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Thursday, August 17, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, Big Brother 25 observations, and screen captures here! If you post opinions or off-topic messages, I will move them here:  https://www.tvfanforums.net/forum/337-big-brother-25-discussion-dish/

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal commentaround the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in and talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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1:00 AM BBT:  Jag, Reilly and Matt talking in the bathroom.  Jag is doing all the talking.  He tells Reilly to campaign hard, tell “them” it will not go unnoticed if they save her.  He’s advising her about making her final pitch to them and hitting all the points.  He refers to logos, ethos, etc while making her final pitch, telling her to touch on everything.  Tells her that she should make them think she has their backs, vs Cam, who may not.



1:08 AM BBT:  Jared and Blue under a blanket on couch in LR.  Semi flirting, laying close to each other, talking about other HG’s not playing a good game.

1:13 AM BBT:  Feeds back to bathroom; Reilly saying she really wants to believe Cirie will give her vote, she pinkie promised her on the hammock.  Jag still coaching her thru her final speech, saying to remind them that they want to keep her, that she’ll be better for their game (vs Cam).  Reilly gets tearful and looks very sad.  Jag telling get they want to look back at this season and be proud of who they saved.


1:23 AM BBT:  Reilly reaches out to Jag and hugs him, holding onto him.  He tells her they know she’s a good person.  He’s trying to pump her up, telling her they just need a “nudge,” they’re basically almost there.


1:32 AM BBT:  Reilly hugs Jag again, sniffling, as Matt sits there next to them looking on.  Reilly tells Jag she really loves him, he replies he really loves her too and wants to keep her.


1:35 AM BBT:  Jag leaves the bathroom, Reilly starts crying, with Matt sitting next to her, his arm around her.  She said if I leave, it’ll all be for nothing.  Matt tells her no, it won’t be for nothing, you’ve done a lot.


1:38 AM BBT:  Jared and Blue join Reilly and Matt in the bathroom, they come over to Reilly, still sniffling, and do a group hug.  Reilly tells them she literally only needs one person.  Blue tells her she thinks Reilly has solidified things enough that she will get the votes she needs, and she doesn’t think it will be a tie.  Blue tells her to tell everyone she will be there for the house, not just herself.  She walks to the sink, where Jared had just finished brushing his teeth, and tells Jared, “give her a pep talk.”  Jared walks over and sits next to Reilly.  Jared advises her to be honest, no BS.  Tells her not to deny what everybody knows, which is eventually that everybody is going after someone.  He tells her no one can lie at this point and say they don’t have a number one, or a number two or three, and that everybody has somebody at this point.  And to be brutally honest with people to put their minds at ease.  


2:02 AM BBT:  Jared and Blue hug Reilly after Jared’s pep talk, and leave Reilly and Matt in the bathroom.  Matt tells Reilly to focus on her speech tomorrow, focus on her campaigning.  He tells Reilly he has things all ready to make popcorn.  Reilly said, maybe our last popcorn.  They leave bathroom and go to kitchen.  Appears that all other HG’s are in bed.




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2:11 AM BBT:  Reilly and Matt in kitchen, Reilly wanders over and looks at memory wall.  Popcorn is popping, Matt is prepping popcorn fixings.


2:17 AM BBT:  Popcorn finished, they decide to go upstairs.  Matt goes to grab a sweater.  They go upstairs and enter the have not room and pick a bed.  Then all feeds switch to sleeping HG’s momentarily.


2:23 AM BBT:  Feeds back on Reilly and Matt eating popcorn.  General chitchat, Reilly said you may have to find another bestie to eat popcorn with at 3 am.  Matt said he’d been talking to someone (?) who asked him if he was good, and he started crying.  Reilly said, awww, you were crying?  Don’t cry.  He said he wouldn’t in front of her, but then they both were talking about how you can be ok until someone asks, then you start crying really easily.  Matt says he’s feeling optimistic and thinks it’s gonna work.  Reilly says she’ll just be glad to know one way or another, she’s tired of being on edge, and had to try in order to keep her composure all week.  Reilly tells him not to throw away his game over this, that she will be mad if he does some stupid shit if she leaves, and he throws his game away.  He says that he won’t, but he’s going to make it clear that he will have people’s back if she stays, implying that if she leaves it will be the opposite.  But says he will do this in a non-threatening way.  


2:42 AM BBT:  Reilly and Matt still talking.  They wonder what would happen if Bowie or Red won HOH,  saying they wouldn’t know what to do (meaning who to put up).  Reilly said if Red won, he would go to Hisam to figure out what to do.  Matt is starting up yawn.


2:53 AM BBT:  Reilly says she is terrified.  Matt says that’s good, it means you care.  She says she has so much left.  She said it’s annoying to have to plead for her life, when there are floaters.  She says she won’t make false promises, and if she promises Izzy, Felicia and Cerie their safety, she will make good on it.


3:01 AM BBT:  Reilly says, this house is no joke, like, this is hard.  When you are watching it, it seems different, but it’s hard.  They start talking about how comfortable they all are with each other, and it’s only week two, imagine after 50 days.  How all the HG’s can already read each others emotions, whether they’re happy, sad, tired, etc.  And how they’ll all always be friends forever, having shared this experience together.  Then talk turned to Hisam, and how he was going to act if Reilly stays.  She said he would basically freak, and wonder how she flipped the votes.  She said she “took it” at the veto meeting, and she wants him to have to “take it.”

3:15 AM BBT:  Reilly and Matt still hanging.  She appears to fall asleep, Matt rubs her back and asks if she’s alive.  She says, oh I fell asleep.  Quiet for a moment, then she says, I don’t want to go.  He says, I know.  She curls up in a ball on all fours, while Matt rubs her back, and she falls asleep again.  He’s having a hard time keeping his eyes open.  She wakes up and says, I fell asleep again.  He says, we need to go to bed.  She moves toward him, stretches out, and hugs him for a long moment.


3:30 AM BBT:  Reilly leaves Matt in have not room and goes downstairs to the bathroom.  He sits up, leans over and puts his head in his hands for a moment, almost as if he’s praying.  Then curls up to go to sleep.

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*I will do my best to gather the eviction day deets, asap!


12:00PM BBT

Gold Swirly WBRB


1:19PM BBT

The feeds move from WBRB to critters from RCHS



7:16AM BBT

Felicia is up to the loo then on to coffee and reading her Bible

8:35AM BBT

Cameron and Izzy are now awake and c hanging batteries in the SR


In the kitchen, Felicia tells Izzy she can't believe they are letting everyone sleep this late.


8:52AM BBT

Red is now awake and getting ready in the bathroom area.

9:29AM BBT

Cirie and Izzy are talking in the Comic Bedroom. Cirie says they need the HoH Room this next week.



9:46AM BBT

Felicia is talking with Cameron in the kitchen.


Cirie, Cory and Izzy are whispering in the loft.


*WBRB Gold Swirlies


9:58AM BBT

The BB House lights are all on and HGs are getting ready for this eviction day.

10:03AM BBT

Cirie comments to Hisam that everyone is up before they have to be.

Izzy: We haven't had our Wakey, Wakey

Hisam corrects them: The music started

Cirie says no and feeds switch, so they likely only played the music in the bedrooms where there were still sleepers.


10:05AM BBT

WBRB Gold Swirlies, again



10:11AM BBT

Felicia theorizes that maybe they are allowing a later start today because the house is cleaner

Bowie Jane thinks that may be true

Felicia heads to the Upside Down bedroom and whispers with Reilly. Reilly says she is stressing but she thinks they may have it.

Felicia: No matter what, don't look at this as final. Everything is possible.

Reilly: Alright. I love you!

Felicia: You, too!


10:24AM BBT

In the bathroom, Hisam asks Jared, "Do y'all want to use the HOH Room" (teasing because Blue and Jared getting closer)

Jared: I was just there

Hisam, Blue and America begin discussing Reilly and Matt's showmance. Blue says that Reilly went through a bad breakup, so she is hesitant.

Hisam: He made the pineapple baby for her

Blue: I feel like he (Matt) is not a night person, but he has been staying up for her but then a lot of people say it is easier for him to hear at night without as much noise

America: Everyone saw it...it was like, boom, boom (a good match up)

Blue: And they are such a hot couple

Hisam: So he is into it, but she isn't?

America says Reilly is not interested in anything right now. Blue says Reilly is interested but is not allowing herself. They all agree that they should just make out already

Hisam: This is not a fucking monestery...I'm like come on, get to it...I am also seeing them not as often and they've been gone a minute and it's like.....

Blue: We are gonna look back and see they were making out the whole time


10:42AM BBT

Matt tells Bowie Jane that he is 100% voting to keep Reilly. Bowie says that makes sense


10:43AM BBT

Reilly is meeting with Red in the Have-Not Room. SHe tells him that she understands Cam is his best friend but she wants him to know that she doesn't want him to feel bad for doing what he needs to do, "I really want to be here. The whole Hisam theatrical performance really threw me off." She tells Red that if he has any dounbts at all, she would appreciate his vote. Red tells her his decison is based on what is best for his future in the game, "Definitely, no hard feelings."

Reilly: It sucks

Red says that people have been kind of avoiding him, which has made things interesting and given him a different perspective, 'I think the house is kinda split, so I think you both have a chance." Reilly tells him she will respect his decision.


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11:00AM BBT

In the Upside Down Bedroom, MeMe is along talking to herself about Cam...."Cameron's sneaky ass. Always looking and watching. I can't even have a conversation without you being down my throat. But you don't want to have any conversations! Make it make sense, Sweetie.  The math is just not mathing for me. It's not mathing! Why are you so concerned with who everyone is talking to, but you don't want to talk? Can I help you? What do you need?" *laughs "Another day and another meaningless conversation with Cameron. That needs to be a series on the show. Y'all need to steady that."


Cirie and Jared whispering in the Comic Bedroom. Jared says Jag is going to feel slighted.

Cirie: He is already prepared

Jared: I'm not going to check on Jag and try to explain myself...I think he knows

Cirie: I am pissed off that MeMe...she doesn't want to be seen with me and then she wants to chat me up

Jared: Blue said she would put up Red and me. Jag would put up Red and Bowie

Cirie is frustrated that MeMe is indecisive. "We gonna stop running to you (MeMe) and telling you everything. If that is more attractive to you then work on that."



Jared: Blue said she didn't want to go Bowie

Cirie: She is trying to jack me up (she means MeMe)...Let's get her ass. Cory says all the floaters got a thing going called The Middlemen. 

Jared: Cory got America

Cirie: I know


11:04AM BBT

America joins CIrie and Jared. "Everything is the same, right?"

Cirie says they want to get everyone in a room, but she doesn't want to.

America: She said yesterday that she is gonna vote for Reilly to stay no matter what. I told her, Dude, we can't do that. It's gonna paint a target on our back. It's blind loyalty

Jared rants that he is tired of Jag telling them what they need do, "Reilly needs to do it. I'm like Jag, don't you know everyone in this house is grown ass adults. It's annoying."


11:07AM BBT

Jared says that Jag and Blue are the reason Reilly is going home. "If you think people are so scared of this crew (meaning Jag, Reilly and Blue), why are you reinforcing that?"

Jared laughs that Jag woke up saying, "Things are looking up. Bro, if you think you are going to try and convince these adults!"

America laughs that they just don't see the big picture.

Jared: Bro, you think we playing with some little kids?

Cirie: Once the reality hits them they have no choice but to think differently

Jared: They are gonna be running around trying to find where the fit in

They all agree it will be easy to pick them all off.



America: It has nothing to do with being scared or intimidated. It's the long game. She honestly hasn't made a strategic move this entire game. The nominations were given to her.

Jared: She stuck with a group way too early and she is suffering the repercussions of that.

America repeats that Reilly thinks she has the votes.

Cirie and Jared laugh.

Jared: Yeah, she said I'm gonna get ready for the HoH

Cirie: She said 'I'm ready!' ...I'm like, for what? The airport?


11:21AM BBT

Red puts on a face mask and Bowie Jane thinks she is premenstrual even though she already had her period.



11:23AM BBT

Reilly talks with Jared. She is optimistic. He tells her to be careful what she says and don't rub people the wrong way. Reilly says she will talk with people and tell them that everyone has given her the thumbs up (even though they haven't)

Jared: Don't be annoying


Reilly says that Matt talked with Bowie and she said she would do whatever Izzy does.

Jag walks in and they start teasing Jared that he looks like the little kid that wakes up in the middle of the night. Blue teases in baby talk, "Mommy, I threw up."

Reilly says her high beams are on, "It's cold in here."

Blue: They are gonna do you like me and give you some pretty petals



11:26AM BBT

Jared: I am ready to get this fucking shit over with, Bro

Reilly: Me too! Fucking ball sacks

They hug and Jared continues to give her advice about how to talk to the other HGs, "Don't tell people what is best for them becuas ethat is not what they are fucking thinking. You can't tell adults what is best for them."

Reilly: Yeah, I will just say I had defining conversation yesterday and alls a go in this department

Jared: Just say, 'my gratitude is indebted to you guys...however I can benefit your game, I am willing to do so.'



11:41AM BBT

Jag talks with MeMe, "You must know a lot about a lot of stuff...so, why are my veins like this?"

MeMe says she doesn't know. Her veins are the opposite (veins don't show) but when she is hot or tired, her forehead veins pop.



11:42AM BBT

Cirie and Blue are whispering in the loft.

Cirie says that best case is Reilly stays, but worst case is that the 4 of them work together, "Nobody would expect it."

Blue: Yeah

*Red walks in so conversation turns to just general topics rather than game.


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11:45AM BBT

Bowie yells up to Blue that they have to get ready for the lockdown. Reilly walks into the loft and comments about the cologne, "I love cologne. I would drink it if I could." 

Red shoves his arm in her face to smell it some more, "Get in there, now."

Cirie notices Reilly has a roller in like Blue wears (and America, too) "I think everyone should wear one roller."

They laugh about the trend and comment they should put one in Red's beard.

Reilly: It would be like unraveling the red carpet.


Red shows the girls he can tie his beard in a knot.




11:57AM BBT

MeMe tells Jag that she was really into Battle Rap. She messaged a Battle Rapper and told him she worked for a newspaper because she wanted to interview him...  "I thrifted a white button down shirt....got framed glasses at Dollar Tree..."

Jag: So you lie to this Battle Rapper....And you went with your number 2 Ticonderoga.

MeMe says he knew right away she was a 15 year old kid but gave her the interview anyway and it got 20,000 views on her vlog. "He busted out laughing and told me I can't be meeting grown ass men in places.....He was like, 'Don't do that no more.'"

Jag: You are a fucking cartoon character



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10:06pm BBT Feeds return. Hisam is dressed in a dress shirt, tie and wig. The comp apparently also assigned Have Nots for the week. Matt says he lost a girl and became a HN in one night. 

10:11pm BBT In the SR, Mecole is tossing expired fruit, talking the comp with Matt and Jag. Cameron celebrates staying with Hisam, Cirie and Izzy in the ComicverseBR. Bowie mentions having slime in his butt. Red comes in talking about the Humiliverse HNBR. Maybe they can fill in the holes of the Cheese Bed to make it more comfortable.

10:14pm BBT Blue and Jared are cleaning up in the KT. They are planning burgers for dinner. Jag is moving into the ComicverseBR until Red comes back. Cory wanders into the KT. In the WA, Felicia cackles, can you see me now? Izzy says she's so proud she's sleeping upstairs. Felicia has won HoH.

10:17pm BBT Felicia is out of the shower and energized. In the SR, America tells Jag they should wait to talk game until tomorrow. They need time to rest. Hisam is subdued in the ComicverseBR. In the WA, they are talking about the comp. The HG were doing something to score numbers. Felicia is talking about what she wants in her HoH basket.

10:19pm BBT Bowie is in the shoer. Cory and Jared are talking in the Game Lounge about Felicia's duel pawn picks. Red is a no brainer nom, says Jared. Mecole is safe, they agree. Maybe Red and Cameron. Jared thinks Jag could be nom. It depends on Bowie, Jared says. The Felicia train rolls into the ComicverseBR. 


10:25pm BBT Matt joins Cory and Jared in the Game Lounge. He's sad over Reilly leaving. Don't bring her up to Felicia, Jared warns him. Cory predicts Matt and Reilly will do The Challenge next year. Hisam joins them upstairs. They turn to discussing the comp. Jared did better during his practice shot then dropped from 2nd to 3rd in the comp.

10:27pm BBT Alone in the ComicverseBR, Izzy and Cirie celebrate Felicia's win. In the Game Lounge, Cory says Felicia's son must be so proud of her. Her son looks like Jared. Matt says he's giving Red the swinging bed in the Humiliverse HNBR (Matt slept there last week) because of his back. Cory says the Hot Dog bed isn't bad if you don't move around alot. 

10:34pm BBT Matt says he's never seen Felicia so happy. Hisam says older people are always being underestimated. Matt wants to get the BY back and lay in the hammock. Cameron says he's glad he's a HN - he needs to lose weight. He tells Hisam he has some slippes in the SR, and Hisam goes to get them. Jag and Cory are playing bumper pool. Cory says he's trying to play honest this time. This time, Jag asks playfully?

10:30pm BBT Izzy, Bowie and Jared are in the gym. Jared says Cameron was shocked Felicia won. Izzy says he was too cocky. In the KT, Mecole is balling up burger meat to bake hamburgers. Blue is helping her prepare toppings. 

10:42pm BBT Jared comes up stairs, calling out to Cory, you going to let this happen? Cory looks up. She's carrying her own bags up the stairs, Jared says, pointing to America. She's a Have Not, Cory says matter-of-factly, I'm a Have. I'll see you next week, he says to a laughing America.

10:44pm BBT Is America still in there (the Humiliverse HNBR), I really should apologize. He goes into the HNBR and they start discussing who might be nom against Red. In the SR, Hisam has taken off his costume and is talking with Cirie and Izzy. No better outcome, says Cirie. I'm so happy, agrees Hisam. Hisam's left his mic somewhere and is told to go get it. 

10:46pm BBT In the Humiliverse HNBR, America tells Cory that that Hisam was calling them The Leftovers. Cory thinks they are good with Felicia. They told her that Jag was flip flopping and she was glad to know. She doesn't like flip floppers. Maybe Jag will be nom against Red. Matt enters the HNBR. America is taking the dog bed. She says Cirie is going to help preparing slop. Matt has his protein shakes. She's going to wash her hair less in the cold shower.

10:50pm BBT In the Humiliverse HNBR, America tells Matt that Reill will be watching him. She's going to give him time alone. She spun a 1 kick and quickly leaves. Matt sits on the Hot Dog bed letting the torrent of tears come. He wipes his nose on his sleeve. Meanwhile, in the SR, Cirie, Jared and Izzy are celebrating Felicia's win. 

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