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BB25 - Episode 16 - Live Eviction and HOH


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Previously, on Big Brother, Cirie, Felicia, and Izzy were the core behind the Seven Deadly Sins as well as the Legends 25 alliance. When Matt told Cirie he won a secret power he inadvertently started a game of telephone that ended with Jag suspecting Cirie of sharing secret information. A unanimous  vote sealed Jag’s fate, but the BB Power of Invincibility quickly unsealed it. With the son of Cirie seizing power, he went after the duo of Cameron and Red and he told Red not to trust his biggest ally, which left Red seeing red. After Cameron won veto, Jared needed a replacement nominee and Cirie floated the idea that Jag was too dangerous. So after making him think he was a pawn for the seven deadly sins, Jag took Cameron’s spot on the block. Tonight, will eviction history repeat itself for Jag? Or will the Chillbilly be left out in the cold? Find out right now on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and it’s Day 37 in the house. We pick up after the veto meeting and it’s Day 34 and Cameron says thrice time on the block daddy has set and he removed himself. He hasn’t given up on Red and whoever is sitting next to him need to leave.


Red says he’s on the block with Jag but he’s relying on his Legends 25 alliance. Jag says he wants to shows he’s a team player and hopefully since he’s a pawn it will make their alliance moving forward.


Cirie says Jag think he’s the pawn but he’s the target. She says he knows she played in the secret competition and that she knows Matt saved him and that makes him dangerous. Jared says Jag thinks he is his pawn but he wants to keep him calm this week.


Izzy says Cameron and Red have been in her hit list for awhile but if the bromance is dead, then she’s good with keeping Red and sending Jag home. We see Cory sneaking out of America’s bed at 6 am. She likes him but she needs to work on him to make him the perfect man for her. 


Cory says his experience in Big Brother has been different than expected. He has a girlfriend making him wear bronzer and growing out the worst facial hair in history.


Cirie says since Jag is out maybe they need to make Cameron and Red feel good about Legends 25 and work it down to the final eight. She says families fight but they are still family. Mecole thinks the meeting is a little premature but they are a very indecisive group. She hopes they actually stick to the plan this week.


Felicia is whispering to Mecole that she does not want Red and Cameron to get back together and Mecole is confused. Mecole says she doesn’t know why they think Red and Cameron won’t mend their differences, as men do that quite often. 


Julie says there may be a blindside in the works…the only question is who is getting blindsided. It’s reds birthday and Felicia says they are serving him breakfast in bed. Red says his day has been amazing and he can’t believe how fortunate he is to celebrate his birthday in the house with these HG.


Jared and Red are talking and Red wants to have a sit down with Jared and Cameron. He says he is going to have that conversation after he survives the week. Jared said Cameron came to him and said he wanted to be a pawn against Red. We see the flashback of Jared suggesting Cameron be a pawn. Jared does not understand why Red wants to have a meeting with Cameron and that could be dangerous. 


Jared is talking to Felicia and Izzy about Red wanting to talk things out with Cameron. Felicia says that would be a problem for everyone. Felicia says they should stick with their original instinct and split them up and now they’re talking about letting them both come off the block.


Felicia is talking to Cirie about the information Jared gave her and is pitching maybe keeping Jag. Cirie says this could be figuring out the lesser of two evils. Felicia says Red and Cameron getting back together could put herself and Cirie in their line of sights. 


Time for the eviction! Red does shoutouts to his kids. He loves all the HGand it’s an amazing experience and no matter what happens he loves them. Jag does his shoutouts and says he appreciates the time he’s spent with his BB fam and he requests for them to vote to keep him or Meme will kill him if he doesn’t make the steak he promised.


It’s time to vote!

Cameron votes to evict Jag.

Bowie Jane sadly votes to evict Jag.

Blue is voting Red out.

America votes to evict Red.

It’s 2 votes to evict Jag and 2 votes to evict Red. Voting will continue soon!


Voting continues! 

Matt chooses to evict Red.

Cirie sadly votes to evict Red. 

Izzy votes to evict Red.

Cory votes to evict Red.

Felicia gladly votes to evict Red.

Mecole casts her vote to evict Red.

By a vote of 8-2, Red has been evicted from the Big Brother house.


Red starts giving hugs, grabs his bag, and says love you humans and walks out the door. Cameron seems to be going through a lot of emotions based on his face but he’s very quiet. 


Julie says Red was told that Jag was a BD target and here he sits and Red feels like Felicia had a lot to do with it. He says this experience has been great either way. Julie asks who he feels most betrayed by and he says Cameron.


Julie asks why Red didn’t go to talk to Cameron instead of taking Jared at his word. He said he didn’t want to act emotional and thought it best to let it be. Julie tells Cam voted for him to stay.


Julie asks Red if he’d be surprised to know there was a pre-existing relationship and he said no there could be several. He says maybe Izzy and Felicia or Jared and Felicia. Julie tells him Jared is Cirie’s son and he says wow that’s awesome.


Felicia says she’s sorry but they didn’t want him and Cam to get back together. Bowie Jane says she will get back those who flipped on them. Izzy says she is sad to see him to go but he and Cam were coming after her. Cameron says if Red is seeing this, something absolutely went wrong and he’ll see him on the outside.


Red says it’s been an amazing experience and it’s a game so he takes everything with a grain of salt. He said the overall experience was just amazing.


It’s time for the HOH competition! This week is humilaweek. The HG will see a video of colored toots. They will be asked a question that will be true or false and if they are wrong they are eliminated. Last HG standing after 7 questions will be the new HOH!


Question 1: The first cloud was the same color as the last cloud? Everyone answers false and everyone is correct.


Question 2: Two green clouds appeared back to back. Everyone answers true and everyone is correct.


Question 3: There were more red clouds than blue clouds. Cirie, Matt, and Bowie Jane answer true and everyone else answers false. The answer is false and Cirie, Matt, and Bowie Jane have been eliminated. The HG get their second video.


Question 4: There were exactly 12 clouds shown in total. Cory, Izzy, and Cameron answer true and Mecole, Felicia, America, Jag, and Blue answer false. The answer is true and Mecole, Felicia, America, Jag, and Blue have been eliminated.


Question 5: The red clouds were always immediate followed by a yellow cloud. Cameron answers false and Izzy and Cory answers true. The correct answer is false. Cameron is the new HOH! 


Jared has not handed over the key yet and there doesn’t seem to be much celebrating going on.


Julie asks Cameron how he feels and he feels great but he misses his buddy Red. Everyone except for Cameron will be have nots and they will take turns sleeping in the humiliverse room.

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