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BB25 - Episode 27 - Live Eviction and HOH competition.

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Tonight, the Cameron resurrection tour continues to roll. Next stop, Eviction Night. Welcome to Big Brother! 

Previously on Big Brother, Jag & Matt were the Minute Men, and they expanded their alliance by adding Cameron. But they were also secretly working with Cory & America. Meanwhile, the showmance approached Mecole & Felicia to form a side squad. With Cameron rocketing his way to power, he had his sights set on Felicia. After Cory told Blue he would come after Cam, Blue took that info and used it against Cory. At the Veto competition, Cameron exorcise the Golden Power right into his hands. He pitched The Fugitives on taking out Cory. But Jag was not onboard. At the Veto meeting, Felicia put the college student on Blast, leaving Cameron with a huge decision. Tonight, will Cory be backdoored or will Felicia stay in the line of fire? And who will be the final HG evicted before Jury begins? Plus, a new HoH will be crowned, live. All this, right now, on Big Brother!

Julie greets us and it’s Day 65 in the house. We pick up during the Veto Ceremony on Day 62. Cameron tells us he wants to back door Cory, but Jag and Matt are not on board. Cameron has decided NOT to use the POV.


Felicia tells Cory he doesn’t have to hug her if he doesn’t want to and he says he does. Felicia wants to convince the rest of the house that America and Cory are a bigger threat. Meme didn’t expect Cameron to use veto and she won’t campaign against Felicia but she’s not going to make any deals.


Cory says it doesn’t feel good to be called out but he doesn’t want to argue in public with Felicia. America calls Felicia a liar in front of everyone. America says did she and Cory make the deal? Yes, but she’s not going to admit it.


Felicia wants to talk to Cory but he wants to do it privately but she says that’s where he can lie. Cory walks away and America says this was his chance to back her up. Cameron says Felicia is out the door but now she’s painting a target on America and Cory.


Cirie says she is staying out of the vote. She needed Felicia and Meme’s vote to keep Jared and she didn’t get it so she isn’t lifting a finger to help them. Cory says the call out with Felicia was one thing but he just learned before the veto meeting that Blue is trying ti back door him. He tells America Blue needs to go next week.


Cory is talking to Matt about Blue wanting to back door him. Matt says this conversation is tricky but he needs to make Cory feel like Jag and Matt didn’t even entertain it even though they did. Cory says Matt’s story doesn’t make sense but he needs Matt and Jag to trust him. Matt says he and Jag want America and Cory and Blue taking shots at each other.


Jag is talking to Cameron about the veto meeting. Felicia asks Cameron and Jag how badly she blew up her game. Cameron says it’s a hard game to play for here. Felicia says she hasn’t given up yet.


Felicia says everyone is her in the jury house, but they need to worry about Cory in the Big Brother house. She says leave her in the game and she will take a shot at Cory. She’s not scared like everyone else. Felicia talks to Jag and pitches keeping her to go after Cory. Jag says people want her out but her staying would be good for him and Matt.


Matt, Bowie, and Jag are talking about keeping Felicia because they can beat her in competitions. Bowie asks if they can get the votes. Jag says they have to convince Cory and America to keep Felicia and play this smart. Bowie says they are working more underground.


Cameron is going to head to bed and Cory says to Jag, Matt, and America wouldn’t it be funny if they saved Felicia again without her knowing it. Cory says the only 2 votes would be Cirie and Blue and Felicia wouldn’t work with them. America just doesn’t want Felicia in the house. They talk about how Meme has done better in comps than Felicia.


Jag says this just fall into our laps? Do you know what time it is? It’s Minute Men time. Cory says it may sound crazy but if Blue gets left out of a vote, then it’s not Blue against Cory, but it would Blue against the house. And they can just beat Felicia easier in comps than Mecole.


It’s time for the live eviction! Felicia shouts out her family. She hopes this isn’t the end of her journey. She’s enjoyed every minute in the house, good and bad. She’s standing on the faith of a mustard seed. Anything is possible.


Mecole shouts out her husband and mother. She says she played a game with intent and integrity. Loose lips sink ships and that’s why she played a quiet game. She says they should keep her if they want someone in the house that doesn’t manipulate people to do their dirty work.


it’s time for the vote!

Cory votes to evict Meme.

Cirie sadly votes to evict Meme.

Blue casts her vote to evict Meme.

Matt sadly chooses to evict Mecole.

Jag votes to evict Meme.

America votes to evict Meme.

Bowie Jane votes to evict Meme.

By a vote of 7-0, Mecole has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Mecole passes on a hug from Cory and doesn’t hug America. 


Mecole tells everyone that Cory, America, and Bowie Jane have an alliance and she tells them not to let them run away with the money. 


Julie says Mecole blew off Cory and America and she says she knows sabotage when she sees it and they pretended to be her friend all season. Julie asks Mecole what she thought happened since she was supposed to be a pawn. Meme says she knew it would happen sooner or later because they seen her do well in competitions.


Julie asks Meme if she would be surprised to know two people were related. Meme guesses Cameron and America and Julie tells her it was Jared and Cirie and she is shocked.


Matt says a majority wasn’t sure where she was aligned. America says they had to flip the house because she was the better competitor and had a better social game. Cirie says if Meme is watching this, they got her. She tried to tell her to keep Jared. 


Meme says she thought she’d win more but she gave it her all. 


The Humiliverse sent out its newest app, Humiligram. It appears on the memory wall and the HG go look and see an Instagram style app that shows funny pictures and captions. The HG are studying them and trying to take in as many details as they can. 


It’s time for the HOH competition! Julie will ask questions about the posts they seen and they will answer true or false. Whoever has the most points after 7 questions will be the new HOH!


Question 1: The post of Reilly and Jared at the bar had exactly 74 dislikes. Cirie answers true and everyone else answers false. The post had 47 dislikes. 


Question 2: In Red’s post from the farm, the hens beak was fading away from red. Jag and Blue answer false and everyone else answers true. The correct answer is true. Cory, America, Matt, Bowie Jane, Felicia have 2 points. Cirie, Jag, and Blue have 1 point.


Question 3: The photo of Kirsten and Hisam on the boat in the canals was posted from Kirsten’s account. Everyone answers true and they are all correct.


PQuestion 4: In the photo of Reilly at the water park, the penguin was at the top of the yellow slide. Everyone answers true and they are all correct. Cory, America, Matt, Bowie Jane, and Felicia have 4 points. Cirie, Jag, and Blue have 3 points.


Question 5: Both Red and Izzy’s teeth were clearly visible in the photo of the roller coaster. Everyone answers false and they are all correct.


Question 6: In Hisam’s post from the gym, the word right appeared exactly three times. Jag, Cirie, Matt, America all answer true and everyone else answers false, the correct answer is false. Bowie Jane, Felicia, and Cory have 6 points. Matt, America, and Blue have 5 points. Jag and Cirie has 4 points. 


Question 7: In the group photo of the pre-jury part, the cake had exactly 6 candles, Matt, America, and Cory answer true and the correct answer is false. There were no candles. Jag and Cirie have 4 points. Matt and America has 5 points. Blue and Cory have 6 points. Felicia and Bowie Jane have 7 points. 


Bowie Jane and Felicia will go to a tiebreaker. In minutes, how long was Jared a zombie from the moment he re-entered the house to when Cameron won do or die. Bowie Jane answers 627 and Felicia answers 49,500. The correct answer is 10,401 minutes and Bowie Jane is the new HOH!


Julie congratulates Bowie Jane on winning HOH and tells them everyone remaining will either be part of the jury or face the jury.

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