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BB25 - Episode 6 - Veto Competition and Meeting


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We pick up after the nomination ceremony on day 10, and Hisam has nominated Reilly and Cameron, but his target is Reilly because she said he was his. And he hopes with Cameron by her Sid wit will cause the other side of the house to splinter and crumble. This is how you win the game right?


Cameron is not surprised but he is going to fight. Reilly says she went from being HOH to sitting her butt on the block. Jag sends a message from behind the memory wall that he loves her.


Hisam and Reilly are talking and she wants to clean the slate and he tells her she was nominated because she was the only one who said a name, and it was his. And if he has not nominated her everyone would have questioned it. Hisam would want to work with her but he has to respond to her threat.


Reilly says Hisam rubs her the wrong way and she does not believe the facade he puts up. He tells her she can play for veto. Reilly says this is not good for Hisam if she makes it out of this week.


The scary globe is glowing and Jag is back from the Nether Region and he is welcomed back. Reilly is so happy because he is her best friend and she knows he will do what it takes to help her. Jag says it is great to be back but he has no clue what the Nether Gorgon is going to ask him to do.


Hisam is telling Matt to be careful about veto because if Matt wins and takes her down everyone will think they are in a showmance. Hisam says is his back-up option as a nominee so he is gently explaining why Matt helping Reilly could be bad.


Matt does not like being threatened and he would love to play in the veto and save reilly and go after Hisam next week. Matt fills Reilly in and she tells him not to throw his game away and he says she is the first person to make him feel comfortable.


The scary globe is glowing again and they receive a message that the Nether Gorgon wants more souls. Jag has to send one but that HG will not be able to selected to play in veto.


Jag says he instantly goes into damage control mode. He needs to send someone from the other side of the house, but he has to talk to Hisam and sell it as a good idea for him. He suggests Red because he’s close to Cameron but Hisam does not want that and suggests Blue.


Jag decides to ask for volunteers to go. He is looking for someone who might not want to play veto and Bowie seems open to the idea. Jag says she would be a perfect option for his side of the house. 


Reilly wants Jag to send Red but Jag says he cannot and she has to trust him. She says this is why Jared did to her last week. The Nether bell tolls and Jag has decided to send Bowie Jane. He said it was not easy decision and Bowie was ok volunteering.


Bowie says she volunteered because she was worried Jag would pick Red and that would have been bad for their side because Red is a strong competitor. Reilly says no one listens to her! She was hoping Jag would send someone who could beat her in the POV competition. Hisam is annoyed Jag did not send Blue and says he is lucky he is safe or he could be a replacement nominee.


It is time to pick players for the veto competition! Hisam does not want to pick Matt but that’s who he drew from the box. He said amazing. Matt is glad he got picked and he wants to save Reilly. Cameron would rather have Red or someone not on their side and he draws America. 


Reilly is praying she draws Jag or Blue. She gets HG choice and she selects Blue. Blue is so happy she got picked and if she wins there is no way Reilly is staying on that block. Hisam says oh the irony Big Brother.


Reilly is so excited 3 of her alliance members got picked and she celebrates with Blue. Hisam is talking to Cirie and Izzy and they cannot believe the picks. Hisam hopes he wins it and Cirie says everyone is gunning for this veto.


It is time for the veto competition! Cameron is first and he reads the directions. He must spin the turntables forward or backwards to get a piece of a clue. After they have done all three, they will have to complete the task the clues ask for. When they think they are correct they have to hit their button and if they are correct their time will stop. 


Cameron hears something about socks and a CD and a bowl and a piano. He gets the first one done and starts the second. He hears giving something a new home and the lost and found box. He hears something about a hambourine and puts it in the lost and found box.


Cameron hers something about a tuba and blowing something out of the mouthpiece, he hits his buzzer and his time is stopped.  America is next and she works on the first task and complete it and moves to the second and gets it too. She’s on to the final task and she stops her time.


Matt is next and he is going to try his hardest to win this to save Reilly. He is struggling because he cannot find a piano and realizes the toilet with the piano keys is why he is looking for. He finishes the last two tasks.


Blue is up and she says these records sound like gibberish. She gets the first task done and is on to the second and finally on to the third. Hisam is up and he says this is a make or break moment and he cannot let anyone else win this but him.


Hisam listens to the records in random order but it seems to be working and he completes all three tasks and feels good about how fast he completed the tasks. Reilly is the last to go and she is going to win this veto today.


Reilly does not want to go home and she begins the challenge and makes quick work of the three tasks. She is praying she did it fast enough to secure her safety. She has to win today.


It is time for the results of the veto competition! In third place with a time of 2:36 is Blue. In second place with a time of 2:10 is Cameron. And the winner of the POV with a time of 1:45 is Hisam! Hisam says look who has all the power this week and he can finally send Reilly home.


Cameron says that stings as a competitor but hopefully Hisam is a man of his word. Matt says that sucks and Reilly says that was the one person she did not want to win. She needs to find a way out of this and talk to Hisam again.


The scary globe is glowing and Bowie is back from the Nether Region and she feels good to be back. She has nothing to report. Hisam asks Reilly her thoughts and she wants to see if there is anything she can do.


Hisam says getting any more blood on his hands seems unwise. Reilly says the way Hisam talks to her infuriates her. She hopes he makes a theatrical production because that would not go well for him.


It is time for the Veto Meeting! Hisam has decided not to use the POV. He loves Reilly but she is his target and she mentioned his name. Her HOH reign split the house and he hopes the HG work to vote her out so they all have a chance to connect and figure out who they want to work with.


Hisam says nothing in his speech was untrue because she needs to learn that there are consequences. Cameron says it is not great to be on the block but as long as things do not go wrong he will be here next week.


Reilly says she cannot believe she is in a feud with a 45 year old man. She will survive this week and when she does she is going after Hisam. Cirie was taken aback by Hisam’s speech. She says he is part of The Professors but his tenure might be short.

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