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BB25 - Episode 7 - Live Eviction #2

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The BB Multiverse has been very busy this week sending HG after HG to the Nether Region. But tonight, one HG will depart, never to return. Welcome to BB! 


Previously on BB, the house was split down the middle. The Young Bloods were part of The Handful alliance, while the older crowd called themselves The Professors. Hisam conquered the Scaryverse and he immediately had a target in his sights, so he put Reilly on the block with the Space Cowboy. After telling Cameron he was in the clear, the burlesque performer showcased his power. With the Veto up for grabs, Hisam only grew more powerful, and he served the bartender a shot of cold hard gameplay. But not everyone in his alliance seemed on board. Tonight, is there trouble in paradise for The Professors alliance? And will it lead to a flip on Hisam to send Cameron packing instead of Reilly? Find out right now, live, on BB!


Julie greets us and says it is day 16 and although the house is split, it is Hisam who is winning the game and Reilly has found herself in his sights. But first, the reviews are in, and Hisam’s veto speech may not have gone over as for his sake.


We pick up on day 13 after the veto meeting and a Hisam says Reilly has to  go. Reilly says Hisam’s speech was very bold but she has never given up in her whole life. Cameron says it is not fun sitting on the block but all he has to do is keep his head low.


Jag says everyone wants Reilly to stay but they need the votes. They need one person from the other side to vote with them. Izzy does not think Hisam’s speech did what he wanted to except to generate sympathy for Reilly.


Cirie tells us Reilly kept her and Felicia safe week one and she would like to keep her word and give Reilly her vote, but it would mean crossing Hisam and The Professor’s alliance and that my not be best for her game.


Matt is talking to Cirie and he says he predicates everything Reilly has done for him and Cirie says there is a lot of game before Thursday. Blue says she is much closer to Reilly and she sees herself going father with her than Cameron.


Cory is talking about the speech and says why am I doing his bidding when I’d rather do the opposite? Felicia is talking to Cirie and they need to be sure they make the best move for them in the game. 


Julie says with the nominations in place, Hisam’s power is all but done, but someone forgot to tell Hisam. Jared and Cameron are talking about the mix of HG and he thinks one of them is related to someone famous. Jared perks up and Cameron says he thinks Felicia is related to Denzel Washington. Jared relieved a sight of relief.


Jag is talking to Cirie about swinging to their side to get Reilly to stay. He says he has himself, Blue, Matt, Jared, America, and Cory as votes for Reilly. Cirie says Hisam may not realize how many people want to keep Reilly and she might be sitting pretty herself if Reilly stays.


Mecole, Red, Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, Bowie, and Hisam meet in the HOH room and he is instructing them on how to navigate the rest of the week. He tells them to talk to the other side but no new alliances. 


Bowie and Mecole are trying to offer input and Hisam cuts them off. Cirie says he asks and answers his own questions like their input does not matter. Felicia says Hisam does not get to dictate their game all the way through. Hisam is talking about how mindful he has to be that he is a target.


Hisam mentions Jared as a target and that does not sit well with her and now she may have to target Hisam. Izzy and Cirie are talking alone about how scary Hisam is right now and how one sided that meeting was. They talk about backdooring Hisam next week and Felicia joins and is on board with the plan.


Julie says Cirie and her allies are faced with a choice: keep the peace or keep Reilly. Hisam is talking with America and asking her thoughts about working with him in the future and he tells her Reilly split the house and forced people to certain sides. 


America says she does not really trust him and she is hoping to use the conversation to his advantage. She starts talking to Corey about Hisam not really liking the people he is working with and Corey goes to Izzy, Cirie, and Felicia with that information.


They start talking about the pros and cons of keeping Reilly and that she would take a shot at Hisam. Cirie says she would like to include her core alliance of the Bye Bye B*T he’s in the decision to keep Reilly. But she thinks Bowie would rather be left out but Mecole would be mad if she were not included.


Izzy and Cirie is talking to Mecole about Hisam and she wants to keep the plan the same but they want her to consider they could stop Hisam in his tracks of thinking he runs the game. Izzy says if they take Reilly out, Hisam will build the army he wants instead of what he was stuck with. Cirie says they just need to get everyone on board.


Julie heads in to the HG. Cameron says Reilly is amazing and incredible and shouts out his mom and daughter. He has enjoyed every second of the things they have gone through and he hopes they continue that trend.


Reilly says Julie looks gorgeous and she does shout outs. She says she has had an amazing time and they have built an amazing family. She shouts out another friend and she says his has been a blast and she loves them all and she hopes they all stay friends.


It is now time to vote!

Red votes to evict Reilly.

Bowie sadly votes to evict Reilly.

With a heavy heart, Jag votes to evict Reilly.

Corey votes to evict Reilly.

So far there are 4 votes to evict Reilly and 0 to evict Cameron. Voting continues when we return from commercial.


Voting continues!

Matt sadly chooses to evict Reilly.

Blue sadly chooses to evict her girl Reilly.

Cirie sadly votes to evict Reilly.

Felicia unfortunately votes to evict Reilly.

America votes to evict Reilly.

Mecole casts her vote to evict Reilly.

Izzy votes to evict Reilly.

Jared sadly votes to evict Reilly.

By a unanimous vote of 12-0, Reilly has been evicted from the Big Brother house. It is very quiet as Reilly gives out hugs to everyone.


Reilly joins Julie on stage and inside everyone is still hugging and Reilly’s picture goes gray. Julie will talk one on one with Reilly after a commercial. 


Julie says Reilly worked he’d but no one came through. Why? She thinks there is a lot of fear going on in the house and people were afraid to flip. She did tell her alliance to not blow their game for her.


Julie asks why she viewed Reilly has such a threat? She says being in that HOH room made her a target and Hisam assembled an eight person alliance and everyone else came together.


Julie asks what Reilly would think if she knew there was a secret relationship in the house. She says do tell. Julie tells her that Cirie is Jared’s mom and Reilly says shut up. She says they are good liars and that is awesome.


Izzy says she tried to get the house to vote in her favor but couldn’t get it done. Jag says he is devastated and he loves her so much. Matt is going to miss Reilly like crazy. Hisam says he is not sure why Reilly put them on opposite sides but she is worthy and pure gold.


Reilly says this was surreal and she is so grateful and it is unbelievable she was part of this game. We will find out Sunday who the new HOH is and the Pressure Cooker Competition will make a return with a twist

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