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Sunday, September 3, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

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Have-Not Room (HNR)
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Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
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12:02 AM BBT Cirie, Felicia, Izzy and MeMe are talking in the BY. The talk about the need to get rid of Jag. Cirie told them that Red told her earlier today that her group doesn't have their best interest at heart and that it was more than 1 of them. Jag was pushing for Izzy and Cirie for going on the block. He is pi**ed at everything going on and instead of blaming America, he wants to blame us.  


12:04 AM BBT Felicia says that Jag is trying to get cozy with Cameron now. Cirie "Get cozy in that seat."  


12:10 AM BBT Izzy, MeMe, Cirie and Felicia are still talking in the BY. Izzy says that she really feels like Red is with them now. He really feels like he has been kicked in the teeth and the nuts by Cameron. MeMe "If Jag leaves this week, and Cameron and Red are no longer a thing, Bowie comes with Red, us. So it will be Me, Cirie, Felicia, Iizzy, Jared, Red, Bowie versus Cameron, America, Blue, Cory, Matt you have 5 to 7. Jag is the glue for other side. If Jag goes, Matt opens up too. 


12:13 AM BBT Cirie tells them Red got really close to going home this week. He is going to PLAY. America, knowing how close she came to going up, she is going to play too. Everybody gonna play.


12:31 Izzy and Cirie are talking in the WA. They are talking about how Felicia doesn't think before she speaks and keeps dropping everyone's names. Izzy tells Cirie she tried to talk to Felicia about it but Felicia got mad and said I can talk about whatever I want. Cirie said to juts let her keep digging her own grave.


12:38 AM BBT MeMe is talking to Jag and America in the WA. MeMe is telling them about Cory walking in on her while she was in the bathroom. She was sitting there with tissue in her nose because someone else had just been in there and destroyed it. So, she has tissue in her nose, hands on her knees, using the toilet when Cory walked in. It was traumatizing for them both. She gives them a visual using the WA chair to represent the toilet. 


MeMe Bathroom story.jpg

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12:53 AM BBT Izzy, Felicia, Cirie, Jared, Bowie, Red, and MeMe meet quickly in the CBR. They are whispering about Jag. It is hard to hear because several had already removed their microphones and crawled into bed, but hopped out for this very brief meeting. They are telling Jared that Jag is trying to reunite the other side of the house against them. Jared says okay and that he is heading to the DR. 


1:00 AM BBT All the cameras on the HGs in bed with the lights out. Cory and America are snuggled up in the same bed in the SBR. 

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America: Now what?

Cory: We cannot sit here giggling with Jag sleeping

America: We can do something else

America tries pulling the blanket over Cory's head

Cory: Stop

They look into each other's eyes and the feed conveniently moves to sleeping HGs in Comicverse



1:30AM BBT

The BB25 House is dark with nothing but sleepers in Scaryverse and Comicverse

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8:44 AM BBT Bowie gets up to use the bathroom. Felicia is stirring and looks to be gathering items for a shower. As Bowie is returning the BR, she and Felicia exchange some whispers. Since neither are wearing mics, we can't hear a word of it. 


8:51 AM BBT Felicia is inspecting the contents of the SR. It appears that some items have been replenished. Bowie is heading towards the WA to get ready for the day. 


8:57 AM BBT Felicia is in the KT preparing breakfast. She struggles to get the package of bacon opened without a good knife in the house. She finally gets the package open and wraps up a bacon sheet in aluminum foil so she can bake the bacon in the oven. 


9:02 AM BBT WBRB, most likely a BB wake up call. 

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9:19 AM BBT The feeds return. The HGs are up doing their ADLs. 


9:26 AM BBT Bowie, Red and Matt are still sporting their cornrows from yesterday. Red has taken over cooking breakfast and he and Bowie plan on working out today. Bowie mentions that it looks overcast and it might rain. So, several of the HGs are outside soaking up some sun while they have it. 


9:27 AM BBT Cory, Cirie, and Izzy are talking at the hammock. Izzy mentions that Jag and Cameron are really acting buddy buddy right now. Felicia says she is sick and tired of everyone in the house talking about integrity. Everybody is in here lying. So, they need to stop talking integrity. Your word is supposed to be your word, your bond. Where Cam is concerned, a handshake don't mean nothing. Jag is already running around trying to grab everyone. Red doesn't have the ability to formulate anything. Jag can.




9:35 AM BBT Izzy, Cirie and Cory are still talking at the hammock. They are trying to determine if Red's and Cameron's relationship can be prepared. Cirie doesn't think so. Red broke down sobbing because of Cam. If he was faking that, he deserves an academy word for that. He also came out to her about his F2 with Cam. If he wanted to repair the relationship, why would he share that information with her? Cory would be surprised if they (Red and Cam) would start targeting each other next week. If they do start going after each other, they are golden. But that seems to easy. 


9:46 AM BBT Izzy tells Cirie and Cory that for the first time the whole game, she got the feelings that maybe she has been seeing Red the wrong way the whole time. Cory doesn't believe either of them. However, he is more confident in what he thinks Jag would do which is not targeting Cirie or Izzy. 

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9:53 AM BBT Izzy, Cory, and Cirie continue to talk in the BY. Cirie and Cory are discussing in detail in how a lot of what Cameron and Red have said and done has been guided by Jag. Cory trusts Jag more than Red. Cirie and Red trust Red more. Cirie and Izzy both feel like Cameron is their biggest threat in the house. Cory says that at the end of the day, they have 3 targets, Red, Cameron and Jag. One is going home this week. Hopefully they get their shot at one of the other 2 next week. 


9:58 AM BBT Cory tells Izzy and Cirie that Red scares the s**t out of him in the house. He feels like if Red stays this week and wins HoH, Red would certainly put him on the block. He also understands that Cirie and Izzy feel the exact same about Jag. So, in voting out Red, Cory acknowledges that would be selfish on his part. He recognizes that Red staying is better for their game, but Jag staying is better for him. Cirie goes inside to grab some bacon before it's gone. Izzy stays outside with Cory. 


10:03 AM BBT Cory tells Izzy that he hears what she and Cirie had been saying about Jag. Those are all valid concerns. But, Red is a direct threat in the house. And he doesn't believe for one second about the Red and Cameron rift when they played pool together all day yesterday and then they spent time together in the hot tub. Izzy says this game is all about opportunity. Jag is a better competitor than Red and they have the opportunity to backdoor him. Cory doesn't think there is much difference. 


10:06 AM BBT Jared joins them at the hammock and Izzy walks away to let him and Cory talk. Cory tells him that Cirie and Izzy are pushing hard to get rid of Jag. Cory is leaning for Red. If Jag wins next week, he puts up Cam and Bowie. Red was s**t talking Cam in a very personal way. He can't be using that for game. That crosses the line. If Red wins next week, he hinted he would backdoor America or Cory. He has been on the tear the last 2 weeks and he hasn't spoken to Cory one time. That scares him. And that should scare Jared because Jared also put him on the block. Cory tells Jared that he (Jared) was a target. He should be able to see that based on how they responded when he won the HoH and when he won the veto. 


10:11 AM BBT Jared and Cory decide to take their conversation from the hammock to the HoH. Jared says that Jag scares the s**t out of him. He is a very shifty good liar. He is a danger to Jared in the game. Because of his relationship to Blue and because Jag has lied to him right to his face when he knew the truth. Jared knows the closer Jag and Blue get, the harder it is going for him to get rid of him later. He is also a way better competitor than Red. Cory say he may be better than Red, but not way better. Maybe a little. 

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10:14 AM BBT Cory and Jared continue to talk in the HoH. Cory says that he was very proud that America knew Jag was being voted out last week and she didn't say a word. She wanted to tell him, but didn't. They can't ask that of her again. If they are sending Jag out, it needs to be straight up. Cory tells Jared that he understands he won't win the argument in keeping Jag over Red. He knows it is non-negotiable that they are sending Jag home. Here is the problem that he sees with that. Next with Cam, Red or Bowie. If Cam wins, Jared is f***ed. If Red wins, Jared is probably good, but Cory is not. Cory acknowledges that the Jag problems are real, but not massively important at this point. Jared says that he has got to talk to Jag. Cory is certain of the Jag and Blue thing. And there is no world in which that is bad for Jared. If Jag's #1 is Blue, that means that every time Jag wins a comp, Jared is safe. Jared does not agree. He is an opportunist. Izzy joins them in the HoH. 


10:19 AM BBT Izzy, Jared and Cory are talking in the HoH. Cameron's plan is to backdoor Izzy. He then wants to get Felicia and Cirie. Jag is telling Cameron that he is wiling to work with him. Jared acknowledges that if Jag stays, he is probably okay for at least 1 more week, which makes it to jury. Red is a risk. Red is not going to put up Bowie. That is the only problem. Jag would definitely put up Bowie. Their only uncommon interest is Bowie. 


10:23 AM BBT Cory tells Jared and Izzy that they have to think about what is the best route to make sure that Cameron goes home next week. Jag is a better path for that to happen. Izzy and Jared don't agree. Cory does not think Jag would be speaking about Cam the way he does for game purposes only. He thinks it is real. 


10:26 AM BBT Jared tells Cory that Jag is absolutely the only outlet Cameron has besides America. Cory doesn't buy that. Jag thinks he can pull America (Cory by proxy) and Blue (Jared by proxy). Jared says that Jag feels like he is losing Blue and is going to feel like he is on an island by himself. Blue told Jag yesterday that whatever he tells her, she will have to share with Jared. That was a mistake. Now, he is trying to move into Blue's #1 and will sacrifice Jared in order to get there.


Jared Cory Izzy HoH.jpg


10:33 AM BBT They can't count on Matt not being aligned with Jag too. Izzy reminds Cory and Jared that Matt might have used the power to save Jag. It was 10-0 and Jag was saved.


10:35 AM BBT Cory says that Red, Cameron and Bowie are all 3 going to be here next week if you get rid of Jag. Cory doesn't buy the Cam and Red rift. Jared tells Cory that he overestimates his relationship with Jag and that he is just as easily willing to nominate Cory as anyone else. Cory "Never going to happen." Cory says that isn't the conversation they should be having. The conversation should be who is putting up Bowie. No way Red ever puts up Bowie. 


10:40 AM BBT Jared tells Cory that he is basing everything on a 2 hour conversation last night. Cory says that no he is not. Jared says that Jag doesn't trust Cory or America and will put him and America on the block together in a heartbeat. Cory says that makes no sense that Jag would put him up there at all. Jared says he doesn't understand why Cory is fixated on not believing he is an option. Jared starts to mention that Cory is again basing all of this.... Cory "if you say based on 1 conversation, I am going to lose my mind." 


10:44 AM BBT Cory says that at the end of the day, it is about the biggest threat in the house. That is Cameron. What is the best path to get Cameron on the block. It isn't by keeping Red over Jag. 

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10:47 AM BBT Jared keeps telling Cory that his confidence that Jag won't put him up isn't dependable. Cory "You keep saying that and that isn't what I am saying which is why I am so frustrated."  Cory says that they are not considering that Cam and Red are wiling to work together.  


10:53 AM Cory tells Jared that Jag would put up Bowie. After next week, he has no clue. But short term, he would do that. Jared says that he is not convinced about that. Izzy says that we all know that Cam has this thing with me. He wants me out next week. Jag also feels that way. Izzy is disposable to Jag. Jag has more bargaining chips to begin something with Cameron versus Red. 


10:56 AM BBT Cory says that he is not sold that Red won't work with Cam. Cory is only looking at this one week at a time. Jared says that if Jag doesn't come up to him to talk to him today, he is going home. Period. Cory says that Jag isn't going to come up there because he feels comfortable. It may be delusional, but he seems comfortable. 


11:30 AM BBT Things have calmed down a bit. Jared and Cory are playing pool. Matt and America are talking in the WA. She says that she hopes Jag has the votes to stay. She can't have a repeat of last week. she can't do that again. Matt doesn't tell her that Jared is pushing for Jag to be the target. 

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11:43 AM BBT Cory and Jared are talking outside in the upper catwalk area. Jared: Red wins, he backdoors Cameron by nominating America and Blue. If Jag goes what will he do? Cory: if Jag wins, he may go for Felicia, MeMe or potentially Matt. Jared tells him that Cirie and Izzy won't be good with that. Cory say that Cirie, Jared, Izzy and Cory are his F4. Jared is his F2. They need to do what is good for their F4, and ultimately F2 instead of being worried about what everyone else wants. Cory: whatever you decide what to do, you have to tell me right away. I will have to deal with the America situation. If it Jag, she is going to be really pi**ed. Jag, when it comes down to it, he would target the comics people before us.


Jared Cory BY.jpg


11:50 AM BBT Jared and Cory continue to talk outside. Jared: If we keep Jag and Red, that means America has to go. Cory: Oh Jared. You have to explain that to me. We don't have to calm the Avengers to get Red out. 


11:53 AM BBT Cory to Jared: There is nothing in this world where America leaving this week is good for either of us. If America wins next week, she will put up Cam and Bowie. If Cam and Red are both here, and Bowie is up, there is no way that Bowie goes home. Cory tells him that America is great for their game. For Cirie and Izzy, she is fine for a very long time. With Jag, he is not great for their game. Is Red great for their game? No. 


11:57 AM BBT Cory: If Cam stays, Cam, Red and Bowie are all 3 still here.  People are very confident that Red is going to target Cameron. I am not buying that. I am not there yet. 


11:59 AM BBT Jared tells Cory that Jag knows that he isn't safe. The fact that he isn't coming up to talk to him is just sketchy. Cory says that him not coming up to talk to him just shows that he is a f***ing moron. Jared tells Cory that he blew up on Jag. He told Jag that he didn't want to work with him. To the point that he was crying. 


12:08 PM BBT Izzy and Blue are talking in the BY. Blue does not agree with Felicia and Cirie wanting to go after Jag so hard. They would just be doing Cameron's dirty work for him last week. 





I need a lunch break if anyone can take over. 

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12:46 PM BBT Jared and Cirie met outside on the catwalk. Essentially, they are trying to make a truce with Cameron for now. The goal is to put Jag on the block as the replacement nominee with Jag leaving this week. However, Jared tells Cirie that if they save Red, they have to make sure that Red does not immediately go after Cory. 


12:51 PM BBT Cameron is now outside talking to Jared. Cameron tells him that they cannot trust Jag. Jag gets people to trust what he wants to get around by sharing it with someone the intended recipient is closed to. That way, when the message is delivered, it is coming from someone that they trust. Jag is playing all of them right now. 


Jared Cameron BY.jpg


12:51 PM BBT Cameron is now outside talking to Jared. Cameron tells him that they cannot trust Jag. Jag gets people to trust what he wants to get around by sharing it with someone the intended recipient is closed to. That way, when the message is delivered, it is coming from someone that they trust. Jag is playing all of them right now. 


1:06 PM BBT Blue and Matt are talking in the BY. Blue is frustrated that Jag is playing a horrible game it is going to get him evicted. He doesn't talk to anyone that he needs to be talking to. He only talks to those that he feels are threatening his game. Jared has the power, the veto is being used, and Jag isn't even trying to talk to him. Blue goes on to say that she cannot keep trying to save him from himself. She wants him in the house, but he has to help himself. 


1:15 PM BBT Jared and Felicia are talking in the HoH. She wants him to know that she screwed up and let Blue know that they are considering Jag going up. She didn't know if he had that conversation with her yet. So, if not, the cat is out of the bag and she is fully aware now. They agree that this will be a test for her. If she tells Jag, then she is still very much loyal to him. 


Felicia Jared.jpg

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1:19 PM BBT Felicia says she really wants to know if Blue went and told Jag. Because all of a sudden, Jag won't look her in the eye anymore. Jared said he will find out. He will press her. He will find out from Blue what Jag already knows and then he can use that to gauge whether or not Jag tells him the truth when they talk afterwards. 


1:23 PM BBT Jared tells Felicia that he is definitely on board with sending out Jag this week. They agree that next week, hands down Cameron has to be the target. Felicia asks him who goes up with him. Jared tells her that America can go up there. She means nothing to his game. MeMe joins them and shortly afterwards, Blue and Matt join them. Blue and Jared decide to go and talk alone in the HN room.  

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1:29 PM BBT From Blue's perspective, Jag and Felicia are pressing on each other. Jag feels blindsided last week. And now Felicia keeps saying his name and they are supposed to be aligned. So, he feels like he is being blindsided again. Jared says that Felicia and Jag are not playing the same game and neither of them are doing anything for themselves. Jared says that Jag knows exactly who saved him. Jag lied about it. That pi**es him off. 


1:43 PM BBT Jared tells Blue that Jag is in jeopardy this week and that he might be going home. Blue says that she understands, but then Cameron won. He gets his way after all. That just sucks. Jared tells him that he knows that this is not good for her. But, they can't get Cameron out this week anymore and Jag is making everyone nervous. 


1:55 PM BBT Blue tells Jared that she knows that everyone associates her with America and everyone associates her with Jag. There is no undoing that. But, Jag would never go after our 7. Yet someone is out there mentioning his name and the word is getting around. Matt went to bed early last night and early this morning, even he had already heard about it. 

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1:16PM BBT

Cameron approaches Red in the kitchen while he is cooking.

Red: Well, what I'll say is If it really is what I think it is, it is not repairable

Cameron: Interesting

Red: 'cause it's hardcore man...and like I said, I'll speak to people

Cameron: I'm not that type. You can read into whatever you want to read into it

*camera moves to HoHR, momentarily

Cameron: hurt and understanding. I understand. I understand...is all I'll say. Cause this is...you are right...whatever you are thinking I said or did...that's nuts

Red: The problem is, it ain't from one person. It is from multiple people, and people that ain't got no reason to lie to me.

Cameron: Cirie and I just talked...because I know how it is going...know what's being said and how it's being said. Now we are on to the bullshit. I'm not fucking doing this, man. I wouldn't do that to you. I wouldn't do anything like that to you. I promise you. Like I promised you the other night...that fucking handshake.. 

Red: That goes both ways

Cameron: You can have your space. I'll leave you alone, but I would never do that to you, man.

Cameron leaves the kitchen






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2:05PM BBT

After getting encouragement from Cory to go talk to Cameron, Izzy has a seat next to him on the backyard couch.

Cameron: Izzy, I don't know what the hell is going on. But I need you to know that I am devoted to what we set up in that HoH Room. I don't know what the hell is going on. I'm trying to piece all this bullshit together.

Izzy: Yeah, me too

Cameron: Until I figure out where the boat is leaking water. I am trying to piece all this bullshit together. I need the team to know... I am going nowhere. I made a pact. I made a deal....I would never throw my boy under the bus. It is very obvious in this entire house, he is my very best friend. I am fucking irate with what is going on.....I am telling you I am 100% in on what we set up. I don't know who to talk to...I don't know what's going on....that's what I'm riding. 100%



2:07PM BBT

I walk in a room and don't what's being said....it's killing me. Killing me.

Izzy tells Cameron that she hopes he sees that she has been trying to break down the barriers between them. Cameron acknowledges and says he is happy about that.

Cam: But someone is trying to break this shit down.

Izzy: Obviously you are pulling yourself down with veto

Cam: I've thought about it

Izzy snickers

Cam: I am not the fucking guy to go against my best friend. Why? Why would I do that?

Izzy: Yeah, that has been the most concerning. 

Cam: Here's what I know. We had the nomination ceremony and I had three discussions. One, I talked to Cory and he said America was feeling some type of way. Then I talk to Jared and he said Red has been saying my name...someone got to Jared to tell him Red was coming after him. Why would we do that. We like Jared...I leave that conversation and go to America in the bathroom. I asked what's going on with Red? She said I don't know about that. There was no talk about not liking him. I would understand how they don't get alone and why he would not trust her. Those were the three conversations I had. But from nomination ceremony to when I went to sleep that night, everything was fucking weird. I woke up the next morning and nobody is talking to me.  Then I go win PoV and the whole house is losing their fucking mind....I went to Cirie and I think we got it pieced together, but I don't know. From the time I got nominated to when I win PoV!? Insanity!

Izzy: Mm Hmm

Cameron: So what am I going to do?

*feed switches to Jared and Blue in the Have-Not Room.


*I have to make dinner, so I am out for a bit, too -ML

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4:14pm BBT  Loft area

America:  Did you feel it when I went and sat with you?  he was talking quiet.
Cirie:  He (Jag) was saying that Cameron was probably throwing him under the bus and he would never work with him.  He said that him & Cory were talking and Cam came in and they asked him to give them 5 minutes.

America:  I didn't hear about this, I was in the DR.

Cirie:  Yeah, they said you went to the DR.


HOH room

Jared:  That's what I've noticed.  She's not as close to Cirie as she is to Felicia, but I can't navigate that because obviously I can't be HOH.  How do I make sure that next week is not one of my plus one's going up next to me?

Red:  That's why I asked to be one of the options NOT going home this week. I haven't made any moves in this game that haven't been discussed with the majority.

Jared:  I see how this position can out you in a position to rub people the wrong way

Red:  But you have people protecting you. I will do my best.

Jared:  For sure.

Red:  I think if it's America who stays, then whoever wins...it would have to be Bowie, MeMe or Cory.  If Jag stays...it's the same.

Jared:  What concerns me the most is people not willing to go up as a pawn or to put someone up as a pawn. 

Red:  You can't send them both home.

Jared:  I'm leaning toward Jag & America. Jag is becoming more of an option for people.  


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6:45 PM BBT afternoon in the BB house has pretty much been rinse and repeat. A majority of the house conversations have been the pros and cons of who the replacement nominee is going to be and who they are going to keep. Jared met in the HoH with Cirie, Felicia, Izzy and MeMe. The overall consensus is that Jag is going up and he is the target. They feel that Red is most likely willing to play with them in the future and that without Jag, Matt is more likely to play their game too. Blue has advocated to Jared that getting rid of Jag is just doing Cameron's dirty work for him after the fact. Meanwhile, Cory has been advocating for Red to go home instead of Jag stating that the Red vs Cameron split is not permanent and they are bound to start working together again which is bad for their game. Keeping Red in the house is not the most direct path to make sure that Cameron leaves next week.


Unrelated to the POV nomination conversations, the HGs received the supplies to make Red's birthday cake. Izzy and Cameron met on the BY patio today and created somewhat of a truce. They agreed to stop hating on each other. She was very clear that his inappropriate jokes do not sit well with her and he acknowledged that. Meanwhile, the rift between Cameron and Red appears to be very real. They had a conversation in the KT where Cameron said that he understood and would give Red his space. But clearly both of them are very hurt. 




I am out for the night and will be back in the morning. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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7:39 BBT: In the kitchen Red has made his pasta that Felicia was raving about earlier today.  Felicia, Jag, Blue, Cory, Red, Cameron, Jared, Meme, and Bowie are sitting around the table eating.  Cirie, America, and Matt are sitting outside enjoying the weather.

7:44 BBT:  Izzy, Jared, Cory, Red, Bowie, and Blue come outside after eating.  General discussion is going on.  Talk goes on about how each other feels about an egg on a burger or fries on a burger.  

7:50 BBT:  Blue and Jared are over talking on the hammock.  Jared says things are still the same for him.  It’s either Jag, Red, or America.  Blue asks where Jared was last night.  She was all by her lonesome.  Jared says his personal opinion is that he wants America out.  The only person he cares about being upset is who?  Blue replies with “You” (or she might have said “who”).  He looks back at her with flirty eyes. 

7:54 BBT:  WBRB


7:55 BBT: Red, Felicia, Matt, and Meme are in the kitchen.  Meme is doing dishes, Felicia is cleaning up, putting things away, wiping down the table, and Red is eating.  Red finishes eating and puts his bowl in the sink.  Matt decides to eat more of the white pasta that Red made.  Looks like Felicia just cleaned Red’s bowl.  Red gets out some non-dairy ice cream and grabs a spoon.  He feeds Felicia the first bite and then scoops himself some ice cream into a bowl.  With the same spoon…



8:00 BBT: Red brought his ice cream to the comic room where it’s just him and Bowie.  No game talk is going on.  Red is talking about how his dishes turned out and how everything tasted.  Bowie thought both of Red’s dishes tasted the same.  Red said one had turkey.


8:02 BBT:  Meanwhile, outside on the hammock, Jared and Blue are still talking.  He is going on and on about wanting to vote out America.  He thinks that Jag, America, Cory, and Matt are going to start something.  Blue asks if he thinks Matt would join.  Jared says Matt is only loyal to a few people.  One of those is Jag.  Another is Felicia.  Blue thinks that’s interesting.  Jared teases that in due time she will understand.  He complains about how Izzy is annoying him and that she’s in one of her moods.  Blue says out of the “blue” that Cory looks like a dad.  Jared agrees, especially with how he plays pool and walks.


8:08 BBT:  In the storage room Cirie, Matt, and Felicia are laughing about who ate all of the M&M’s.  Matt says someone actually picked out all of the green ones.  The three of them walk back to the kitchen area.  Felicia tells “Mr. B” that “We really need dishwashing liquid because it’s almost gone.”


8:12 BBT: Cameras cut back to Blue and Jared on the hammock.  Blue says that Jared needs to get checked on what he says to people and the time and the place of things.  Discussion goes on about Cory.  Blue says she doesn’t see all of his arguments but that “he gets like that” sometimes.   He says he has to match the personalities of people.  

8:17 BBT: Matt and Jag are playing bumper pool.  Jag asks Matt, “What’s something that reminds you of home?”   Matt can’t think of something.  Jag then asks what his favorite smells are.  He asks Matt if he likes the smell of rain.  Matt says no.  He says he doesn’t think of things like that…favorite movies, favorite candy bar, actor, etc.  Jag asks how he categorizes things.  Matt says he likes Hershey’s better than crunch.  He thinks Snickers is good.  Twix is his favorite.  Jag asked if Matt like sour candies or gummy candy.  Matt doesn’t like gummy candy.  Jag asks about gum.  Matt says that he chews gum every day.


8:22 BBT:  WBRB


8:23 BBT:  Camera is back to Blue and Jared.  They are talking about how they handle their anger.  Jared says he hasn’t seen Blue mad.  He asks her how she handles her anger.  She replies by saying that she needs to process her anger, she doesn’t want pity, and that she needs a moment to think about it herself to really go in with her emotions and then feel it out to see what she’s thinking or she’ll act impulsively.  Jared talks about how he doesn’t want to goto sleep if something hasn’t been talked about.  Blue agrees and says she is the type that wants to resolve a problem, too.  

8:28 BBT:  WBRB

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8:33 BBT: Cirie is talking to Jag in the Have Not room.  Matt is also in there.  Cirie is telling Jag how something that he said earlier made it sound like he was interrogating people.  She’s saying that it’s making people feel like they can’t trust him.   Cirie told him that they asked him not to involve Cory and America and that he ended up involving Cory and America making it seem like he is questioning both sides.  Jag says he is with the 7.  He is rocking with them.  He wants to know what the best way to show that is.  

8:41 BBT:  Someone opens the door to the room.  Whoever it is doesn’t stay.


8:43 BBT:  More talk about the same thing.


8:45 BBT:  Bowie Jane comes in wondering where everyone was.  She leaves.  Cirie says that she’s always looking for her wondering where she is and asks if she does it with them, too.  Guess not.  Cirie continues talking with Jag about what he should/shouldn’t say and why people think he doesn’t believe them. (I’m kind of confused what this is stemming from, so I’m switching feeds)


8:46 BBT:  Felicia, Blue, Red, Cameron, and Bowie are outside talking around the patio furniture.  It looks like Red is leaning on his arm, resting his eyes behind his sunglasses.


8:49 BBT:  Izzy and Cory are talking over by the hammock.  Cory is talking about how he told America that he doesn’t think it’s going to be her going home. Cory asks Izzy if she feels confident that Jag is the right move, especially thinking about jury.  Izzy says she is confident about it. 


I’m off to bed for the night! 




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8:53 PM BBT Jag, Cirie and Matt are talking in the HN. Jag says he is going to try to talk to talk to the 7 more so that they are not "sketched out" by what he does. Cirie tells him that Blue has already talked to him about that, but he kept on doing it. She asks him "Have you had a conversation with Izzy today, I mean at all?" He admits that he can't recall. She says that when he was trying to get the votes he sits on top of people every 15 minutes. Now, when he wasn't afraid of leaving, he doesn't even know if he spoke to Izzy today at all. 


9:00 PM BBT Jag says he wants to try to be a better team player. Cirie tells him that no one cares that he is talking to Red. They care if Jag is only talking people outside the alliance. Jag apologizes and says that he wants to make a commitment and that he will do better. He will be a better team player. 


Cirie Matt Jag.jpg


9:05 AM BBT Cirie and Matt are still talking to Jag in the HN. Cirie is telling Jag that he needs to talk to the 7 together. He needs to keep it light and positive, nothing negative like how we evicted 10-0, and tell them that he is going to be a good team member going forward. He should then talk to Felicia privately afterwards because they agree that his conversation with Felicia this morning didn't go well. Jag admits that Felicia approached him this morning and it turned him off. She asked him if he was going to vote with the group and it made him feel a certain type of way because it felt like she was questioning his loyalty. 


9:11 PM BBT Jag has left the HN room leaving Cirie and Matt alone. Cirie tells Matt that Blue told her this morning that Jag has a F2 with someone and it wasn't with her. They have no idea who that F2 is with. 


9:13 PM BBT Matt tells Cirie that Jared should not put up Jag. It wastes what they did last week. Keeping him a little longer will be good. Matt also thinks that keeping Red is also good too. Red likes them. America needs to go up. She is a wild card for everyone. We would have Red and Jag going after Cameron next week. Matt says that if he (Matt) wins HoH, Cameron feels safe with him. He would never see a backdoor coming. He would be calm all week long. He would put up Red and Jag on the front end and tell them to either throw it (POV) or use it so that Cam goes up. 


9:17 PM BBT Cirie tells Matt that both Cory and Blue want to keep America. Cirie recommends that he goes and talks to Jared. They develop a cover story as to why they were up there talking. Cirie was just filling him in and Jag joined them because he had heard his name was coming up. 

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