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BB25 - Episode 14 - HOH Competition and Nomination Ceremony


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Previously, on Big Brother, HoH Cameron and Red were a final two duo and they were also part of the legends 25 alliance, having no clue it was all a ruse. Meanwhile, Cirie,  Felicia, and Izzy had a real thing going with the seven deadly sins. Keeping legends 25 safe, Cam went after Jag and Blue and after winning the veto, Red assured one of them would be leaving. Cameron wanted Jag gone, but Cirie thought jag was better for the seven deadly sins. Unfortunately her son wasn’t on board, BB Comicverse dropped a jaw dropping twist so American chose Cirie, Matt, Cory, and Jag to compete for a game changing super power and Matt won the power of invincibility. Matt told Cirie about his new power and they decided it would be best to save their ally. At the live eviction, Jag went from shook to shocked. Tonight every HG competes for the most important thing so far. Who will win power and who will they target? Find out right now in Big Brother!


We pick up after the eviction ceremony and Matt says this was the best week to use his super power because he had two Allie’s on the block. Cameron says this was terrible. They had him out 10-0 and they put everything in reverse and the week doesn’t matter.


Jag says he was evicted 10-0 but at least one person wanted him in the house. We see five hours before eviction Matt told him about the power. Jag says he is ride or die for Matt.


Red and Cameron are talking and getting ready to compete for HOH. Red says Jag is just another problem they have to deal with and he must have Lady Luck on his side. Bowie Jane, Felicia, and Cirie are talking and Bowie Jane is shocked. Cirie says of course she knew Matt was gonna save Jag.


America and Izzy are talking they think Matt had the super power and used it on Jag. Izzy says Matt trusts Jag and did not want him to go. Cory joins and Izzy wants to win HOH so she has the power to nominate Red and Cameron.


Jared is telling Jag he is glad he was saved. Jared tells us his mom gave him the information before eviction about the super power. Jared hinted before the eviction to Jag that he would be safe to buy trust.


Jag is confused because Matt and Cirie were the only ones who knew so he has to talk to Cirie to find out what exactly Jared knows. Cirie is upset that Jared did that because she has to be able to tell him things without being concerned it will get out. Jared is trying to play his own game and make his own moves but he thinks he got himself in hot water with his mom on this one.


Jag thinks Cirie told Jared, that’s the only thing that adds up and he does not know if he can trust Cirie anymore. Jared goes to Jag and told him he shouldn’t have said anything and he did and now that screws things up with him. Jared tells Cory alone that if Red or Cameron win HOH, Jag should just walk out the door.


Blue wants to win this HOH because she was on the block last week with her bestie. Red is going to go hard for this after the way last week went. Cirie does not want Cameron, Red, or Bowie Jane to win.


It’s time for the HOH competition! The HG will be shown a love letter from an odd couple member with a word in red. The 2 HG will then be shown a picture separated into three sections and they must find the item shown in red and ring in with the section the item is in. If they are first and correct they stay in the competition and choose the next two HG to face-off. If they are wrong, then they are eliminated. The last HG standing will be the next HOH. 


Cameron and Jared are up first and we see Jasmine and Turner are the first off couple. The red words are crutches. They see their picture and Jared rings in first answer C and he is correct. Cameron has been eliminated.


Jared selects Red and Bowie Jane to face off. Jasmine’s letter has the word muffin tin and Red rings in A and is correct. Bowie Jane has been eliminated.


Izzy and Jag are selected next and we have Brett and Rockstar as the odd couple. Rockstar’s red word is unicorn. Izzy rings in with B and she is correct. Jag has been eliminated.


Red and America are next for Brett’s letter with the word drapes in Red. Red rang in first with the answer A but the correct answer is C. Red is eliminated and America moves on.


Mecole and Matt face off with Rockstar’s response letter with polka dotted party hat in red and Mecole rings in with B and is correct. Matt has been eliminated. 


Cory and Blue and we see Jessie in love with himself. Jessie’s letter has the word Pink protein shake. Blue answers A and she is correct. Cory is eliminated.


Mecole and Izzy see Jessie’s letter with the word Pink Suit in red. Mecole rings in with A but she is incorrect. The answer is C. Mecole has been eliminated and Izzy moves on. 


America and Blue are next and Jessie’s letter has the word dumbbell in red. Blue answers B and she is correct. America has been eliminated. 


Cirie and Felicia are next with Jessie’s word Green Weight Plates. Felicia rings in first with B and she is wrong. The correct answer is A. Felicia has been eliminated and Cirie moves on. 


Blue and Izzy are with Jeff and Rachel are the odd couple. Rachel’s word is clown shoes and Izzy rings in answer B and she is correct. Blue has been eliminated.


Cirie and Jared are up and Jeff’s word is Zingbot. Jared rings in with C and he is correct. Cirie has been eliminated. 


It is down to Jared and Izzy. Rachel’s word is Life Vest and Izzy rings in C. She is incorrect, the answer is A. Jared is the new HOH! Jared says he’s been on the bottom of the competitions for the last two and he is ready to make moves and play Big Brother.


The HG come inside and Jared says before he got here his biggest dream was to win one of these competitions and your boy got it. Blue is excited and she can’t believe things have turned out the way it has. Cameron says whatever is going to happen is going to happen. He just has to talk to Jared.


Red and a Cameron are talking and Red says he has a good chance of seeing the block. Cirie and Izzy and Jared are in the SR and Cirie is excited and so proud and it is hard not to get emotional. Jared is thinking Cameron and Red or maybe Bowie Jane. Jared says they will talk about it later. Cirie is good with whatever decision he makes as long as it’s one of those three but she’ll guide him towards Cameron.


Jag and Blue are talking strategy and Jag says he does not know who to trust. Blue says Cirie and Felicia have their hand on everyone. Blue trusts Jag the most and Jared but she knows he’s close with Felicia and Cirie. Jag needs to re-evaluate his game and who he can trust going forward.


Felicia said three days in a row, her mic pack has landed in the toilet. Bowie Jane says it’s getting pretty funny because it happens a lot. Felicia says the first day was OMG, the second day was like…this is a problem. Cirie says she cannot associate with her anymore and Felicia laughs. 


Cory and America are in the hammock and he is happy he didn’t win the super power. America says she wants to win and if she did win she’d put up Cirie, Izzy, or Felicia. She does not trust them because they have all the power. Cory says things will collapse but he is concerned because she is expendable. Cory says if America is getting herself in trouble, then she is getting him in trouble.


Cameron goes to talk to Jared and Cameron says he does not want to be the pawn. He’s pretty positive Jared will go after Red and he does not want to sit on the block next to Red. Cameron pitched America. Jared says he’ll consider it and Cameron says he’ll do what he has to do and he is not going to fight for his boy because only one person can win. Jared says Cameron throwing Red under the bus rubbed him the wrong way. Cameron pitches America and Red.


Red goes to talk Jared. Red says the worst case scenario would be him ending up on the block next to Cam but he wouldn’t be surprised. Jared tells Red Cameron was going up and Red says so he’s probably going up too and Jared confirms. Jared says people trust Red more than Cam and Cam is his target. 


Jared tells Red his conversation with Cameron but implies Cameron volunteered to be a pawn to get rid of Red. Red is disappointed in this news and he could end up looking like an idiot. He hopes it’s not trust though. Jared and Red hug and Jared assures Red he is good.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Jared’s first nominee is…Red. His second nominee is…Cameron. Jared says he hopes he nominated them to build trust with his allies and he hopes they don’t take it personal.


Jared says Cameron is the target because he can’t trust him because he threw his ally under the bus. Cameron says he is going to fight for this veto. Red says it hurts being backstabbed by your friend. He should have known he couldn’t trust someone like that but he’s going to fight for the veto.

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