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BB25 - Episode 12 - Power of Veto

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Previously on BB, With Hisam gone, new alliances were forming, and Cirie, Izzy and Felicia started a new 7 person squad (The Seven Deadly Sins), along with a Fake Faction (Legend 25). Meanwhile, there were also close duos blooming. There was the Beardmance with Red & Cameron, the Showmance of Blue & Jared, and the Flirtmance of Cory and America.

With the HoH up for grabs, the legendary Pressure Cooker comp kicked off. And after a grueling all-nighter, at nearly 14 hours, it came down to 2. America secured safety for herself and her closest ally, allowing the Space Cowboy to rocket to power.

Cameron wanted to after his former ally, but Red put Izzy on his radar too. At the nom ceremony, Cam put Izzy on the backburner for now. Tonight, the PoV is on the line. Will Jag or Blue secure their safety? Plus, will Jared spill his big secret? Find out, right now, on Big Brother!


We pick up on day 24, and Cameron has just nominated Jag and Blue and he has a plan if veto gets used. Jag is not surprised Cameron put him up and he’s going to win veto and take himself off the block just like he did last week.


Blue says Cameron had the nerve to put her on the block with Jag and she’s a spicy bitch and go out and fight for veto. Cirie says thank god they creates the new alliance before Cam won HOH. Things are going their way so far.


Jared is comforting Blue who is upset and she’s hoping Jared will play and take her down. Blue says she loves Jag but the worst case scenario would be Jag winning veto and Jared going up and her ending up on the block with her showmance.


Jared is upset and he wants to hug Blue. He wants to win veto and take her down and show Cam if you mess with him and who he likes then he will come firing for them.


Cory tells us America made a deal with Cam that not only kept her sage but him as well. Cory tells America that his brother was on survivor but he did not do well. America says it’s nothing crazy but she wants to tell him a secret. Cory trusts her and wants to go deep in the game with her.


Cam and Red are talking about Felicia, Izzy, and Cirie and they need to fight them because they are loyal to each other. Cameron says it’s pretty clear they are tight and they have a bond. Cameron suggests Izzy as a potential replacement nominee. Red says she is problematic and Cam says more so than the two on the block. 


Jag’s punishment is now over. He’s been cockadoodle Zoom all week and he is so ready to be done with it. He’s in the BY and he says have y’all seen a chicken strip and he takes the costume off to cheers from those in the BY.


Jared and Blue are under the covers kissing. Jared is trying to test Blue and see how quickly she catches on to stuff. He wants to tell her a secret but only half of the truth. He tells her that someone is his mom. 


Blue is starting to think someone is related to Jared and she says she has two options. She says it’s Mama Cirie or Mama Felicia but she think it’s Cirie because they are closer state wise and Jared told her he’s been around game shows and Cirie was on Survivor. She says the gears are turning.


Cam says Matt is in Legend 25 and he wants to make sure they are looking through the same lens and he has the same conversation he had with Red about Cirie, Felicia, and Izzy. 


Matt goes to Cirie about Cameron pitching an alliance to him because he wants her to know he wants to work with her and trusts her. Cirie is not 100% sure Cameron would not back door her or Izzy or Jared.


Cory and America are cuddling and he says he’s never seen this dynamic with the awkward guy and the not awkward girl. Izzy says they were under the covers and she could not see America. They were going to throw some “safety socks” at them but they were gone and Felicia notes someone used them and starts investigating.


Felicia says who could have used here things because they don’t just grow legs and walk out of the drawer. She says maybe Jared and Blue. She says whether it’s veto or condoms everyone in the house is looking for protections. Cirie says she does not want to know. Ew. Jared says he does not know where they are but he has a huge smile on his face.


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Cameron wants Red to play, they are The Chillers. He draws HG choice and chooses Red. Blue would love if Jared would fight for her in the veto and she draws Jared. Jag is hoping to pick someone from The Seven Deadly Sins alliance and he draws Mecole. Mecole wants the nominations to stay the same. 


Cirie says if Jared wins veto she would do everything in her power to get Jared to leave nominations the same because she does not want a chair to open up with Cam as HOH for her or Felicia or Izzy to be a replacement.


It’s time for the POV competition! The HG will hit a button and start their timer. They will need to stack two artifacts on each pedestal. Once they’ve done that and they are correct they will see a riddle. The fastest person to solve the riddle will win the POV.


Blue starts moving all the artifacts to each pillar. She starts trying different combinations and solves the balancing and she sees the letters she needs to unscramble. She unscrambles the word Golden and she is correct.


Cameron is next and he does not want to win since he has HOH. So he wants to throw but not be too obvious about it. He has the pillars balanced and hits the button and he sees his letters he needs to solve the riddle. He spells Golend first and has to fix it and is done.


Mecole wants to win and keep moms the same because Blue and Jag are a threat to her because they aren’t in any of her alliances. She has the pillars balanced but she struggles to keep her letters to stay on the wall. She finally gets it.


Jared says the stakes are really high and he wants to win this for Blue to take her down. He balances the pillars and starts trying to solve the riddle. He spells Delong, Dongel, Elongd, Ongdel. He realizes he has to incorporate the riddle on the wall and it finally clicks. Golden! 


Red wants to win this for Cameron and their alliance. He makes quick work of the pillars and he starts solving the riddle. He’s in the zone and is going as fast as he can because he knows Jag will be right on his tail. He quickly spells out Golden and he’s done. 


Jag is the last to go and he needs that veto. The pressure is on. He gets the first one and the second but the second one falls and he knows he’s wasting precious time. He gets the pillars balanced and quickly unscrambles Golden and he’s done. He doesn’t know if he was fast enough but he hopes it was enough to get him POV.


It’s time to find out who won the POV! Cameron wants Red to win and Blue wants herself or Jared to win. The third place time goes to Cameron with a time of 3:18. Second place is 2:41 and is Jag. The winner of the POV with a time of 2:20 is Red! Red says The Chillers are set up!


Jag says they cooked them fair and square back to back in HOH and Veto. Blue is crying and they are trying to figure out how to go about the week. Blue says Jag is her best friend and she hopes they can both figure out how to stay. 


Red and Cameron celebrate because they have all the power and they can make some interesting decisions. They can keep noms the same or shake the house up uncontrollably. Red does not trust Izzy and Cameron agrees and it would be one hell of a move.


It is time for the Veto Meeting! Red has decided NOT to use the POV. He feels it is best to keep the wishes of the HOH honored and let the house decide the rest. This veto meeting is adjourned!


Jag says Red does not use the veto and that is no surprise because it is clear he is seen as a threat. He’s going to fight to stay. Blue hates she’s on the block and with her closest ally. She will not campaign against Jag but she will be fighting to stay. 



Cameron says it was too early to blow up the alliance because he needs someone to protect him next week and hopefully they see he is solid. Cirie says if someone close to her wins HOH Red or Cameron could see themselves on the block so fast it would make their heads spin.

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