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BB25 - Episode 15 - Veto Competition and Veto Meeting


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Previously, on Big Brother, Matt won the Bb Power of Invincibility, and after telling Cirie, they decided he was going to use it to save their ally. Matt filled Jag in, while Cirie gave her son the 411. But after Jared implies to Jag he was safe, Cirie was not happy with her son’s loose lips. The house sent Jag packing, but Matt’s power returned him to the game. At the HoH competition, Cutie’s boy became a man. Jared had his sights on The Chiller’s duo so he tried to make Cameron think he was a pawn and after Hared thought Cameron was being disloyal to Red he used it as ammo to turn Red against his Chiller Chum. At the nomination ceremony, The Chiller’s went on the chopping block and Rd was left in tears. Tonight, will the POV save one of the Chillers from the hot seat? And if so, who will be Jared’s next target? Find out right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 31 after the nomination ceremony and Jared has nominated Red and Cameron. Cameron says this is not good. Hopefully one of them can come off the block and keep the other one from being evicted. Red feels betrayed by Cameron.


Jag is grateful to be in the game but it doesn’t feel good to be evicted 10-0. Jag says he learned he can’t trust Cirie to keep information to herself but he still wants to work with her. He just needs to learn how to work around his relationships.


Red is feeling bad and is trying to make himself feel better. He says you know the difference between a hippo and a zippo? One is a heavy critter and the other is a little lighter. Cirie goes to comfort Red because she needs his head in the game so he can go after veto. Cirie says she needs Cameron and his hair to leave the house.


Jared and Cameron are talking and Jared said he understands if he is mad and Cameron said he trusts him. They talk about veto and Jared says if he won veto he might take him down or he’s banking on Cam winning.


Cameron says he is telling Jared anything he wants to hear. He does not want Red to go and he’s going to do whatever it takes to keep The Chillers safe another week.


Cory is talking to Jared and says he has options this week. Cory and Jared made a final two on day 3. Cory says they bounce ideas off each other and they work together. Jared says Corey is a solid four after his mom, Izzy, and Blue. Cory says America can be brought in but as soon as she has to go she’s gone. 


Jared tells Cory that he doesn’t trust America. He feels like she’s been throwing competitions and he doesn’t know what deal she made with Cameron in the Pressure Cooker and he has no use for her. Cory tells Jared if America won HOH she would go after any combination of Izzy, Felicia, or Cirie. Jared tells us if you come after his people he has no need for them in the house.


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Jared doesn’t want to see America to play because he thinks she’s been throwing competitions. Jared draws Felicia. Red needs to pick someone from his Legends 25 alliance and he draws America. America is ecstatic to play and if she wins she’ll keep noms the same. Cameron wants Matt to play in this veto because he trusts him. Cameron draws HG choice and chooses Matt.


Jared tells Cory and Izzy if America throws the competition he’ll put her up as his target. Cory swears she isn’t throwing comps. Cory is confused and wants to know where this is coming from. He says America can’t go home on Jared’s HOH because she is his number two and he is his number one.


Cory talks to Jared and he says he doesn’t trust her. Cory asks him to trust him with her. Cory needs Jared to be a much better final two ally because he’s not sure they can get to final two without killing each other.


Cory wants to talk to America. He does not want to lose her because she could help him later in the game. Cory tells her she needs to visibly try her hardest because people think she is throwing comps. She says she’s been trying her hardest to win every single one. America is asking him what is going on and he tells her they think she wouldn’t put up Cameron.


America doesn’t know where Jared is getting those ideas, maybe it’s his huge ego. America says she was already going into this competition to give it 100% but now she’s going into it to give it 1000%.


It’s time for the Veto Competition! They have tiny barrels and they have to stack 36 barrels with 8 on the bottom. The first HG to stack all their barrels will win the POV!


Jared is gunning for the veto so he has absolute power. Red says he is going just as hard for this veto as every other competition in this game. Cameron says he does not want to sit through a third eviction, he has to get off this block.


Matt wants to win this competition so everyone can see that he can win comps. Felicia wants to win to make sure Cameron walks out that door. America wants to win to prove she isn’t throwing competitions. 


Jared seems to be struggling. America and Matt and Cameron are making decent progress, Red is struggling a bit and Felicia and Cameron are on the third row now. Jared says it’s hard for him to keep his hand straight. Cirie says Jared has always had muffin hands, they are huge and puffy.


America has good progress but knocks down a couple of columns. Red is trying to take breaths to steady himself but it’s tough. Felicia says it’s important to be slow and steady and not panic if any barrels fall over.


Cameron is down to six barrels. Felicia is on her fourth row. Cameron loses nearly his entire stack. He says he cannot win. America says this looks easier on tv. The more tired her hand gets the more her hand shakes. Cam is starting over and Matt switches to his left hand but he knocks a few barrels over. 


Jared says every time a barrel falls over he just wants to throw the box on the floor but he knows he needs to focus. The middle part of Matt’s stack keeps falling. America only has a few left to go but she needs to stay focused. Cameron has about three barrels to go. America and Matt are just behind and America drops some barrels. Cameron finishes and he has won the POV! 


Cameron holds up the tiny POV and now he just needs to make sure he and Red both stay. Red is disappointed that Cameron gets to stay but he needs to figure out how he can stay. Americas heart just sinks and she knows people will think she threw the competition.


Jared says he respects someone who has sat on the block three times and can win competitions, but now he needs to pivot and figure out what is best for his game. 


Felicia says now that Cameron has won the POV, their worst nightmare, but they need to figure out who to sit next to Red who will be their target. Felicia is talking to Cirie and Mecole and America walks in and everything gets quiet. 


Felicia tells America that she might be a pawn but they are all voting out Red. America is not convinced and she wants to talk to Jared and figure out what’s going on. America rehashes the conversation where she might be a replacement nominee.


Jared tells America that people are concerned she’s growing competitions. America says I stood in the Pressure Cooker for 13 hours, how does that make sense? She tells us she stood there for 13 hours and he dropped as soon as it got dark. Jared tells her that he heard she would put up Izzy, Felicia, and Cirie and she denies it.


Jared says he knows from his conversation with Cory that she is targeting Felicia, Izzy, or Cirie if she wins and he sitting there lying to his face about it rubs him the wrong way. 


Red and Cameron are talking and Red says Cam wrote him a bad check. Cameron wants to know what he did wrong and Red says he thinks he does and they should put it on ice. Cameron says he’s not sure where to go after that.


Red tells Cirie, Izzy, and Felicia that he told Cameron they aren’t in an alliance anymore. Cirie says maybe Red shouldn’t be a target if he’s not going to work with Cameron. Bowie Jane, Cirie, and Red are talking about America being a strong competitor. Cirie turns the talk back to Jag and how if the house voted her out 10-0 she would trust anyone. Maybe it’s not a good idea to keep Jag in the house. 


Jared and Cirie are talking and he asks who she wants to go home. Cirie pitches Jag and says no one will ever come between Matt and Jag. But if they get rid of Jag Cameron will feel like Jared finished his HOH. Cirie says America would be a waste for him. 


Jag is talking to The Seven Deadly Sins and says he still wants to work with them and he still trusts them moving forward. Jared asks about nominations and they pitch America and they can decide to keep her or let her go. 


Blue thinks it’s a good idea for Jag to be put up as a pawn and it would show the alliance that Jag still wants to work with them. Felicia says she hates to see any of them as a pawn but they have the numbers. Cirie says Blue’s idea just sealed her best friend’s fate. 


It’s time for the veto meeting! Cameron has decided to use the POV on himself and Jared has to name a replacement nominee. Jared says his decision reflects what’s best for him moving forward. He says Jag is the replacement nominee.


Red didn’t expect Cam to use the veto on him but he feels good about his chances of staying sitting next to Jag. Jag says he needs his alliance to trust him so he will be a pawn to prove he’s a team player. Matt says Jag is one of his Allie’s and he doesn’t want his power to be wasted so he wants to keep him in the house again.

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