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BB25 - Episode 13 - Power of Invincibility Competition and Eviction


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Previously, on Big Brother, Cirie, Felicia, and Izzy formed The Seven Deadly Sins alliance but also started a fake one to appease Cam and Red. With Cameron conquering the Cooker he used his power against two former friends. Red brought Cam some intel on Izzy, putting her in the space cowboys crosshairs. The HG went on a crusade within the Temple of Power and Red became the Raider of the veto. At the veto meeting, The Chillers stuck with plan A. Tonight, either Jag or Blue will be evicted, or will they?


Julie greets and says we’ll find out who competed for the secret power, who won it, and if it will be used to save a nominee. We pick up on Fay 27 and Red decided not to use the POV. Jag hates being against Blue but he wants to stay. 


Izzy says she’s in a fake alliance with The Chillers but a larger one with the two nominees. Cam says Jag is the target and The Chillers locomotive is on the way. Blue says Cam reassured her that she is not the target and we see him telling her not to do too much. 


Jag is talking to Cirie and Izzy and saying he trusts them. They tell him Jag and Red want him out. Matt joins them and Jag says he trusts in his team and Cirie appreciates that. Jag leaves and they talk about keeping Jag and blindsiding Cam and Red. 


Cirie is dreading talking to Jared about voting out Blue because she is not sure how receptive to that he will be. She pulls him in and he wants to know why and says it isn’t good for him because she is his plus one. Cirie says she needs this one and Jared doesn’t know. Jared does not trust the others in Cirie’s alliance. 


Jared says it doesn’t feel good to hear others talking about him. He isn’t going to play the game the way he’s told to, even if it’s by his mom. Cirie says the fact that Jared is not on board throws a monkey wrench in the whole plan. She’s struggling to find a way to save Jag.


The Comicverse ball is glowing and the HG scramble to the LR. Red reads the transmission and says a new super power has been unleashed in the game and four HG, voted by America, will compete and the player with the best time will win the power and learn how it works. 


Jag says this is huge. He doesn’t know if he wins he can take himself off the block and save Blue as well but he wants this power. Cam says this power could be anything. His nominations can be changed, a vote can be cancelled, things could not be going his way. 


America is in the Temple of Power and she is ready to play but she was not selected to play. Bowie Jane has also not been selected. Cameron has not been selected and he doesn’t blame them.


Cirie has been selected to compete. She will hit her button to start her time and then she will set an orb on the tilting pathway and she has to get her orb in the chalice and hit her button. Whoever has the fastest time will win the super power. Cirie is flattered that America will give her a gift that is important and she wants to win this so bad. 


Cirie says she has to get the ball down the winding path in the fastest time and she is struggling. She says this is hard because her mind and her hands are not on the same page. She says the path is a replica of all her alliances, she has to keep them straight and get to the finish line. She finishes the challenge.


Cory is next and he will compete. He says he won Americas heart. He thinks he’s in a good spot but there’s always a better spot. He wants to crash the ball into the walls and try and get it done fast. He says he’s not a shortcut kind of guy. He feels good about his time.


Felicia has not been chosen and neither Mecole, Jared, Izzy, or Red. Matt has been selected and he is honored he has been voted for this spot. Matt starts to get a feel for the challenge and his plan is to go as fast as he can and no holding back but he has to be way more steady and he has to be calmer. He finishes and hits his button.


Blue is ready to compete but she needs America’s help but she has not been selected. Jag has been selected to compete and thanks America so much and he is so excited and he is super stoked. He hopes to win and that the power can stop the eviction. 


Jag is trying to take his time and stay calm so he doesn’t have to take a lot of chances. He says the clock is ticking and he cannot afford any more drops and he finishes and hits the button. He really needs that super power.


So won the game changing super power and what have they decided to do with it? Each of them enters the DR and Cirie, Corey, and Jag did not have the fastest time. Matt did win the Power of Invincibility. He has the power to save one of the next two evicted HG, including himself. 


Matt does not know what he is going to do yet and he is just going to let the drama happen while he decides. Jag says he is just going to have to campaign for votes. Matt has decided he might tell Cirie because he thinks she’s an expert and it could buy trust with her.


Matt is explaining the power to Cirie and she says him having the power is great and the fact that he trusts her enough to share that information gives her a whole new outlook in how they can play together and she wants to protect Matt. She wouldn’t mind being Final Four and even final three with Matt because trust is a huge commodity with her.


Cirie is in the have-not room with Matt and they are discussing that Jag might be going home. Matt says he could save Jag and no one would know who it was and it would cancel the whole week. Cirie asks what Matt thinks is best and he says he knows Jag is loyal. Cirie thinks Matt should save Jag and no one will ever know it was Matt. They say Red and Cameron will be so mad and Cirie says it will shock the house.


Julie talks to the HG. Blue does her shoutouts and her mother told her not to come home without winning. Blue says she has more game to play, more relationships to build, new outfits to show off, and she asks them to save her from the wrath of her mom.


Jag does his shoutouts and then says his friendships he’s built have been great. He says they need him here to finish all the milk but he hopes they vote to keep him and he loves them all.


It’s time to vote!

Red votes to evict Jag.

Jared votes to evict Jag.

Cory votes to evict Jag.

America votes to evict Jag.

It is current 4 votes to evict Jag and 0 votes to evict Blue.


Voting will now continue!

Matt chooses to evict Jag.

Cirie votes to evict Jag. 

Felicia unfortunately votes to evict Jag.

Izzy votes to evict Jag.

Mecole casts her vote to evict Jag.

Bowie Jane very sadly votes to evict Jag.

By a unanimous vote of 10-0, Jag has been evicted from the Big Brother house. 


Jag looks disappointed and hugs Blue and begins hugging the others and it is very quiet. He says he loves them all but the comicverse ball is glowing and there is a transmission. 


Julie tells someone to grab the message and has everyone else sit on a couch. Red grabs it and Jag looks to be praying. Red reads the transmission and the BB power of Invincibility has been activated and the person they just voted out is invincible and cannot be evicted. Jag is safe! But since no one left, everyone will be eligible to play for HOH including the outgoing HOH, Cameron!


Julie confirms the power has been used, Jag is safe from eviction, and Cameron can play for HOH. She tells the HG goodnight. Sunday we’ll find out who wins HOH and who is nominated. Wednesday the power of veto will be played and we’ll find out if it’s used. And next Thursday will be the live eviction…she promises.

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