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Friday, August 25, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 25 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/forum/337-big-brother-25-discussion-dish/

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal commentaround the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in and talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:10am BBT Cirie and Felicia are grading the HG in the Pressure Cooker. Mecole, Matt, America, and Corry all look solid. Felicia says Jag is fighting for his life. Cirie agrees, if he comes down, he goes up. They say Cory doesn't want to win, he only wants to last long enough to be taken seriously. Cirie thinks there will be cash in this comp. Felicia says no, because you can't take it from another HG. Cirie thinks there might even be a trip or a car. Uh uh, Felicia says, it's too early. Cirie says the Super Fans told her yes.

12:15am BBT Izzy is out of the DR and tells Cirie they stopped giving out cars years ago. She sees Red flip his hair and goes off on him and red for their ugly hair. She wants to make quesadillas. Felicia and Izzy think there's no way Bowie is a DJ - she has no rhythm. In the comp, Cory thinks some of the cards will be Have Not cards and since it's already after midnight, you won't have a last chance to eat something. Bowie swaps hands and comes dangerously close to tripping up. 


12:18am BBT Felicia says everything she does she does through God. Cirie retorts God didn't want us to keep Hisam in this house. He did not, Felica confirms. They cackle. In the Pressure Cooker, Cameron says he'll stay there through Sunday. He needs to see his kids.


12:25am BBT Mecole yawns, but that's the most she's moved. The other occasionally adjust, swap hands, or stretch their legs or arms. America talks about a contest she was in that lasted 70 hours. She lasted 46hrs when she started halucinating. You had to keep your finger on a dot on your phone and every few minutes, the dot would move. If you didn't move with it, you were out. In the KT, Izzy is slicing cheese for her quesadilla. 

12:29am BBT Izzy asks Felicia if she wants a quesadilla with the dairy free cheese. No, she had her leftovers about 7:30pm and has been eating her caramel popcorn. She wants to make fried chicken and Mac'n'cheese tomorrow. Izzy is still smarting over the comp. She wanted them to have the power. They say Matt is still looking good. The HG in the chamber discuss whether BB might release spiders. Bowie thinks they would be too hard to collect after. 

12:32am BBT The HG in the Pressure Cooker are torn between boredom leading to random conversations and trying to keep their focus. Felicia is watching from the LR. They think Blue is getting tired and Mecole still looks solid. She doesn't engage in any conversations. Felicia thinks Jag looks solid as well. She'd be OK if Jag won. Cory reminds Jag he has a fear of snakes by asking him how his fear of snakes id doing. 

12:37am BBT Izzy brings her food to the LR so she can watch the screen with Felicia. They think they have a very good chance of being F3. Every week, one of us needs to do something, Felicia says. Izzy thinks she'll go the whole season and not get picked to play Veto. Izzy describes the comp to Felicia, who thinks BB should release the snakes. In the Pressure Cooker, Blue and Bowie are jogging in place. Cameron and Red have named the snakes. Two are named after clouds, and one is named Voldemort.

12:42am BBT Felicia believes Bowie is the one who told Red about the plan to backdoor Hisam. In the Pressure Cooker, the lights begin flashing and the headbanger music returns. This time, Red and Cameron are less into it. Bowie and Blue are really moving. Cory continues to nod his head to the beat. The music ends after about 7 minutes and the lights come on.

12:50am BBT The comp is entering its 6th hour. The HG in the pressure cooker are tired but nobody seems to be in distress. Rather than being distracting, the music seems to get their blood moving again after just standing around. In the LR, after just saying they'd be OK if Jag won, Felicia and Izzy now think they have to get Jag out. They discuss if Cory would vote Jag out. Would they have the votes? 

12:55am BBT From the LR, Izzy starts talking about Mecole. She's smart but doesn't talk about it. They say she's going to cramp if she doesn't move. Felicia says if you have to talk about who you are, then you ain't nobody. Mecole leans over and that has Felicia worried. She needs to move a little, Izzy says, it was cold in there. Cirie is out of the DR. Any change, she asks? Nope. Izzy offers to make her a quesadilla. Izzy apologizes for her distrust of Red & Cameron. Cirie says she despises Red and Cameron and Bowie as much as Izzy does.

1:00am BBT Mecole has spent this entire comp in her happy place, focused and completely not distracted by anything the Scaryverse or the other HG have offered. Blue is resting her chin on her hands on her button. In the KT, Felicia comes over and is talking about her time in the miltiary taught her patience dealing with different personalities. Cirie says but I don't have to deal with Red's bad stories and jokes. Felicia says she just ignores him. Cameron is a copycat - they told Matt he looks good in a robe and hoodie and next thing, Cameron is wearing a robe and hoodie. He's always fishing for compliments. 

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1:05am BBT Mecole is starting to look tired, though she has barely moved. Even the snakes look sluggish. In the KT, Felicia says she's not playing BB to further her career - she's 63 and she's done working. She's not in it for the money either because while it would be nice, she doesn't need it. She, Cirie and Izzy are continuing to bash Red, Cameron and Bowie. Izzy says Cameron would take money from charities but not billionaires. Are we bad, Cirie wonders? No, we're the good guys, Izzy replies. Jared is asleep in the Scaryverse BR. 

1:10am BBT In the chamber, Cory thinks when they get down to just 2 HG, the one who loses will get sent to the Nether Region. None of the remaining 9 appear to be eager to challenge the thesis. Cory thinks it's 2am East Coast (it's 4am). America says they are boring, BB wanted more drama. FotH.

1:11am Feeds return and nothing has changed. Felicia, Izzy and Cirie are now in the LR bashing Red, Cameron and Bowie and counting votes for Jared to stay if he was on the block. The 9 in the Pressure Cooker are wondering at what point do they start talking about deals? 10 hours is suggested. Someone suggests Rock Paper Scissors to see who wins. 

1:16am BBT Chicken Jag has to pee now too. The others suggest he and Matt go at the same time. Cory is a little punchu. Mecole continues to be quiet but is moving around a little more. Matt, Cory and Jag are making each other laugh. America tells Matt it's gonna happen (he loses control over his bladder). They are waiting for the music to return to provide a distraction. It's suggested Matt pee into a sock or a shoe. Bowie is flexing her legs and kicking out to her left adn right. In the LR, Felicia is glad that it was Cirie and Izzy that dropped first because she'd hate having to be stuck in there with Bowie or Red or Cameron.


1:22am Bowie asks Matt if his parents watch the feeds. Yes, he says, Than watching you pee will be their proudest moment. Laughter but nobody releases their button. Then they go silent. Even the snakes have gone to sleep. But the HG in the Pressure Cooker are still standing. Looking like true survivors. Feeling like little kids. 


1:35am BBT For the last 20 minutes, the Pressure Cooker has been asbolutely silent. Then there's a sudden blastof air but nobody is blown off their buttons. Cory has developed a slight cough. Mecole has regained her focused composure. Bowie continues to move her legs around. Blue has her leg draped over her hand, holding it to the the button. 

1:40am BBT The HG get hit with another blast of air. Bowie and Blue move to get out of the way of the blast, but still nobody lets go of their button. The sounds of silence are broken only by occasional scratching, shuffeling of feet or deep breaths. 

1:45am BBT Red drops to a squat for the first time in hours. Matt and Chicken Jag as well. Cory is shuffling. America, Blue and Mecole are standing motionless. Blue is bouncing around. Cameron asks Jag if he's OK. He mumbles yes. Cory continues to cough.

1:48am BBT The lights go out and Blue tells Matt this is his big moment. America (standing next to him) asks for a countdown. Then says no. Matt turns around to face away from the ring and... FotH.

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2:02am BBT As we start Hour 7, Izzy, Felicia and Cirie are still bashing Cameron inside the house. In the Pressure Cooker, Matt apparently no longer needs to relieve himself. Feeds return and the lights are out and there's more music, flashing lights and the HG are complaining of of Matt's pee. But nobody has released their button yet. Jag wants lights so he can see where the puddle is. 

2:04am BBT Blue and Bowie are still jaming to the music. Red, Cory and Matt less enthusiastically. Mecole seems impervious to everything as she has most of the night and morning. I have been trying, but I am unable to make out the lyrics to the heavy metal song that is being repeated over and over, but I am sure the HG know it by heart by now. 

2:10am BBT Still pitch black, the HG are hit by 3 blasts of air in a row and aren't phased. The HG seem to actually look forward to the heavy metal music, except for America and Mecole, who hardly acknowledge it. Red's right arm is inside his overalls, while his left hand covers the button. This is a long one, Cory observes. 


2:16am BBT The lights come on suddenly, and Matt points over to where his pee is. In the LR, Felicia sees the pee as well. Then FotH. 


2:21am BBT Back in the LR, Izzy and Cirie are watching, begging Cameron to slip. Do they all think they can win it, Izzy asks? They cheer on Mecole. America is killing it too, Izzy says. Back in the chamber, we're back to the silent treatment as the 9 continue to face off without relenting.

2:24am BBT Cory demonstrates a trick where he takes his shoelace, and with one hand, is able to tie it into a knot. The other HG are very impressed, especially since his other hand didn't leave his button. He's trying to do another trick but isn't having any success. He finally gives up.

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2:48am BBT Cameron says this is the dumbest shit ever. It's like basketball - the last 20 seconds last forever. We are heading into 9th hour of the comp. None of the HG are budging off their buttons. America and Mecole seem the most solid, but nobody is ready to concede, despite the Scaryverse's attempt to distract them.

2:56am BBT Cory continues his short coughs but otherwise seems to be OK. There's a quick blast of air and Bowie jerks to the side to avoid it but isn't moved off her button. Cameron turns around and looks right into the camea. The lights go out and the strobes begin, then the lights turn back on again. This trick doesn't work either.

2:58am BBT The lights go pitch black again. Mecole goes into a rare squat. Blue and Red are also squatting. Bowie continues moving her legs in place. The other HG seem to be unphased by the darkness. 

3:09am BBT It's pitch black in the Pressure Cooker and you could hear a pin drop. Blue is grooving to music only she can hear. Bowie has been bowed over her button. Mecole, Cory and America are standing upright. Cameron squats down. Red still has one hand in his overalls. Matt is leaning on his button, his left ar stiff while he rubs his eyes with his right. Chicken Jag keeps on clucking along. Inside, Izzy, Cirie and Felicia have nodded off on the LR couches. Jared has been sleeping in the Scaryverse BR for hours. 


3:30am BBT The HG woke up at 10am BBT this morning This comp started just before  7pm BBT, and it is now 3:30am BBT. They are less than 7 hours away from having been up 24 straight hours. And you thought Hisam's eviction was going to be the exciting part of the day. That seems like a distant memory. 

3:33am BBT It's been pitch black and silent as a mouse for over half an hour. Bowie is squatting and her hand barely on her button. Blue is dancing to her own tune. Red and Cameron are both hunched over. Mecole has been in her own world most of the comp. Cory and Matt look solid as a rock. And Chicken Jag is not backing down.

3:35am BBT Bowie's light goes on. She has taken her hand off her buzzer and is out of the comp. She tries to shake the numbness out of her feet. However, she has to wait until 2 more HG drop before she can go inside to use the bathroom, get something to eat or get any relief. And at the rate this comp is going, that could be another 6 hours!

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3:43am BBT Bowie is in the corner by the stools, still moving to try to stay warm. The remaining HG seem energized by their slightly improved odds. Chicken Jag is scratching his feathers and Matt has his non-button hand inside his tank. In the BB House, Felicia has woken up to see Bowie out of the comp. Cirie and Izzy are still asleep on the coach. Jared is asleep in his Scaryverse BR bed.

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3:54am BBT That's 9 down. Welcome to Hour 10. There are 8 remaining HG. Felicia cleaned some dishes then laid back down on the LR couch, one closed eye on the silent comp playing out on the LR screen. Bowie sits on the floor int he corner behind Blue. Mecole, America, Matt, Chicken Jag, Cory, Red and Cameron are lined up on the other side of the ring. 


4:32am BBT BB turns the lights out in the Pressure Cooker. The event goes with barely an acknowledgement by the Silent 8 HG still competing. Mecole, Cameron and Red take the opportunity to squat and stretch without being detected. Blue continues moving to her her inner grove. America swings her hips to heep the blood circulating. Cory has his fase tucked inside his shirt colar. Matt still has his right hand inside his tank, he left arm keeping his button down. 


4:40am BBT Matt is out. His light is on.


4:44am BBT Matt has joined Bowie in the corner. The comp is down to Blue, Mecole, America, Chicken Jag, Cory, Red and Cameron. The heavy metal returns with the strobing lights. The HG are invigorated by the repetitive rave. For the first time, Bowie and Matt are free to wig out, while the other HG still in the comp have to keep their focus on their buttons.


4:50am BBT Cory asks if anyone can think of another song that goes with this beat. Jag, Cory, Red, Cameron and especially Blue are all rocking out. You couldn't tell it was even playing from America and Mecole - they seem to be unaware of the loud sounds and strobing lights, they are so focused. 


4:53am BBT The air jets go off and take America by surprise but not enough to get her to release her button. Blue doesn't even notice, she's so into the dancing zone. Cameron is still head banging but Red and Chicken Jag look like they're over it. Cory is still jaming, though, and hasn't coughed in a while. The music ends and the lights come back on.

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5:00am BBT The HG have been at this for over 10 hours. In the LR, Felicia says someone's got to drop! She decides to go to bed.

5:10am BBT Red releases his button by acident and is eliminated from the comp. Because there are now three, he, Matt and Bowie can go back into the house to join Felicia, Cirie, Izzy and Jared. Bowie's card won a pressure cooker. Matt's card released flies into the comp but they were dead from the cold. Red won a home entertainment system and a subscription to Paramount+. They go inside and are shocked at how long it has been. Izzy holds Matt's hands to see how cold he is. Red says he didn't feel his hand move when his light went on.


5:20am BBT It's down to Blue, Cameron, Cory, Chicken Jag, America and Mecole who all seem pretty solid. They talk about the dead flies. Cory jokes this has taken so long, when they come out they'll find out that BB had to go ahead with the game and they've all been nominated. Blue continues to dance like nobody's watching. The others are doing what they can to stay awake, stay loose and stay focused.


5:25am BBT Inside the house, Red says he twisted his ankle but he could have gone another 15 hours (I don't know how he twisted his ankle in this comp). They have been at it for 10.5 hours. They are watching Blue dance the night away on the screen. You have to stay awake, Matt says. Felicia says Cory is in sleep mode. He's motionless with his head in his shirt. 


5:33am BBT Matt tells Felicia that the slightest movement could trigger the button. That's why he was putting all his weight on it. Red says it's hardest when the lights go out. Matt agrees, you slip into sleep. That's when he lost it. The flashing lights and music wakes you up. The place is freezing. There are six HG remaining in the comp, but thereare only 4 cards left on the wall. 


5:38am BBT The lights go out in the Pressure Cooker. Red says it must have been 50 degrees. He was so cold, he kept his hand in his overalls to keep them warm. You could get sick from that, Felicia observes. Izzy and Cirie are still nappy on the LR couch, while Felicia talks with Matt and watches the screen. Red walks in and out. Jared has been asleep since he was chewed out by his mother for failing to tell her that Hisam didn't trust her.


5:41am BBT Red says there's some kind of paint sprayer in the ceiling that hasn't been deployed yet. They discuss whether anyone will be allowed to sleep tomorrow. Felicia points out they have to do noms. Bowie is in the KT wearing a winter jacket to warm up. I've got that song in my head, she says. Cameron can be seen putting a bandana over his head. Bowie and Felicia both say Mecole hasn't moved in 10 hours. Felicia thinks Cory is about to doze off.


5:46am BBT Cameron has a neck gaitor that he's pulled up over his face and his hair. Blue is bare armed, holding her button with both hands but dancing to stay warm. Jared is up and Matt tells him how he had to be pee. Red says he stepped wrong and rolled his ankle and that's when he lost it. Matt says he was uncomfortable the whole time. Cory looks up. His left hand is inside his shirt, his long sleeve dangling. 

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5:52am BBT As the 10th hour comes to and end and the 11th hour begins, it's Blue, Cameron, Cory, Chicken Jag, America and Mecole still in the comp. Bowie says Cameron tried to negotiate 5 hrs ago. Felicia says he isn't looking good. Cory looks exhausted and Chicken Jag is shivering. America is bent over and Mecole is solid. Cory is almost sitting down but gets back up. Cameron has his hand down his pants. He's just trying to keep warm, the LR crowd agree. I peed for nothing, Matt says.


5:59am BBT Jared wonders if the first 4 to drop the comp will be Have Nots this week. Bowie tells Felicia that this was a good comp to miss. She says Cory wore shoes half a size too small because he thought he'd be wedging his feet onto a small space, and took his shoelaces off because they were too tight. That's way too much thinking, Felicia says. She also notes the weather has really changed since last week, it's much colder at night now. 

6:04am BBT Blue squats down for a minute then pops back up and resumes dancing. America is bent over. You can see quite a lot on the infrared, Bowie notes. Cameron was motionless but has started moving around. Felicia wonders if the remaining HG have any idea how long it has been. No, Bowie says, they think it's around 3am. The light has been off for the better part of an hour. Bowie says she kept thinking someone would drop if she could just hold out a little longer, but no one ever did.


6:09am BBT Bowie heads back to the bedrooms to grab a comforter and Felicia motions to Izzy and Cirie (who are now up) that they have to get rid of her. Bowie takes over where Matt was eating his chips and dip. In the chamber, Cory says they must be close to freezing. The snakes must be dead. Blue is squatting down. Chicken Jag asks if she's still alive. Cory says she's been doing Zoomba all night. Jag says he's wearing double layers than Blue and he's still freezing. Cory jokes his hand has been in unspeakable places to keep warm. Mecole says she's still good. Well, she murmurs.


6:14am BBT In the WA, Jared tells Matt Cameron is using his military skills to get through the comp. Izzy comes out of the WC and says Cameron is so full of it. Jag says he didn't have to pee and that's the cockle-doodle truth. Cameron thinks Jag can take off the costume midnight Friday. Cory says he's cramping everywhere from the cold. Mecole and Blue are squatting. Blue gets back up and begins moving again. Jag draws his cape around him for warmth. They think it's around 10pm. Blue thinks 3am. Cory thinks they've been there 7 hours. 

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6:20am BBT Cory says they have to stop guessing what JCM is wearing. They laugh that Felicia wanted to wear a hat that was blocking the live shot in the LR. Cory wants the lights on. Bring the music back. They thought heat was coming out of some vents to resurrect the flies. Cory reminds Jag he never picked his 5 rock bands. He names animated bands like Phinneas & Ferb. Gitchie Gitchie Goo, I love you, says Blue. 

6:23am BBT Inside, Bowie has finished eating and puts her dishes away. Matt was cooking and gets called to the DR. Jared offers to finish it. Alone in the LR, Cirie tells Izzy that Mecole is their only hope. Something feels off, Izzy says. Back in the Pressure Cooker, it's still dark and quiet. Nobody is willingly giving in.


6:32am BBT If you're wondering what is happening in the Pressure Cooker comp, just check back on my updates from the last hour. And the hour before that. And the hour before... 


6:38am BBT America wonders if they'll get to nap tomorrow, not realizing tomorrow is already today. Cory says we won't even get the BY tomorrow. Blue, Cameron, Cory, Chicken Jag, America and Mecole are all still in it to win it. Cory is yawning profusely. Everyone is doing what they can to stay awake. There have been no air blasts, heavy metal music, or light for over an hour. 

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7:03am BBT The Revenge of the Pressure Cooker comp began just over 12 hours ago. It is the 2nd longest comp in BB USA history, second only to the 13hrs and 53m of the original Pressure Cooker comp 18 years ago. And yet only half the HG eligible to play have been eliminated. Cory, Chicken Jag, America, Mecole, Blue and Cameron remain in the competition. They are tired, they are cold, they are silent, but none will fold. 


7:05am BBT In the LR, Matt says the remaining HG are so tired, someone is going to start to doze off, and when they suddently wake back up, they'll slip off the button. I know that's what's happened to me, except I'm on the keyboard instead of fighting for my life and $750k.


7:19am BBT Cory has beenbending over and straightening up, and adjusting his grip on his button. Suddenly, his light goes on. Damn, America says. Morning, everyone, Cory says as the light illuminates the Pressure Cooker. He still has to wait until 2 more are eliminated before he can return to the house.


 7:23am BBT Sunrise at the BB House was one hour ago. The Pressure Cooker HG have been in the pitch dark for nearly 2 straight hours, so they aren't aware of that. But they may start noticing it's getting warmer. Cameron and Chicken Jag are struggling to stay awake. If America, Mecole and Blue are struggling, they are hiding it well.



7:26am BBT The lights are on in the Pressure Cooker chamber. Cory is leaning on the stool in the losers corner. Chicken Jag, Cameron, Blue, America and Mecole remain in the HoH comp. All is quiet on the west coast front. 


7:31am BBT Luke, Izzy, Cirie and Jared are watching the comp on the screen. In the chamber, the Scaryverse turns on the air. It didn't fool anyone. Izzy heads to the KT to wash some dishes and silverware. Matt says it's not good for his brain if he pulls all-nighters. Jared already got some sleep and promises to get him if someone else drops. Matt brings a dirty plate to the KT. He tells Izzy he's going to try to lie down. Izzy says she's dying right now.

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7:36am BBT Back in the Pressure Cooker, it's Blue, Mecole, America, Chicken Jag and Cameron, each wearing fatque on their faces. Cory is on the floor with his back against the wall, waiting with eyes wide shut for two other HG to be eliminated. Matt heads up to the Humiliverse HNBR because he's still a Have Not. Jared is keeping an eye on the comp screen for everyone. 


7:43am BBT Izzy sits down next to Jared and he catches her up on the condition for the remaining 5 HG. Blue's light goes on. Damn, baby girl, says Jared. In the comp, Blue doesn't react at first. Cory is sound asleep behind her. 

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7:53am BBT Feeds return after FotH, and Chicken Jag is also out of the competition. Blue shouts good luck as she, Cory and Chicken Jag return to the house. Why, Jag, Jared says.

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7:54am BBT The new batch of eliminated HG come into the house. Cory can't believe it's 8am. Cory tells Izzy he picked a HN card. Izzy offers to do it with him. He says he's picking the doggy bed, though. Blue goes to Jared for warmth and comfort. They are watching the screen and talking about the comp.

7:56am BBT Kaysar has been delivering messages to the Final 3 HG. A scent is being sprayed from the ceiling and the Cameron, Mecole and America HG gag on it. They each say they can go for hours longer. Cameron says he's been on the block for 2 weeks. He's got to win. He says it smells like bad socks. America says it smells like shitake. Mecole doesn't want to say what it smells like.

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8:03am BBT Mecole guesses they've been there 9 hours. Cameron thinks 7 or 8 hours. America thinks it's 3am or 4am. They say good morning to the east coasters. In the house, Blue says that Cory gave his jacket to Mecole. If he had given it to her, she could have done better. 




8:07am BBT Cameron sees a fly trying to come back to life. He stretches his foot towards the air tube, being careful to not let go of his button. Mecole has finally come to life, engaging in conversation. You owe Cory breakfast, Cameron says. She had a jacket on the couch and she forgot it. Cameron says he brought a hoodie but didn't put it on. Mecole says she'll make him butter & noodles. In the cdnter chamber, the snakes are waking up as well. 


8:09am BBT When she goes inside, Mecole says she's going to shower. Cameron says he's going to pee. And sit down. They all agree, sitting down will be great. Talk turns to the last card left on the wall. They wonder what it will be. The next card should be a reward, America says. In the SR, Jared talks to Cory about Hisam's lies trying to flip the vote. 

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8:15am BBT It's gotten quiet in the Pressure Cooker. Cameron thinks the next to drop just gets to leave. No, Mecole says, they said in threes. I've been thinking. I haven't, Cameron jokes. He compliments both women for being like statues throughout the comp. He has bad joings and has to move around. America jokes they've had a lot of practice the last couple days standing around doing nothing. In the house, Jag tells Blue that he dozed off and lost it. 


8:17am BBT In the SR, Cory tells Jared that Matt had said before the comp he didn't want to win, so he thinks he threw it. The three finalists in the Pressure Cooker have gone silent as they watch the snakes in the center of the room. Cameron has his left hand on his button, facing to the side. Mecole has two hands on top of each other holding her button as she moves her legs for circulation. America has one hand on top of her button, and the other to the side. America says there's a fly in Mecole's hair and she shakes her head to get rid of it. 


8:24am BBT Cameron points to his nose where a fly landed. Ew, Mecole says. Cameron says he's getting more entertainment from the huge flies than the snakes. Cameron again tempts fate by stretching a foot out to step on a fly. He speculates the last card will be a unitard. Maybe it's money. Red's home theater was nice. Maybe it's a trip? Mecole thinks that's probably a Veto thing. Cameron suggests maybe a helicoptor ride. Mecole is not excited. Maybe a slop pass. The HN can only eat PBJ this week, they say.


8:30am BBT A fly lands on Mecole's jacket (actually Cory's jacket she borrowed) and she twists around, brushing it away. But she doesn't break contact with her button. Nasty, she says. America is calm and focused. Cameron is casual and relaxed. Mecole's light is on. She has been eliminated.


8:34am BBT Mecole claims the last card and has won a dinner party for her and 3 HG. That's nice, Cameron says. It's probably going to be fancy, America says. The HoH comp is now down to Cameron and America. The comp itself is 13 minutes away from breaking the record for the longest comp in BB History.

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8:40am BBT We have FotH, possibly while America and Cameron make a deal, though Mecole is still in the Pressure Cooker chamber. 


8:44am BBT In the house, Cirie wonders what America would do if she won. In the Pressure Cooker Chamber, Cameron and America square off on opposite sides of the ring. Between them, the snakes slither. Mecole dejectedly watches the showdown from the stool in the corner. 


8:48am BBT Neither Cameron nor America are talking but they have just set a new record for the longest comp in BB History, breaking the previous record of 13hrs and 53m, by my unofficial reckoning. 


11:49am BBT America lets go and gives HoH to Cameron. Are you OK, he asks? Yeah. Cameron continues holding onto his button until BB makes it official. I better not be a HN again, she says. Cameron says you two should be safe from being HN. 

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