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Thursday, August 24, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 25 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/forum/337-big-brother-25-discussion-dish/

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal commentaround the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in and talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:05AM BBT

The Have Nots get to dig into some non-slop food. The rest of the house cheers them on.


Brief Summary of Late Night in the BB25 House: As of 2AM BBT when the house grew dark and silent, Hisam will be the one evicted tonight. Felicia officially pulled America and Cory into their group after meeting with America and gaining her sworn allegiance. Felicia told America that the entire house is concerned about her because she has not really chosen a side and threatened America that she will be the next to go if she tries anything flaky now that she has joined their group. When they were alone, Cory warned America that the whole house questions where she stands. He told America that he trusts her, and America replied that she ONLY trusts HIM.  Cory then told America how the entire plan turned to save Hisam but then turned back to evicting him. America did not like that news, especially that Cory is just now telling her, and now feels like she still doesn't know what is going on in the house or who to trust. Cory later told the cameras that he regretted telling America about the flip. He feels like he is playing a good game, but he might have screwed things up after his conversation with America. It's going to be an interesting day!  -MamaLong

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Big Brother let the HGs sleep in this morning!


10:00AM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies for Wakey Wakey Houseguests so the rest of the house can join Hisam, Felicia and Cirie in the vertical position.


10:24AM BBT

Jared and Jag are studying the Scaryverse bedroom, recounting all of the items in the room....and the items in the items.


11:00AM BBT

Felicia moved back downstairs into her old bed in the Upside Down Room


There really wasn't any game talk that I could catch on the feeds this morning. The HGs were just cleaning up and getting ready with periodic guesses at what the competition will be.


[Cirie and Felicia actually mentioned the Pressure Cooker earlier this week, saying it was their type of competition where all they had to do was hold a button. Whether they were fed information or just being hopeful is a mystery to me. -ML]


11:11AM BBT

Red apologized to Hisam for getting upset at the noise he was making last night after he went to bed. Hisam said he was just trying to enjoy his last moments in the the house, but it was fine, "We good!"

Red: I want you laughing, though.....


[Last night, Hisam was talking to MeMe and laughing loudly. Red got out of bed and told him, "I really appreciate your laugh, but it's too loud." -ML]


Red tells Hisam he wants to develop some abs. He is sporting a crop top under his overalls.  Hisam suggests he stay on the slop diet.

Red: That might never happen, then.....Alright, I love you, man.

Hisam: Love you, brother


11:53AM BBT

The feeds moved to RCHS






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1:29PM BBT

The feeds return to the HGs continuing to get ready for the day.


1:51PM BBT

In the Comicverse Bedroom, Felicia tells Cirie she can see she got her Boo back.

Cirie: Hopefully for just one more week

Cirie then tells Felicia about how Red got after him for being too loud when he was trying to sleep.

Felicia: What did Hisam say?

Cirie: I don't know

Felicia: Arrogance....Arrogance

Cirie: Yepper! Yep to the yep yep!

Felicia: Girl, if they fake us out this week and put us on the block, I think they gonna have the wrath of a lot of people.

Cirie says that it would be the same thing if they had decided to keep Hisam...a lot of people would turn on them, "We need to buddy up a bit more to Jag and Blue and cultivate that 7...that the 7 is real and we can offer some protection

Felicia: We have to get out Red and Cameron first, and we need their help to get them gone

Cirie: Then we go for Blue

Cirie asks about America and Felicia says that America not leaning to one side tells her they didn't want her. They discuss Bowie Jane, too.

Felicia: I think we have her for two votes.....I think Blue, in her own way, might be trying to separate from Jag knowing they are seen as a pair....

Cirie: COuld they be? If they are working with Red, that would be good! Don't underestimate them.

Felciia: Oh I don't underestimate them. Even in this late hour, I would be okay with fucking them over and sending Cameron's ass home.

Cirie: What would we lose

Felicia: We Ain't Losing Nothing ... even though Cory and Jared might be upset

Cirie: They ain't going anywhere...but do we trust the wrath of Hisam?

Felicia says she trust that she believes Hisam has been humbled and would work with them.




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Felicia: It would still be you, me, Izzy, MeMe, Jared, Cory and Hisam

*Felicia seems to want to flip the vote back to Cameron

Cirie: We lose Red and Bowie Jane

Felicia: They about to fuck us anyway

*Izzy walks in and Felicia points out that Cameron didn't even pack his stuff

They say they are still talking about saving Hisam.

Izzy says in her heart of heart she really wants to do it but she is worried it will blow everything up

Felciia: Jag and Blue could actually be playing our ass.

Izzy: I've been saying that

Felicia: We would catch them completely off guard if we do that.

Izzy: SO what would happen with Jag, Blue and Matt

Cirie says they are going after Cam and Red anyway, so they will be doing them half a favor

Izzy: Why whenever I come out of the DR...I can't even have a minute!

They laugh then all agree that Cam and Red are acting so arrogant, they can't stand it.





1:59PM BBT

Felicia continues saying she really feels Hisam has shifted his attitude.

Izzy argues that Red and Hisam wouldn't work together but Cam and Red would.

Cirie: I don't know, though, Red is trying to minimize his involvement.....it would be Hisam, Red, Jag, Blue, Matt and Bowie (if they turned on them) but we would have..

Izzy finishes the count: you, you, me, Jared, Cory, MeMe and America...if we can trust America...the hardest sell is gonna be Cory and Jared. Izzy thinks MeMe is on board

Cirie: Before you walk out this door...is this sure. 

Izzy: I don't know. Out of 100, where are you at?

Cirie: I am 50/50

Izzy: Fuck

Felicia: I am 100

Izzy: 90/10....Are we gonna do it?

Cirie: Mm Hmm

Felicia says yes

Cirie: I can't believe at the last minute

*Bowie Jane walks in and gives them a look, "Is he still trying?"

They confirm that he is fighting to the end.







2:05PM BBT

Bowie Jane begins ironing while Izzy and Felicia leave and head in the Scaryverse room

Izzy: Should I got get Jared?

Felicia says to go get them and bring them to the HoHR


2:06PM BBT

In the loft, Felicia tells Cory, "You guys are gonna think we're crazy, but we want to keep Hisam. Cameron has not put a fucking thing in his suitcase and it makes me believe they have something." Cory says he is so much more worried about Hisam staying over Cameron. 

Izzy: Are you really ready to have Red, Jag, Blue, Bowie.....I think this is not the right thing....I think this is an emotional, anger response

Felicia: I am not emotional

Cory argues that Cameron is seeming comfortable because he knows that he is staying with a house vote, not because he has something else in the works.


2:08PM BBT

MeMe joins Izzy, Cory and Felicia in the loft. Izzy catches her up on the latest concern over Cameron not even packing and wanting to save Hisam.

VS--StreamBigBrother2021LiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-60715’06” (1).jpg


Izzy to MeMe: SHould we keep Hisam?

Mecole: He ain't even packed yet


Izzy: Cory says this is what he did last week, but of course last week, he also knew he was staying (threw everything in his bag in the last 5 minutes)...I think it shows that he is a jackass and an arrogant piece of shit, but I agree with Cory

Mecole: Which is what

Izzy: I think we are gonna gain more direct enemies out of this.

Cory says if they vote out Hisam, they could find themselves on the block next week.

*The cameras switch to Matt, CIrie and Bowie Jane in the Comicverse talking about Matt's linen clothes that production took but said they would give them back...he has been waiting two weeks for them


2:10PM BBT

The cameras switch back to the loft still discussing tonight's vote.


Izzy says they need to learn from their mistakes with Reilly, "We haven't even lasted three days faking that we are cool with them. That's sketchy. We need to be solid. Everyone wants to put up Cam and Red next week."


Izzy: Stay here...I want to go talk to CIrie

Felicia: No, we are going to stick with the plan (to evict Hisam)....it just makes me sick

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Izzy is relieved saying that saving Hisam would blow Cory and Jared's cover, "and we have a good thing right now....I am never going to the DR ever, again. I'm going downstairs"

Cory: At the end of the day, there will be a new HoH tonight and we will all be safe.

They start laughing and get themselves back on track with Hisam's eviction.

Mecole says they need to stick with their plan until people no longer have common enemies

Felicia: I need this day to be over

Cory: I t will get there

Felicia: Just damn over


The HGs are just finishing up their preparations for tonight's show. Blue looks gorgeous wearing one of her friend's brands.


2:49PM BBT

Jared asks Blue to pluck his eyebrows a little in the middle

Blue: Okay, look at me and try not to kiss me







2:51PM BBT

Jared throws the compliments on Blue like feathers on a Chicken Jag.

Jared: Can you compete in that

Blue: I can if it's just sitting and looking pretty

Now hugs and squeezes

Jared: This is fire......Mmmmmm....Let's win!

Blue: Let's win




3:03PM BBT

Felicia sits with Hisam.

Hisam: I am true to my word and just want to work with you. I don't want to go home.

Felicia: They are scared

Hisam: They are scared?

Felicia tells Hisam they think he will target them 

Hisam: I wouldn't do that. It would never be you. It would never be you!

Felicia tells him there will likely be a Battle Back and she wants him to fight his way back in the house.

Hisam: Well, I would never come after you. Never!

Felicia: I appreciate that




Hisam: And Cameron is not even concerned

Felicia: And that is nauseating to me...we still have time

Hisam: I'm redeemable

Felicia: Absolutely

Hisam: I would never go after people that would save me. I wouldn't do that. I would never bite the hand that feeds me. I am not that person. I am loyal to my friends!


3:26PM BBT

Gold Swirly WBRB followed quickly by RCHS 

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7:22pm BBT  Live feeds are back up.  Felicia is patiently sitting on the LR couch in her robe.

HGs still in the dark guessing at what is to come.  Maybe another nether Gorgon?  what is under the table in the middle?  Roaches?

Cirie:  If it's anything alive, I'm out.

more guesses:  tarantulas?

Red:  It ain't gonna be fuzzy bunnies.

Izzy:  How often will they give us time updates?


Felicia in the SR shopping for food items to make dinner.

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HGs making noises - imitating what they think might be under the table.

Cirie:  Honey, help me!

Bowie:  Cirie's Honey - help me.

Cameron:  Telling about his conversation with Hisam before he left.  I figured he was gonna say some stuff.

Cory:  has anyone switched hands yet?

Several respond that they have


Bowie:  I don't want to see the gross thing or I'm out.

Cirie:  Please don't do that to me.

Bowie:  Blue - she's focused.

Jared starts beat boxing and others join in with beats and "hey, Ho", whistling, finger snaps, scatting

Izzy: we got a long ways to go Cameron, you better save it.

Someone  (Jag?) singing "In the Pressure Cooker with the Chicken"

Cory:  Oh, straight to greatest hits!

Izzy:  If we get hungry, well, there's a chicken.

Favorite Movie - Go...

Parasites, Cars, Cars II

They think they hear odd noises and that something is about to happen.

They are struggling to come up with things to talk about and are making up games to play.

Matt:  Did someone say my name?

Bowie:  Yeah, I did.

Matt:  Sorry. I'm in my own world here.

Jared stretching over to whisper to Cirie

Jared:  What if we have to stand here until the next live show...

Cameron:  Are we literally live right now?  Aren't we live all the time? Why do we have to watch our language?

Cirie:  I can't see anybody.

Cory sharing what might happen:  use one hand, use one finger, etc.


Felicia in the KT setting up snacks and organizing food.


7:43pm BBT  HGs talking about songs.  Wondering where Felicia is right now.

Cirie:  Laying on the couch.

Blue:  She's making dinner.

Jared starts to ask Cory something...

Cory:  Jared, I'm in the zone dude.  He then said the last one was a glass box in the backyard.

Jared: America, we've been here 10 minutes and your voice is already annoying.

America:  Love you.

Jared: Love you too

All standing quiet, waiting to see what's coming next...


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7:24pm BBT

House guest in Pressure cooker competition. The lights are out. It’s still dark there talking and laughing about. How did they get here?Jared has two thumbs on his button 

Guest speculating on what is on table in middle .. snakes tarantulas bugs



7:27pm BBT 

Still in the dark, Cameron has take a  one leg up on the rail stance and two fist down like he’s giving CPR on his button

Jag has head down and is quiet like in prayer 

Cory has both hands on his button and has a wide leg stance 

Izzy is one handed and playing with her hair

Cirie is one handed facing izzy with her puffer vest and hood pulled up

Red is one hand on top of the other in CPR pose 

Jared doing the leg up on the rail and one thumb on the button! 


They are whistling and snapping fingers and humming … dancing 


7:33pm BBT

Blue went to a squat for a few moment 

Izzy is now facing Blue one handed 


Feeds cut …


7:35 Feeds back 


Felicia is in the kitchen cleaning 


7:36pm BBT 

Cirie is mainly back to circle one handed on button

Matt is one handed on button head down (I imagine this is hard for him) 

Bowie is laughing and joking calls Matt 

Matt answers what ..Bowie never mind

Matt I am in my own world and goes back to head down bent over 

jag is both hands and bent over with head on hands on button 

Jared is Whispering to Cirie ..we can not hear what they were saying 

They are talking about not having any water to drink 


7:40pm BBT Red joking we are gonna be standing here until the next live show 

Cory asked if we are on live now? One of the girls answered and said they never show the HOH comps live 


7:40pm BBT 

Wondering what Felicia is doing, someone said hopefully making dinner 

Red says damn under his breath 

Jared says hey Cory .. Cory says I am in the zone … laughter 

7:44pm BBT Jared said in here for 10 minutes and already your voice got annoying 

America what? 

Jared never mind 


7:44pm BBT Bowie breaks the silence with a giggle and this is stupid 

Back to silence 




Cameron asks if it is true that they play live news on Time Square 

Like in the movies 

Someone answers mostly advertisements 


Izzy says I don’t know I don’t hang out in time square 

Cameron says he wants to go to NYE in time square 

Izzy says people literally wear diapers ..once you get in a spot you can’t get out ..like in here 


7:49pm BBTNow silence 


7:52pm BBT Cirie back to circle leaning butt on circle one hand on the button 

Matt squatting

Izzy very restless switching hands on the button careful to always have a hand on button 

Blue and Brie two handed steady 

Cameron two handed 

Red sideways one hand legs crossed 

Cory same positions from beginning two hands wide leg stance 

Jag two hands head down 

Matt CPR pose  

America two hands 

Meme two hands 

Jared one hand looking down 




7:55pm BBT 

Jag is counting on one hand 

Red is very restless 

Izzy is restless 

No movement from Meme, America, Blue


Continue silence except for a few coughs and sighs 


8:01pm BBT

A little beat boxing and finger snapping …banging on the circle 

(Got a nice little vibe going)


They all start cheering yeah yeah 

One of the girls asked what are we at like 20 mins? Cory answered no at least two hours LOL


8:03pmBBT feeds switch to Felicia watching them and stirring tea 

Back to houseguests, talking about contest and punishments and head shaving  

Red said better not be no beard shaving ..


8:04pm BBT

back to Felicia just watching them …


8:05pmBBT back to the circle 

Laughing and giggling someone broke wind ..and said that was a good one ..Red said if you smell it and don’t hear a fart it is Cirie they all laugh 

Cory just said a bug just flew into his ear 

Bowie asked Cory if he switched hands yet Cory said no but the bug flew in my ear but now it’s gone 

One of the girls said this is a mess 

Bowie agreed yes it is


Silence and coughing


8:08pm BBT Cory keeps saying America for America America 





8:09pm BBT Blue is squatting Jag leaning head on button hands 

Red stretching one arm in the air 



One of the guys said I wonder how good we look in infrared 



Someone is making a squeaky noise 

Bowie says  what’s that  

Red, says squeaky floorboards

REd says, and I gotta pee 

Bowie says oh no 

RED says that’s OK I got a 10 gallon bladder

Again, Bowie says oh no what’s that

Cameron answers its air conditioner


8:14pm BBT Jared stretched and hit the hanging Lightbulb and it made a ring sound like a bell, and everyone starts freaking out. What’s that? What’s that? What’s that?

Feeds Cut 

( storm rolled in I have no cable/internet hoping power stays on) 


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7:52pm BBT  Felicia making something to eat

Felicia:  OKAY, everyone still going strong!  We gonna be here all damn night.


HG's still wiggling about in the dark- sound of planes flying overhead  


Red: Yawns are even contagious in the dark.

Bowie:  That's funny.

Just breathing and standing around...

MeMe is like a statue - no movement at all...

Jared starts some beats again, others join in with tapping and snapping

America:  What do you think we're at, like 20 minutes? (it's been about an hour)


8:02pm BBT  Back in the house, Felicia still on the couch, scraping the bottom of her bowel - maybe she just needs the noise.


8:03pm BBT

Cory explaining the past game.

Cory:  They would have temptations, like if you get off, you get this.

Jared was that you?

Jared:  No I was squatting next to the person that did that.  Whoever farted, that was the cleanest fart ever.  If you don't smell nothing, it was Cirie.

Cory:  A bug just totally went into my ear.


Felicia is watching the group on a screen

Felicia:  Come on For Real, For Real, Seven Deadly Sins, we need you to win.

Felicia:  A lot going on back here (looking around the messy bedroom and trying to put her stuff away)

That's my purple blanket right there - everybody took all my shit.


8:12pm BBT  back to the group

What was that noise?

Red:  Squeeky floor boards.  And I gotta pee.

Bowie:  OH, nooo.

Cory: Why do I gotta be by you - aim away!

Cory:  If we come back and the washing machine is not fixed...

You can build this and you can't fix a washing machine.


The temperature is changing, air moving around,  They're just jumpy and waiting for SOMETHING to happen.


Cameron:  Since we're gonna be her a minute, I got an interesting story, if nobody minds.

They hear a metal tinkling sound and wonder what's happening.

Cory says that was me, I bumped a light fixture.

Cameron telling his story about not having much for nights in the country...

Cirie interrupts that she hears noises from above.


MeMe:  It's a vent up there with some kind of plastic covering on it.

Cirie:  Ok, go ahead with your story.

Cameron:  Using night vision goggles on a mission...


Switch to Felicia counting people on the screen.

Felicia:  13 left in the house.  Four more till jury - come on with it.


8:22pm BBT  Animals


[I'm out for the night! ~AuntD]


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Red's knee was dangerously close to touching the ground and they are not allowed to kneel. Lights are back on now.

9:45pm BBT: Bowie continues to kick her legs back to deal with the cold temperature in the room. The lights are back on now, but no new twists have been introduced to the room at this time. Cirie and Jared continue to sit together in the corner, waiting on one more person to let go before they can leave the room.


Felicia continues to doze off and on in the LR while watching the competition on the tv. Says multiple times "this is boring."

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9:55pm BBT We are at the 3 hour mark. Felicia is struggling to stay awake. Jared adn Cirie are still the only ones to have dropped. Cameron randomly says he has had malaria shots and pills. Felicia gets called to the DR (downstairs).

10:30pm BBT It has been mostly quiet in the ressure Cooker. Occasionally you can hear HG shifting but there's no real conversation. The lights are on. Matt is pulling his tank top with one hand while the other holds the button. Chicken Jag watches while Cory strategically uses his mouth to undo the laces in his sneakers so his feet can breath.  

10:35pm BBT Cameron asks about everyone's favorite water. Cory does not participate. The lights go out and there's the dinging of glass. The air is coming, Cory says. All right, shoelaces, Jag jokes. FotH.

10:40pm BBT Feeds return. Izzy is jamming to her own tune. Chicken Jag is squatting. Blue has a leg propped up on the railing. Bowie and Red are restless. In the LR, Felicia says she and Crie are going to go all the way to Finale Night. She doesn't know how but it is going to happen. She is cracked up watching Izzy. Blue is now squatting. 

10:43pm BBT The HG are hit with a blast of air and brace themselves. Jag is squatting. Felicia tells Izzy to keep listening to that music in her head. She needs Bowie or Izzy to win HoH. 


10:50pm BBT The HG are still going strong as we approach the 4hr mark. Felicia is on the LR couch eating popcorn snax. Izzy is still jaming to the beat of her own drummer. Bowie stretched her legs. Cameron looked up for a moment. Red has his back to the railing but his hand is solidly on the button. Corry shuffles his feet with 2 hands on the button. Mecole has one foot on the railing, trying to stretch. Felicia wants someone else to drop so there will be 3 who can come into the house. She wants someone to talk to.


10:55pm BBT Felicia cries out, Izzy No! FotH. It appears Izzy is out.


11:01pm BBT Izzy, Cirie and Jared enter the house. Felicia is excited to have someone to talk to. Cirie sits down on the couch next to Felicia. Jared heads to the WC. Izzy heads to the BRs. We can't hear, but Kaysar appears on a screen in the Pressure Cooker. Words then appear, which appears to be translatpom for Matt. Then the lights go out and start strobing and the HG cheer. This is just like in a club, smeone says. They appear to have music and the HG are jamming to the beat. Then they are suddenly blasted with air. 


11:05pm BBT All three HG who have dropped wer enext to each other. Bowie, Blue, Cameron and Red are all jamming to the rave music amid the flashing lights and blasts of compressed air. Felicia tells CCirie, Izzy and Jared what she's been watching. Bowie isn't going to last much longer, she says. Cory, Jag and Matt have barely moved. Cameron and Red are head-banging. 

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11:07pm BBT In the LR, Jared says he can't stand Bowie, she's worse than Cameron & Red. Felicia agrees. 

11:11pm BBT The lights stop strobing in the Pressure Cooker but the music i sstill playing. Camerona nd Red appear to be having a conversation but you can't hear because of the loud music. Bowie squats, everyone else is standing. Cory is moving his knees to the repetitive beat. Blue is swaying. Matt has his foot up on the railing. Jared is worried he's the next target. Did Cory play us, Izzy wonders? Felicia thinks Cory and America did. Jared thinks he has Cory as a 4th vote. Hisam told Jared to not trust Cirie and Felicia. Cirie admonishes him for not telling her sooner.

11:15pm BBT The music cuts off. The HG are all still handing the pressure of the cooker. In the LR, Cirie is upset to hear that Hisam told Jared not to trust her. She would have never offered him an olive branch. Cirie says Cory is OK until 7. Jared says once they get to the end, all the comps are mental. That's what Cory is counting on. The only ones Jared trusts are them three. Felicia agrees. She says there's no way Cory is not a 21 year old college kid.

11:18 Enjoying the quiet, the HG in the Pressure Cooker are taking the opportunity to talk. Cory wonders if it's been 3 hours yet. Jared only made it 30 minutes, he thinks. (it's almost 4hrs 30m). Cirie and Izzy head to the Comicverse BR to discuss how they can use Cory. Izzy is having conspiracy thoughts about him. Cirie's upset Jared is hiding things from her. She's upset Jared just brushed off her criticism. Izzy says that makes her paranoid. 

11:20pm BBT In the Pressure Cooker, Matt says he has to pee. Cirie and Izzy return to the LR where Jared is still upset with Bowie who doesn't speak to him when they aren't around. Felicia is keeping one eye on the comp on the screen. Bowie Jane is a number for Red & Cameron, Cirie says. She feels so comfortable, Izzy says. 

11:25pm BBT Jared says he just shifted and left the button. Cirie swears she never moved her hand. Izzy says she felt so solid had was falling asleep in the dark which is why she was moving around. Cirie lectures Jared on not telling her about Hisam saying to not trust her. She wouldn't have ever explored keeping him if she had known. She wasted a lot of time and almost made a wrong decision. 

11:28pm BBT Cory says this is in the BY. They built this in the BY. There's no other place so close they could have used. All the HG except Jared, Cirie, Izzy and Felicia are standing around, relaxed in the Pressure Cooker discussing the snakes. In the center, one of the snakes is crawling up the side. It's too cold for him, Cameron says. Some of the snakes are fake, Cory thinks, others are real. Back in the LR, Cirie continues to lay it down for Jared, banging her first, saying it's not that they don't trust him, but they need information. 

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11:33pm BBT Jared leaves the LR after being scolded by his mother. Felicia was in the DR so she didn't hear her talk to him. Felicia tells Cirie and Izzzy she cleaned up the KT. Izzy says she's sorry she dropped. Felicia give her a hug and says she did her best, there's nothing to be sorry about. 

11:34pm BBT In the Pressure Cooker, Blue is squatting. Cory has been more animated, talking with the other HG. This is the coolest part of the season for him, he says. America was sure they would have this in the 25th season. Bowie asks if Cory is cold. He's OK. He thinks in athletic comps, you don't want to be wearing a tank or shorts. You always want a hoodie. Izzy took off her hoodie on the walk to the Pressure Cooker. Matt still has to pee. Jag says he can block Matt from the camera and he can pee into Cory's baseball ap. Cory isn't happy about that plan. Matt says the live feeders will see anyway. America says just announce it and BB will turn off the feeds. 

11:38pm BBT Cory thinks one of the envelopes sends you to the Nether Region. Bowie hopes Jag gets it. Blue has stood up, Bowie is leaning over, and Matt has a foot on the railing. Blue turns her back to the railing. In the LR, Cirie says Bowie Jane hasn't stopped talking to Cameron since the comp started. She's a lost cause until they get Red & Cameron out, then she'll come scurrying back. Cirie hopes Red gets so cocky he slips. They are hoping Mecole holds out. 

11:44pm BBT In the Pressure Cooker, Cory asks Bowie if Men At Work counts as classic rock. They are naming classic rock bands. Cameron says Allman Bros. and Doobie Bros. In the LR, Izzy is still down on herself for getting distracted in the comp. She feels she let them down. Cirie says unless you think you can stay for 16 hours, there's no point in staying for at all. Izzy is called to the DR. You know why they're calling you, Felicia cackles.

11:47pm BBT Bowie comes up with The Beatles and Cory says that's better than Men at Work. Cameron names Atlanta Rhythm Section, CCR, Ozzie Ozborn. Cirie goes into the Scaryverse BR where Jared is in bed with his bandana over his head. She gives him a reassuring motherly hug. She goes back to the LR and tells Felicia he's got to be able to take this criticism. Back in the Pressure Cooker, they mention The Monkeys. Queen. Does yacht rock count as classic rock? REO Speedwagon? Rush? 

11:50pm BBT Matt still has to pee. Just let it happen, Chicken Jag encourages. In the LR, Felicia wonders why everyone points to Jared & Blue as a showmance but nobody is paying attention to Cameron and America. Or Red & Cameron, Cirie says. Seh notes that Mecole moved her foot. She is leaning over her button. Blue is also leaning over, and Bowie is squatting. Matt has one leg up. Mecole, Red and Cory have 2 hands on their buttons. Cameron and CHicken Jag are casually leaning on theirs with one hand. 

11:55pm BBT Matt jokes he's going to hit the snake pit (when he pees). America says he can't cuss or they won't show it. Cory says Matt pees standing up, then sits down. He can't pee why sitting down. America wonders how they know this. Jag says Matt peed, then left the WC, then got back in line again for #2. Everyone is laughing at him. Don't poop, they plead. He would go down in BB History if he did. The final ick. In the LR, Cirie and Felicia are watching closely to see if Blue takes her hands off. They can't hear but they can see the HG moving. This is a dumb comp, Felicia says, who would be watching this?

11:59pm BBT Suddently, the death metal begins and the lights start strobing. Red adn Cameron are headbanging, Blue and Bowie are rocking. Even Cory is bouncing around. In the LR, Cirie is encouraging Red to keep moving and slip up. They can't hear the music but they can see the HG reacting to it and the flashing lights. Suddenly, the HG are lasted with air. Then again. The HG brace when the air hits them and the LR ladies can't figure out what they are doing.


3:03pm BBT We are 5 hours into this comp. This is what it's all about, Cameron says. The lights go back on as the music keeps playing. Cameron and Red stop headbanging. Cory is still moving around in place, the kind of dancing where move your head and knees instead of your feet. The music ends. All of the remaining HG are focused, though Mecole has barely moved and not engaged in conversations. Felicia and Cirie think Red will be next to drop. They discuss who each HG might nom.

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