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Friday, August 18, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 25 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/forum/337-big-brother-25-discussion-dish/

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal commentaround the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in and talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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4:32AM BBT

Cameron is the only one awake, and he is currently showering himself and Bertha (his hair). He is very thorough with making sure all of Bertha is properly cleansed.




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3:39pm BBT Hey everybody, time for the nom ceremony. Feeds are still FotH but we have an audio leak of Felcia calling the HG in for the nomination ceremony. She says it 3 times and you can hear other HG mumbling but still see rescue bunnies on the feeds.


3:43pm BBT. The FotH music is off but the animals are still on. You can hear them eating/moving around. You can also faintly hear BB talking to the HG. Matt is told to check his mic. BB figures out the problem and the music returns.

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The feeds have been on RCHS since around 2:54PM



3:36:51PM BBT

The music we typically hear with RCHS has stopped.....

Audio leak....

Production: Alright, so this time, you'll pop in and say what you are gonna say and then you will walk away like if you're going into the next bedroom

Felicia: Okay..."Hey everybody, it is time for the nomination ceremony." (very dry tone)

Production: Stand by one second

Felicia: MmHmm

Production: Alright, great  job. I'm just gonna have you stand in front of this next door.  You're gonna do the same thing. I'll let you know when.  Stand by.

Felicia: Okay

Production: Go ahead.

Felicia: "Hey everybody, it is time for the nomination ceremony." (dry tone, again)

Production: Okay, I'm just going to have you do it one last time.

Felcia laughs

Production: No, that was good. This time, after you are done saying it, you can walk back up to the bridge.

Felciia: okay.."Hey everybody, it is time for the nomination ceremony." (more energy this time)

Production: Sorry Felicia. We weren't quite ready. Let's do it one last time"

Felicia lets out a shriek: "Hey everybody, You know what time it is.  It is time for the nomination ceremony." (more serious)

Felicia can be heard walking

Whispers with what sound like America and Red...maybe Cameron.

Throat clearing.

A knock on the door.


Someone says "I always sit over there"

Water running or someone peeing

Blue whispering but it's not clear

Someone says "Oh, God" (maybe America)

More muffled noises

More coughing

Production: Okay, thank you everyone. Um, Felicia, you are good upstairs for a bit. Everyone just take this opportunity to double check your microphone. Make sure it is on your outer most layer of your clothing and make sure it is centered. Cirie and Cory, both of your microphones need to go higher. Matt, please make sure your microphone is not touching your chain."

*unintelligible whispers

coughing (sounds like Red)

Production: Great, so just a general note for everybody... Make sure...Um, you know...We do like it when you clip it to your outer most layer. That's Great....Um, but then sometimes let's say it's a jacket or a robe or something and you clip it on then when you move that to the side, it's not centered anymore, so try to be aware of where the mic is in relation to your mouth, I guess. 


3:44PM BBT

Music is back for RCHS


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4:21PM BBT

The feeds return

Sounds like Felicia nominated Jag and Cameron


4:21PM BBT

Matt tells Jared he is afraid he will be backdoored. Jared tells him no.


4:22PM BBT

Jared and Jag talk in the Asylum Room. Jared tells Jag he is supposed to be sad. 


4:25PM BBT

Jag: I am on the block. What the fuck?

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4:22pm BBT Feeds return. Blue, April & Jag are talking excitedly in the SR. In the Scaryverse BR, Jared is talking urgently with Matt. Everyone is whispering and it's hard to hear what they are saying. Jag & Blue go into the Scaryverse BR where Jared tells him that anyone comes off, Hisam goes up. Jag leaves. Matt tells Jared & Blue that Hisam hasn't looked him in the eye since Reilly left. Blue leaves, and Jared & Matt continue talking. Matt say Jared is a bad actor. Jared says if Hisam wins Veto and takes Cameron down, Red goes up. 

4:24pm BBT In the Game Lounge, Jag tells Blue that Hisam is celebrating that he's on the block. Hisam is in the KT kitching. America tells Jag that Cameron hates Hisam right now. Jag says he'll talk to Cameron. He says he's celebrating going on the block. He walked in to HoH as a nom and walked out with a 7 person alliance. Maybe he should act sad, he reconsiders.

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4:30pm BBT In the Scaryverse BR, Cameron tells America she's sharp and smart and he likes being around her. Jag is receiving comfort hugs from Mecole in the Game Lounge. Cameron tells America he won't feel OK until the last Veto chip is pulled and Hisam isn't playing. He says he's got the Scaryverse BR to himself - Jag is always following people around and Matt is in the HN BR. America doesn't like her BR. 

4:36pm BBT Cameron thinks Jared & Blue will be sharing a bed before too long. America thinks Matt & Reilly should have shared a bed. Cameron says Matt was more into Reilly than she was into him. Cameron says Reilly wasn't the one who drove a wedge in the house, it was Hisam. He's full of shit. He says he's a nice guy, but a piece of him wants to f*ck things up.

4:39pm BBT Cameron tells America he tends to bottle up his feelings. Unleash them during the Veto comp, she replies. Hisam comes into the Scaryverse BR. Cameron thinks Veto will be from the Comicverse. Hisam agrees. America hopes there are prizes and punishments. Hisam doesn't think they would do it this early. 


4:52pm BBT Hisam tells Jag that the target is Cameron, though Jag did do damage. He believes Jag didn't vote for Reilly (to evict). He's not loyal. Hisam tells Cameron he's next to win. I really want to win Veto, Cameron replies. I think you will, Hisam says. He tells Cameron he had no idea he was going up. Cameron was 80% sure.

4:57pm BBT Cameron tells Hisam he will play his role (Hisam believes the target is Jag). Cameron believes Jag would pick Blue as HG Choice to play Veto. Hisam thinks it would be Matt. Cameron says the HoH comp was about luck; Veto is about skill. Felicia comes in and Hisam tells her she looks cute. He confirms Jag is her target. 1000%, she tells him. Jag did it to himself, Hisam says. Jag can't win Veto, Hisam says. Felicia can't recall him playing in anything. 

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5:24PM BBT

Hisam is talking with Blue on the couch in the living room who is giving an amazing show of being devastated by Jag's nomination. SHe doesn't want her pal to go, and she's saying she could be a replacement nomination. He tells her power shifts all the time and gives her a pep talk. She says she doesn't want Cam to go, either because he has really been trying the past 24 hours to show his heart. "Not everyone can win. I have to keep reminding myself of that."

Hisam: Miracles happen all the time. I mean we saw Taylor win.

Blue: True

Hisam: Jag wins veto, it changes everything, again. You win veto, it changes everything, again.




5:29PM BBT

Felicia is talking with Jag in the HOHR. She tells him that there is an alliance of 5. (America, Cory, Blue, Bowie Jane and MeMe)

Jag: And Bowie Jane as well, I guess

Felicia: And Bowie Jane. They have a 5 person....they have a name. They have named themselves.  

Jag: That is really something. But, you don't think Pooh knows about it.

Felicia: No, Jared is not in it. 

Jag: But they are getting close

Felicia: They are getting close, but part of me thinks it's game play (to get info from each other)

Jag: Oh, but I do think they like each other

Felicia: I think they do, but it's also game play...The 5 that feel like they are the bottom of these different groups. 

Jag: Oh, man

Felicia: Just pay attention...I just don't want Blue to sabotage something because she tells Cory

Jag: I guess

Felicia: Did you talk to Blue and what did she say...about the 6 of us?

Jag: The 7 of us

Felicia: Yeah

Jag: She is down....I do think she is really loyal and I think that alliance that was made is probably her covering her ass with the floaters

Felicia: The floaters....so they don't vote her out

Jag: She is smart. I think she will stay loyal tot he 7.

Felicia: The floaters won't go anywhere. They gonna stay. They are easy targets.

Jag: Yeah, it could make sense because I am close with America....even Bowie Jane and MeMe....but they haven't approached me (for an alliance) But I feel close, so who is it they have instead



Jag and Felicia continue discussing that their alliance of 7 is a go. (the 7 targeting Hisam)  

Felicia: What was the name we said? It started with a D?

Jag: The Debt Collectors (was suggested as alliance name)

They decide to talk as a group later and decide on a name. Jag leaves and Felicia heads down to the kitchen.

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5:30pm BBT While Jag and Felicia talk in HoH, Blue is blowing smoke in the LR with Hisam. Miracles happen, Hisam says, Jag did it to himself. Blue says she could see it too in his body language. Hisam says people don't feel safe when cornered like Jag does. Blue says anything can happen. Hisam says he could feel Jag's heart sink.

5:33pm BBT Hisam tells Blue he feels good about her. I feel good about you too, she says, thanking him for the talk. I care for you deeply, Hisam prods. I'm just playing the game, Blue dodges. There's nothing you could have done, Hisam says about Reilly's eviction, I had the numbers from the start. He warns her to be careful - Jag campaigned to hard (for Reilly) and now he's on the block.


5:38pm BBT In HoH, Felicia has been reassuring Jag and explaining the plan to backdoor Hisam. She warns him that Red doesn't know about the plan. Jag was offered a 7 person alliance and he proposes the Debt Collectors as the name. They'll meet, she promises. In the Comicverse BR, Cameron tells Red that he's become the go-to pawn. Red isn't happy Cameron is in that position again. Cameron wants him to just let it play out.


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5:40PM BBT

Blue is in the Comic Bedroom telling Izzy and Cirie about her conversation with Hisam. It is difficult to hear Blue's whispers, but she tells them that his word of advice is that she was sticking with Reilly and playing her game (play her own game) and that she should separate herself from Jag.



5:42PM BBT

Production: Blue, please reattach your microphone


5:46PM BBT

*I'm out since Fus is here

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5:41pm BBT In the Comicverse BR, Blue fills in Izzy and Cirie on her convo with Hisam. In the Humiliverse HNBR, Cameron has let Red know that Hisam is the actual target and this is their best chance to get out the biggest threat in the house. Cameron lays out all the things Hisam has done to make enemies of his allies. He says it's important to keep Hisam calm, because if he's not calm, the house isn't calm. Plan B if he wins Veto, he says, is Jag. His role is to be ready to play his 7th comp of the season. He tells Red this is his chance to see how his alliance acts around him.

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5:24pm BBT Comic Bedroom 

Izzy and Red talking about who is playing and best care scenario is him getting to host 

Izzy looking for clean socks to take a shower, complaint we need the laundry  



5:26pm BBT  Living Room Blue and Hisam on couch she is crying she didn’t expect this but it is the game 

Hisam says there are up a and downs 

Blue says she doesn’t want to see Cameron to go he has really been showing his heart 

Hisam say Miracles happen all the time Look at last season twist and turns happen all the time right come Wednesday it could change again right 

Blue:we all wants to talk 

Hisam:yup yup 

Blue I feel like I get it with Reilly a little more, she feels like Jag is a strong competitor 

Hisam tells her he damaged some relationships campaigning for her and he said he didn’t do much campaigning because he was doing it for him the way he tried, and constantly cornering people ..people started feeling unsafe around him 

Blue is hmm mmm yeah ..she has head down and not looking at him 

Hisam: you are still good with me we are good he says he can tell Jag is feeling it 

Blue:could feel him shaking 

Hisam I can feel his tension 

Blue i don’t 5ink he expected to see his face up there 

Hisam we can talk and see what happens next but I feel good about you 

( He is acting like he is still HOH ~ Witch)


They are giggling and talking about the mirrors and the 360 view with the mirrors ..trying to lighten the mood 

Blue thanks for the talk 

Hisam I trust you , I do it has been a couple of weeks right 

Blue yeah 

Whispering and other houseguest cooking in kitchen loud noises hard to hear 


Hisam asks wear he is 

Blue He is upstairs we talked right after 

Blue I need to start thinking about my own game 


Hisam says yeah right he 5inks they may have sacrificed their games for Reilly right when I put Reilly up right I already new I had the numbers right  so we keep moving forward right and maybe the hard campaign not happen when the hard campaign happens it leads to a situation right 


Blue keeps ummmhmmm yeah 

Blue I appreciate you  and situations are hard to hear 



Cameron, Jared Cirie 

Cirie washing pots and pans lots of clanging 

Jared and Camron goofing 

Jared asking if he should take the leaves apart on a head of lettuce to clean 

Cirie drying the pans and is going to pan sear salmon


Feeds switch to have not bedroom 


Red and Cameron 

Red complaining about the bed 

Cameron I love you 

red I love you too 

Cameron remember that dream I had earlier it’s you and me don’t give a fuck about anyone else and I have your best interest 100% 

Red said Felicia didn’t tell me. Anything else I am glad at what she done as long as you are says he doesn’t need his reassurance 


C said there is something deeper going on and there is more too it and if you want to be roped in I will tell you 


Red says yeah tell me 

C we are sending Hisam to the house , he is shifty mother fucker 

Red I know that I know 

C I am not p,aging his game I have wanted this for two weeks I wanted you to know I am on this fucking block to take myself down for him to go up 

Cameron is spilling the whole plan telling all the players. 


Red said i knew he was raising some eyebrows 


Cameron said he shouldn’t have won pov he should have let me won it 

When he told the sweetest girl in the house all that

Red: Hisam told me his goal was getting to jury so I assumed he would get picked off 

Cameron:yeah but I knew I had to tell you I didn’t want you to think something crazy is going on he said I can’t wait until we pick for players and he isn’t standing up there 

Red agreeing 

Cameron:even jag is in on it but we got to keep him comfortable 

He has broken too much furniture 

Red:if you get house guest choice pick izzy don’t pick me 

Cameron says ok ok 

Red goes on to say I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize either of our games 

They talk back and forth about Reilly and Hisam and His treatment of the house

Cameron says he is going to play his role just like last wee I know what I have to do one Target one goal and get that ass

Red says he knew something was up 

Cameron says pay attention to everyone and how they lie learn how the lie 

Red said oh I watch I have been watching 


Cameron said he didn’t want to leave Red out of loop but he doesn’t want to tell Bowie 


Red said yea Bowie is an emotional player and Cirie tells too much she is honest to a fault 


Cameron is coaching Red on how to act and don’t let on you know 

Red says I am a smart guy I can figure stuff out I had it figured out 


Red said he will wait until players are picked and it’s done then turn to them and ask so what are we doing is Jag the one 

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5:50pm BBT Red tells Cameron that Hiam said he would lose respect outside the house if he didn't get Reilly out. He assures Cameron that if Hisam was picked to play Veto, he wouldn't go all out. Getting Hisam out would be a house move, Cameron says, not a Felicia move. He had to tell him because they are F2. But if anyone asks, I didn't tell you. Red understands. He spins to leave the Humiliverse HNBR and has to get kicked 25 times. Oh man, he moans. 

5:53pm BBT In the KT, Felicia and Mecole are starting to cook. Cirie, Izzy and Blue are still whispering strategicly in the Comicverse BR. Izzy says Hisam told her this is his house. Blue goes upstairs and finds Matt laying down the Game Lounge, talking to Hisam, who is trying to convince Matt that Reilly is to blame for her departure. He says Matt's meeting with Felicia must have gone well since he didn't go up. Matt says Felicia told him Jag would be nom so it didn't come as a surprise.

6:02pm BBT Hisam prods Matt if he would use the Veto to save Jag. Matt says he'd ask Felicia what the house wants. Hisam doesn't want to be picked for Veto. He just wants to relax and chill out this week. Jared joins them to play some bumper pool and game talk gives way to generic comp talk. Jag comes up and Jared leaves. I'm just going to do the best I can do, Matt says, it's all I can do.  




6:10pm BBT Matt exits the Game Lounge, leaving Jag and Hisam not talking to each other. Bowie joins them and nobody looks comfortable. She tries to make small talk but it's awkward. Jag finally gets up to play a game with her. BB tells Hisam to check his mic and he gets indignant. I'm not even talking to anyone, he complains.

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3:58pm Comic bedroom 

Izzy, Cirie and America are whispering

Can not hear ..

Izzy laughing about find her chapstick in other pants

America says I don’t think he thinks we are smart 

Cirie: I don’t think he thinks we are smart enough to play together 

She says Hisam says my house, he kept saying Reilly get out of MY house 


America leaves 

Cirie: I had better go check the salmon last time I got the shitty piece 

 They leave to go to kitchen 


Feeds switch to billards Matt and Hisam 

Hisam says he doesn’t have to worry he isn’t HOH so he can relax 

Matt says yeah I dont think Reilly got to relax ..but maybe she play the game to earlier 

Hisam says yeah she played to early, but hey you didn’t go up so how did your talk go I mean you are here 


Matt says it went well 


Hisam asked what he would do if ye plays and wins veto 


Matt says he will ask Felicia what she wants to do and ask the house what they want and go with what the house wants him to do 

Hisam says he doesn’t want to play Veto  but Cameron is a strong guy I am sure he will get it done right 


Matt agreeing yeah 

Jared comes up and asks if they need a moment 

Hisam says no, no 


FEEDS a cut for a Moment 


Come back and Jared are playing billiards and Jag is sitting on the loft couch/bed  hugging a pillow 


Silly talk about Billiards 

Hisam ask how jag is doing 

jag says alright just waiting to play veto 

Hisam says that’s all you can do right 

Matt said I will leave you guys to it 

Hisam found his hearing aid and gave it to him 

Red comes up 

Hisam says red has on his snot wear 


Feeds switch to storage 


Storage Cirie and Jared 


Cirie said he said we need to watch out for MeMe 

Jared said. MeMe why Meme


Whispering about Blue and Jared says he hopes she understand that it is nothing 

Cirie I keep telling Izzy it’s nothing 


Feeds switch to comic bedroom 


America and Blue chatting and they leave the bedroom to go to kitchen 


Feeds switch to Billiards 

jag hugging pillow and Bowie comes up asks what they are doing everyone alright

Hisam says yeah just hanging out


Bowie says she needs more than one lounging outfit 

Hisam asks if she worked out 

Bowie yeah I just did 

Hisam what did you 

Bowie shit workout 


Hisam talking about doing arms and legs 

Bowie says hopefully they will open up backyard 

Hisam is talking and falling asleep 

Jag maybe they are setting up veto 

Hisam says no veto will be off location 

Bowie said omg veto tomorrow fuck 

BB yells at Hisam to quit obstruction his microphone …he was sleeping 


Bowie practicing Billiards play 

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6:16pm BBT In the LR, Cory is having a convo with Mecole about Nature vs. Nurture. Izzy & Cirie sit down across from them basket. Her basket is just knives, Cory jokes about Felicia. They start talking about Daniel Craig and Knives out. Give me a detailed review, Cory prods but Cirie demurs. Cory is asking to be educated on pop culture, which he says he's bad at.


6:27pm BBT Cirie asks Cory about him and America. Cory says there's nothing there. Now Jared and Blue, there may be something there. Cirie starts to say something, then pulls back and says no comment. Matt comes in and then Jag inserts himself on the coach between Cory and Mecole. Izzy jokes he wants to cuddle with Cory. Bowie is next to join them but there's no room on the couch so she sits on the floor.

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6:35pm BBT Felicia and Blue are in the KT on KP while Cameron, Jared and America sit at the KT Counter. Red has been looking for his water and goes up to the Game Lounge where Hisam has been laying down alone. Red has so far escaped being slimed. Apparently all the HG are getting slimed by the Humiliverse at random points. Felicia was slimed right after receiving her HoH room. Red finds his water bottle and heads downstairs, leaving Hisam to chill and relax.


6:39pm BBT Blue is making a house salad. There's also a bowl of dinner rolls. Red puts some water into the ice tray and sticks it in the freezer. There's somethign simmering on the stove top. The other HG are in the LR waiting for dinner to be ready. 



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7:55pm BBT In HoH, Felicia meets with Cirie, Mecole and Izzy. Izzy tells them Hisam has been calling it his house all day. Jared comes in and says BB keeps calling him out for napping. They tell him he can go to bed in 2 more hours. They discuss whether Hisam suspects anything after noms. Red needs to be left out of the loop, they agree.

8:02pm BBT In HOH, Felicia, Cirie, Mecole, Izzy and Jared watch Cameron on the spy screen, wondering if he's secretly a cop. They worry Hisam might be coming up to HoH and look for places to hide. Mecole locks the door. The bell rings and they all giggle silently. Whomever rang the doorbell gives up and heads to the Game Lounge. Cirie, Izzy and Mecole sneak out of HoH, leaving Jared dead on the HoH couch, Felicia on the bed.

8:06pm BBT Mecole and Cirie return to HoH. Felcia tells her and Jared she doesn't do nights. She doesn't want any game talk after dinner. They wonder if Cameron will tell Hisam the plan and decide he won't because it would endanger his game if Hisam found out. In the Comicverse BR, Red changes into his pajamas while Bowie lays in bed. Felicia comes in and Red tells her he supports the plan to evict Jag. What should he do if he wins Veto? Take Cameron down, Felicia tells him.

8:10pm BBT In the Comicverse BR, Cirie doesn't want to save Jag if she wins Veto. She doesn't want to hurt anyone else's game. Red will do whatever The Professors want, even if that means not saving Cameron. Felicia says if Red saves Cameron, she can backdoor Matt. Red feels like he's out of the loop with The Professors.


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8:17PM BBT

In the Comic Bedroom, Felicia talks with Red, Cirie and Bowie Jane. Felicia asks Red if he wins veto and takes Cameron down, would he be willing if she put  up Hisam "to vote his ass out." Red says he would. Bowie Jane agrees. Felicia asks Cirie if she would be willing to shift the target. Cirie says she will be loyal to the original alliance of The Professors (which did not include Hisam). Felicia says he can't say a thing to Hisam or it would ruin the plan. Red says no one even talked to him last week, so it's good to be part of a plan and he will keep his mouth shut. Red says Hisam won't even try to win the veto.

Red says the protein powder has caused him to bloat up with horrible gas. He farts. "Honestly, I can do that on demand."

Cirie: I felt my hat vibrate

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8:50pm BBT Everyone but Cirie and Bowie are gathered in the LR. Cory says his brother is 2 years older, 5'9" and ways 15lbs less (he hasn't mentioned that his brother, Zach, was on Season 42 of Survivor (Cirie's last on Survivor 34). 

9:00pm BBT In the LR, the topic of the evening is relationships. Felicia says if you have intercouse with a woman, she thinks you're in a relationship. That's why she tells her son not to screw anyone unless he doesn't want to have a baby mama on his hands. Everyone laughs. Cirie, Bowie are in bed in the Comicverse BR, talking to Red.


9:05pm BBT In the LR, Jared describes his sex life, taking women home from the bars for one-night stands. He doesn't think that's dating. But if he takes a girl to dinner, she shouldn't be talking to any other guys. The women laugh as they correct his perception of dating. Cirie is in the Comicverse BR, blissfully unaware of her son expounding on his sexscapades. 


8:50pm BBT Everyone but Cirie and Bowie are gathered in the LR. Cory says his brother is 2 years older, 5'9" and ways 15lbs less (he hasn't mentioned that his brother, Zach, was on Season 42 of Survivor (Cirie's last on Survivor 34). 


9:00pm BBT In the LR, the topic of the evening is relationships. Felicia says if you have intercouse with a woman, she thinks you're in a relationship. That's why she tells her son not to screw anyone unless he doesn't want to have a baby mama on his hands. Everyone laughs. Cirie, Bowie are in bed in the Comicverse BR, talking to Red.

9:05pm BBT In the LR, Jared describes his sex life, taking women home from the bars for one-night stands. He doesn't think that's dating. But if he takes a girl to dinner, she shouldn't be talking to any other guys. The women laugh as they correct his perception of dating. Cirie is in the Comicverse BR, blissfully unaware of her son expounding on his sexscapades. 




9:12pm BBT The HG are having a fun time bickering over the fine points of when dating turns into a relationship. Cory says it's OK if you are on Date #1 and your not exclusive, but if you're on Date #3, you should have an understanding that you're a couple. The older HG accept that but still think he's young and inexperienced. Talk turns to Cory and America. He won't even look me in the eye, she complains. The others say he's shy. I'm not shy, Cory protests.


9:17pm BBT While Cirie, Bowie and Red are in the Comicverse BR, the other HG are still needling Cory and America. They suggest each say the top 5 things they like about the other. It's too early, America protests. They each come up with inocuous things about the other, like Cory cooking slop and America's positive energy. Cory says let's flip it. What are your least favorite things about me? When America notes 3 things Cory likes, he jokes she really IS into me.

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9:27pm BBT Cory leaves the LR group for the Game Lounge and begins talking his game to feeds, giving his thoughts on each of  the HG. If Felicia makes it near the end, she'll make F2. He needs to win a comp to make Final 6 or Final 5. Who are the free agents he can pick up to help him? America is one, too obvious at this point. She has trust in a lot of people but will jump ship for him when she needs to.

9:28pm BBT Mecole won't be helpful when it comes to comps but she's an important vote. And Felicia doesn't feel her but she's my F2 since Day 2 or 3. I have to keep reaffirming that. Cory says he connects with Jag but Jag has an expiration date. Cameron is also on borrowed time. One will make it to jury, the other won't. Both he could work with. He's been there for Cameron and hopefully he will reciprocate. He'd rather keep Jag over Cameron if noms don't change.

9:29pm BBT I could work with Hisam but he's going this week and that's not bad. He was gunning for me a week ago. Bowie scares him because she's a non-entity in the game, she'll go far. She might be the casualty of a DE. If he wins HoH, though he's not trying to, he might go after Bowie or Red. 

9:30pm BBT The Crossroads Alliance is really powerful, Cory says, he cannot wedge between Cirie and Izzy, they're unbreakable, but Izzy is a flawed player, she wears her emotions on her sleeve, not subtle, is always scheming. She's a superfan of Cirie and Cirie's OK with that. Maybe Cirie and Izzy will go on the block together and they can get Izzy out. He worries that Izzy knows about his brother Zach (Survivor 42) since she's such a Survivor fan. 

9:31pm BBT Matt is interesting, Cory says, surpremly loyal, hitched to Jared whidh means he won't target him. Maybe him, America, Jared Matt could be a foursome. But Jared has made it clear his group is Cirie and Felicia, but that doesn't work for me. He needs some of these people to drop before F8. Jared is a great social player but strategically all over the place and in love with Blue, which is bad for his game, and he knows it.

9:32pm BBT Cory continues in the Game Lounge. If he gets targeted, it will probably be with Jared. Jared thinks he's Cory's F2, so he'd drop Blue if that was threatened. Cory has multple F2s but doesn't have to pick one yet. Red and Cameron come into the Game Lounge to begin playing some bumper pool and Cory's game strategy soliloquy ends. 

9:35pm BBT Downstairs in the LR, America tells the others to be nicer to Cory. Do you really like him, Felicia asks? He's growing on me. She's taller than he is, she says. Felicia says she has to accept Cory for all he is if she wants to have a relationship with him. Jared says they vibe on the same style of humor. You keep him on his toes. 

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