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BB25 - Episode 18 - Veto Competition and Meeting


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We pick up on Day 38 after the Nomination ceremony and Cameron has nominated Izzy and Felicia, and Legends 25 is dead. He says an amateur would go after the president, but he’s chopping the arms off and is going to watch it wiggle.


Izzy is surprised Cameron put her on the block with Felicia but she thinks he’s intimidated by her. Game on. Felicia doesn’t understand Cameron’s speech because he wanted Hisam out and his relationship with Red was on the rocks.


Jag is surprised he is not on the block. Before Homs were made he and Cameron made a deal and so far it seems he’s honoring that deal. But he doesn’t really trust him. 


Felicia talks to Cameron and says everyone wanted Hisam gone. She says they were voting out Jag but then Izzy and Cirie told her that Red said she was a liability about an hour and a half before eviction. Cameron says this is what he wanted. Felicia is throwing her friends under the bus.


Izzy is in to talk to Cameron and he says this is a firm distinction between personal and game. Izzy says Cameron makes her skin crawl but she has to play buddy buddy so she doesn’t become the target. Cameron says Felicia is a loose cannon and Izzy is not the target but tells us Izzy is his target.


Cameron tells Izzy he loves Cirie. He tells us he does love her but there is no world where the three of them work together. Izzy tells us she knows Cirie is a replacement nom choice and she is worried what is going to happen after veto.


America is living for this. She’s seen that Izzy, Felicia, and Cirie have been running the house and Cameron seen the light. Cirie goes to talk to Cameron and she says he’s probably mad at her too but she understands why this had to happen. Cameron says the president is a little frazzled but if someone comes off the block? She is going down.


Izzy is talking Cirie and they are discussing she could be a replacement nominee. She says if she wins veto she will not pull herself down. Cirie says it’s crazy but she is someone crazy enough to do that and that’s what makes her phenomenal.


Jag is in to talk to Cameron and he tells us he doesn’t trust Cameron and he doesn’t feel completely safe. Cameron says this is an olive branch. He tells Jag not a word about their deal. If he finds out Jag tells anyone about that deal he’ll put him up so fast his head will spin. 


Jag says if Cameron is starting a working relationship with someone, threatening them is not the way to go. He does not feel any better about this and he needs to play in this veto.


Jag and Matt make an alliance and they are calling themselves The Minutemen. Jag was a huge fan of The Hitmen and he wants to be like them. Jag wants to play veto and win and keep noms the same. Matt says even though 2 of The Seven Deadly Sins are on the block, it is better for his and Jag’s game for noms to stay the same.


Jared is talking to Cameron and says things are about to get bananas. Jared says he doesn’t trust Cameron at all and when he laughs, it’s not with Cameron but at him. Cameron says game on. Cam says this was the perfect week. Nominations, no food, terrible sleeping situations, and yelling into a bullhorn. Cameron says Jared put him on the block but as a pawn and he trusts him.


Cameron says Felicia sang like a bird and as much as he trusts Jared, he’s not going to tell him the entire plan. Jared says when Cameron tells him his plan isn’t over he’s jumping to conclusions. He suspects Cameron is going to go after his mom. He needs to win this veto so he can protect his mom. 


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Cameron is dreaming to pull Cirie’s chip out. He draws Matt. Matt is excited he gets to play to help ensure noms stay the same. Felicia wants to pull Jared’s name because he is her son in the house. Felicia draws Jared. Izzy draws HG choice and she chooses Jag. Jag says it’s great Izzy chose him for veto because it shows trust between them.


Matt says he feels closest with Jag, Cirie, and Jared and he wants to see where his head is at. Jared says they have to keep it the same because Cirie would be the replacement nominee. Jared thinks Cameron will give him the full plan once he wins veto. 


Izzy is talking to Cirie and she wants to win veto. She wants to be good at this. Izzy says Cirie is her favorite person and Cirie says Izzy is her favorite too, besides the one she gave birth too. Cirie asks why Izzy isn’t confident in herself and she says she doesn’t know. She wants to be able to do things. 


Cirie tells Izzy the feelings she has are the same ones Cirie had when she took a chance at Survivor. Cirie is emotional and she says she feels like she found her person, someone who understands. Cirie says they are two hot messes. Izzy says Cirie is inspiring her right now and she trusts her. 


It’s time for the Veto Competition! Blue calls everyone into the LR for a special sneak peek of Camp Buddy Games hosted by Josh Duhamel. Josh is hosting the Veto Competition and he has brought the spirit of Buddy Games to the Big Brother Backyard. 


Each round they’ll take a seat in a spinning chair and be spun for 30 seconds. Then they’ll throw three shots. The lowest score in each round is eliminated. But don’t worry, they get a prize, but it may not be theirs because someone else could steal it.


Felicia is up first and she says it is imperative she wins veto. Felicia gets spun and she is very slow getting up. She hits 70 with ball number 1. 0 with ball number two and she takes a spill. She doesn’t get her third ball. Felicia’s score is 70.


Jared is up next and one of his main goals is to keep his mom as safe as possible. Jared is quickly up and his first ball is a 1. His second ball is 28. His third ball is 1. Jared’s score is 30.


Cameron is next and he wants to win or Jared so they can discuss how much chaos to create and his score is 65. Izzy is up and she scores 7, 6, and 2. Izzy has a score of 15. Matt wants to win so he can prove he can win but also to keep noms the same. Matt scores 97, 45, and 0 for a total of 142.


Jag is up and he doesn’t trust Cameron at all so he wants to win this veto. Jag scores 91, 0, and 11 and has a total of 102. Izzy had the low score and has been eliminated and she has the POV. She knows she is not keeping this veto.


For the second round the spinning is longer and they have less time to shoot. Jared is up first and scores 75, 62, 47 for a total of 184 and Cameron says let’s go. Cameron is next and scores 8, 18, and 0 for a total of 26. Matt is up and he scores 71, 45, and 6 for a total of 122. Jag scores 7, 37, and 47 for a total of 91.


Felicia is up and takes a spill. She scores 6 and 21 for a score of 27. Cameron has been eliminated and he wins Piggy Pals where he and another HG will be pals and they will have to fill a pigpen with dirt using only 2 small scoopers and complete it in 12 hours. He trades Izzy for the veto.


Round 3 begins and Matt is first. He scores 7, 5, and 51 for a total of 63. Jag scores 8, 4, and 5 for a total of 17. Jared is up and he scores 97, 44, and 9 for a total of 150. Felicia is up and scores 47. Felicia collapses on the ground and Cameron says they need to get someone out there.


Felicia has been eliminated but she is up with a bag of ice. She wins a European vacation and she trades for the veto giving Cameron the vacation. Round 4 starts and Jag is up and scores 8, 62, and 6 for a score of 76. Jared scores 9, 5, and 60 for a score of 74. 


Matt is up last in this round and he scores 8, 54, and 54 for a score of 116. Jared wins Kayaking companions and he must move around with one other HG in a kayak for 24 hours. Jared trades for the veto and Felicia has the Kayak Companions.


It is time for the final round! Matt is first and scores 80, 56, and 3. Jag is up and scores 89, 5, 2 for a total of 96. Jag’s prize if $5,000 and he decides to keep the money. Matt’s prize is Duhamel-a-Maniac. He gets to hang out with “Josh” all week and he thinks that’s better than all the other prizes and he keeps it.


Izzy picks Cameron as her Piggy Pal. Felicia selects Cirie as her Kayak Companion. Jared has won the POV! He says this could not have been better because now he gets to hear Cameron’s plan. Izzy is glad Jared won so she doesn’t have to not use veto. Cameron says this is great! He gets to go to Europe and fill Jared in on his plan. Felicia is excited because Jared can pull her down.


Cirie and Felicia are called to the DR and they get their Kayak Companions punishment. They have life vests and helmets and are in a kayak with oars and will be together for 48 hours. They have to be in the kayak when they go anywhere but they can land and dock and be out of the kayak. 


Cirie and Felicia get called to the DR and we see them trying to maneuver through the hall and get the DR door open. They finally make it in. Matt is called to the DR and he has a cardboard cutout of Josh and has on the new version of the humilitard. We see him shaving Josh’s face on the cutout. 


Matt gets to go take a selfie in the kitchen. We then see him take a selfie under the kitchen table. He then gets a selfie with Josh and the Kayak Companions, then the HOH. He gets up in the middle of the night to get a selfie in the have-not room. He also had to put all his photos on a shrine to Josh.


Jared is in to talk to Cameron and Cameron says this could not have been any better. Jared says if Cameron can actually convince him that Cirie is not the replacement nom then he’ll consider using the veto. Cameron asks if Jared wants to play it chill or blow things apart. He tells Jared they could put Cirie on the block. Cameron tells us he wants Izzy to sit next to her best friend in the house because he had to sit next to two of his.


Jared says Cameron confirmed his suspicions and he has to make sure that happened. Jared tries to sway Cameron to put Jag up. Cameron says it’s pretty clear Jared doesn’t want Cirie up. He says he has to think long and hard about that now. He says putting up Jag is worth entertaining. He tells Jared they’ll make the decision together.


Izzy and Cameron are called to the DR and they have pink pig onesies. They get 12 hours to move 2000 scoops to their pen or Izzy will be ineligible to compete in the next veto. Cameron says it’s nice dirt but smells like mulch. He doesn’t like Izzy as a player but he loves her as a person. So he will make sure she succeeds at this mission and hen make sure she meets Julie on Thursday. 


Mecole says she has no idea is what is happening right now. They have 2 HG in a kayak, 2 in piggie costumes, and Josh with Matt. Matt gets a 10 on the stink-o-meter and everyone must put on their gas masks, including the piggies. Matt has to get a selfie with Josh in the gas mask. Felicia says she doesn’t think there has ever been this much going on in the house. Cirie says it’s a mad house. Josh has to get a selfie with Josh and ALL the HG. 


America says she has been working on Cory and molding him into the perfect boyfriend. They’ve been working on kissing. Cory says it’s obvious he likes America but his mom is watching the feeds. America says they aren’t official until they have their first kiss and we see them kissing at night and America says it’s now official.


It’s 3:05 AM and Cameron and Izzy are still moving first, they are at 1524 and Izzy is talking constantly. Cameron he has run up mountains but this has kicked his ass. They run the last two scoops and they now must add water to their pigpen and they have to roll around in the dirt. Cameron says he is so gassed and sore all over. Izzy says she appreciates Cameron.


Jared says this is going to be a tough conversation to have with Felicia that he can’t use veto but it’s even worse he has to tell them both together because of the punishment. Felicia needs Jared to use the veto on her but how does she get that to happen with Cirie right there. She says this punishment is now impacting her game. She’s really up the creek without a paddle.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Jared has decided NOT to use the POV. He says it’s the best decision for himself moving forward and he hopes everyone understands. Jared says he truly loves Felicia and Izzy but he could never endanger his mom’s game. He says Cameron can play HOH next week and if he doesn’t win veto then Jared will be on his heels.


Felicia says she wishes Jared had used veto but she is going to talk, talk, talk all week and hope that keeps her in the house. Izzy says she understands Jared not using veto and it sucks sitting next to a Felicia but she wants to stay. Cameron says he couldn’t get Cirie on the block next to Izzy but he still gets his number one target out.

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