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BB25 - Episode 19 - Live eviction and start of HOH


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This week the hijinxs of Humiliweek have clashed with the most dramatic events of the season, all leading to tonight's pivotol live vote and eviction. Welcome to BB!


Previously on BB, Cirie, Izzy and Felicia have been running the game, along with Cirie's son Jared, and they had alliances with nearly all the house. But after blindsiding Cameron and Bowie by evicting Red, and the Space Cowboy then taking control, the power trio was finally up against the ropes. Thinking he was still good with Jared, Cameron shared he was circling Cirie as a backdoor. With the Veto Games underway, Jared buddied up to power, while others walked away with publishments. Izzy & Cameron became piggy pals, Cirie was up the river with Felicia, and Matt became a Duhamelamaniac. Clueless about Jared's true loyalties, Felicia thought he would use the Veto to save her. But at the Veto meeting, Jared protected his mom. Tonight, one of Cirie's top allies exits the game, but will it be who she expects? Plus, the HoH is on the line in the iconic Wall comp and the HG come face to face with a legendary meatball. All this right now live, on BB!

Julie greets us and tells us it’s day 44 in the house and Cameron’s revenge run is going on. We pick up on day 41 after the veto meeting and Jared has decided not to use the veto because he didn’t want to put his mom in danger.


Felicia hates being against Izzy. She thinks she has Blue, Mecole, Cirie, Jared, and Cory’s votes to stay. Cirie says this is like being in one of her worst nightmares because her two closest allies are counting on her vote. She’s hoping the house will keep Izzy because she needs that to happen but she doesn’t want the decision to come from her.


Cory says the decision is pretty clear for him between Izzy and Felicia because he’s been in an alliance with Izzy, Cirie, and Jared for awhile. He says the votes should be straight forward. Izzy says her and Cirie have worked hard to make sure everyone is comfortable working with them and hopefully now it pays off.


Cory says America has wanted to take a shot at Izzy and Cirie but he thinks it’s way too risky. America says Izzy is the better game player and she doesn’t understand why they’re afraid to take the shot.


Felicia and Cirie get the announcement their Kayak punishment is over. America is talking to Cameron and telling him the house wants Felicia to go. America tells Cameron he was the target last week and he says no. America also tells him Jared told Red that Cameron volunteered to go up next to him.


America feels good that Cameron knows everything but she still needs to get four more votes to evict Izzy because Cameron can’t vote. America goes to talk to Matt to see where his head is at to build better relationships. Matt feels solid with Cirie. He wouldn’t mind working with America short term but not long term.


Matt tells America that he won the secret power and used it on Jag and that Cirie also played in that comp. America says she won’t tell but then we see her tell Cory. Cory wants to key Cirie didn’t tell him she played but would tell Matt. He says he’s been too complacent and now he should make big moves.


Cory talks to Jag. Cory tells us he feels like he’s being played and now he needs other people to realize they are being pinned against each other. Cory tells Jag he knows about The Seven Deadly Sins and Izzy told him.J Jag says he’s been suspicious of Jared and Cirie anyway. 


Jag says Seven Deadly Sins is dead now. Cory, America, and Jag are talking about voting Izzy out. America says flipping the house is her love language. They only need two more votes and Cory thinks he can do this. Cory goes to Bowie about the vote and he tells her to be careful about Cirie. 


Cory goes to Mecole with the plan to vote out Izzy. Meddle says she’s been in multiple alliance with both nominees but she believes Izzy is the stronger player and it just makes sense to send her out this week.


Cory then goes to Matt and he needs to build some alliances. He wants to work with Jag and Matt. He tells Matt he’s voting to evict Izzy and he tells him why. Cory tells Matt he knows about Seven Deadly Sins. Matt says his mind is blown right now. Jag comes in and says Seven Deadly Sins have burned bridges. 


Julie goes to the LR. Felicia says this week has been long and exhausting and she has survived. She says everyone has to make a decision and take the lead and that person will be the winner of this season.


Izzy says this has changed her life. She cares deeply about this game even though she’s fighting for her life in the pig costume. She says she can learn and grow and if they choose to keep her and she will choose to be brave and strong for them. She desperately hopes they vote to keep her and she ends with a shoutout.


It’s time to vote!

America votes to evict Izzy.

Cory votes to evict Izzy.

So far it’s 2 votes to evict Izzy and 0 to evict Felicia. We’ll continue voting when we get back.


Voting continues!

Matt sadly votes to evict Izzy. 

Cirie votes to evict Felicia.

Jared sadly votes to evict Izzy.

Bowie Jane votes to evict Izzy.

Blue happily votes to evict Izzy.

Jag votes to evict Izzy.

Mecole casts her vote to evict Izzy.

By a vote of 8-1, Izzy has been evicted from the Big Brother house.


Izzy hugs everyone but Cameron and Cory and says she’ll see them soon. She joins Julie on stage and the HG watch her picture go gray.


Julie asks Izzy what she thinks when wrong and she says she trusted Cory too much. She feels most betrayed by Cory. She thought they built a strong friendship and maybe it clouded her judgement.


Julie asks about Izzy protecting Cirie and Jared’s secret and she says she thought it was too soon to think about blowing up their group. She believes Cirie and Jared are in big trouble but she hopes they survive. 


Jag says he respects her so much but she played herself. Mecole thought they were developing a friendship that was based on honesty but it’s not true. Cory says he couldn’t trust Jared or Cirie. Cirie says she’ll see her at the family dinners, she’s a Fields now.


Izzy says no regrets and she had a great time. Julie says the next battle for HOH will begin after the break.


It’s time for the HOH competition! Julie informs them they are going back to a jury of 7 and they have to earn their spots. The HG must hang on for deal life. Last HG left will become the new HOH! 


The wall tips forward and Felicia is shaking a bit. Bowie Jane readjusts as the wall tips forward a bit more. They get puffs of smoke from behind them and Julie tells us that next Thursday will be a scaryverse double eviction! 

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