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BB25 - Episode 24 - Resurrection Competition


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It’s day 58 in the house and Jared or Cameron will have their game resurrected. We have to find out who will win the resurrection rumble. Cameron leads Jared 13-9. Cameron says he has to win so he can decide who puts their life on the line. 


For this competition the rules are simple. The first one who gets all their skulls and eyeballs in their shovel wins. Cory cannot have Jared coming back. Jared has to reset and start again. Jared says he now has to play the game of catch up. 


Cirie is praying Jared can pull out this win because she doesn’t know if she can take watching him walk out the door again. Blue says this is a stressful game to watch. Cameron is at 21 and Jared is at 11. Jag says the power dynamics have been shifting and if Jared returns things could go back to where they were.


Cameron is at 25 and Jared has to reset again. Jared has to hope Cameron slips up. Cameron says he is only focused on what he is doing. Bowie Jane really wants Cameron to win this. Cameron is close and Jared is still trying to catch up.


Cory says it feels like a Cameron is gently holding his game in his hands. Cameron has all his balls on his shovel and he is making his way back and hits his button and he has won the resurrection rumble! He says the fate of his game now lies in his hands. 


Cameron says he doesn’t have time to celebrate because all he’s done is win a chance to decide who will play in the final competition. He needs to work on setting up a future for himself. Cirie says she has never experienced this type of situation and she doesn’t know what he should do.


Cory is over the moon because he thinks Cameron will be back in the house. Cirie and Felicia are comforting Jared and telling him it isn’t over yet. Felicia tells him to stay in the game. He just hopes someone will protect his mom. Felicia says life brings about disappointment but Jared, herself, and Cirie need each other.


Jag thinks Cam has a strong shot at staying and Cameron wants to work with Jag and Matt and see if they can make it work. Cameron thinks the three of them could take care of business. Jag is open to working with Cameron because he’d rather work with him than against him. 


Blue joins Cameron, Jag, and Matt and they are discussing an alliance. Blue wants Jared to stay, but if Cameron stays she needs to make sure she’s good with him. Cameron is talking to Jag and Matt and says they are a three personal alliance with layers. Cameron mentions The Brigade and compares them. Matt doesn’t know what The Brigade is but it sounds good to him.


America and Cory are making out in the shower and Jag and Felicia walk in and America hides. Jag asks if anyone is in the bathroom and Cory says America was. They realize she’s in the shower and Jag and Felicia leave.


Cory’s alliance is with America, Jag, and Matt, but he wants to make sure he’s good with Felicia and Meme. Mecole doesn’t really trust Cory and America but you can’t trust anyone in this game. But she hunks she can beat them later.


Matt sees Cory talking to Felicia and that’s cool but then he sees Cory uses his hand to cover his lips and now he’s suspicious. Felicia, Meme, America, and Cory are talking and America says no one would see it coming. Cory says they have a better chance at winning against Meme and Felicia than Matt and Jag.


Matt sees the four talking and he assumes Cory is covering bases which is fine, but he got caught. Matt, Jared, and Blue are talking about Cory and America being a safe haven. Blue says America and Cory are a threat to her and the more she can drag America’s name through the mud, the more she can pull Jag and Matt closer.


Jared is pretty sure Cameron is going to choose to play himself but he wants to talk to him. Cameron says he’s gonna do it. Jared says champions want to hold the ball and Cameron agrees. Jared says he respects that but he hopes he loses it. Cameron says even though he’s confident it doesn’t mean he will win.


Julie greets us and she’s going to show Cameron what he’s up against before he makes his decision. Julie explains they will have to use the zombie pulleys to maneuver a ball up the board into the combine hand. But it has to be done in 3 minutes. If the ball drops they have to start again. 


Julie asks if Cameron want to play or let Jared play. Cameron takes a moment and says he’s going to take it on. Julie has Cameron step up and 3 minutes are on the clock, Julie gives the go! Cameron starts with the first ball and is doing pretty well. 30 seconds have gone and he’s making progress. He almost loses the ball but recovers. He’s shaky around the arm but is hanging in but drops.


Cameron starts again with 1:50 left. He moves faster up but slows down around the arm. He’s moving very slowly but has over a minute still. He drops the ball in the hand and hits the buzzer with 1:05 left. Jared’s game is over and he has to head inside, say goodbye, and head out the front door. 


Jared gives hugs and Cameron is also hugging people. Jared does a handshake and hug with Bowie Jane. Blue is last to hug Jared and he grabs his bag and heads out the door.


Julie asks Jared how difficult that was to watch? He says it was tough, but he fought as hard as he could. Jared says he’d have done everything he could to get that ball in the hand. Cameron made the right choice.


Julie asks Jared how he thinks his mom will do and he gets emotional. She asks how much of his game play was affected by his mom? He says he knew it would be hard but he tried to protect her. Jared thinks he built a good bond with Blue.


Julie asks how jared is feeling and he says he hopes his mom is good and he hopes she can trust Blue. Jared asks how things changed so quickly on double eviction night and he says he was a competitor and he had to do what he had to.


America is happy Jared is out of the house. Bye! Cory says he expects to be friends after the show. Blue is going to miss her blanket time and promises him a trip to Italy. CIrie is so proud of him and she will try and get Cory for him if it’s the last thing she does.


Jared says he loved it and he enjoyed his experience. Julie will talk with the HG and put scary week to bed.


Julie congratulates Cameron and he says he’s happy. He says that competition got him rattled. He was nervous after the first ball dropped but he kept going. Julie says scary week is officially over but that doesn’t mean scary verse won’t rear it’s ugly head again. Everyone gets to play in the next HOH.

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