jag says this is not what they signed up for.


They have Zingbot OTEV. What’s up losers! His name is OTEV, the Zinging Robot and in the scramble verse he’s king of the zings. Danger! Danger! There’s a thief among us. America is under arrest for robbing the cradle. 


What do you think brought the bigger wrinkles to this game, the multiverse twist or…Felicia? She says she doesn’t have wrinkles. Jag, your game play reminds him of a sports car. Not a Jaguar. A Bore-vette. Astin moron. And a Lame-borgini. The only hint worse than Blues catchphrase is her fashion sense.


What’s the difference between a great white shark and Bowie Jane. Ones a scary creature whose scary teeth terrify people and the other is a shark. And don’t get Zingbot started on her pigtails. Mecole, watching her play Big Brother has had a major impact on his life. He’s gone from Me-bored to Me-coma. She was so low key he forgot she was evicted. Not in the house Zing!


Matt, he can see why he got along with a cardboard cutout, similar intelligence. Blond Zing! Cirie, the past few weeks have been hard on her with her good friends leaving the game, leaving her alone. Now she can do what she does best…lose while on an island. Survivor Zing!


Cameron congratulations, he received a military promotion while in the house. He went from lieutenant loser to…a Major <expletive> tool! A patriotic song inspired by America: Cory's not beautiful, under any skies. Short like a piece of grain. A thin mustache, if you call it that, it causes my eyes pain. America! America! Did you have a lo-bo-to-MEEEE? He's a tiny man, can't kiss worth a damn. Let's throw him in the sea! As a human, Cory says, I'm destroyed. But as a fan, this is the best day of my life!


Zingbot has pictures of the biggest losers from the BB Universe and he is making a crap book of the biggest losers of BB25, but some of his pictures have gone missing. He will give a clue about an evicted HG and they must find the HG photo. If they are the last to bring back the correct photo or bring the wrong photo they will be eliminated. The last HG standing will win POV!


OTEV wants the photos of the second and third losers evicted. The HG scramble to find the photos of Reilly and Hisam. Cirie wants to save herself and not rely on anyone else. Jag is stashing different photos off the side so he knows where they are in later rounds. 


Cameron says Cirie is wrong because she got Reilly and Kirsten. America goes down trying to get up the ramp. Felicia cannot find Hisam and Cirie realizes she’s wrong and she goes back to see if she can fix her mistake. Felicia finds Hisam and gets back before Cirie can get back.


America, Jag, Matt, Felicia, and Bowie Jane are correct. Cirie has been eliminated! She just wants one game where she doesn’t look like an idiot. She hopes Felicia win so Cam or Cory could be the replacement nominee.


OTEV wants the photo of the loser who finished last in The Kicking Butt competition. Matt immediately knows that was Kirsten. Cameron wants Jag or Matt to win POV so they can get what they want done. America drops her photo and she has to slide down to get it. Felicia beats America to the top.


Jag, Bowie Jane, Matt, and Felicia are correct. America has been eliminated. Jag says he wants him, Matt, or Felicia to win veto so they can convince her to backdoor Cameron.


Felicia says she might actually have a chance at winning veto. OTEV wants the photo of the loser who had to wear a piggy costume for an entire week. Jag says two people wore the piggy costume and Cam is still there so he knows the answer is Izzy. 


Bowie Jane really wants to win POV and she sees Jag and Matt flying. Sorry Felicia but she has to leave her behind. Matt, Jag, and Bowie Jane are all correct with Izzy. Felicia is eliminated.


OTEV wants the photo of the loser eliminated first in the Pressure Cooker competition. Bowie Jane says that was the longest day of her life and she’ll never forget Jared was out first. Matt is the last to make it back. Jag and Bowie Jane are correct with Jared, and Matt has been eliminated.


OTEV wants the photos of the two losers who were evicted with exactly 8 votes to evict. Jag says he knows this and it’s Izzy and Red. He just needs to find the photos and beat Bowie Jane up the ramp. Jag is back first and he is correct with Red and Izzy. Bowie Jane has been eliminated and Jag has won the POV!


Jag says veto number three. He’s excited about this one. Cirie says the best plan is to get rid of Cory or Cameron but she doesn’t think these people are that strategic. Jag says sorry Cameron, your time is up!


Cameron goes to talk to Bowie Jane because he feels like something is off. Bowie Jane says it feels like Jag is leaning towards using it. Bowie Jane says she really has to consider replacement nominees. Bowie Jane says there aren’t any good options and Cameron says there is one great option and everyone would vote for him. 


Bowie Jane says she just doesn’t want any blood on her hands.Cameron says he’s kept her safe and if Bowie Jane wants to keep him safe, she can’t put him up. Bowie Jane says she’ll think about it. Cameron doesn’t know why Jag would use veto and even if he did, why would Bowie Jane put him up. He needs to work his tail off to stay off the block.


Bowie Jane says Jag is likely using veto and Cameron has been throwing her name around. But he’d also be public enemy number one and a shield for her. She really has to consider what is best for her game.

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