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BB25 - Episode 5 - HOH and Nominations

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Previously on BB, with the BB Multiverse in play, Cory got dragged into the Scaryverse's Nether Region. And he returned with an ominous message. Upstairs, HoH Reilly formed a 5 person alliance with Jag, Blue, Cameron and Matt, while downstairs Felicia, Cerie, Bowie, Mecole and Izzy were solidifying their own squad.

Wanting to expand their ranks, The Handful recruited Cory, America and Jared. But Jared played double agent and filled his mom in. So the Bye Bye Bitches decided to grow their numbers by adding Red and Hisam. After Izzy called out Reilly, it was crystal clear a split-house brew was brewing.

After Luke was removed from the game, it was time for the live eviction, and the house chose to save Felicia. But the molecular biologist wasn't the only one to disappear as the rest of the house vanished. Tonight, where did the HG go? Plus, who will become the next HoH? And what game changing twist will come from the Nether Region? Find out, right now, on BB!


It’s Day 9 and the HG are in he Nether Region. One of the HG will win HOH and another will be left behind. Cirie says Kirsten is gone and someone on her side needs to win to take control. America says the house is divided and it’s important that she or someone in her alliance wins so they maintain control of the house. 

Reilly is ineligible to compete so she goes through a portal and is safe. The Nether Gorgon is going to attack an area, but before he attacks he’ll give a series of clues as to which areas are safe. There are a limited number of safe spaces in each area. Once all HG are hidden, the Nether Gorgon will make his attack and the players in the area he attacks will be eliminated. When two HG are left, one will win and the other will be left behind.


Izzy wants to win so bad bus she is scared. Jag says he loves scary movies and he wants to win.


The Gorgon gives the first clue and the HG scramble to find a safe place. Everyone hides and the Nether Gorgon appears and attacks Cameron, Blue, and Mecole and they are eliminated. Blue says she really needs someone in her alliance to win.


Round 2 is up with 11 remaining. There will be fewer safe places to hide as the Gorgon will be attacking more than one area. He gives the clues to the safe spots. They all hide and the Gorgon attacks eliminating Jag and Matt and America. Cirie and Izzy are also eliminated.


Round 3 is up with only 6 remaining. The clues are given and the HG scramble for safety. The Gorgon attacks and Cory, Felicia, Red, and Bowie are eliminated leaving Jared and Hisam as the final 2.


Blue has realized that Jared and Hisam are left and she needs Jared to win so she is safe. Jag says it would be great for his alliance if Jared won and he needs him to come through.


For the final round, the HG will have to search for markings and clues to unlock the correct door which will lead them to the HOH room and the other will be left behind in the Nether Region. Jared finds 2 clues and heads for door 486 and he says he has this game in the bag. 

Hisam sees Jared has picked a door so he picks the other one and he says it looks like Jared has this. The Gorgon tells them each to turn their keys. Hisam is correct and is the new HOH and heads out to inform the other HG. 

Hisam says this was not his plan. He is seen as a big threat and he is only making his target bigger. He’s going to have to discuss things with The Professors to see what’s best for them. Matt sees Hisam and knows it isn’t good for his side.


Hisam tells the HG about the final round and how Jared chose first and he chose the wrong door. Jared appears behind the memory wall and it’s the only way he can communicate with the HG. He can reach the HG but they can’t reach him. Cirie is relieved he is safe but is concerned about their game.


Blue says with Hisam HOH she knows two people from her alliance is going up. Jag says he only hopes Hisam will not put him and Reilly on the block together. Meanwhile, Hisam celebrates with The Professors in the storage room.


Reilly and Matt are talking and he says they are vibing and having a good time. Reilly says Matt is really sweet. Talk turns to how good Hisam is at the game. Reilly says Hisam is the leader of the other side and she and Matt are considered physical threats. She says their side is going to lose someone.


The next morning Jared is back on the memory wall and he says the Gorgon doesn’t allow him to sleep at all. Cirie says the Gorgon said there would be game changing consequences and she doesn’t know what that means and that makes her nervous, Jared says goodbye.


Hisam is talking to Felicia and they are saying they can send anyone they want home. Hisam says Reilly is his target because she told him last week that he was a target. Hisam says at this point there is nothing Reilly can say that will save her. Felicia says if she goes her whole side crumbles.


Hisam is talking to Matt about what his plan is moving forward. Matt says he’s still figuring things out but he’s been hanging out with the younger people. Hisam tells him he knows about the alliance and that he is working with her and she told everyone he was her target. Matt says Reilly being a target is terrifying and this is a very scary moment.


The Scareverse ball is glowing and Jared is back from the Nether Region. They have received a message and Cameron reads that Jared may have returned but the Nether Gorgon craves more souls. Throughout the week more souls will be sent to the Nether Region. It could be good or bad to get sent. 

When the Nether bell tolls, Jared will choose one would to go the Nether Refion and they will miss the nomination ceremony and therefore be safe from nomination. Jared wants to talk to people quickly so he can make a smart decision.


jared talks to Hisam first and Hisam says just don’t save Reilly, Matt, and Cameron because those are the three he is considering saving. 

Reilly wants to talk to Jared and hope he returns the favor from last week when she removed him from the block. Jared would like to repay the favor but he’s torn between two sides. Cirie suggests Felicia and he says he wants to send someone from the other side. Cirie knows they have each others backs with their respective sides but this decision is important.


reilly is telling a Matt that she took Jared down last week. She knows Hisam will be putting her up and Matt says he might not. Reilly says she knows she’s a target. Jared tells her to trust him.


The Nether Bell tolls and it’s time for Jared to send the next soul. He’s in a tough spot and this is a huge decision for him to make. Jared says this house has been an uphill climb since day one and he chooses Jag to go to the Nether Region.


Reilly is really sad and it didn’t make sense why he wouldn’t guarantee her safety after last week. Jag doesn’t understand because Reilly needed this more to him, but it’s nice to be safe another week. 

Cirie and Izzy are talking to Hisam and he tells her the three targets and they discuss who the best option is but he wants Reilly to go home. Cirie thinks Cameron is the better choice because worst case scenario, Cameron would go home and they can target Matt next week.


Cameron is talking to Hisam and Hisam says Reilly has already said Hisam’s name as a target. Hisam says Cameron might be next to her, Cameron says he will work to make sure Reilly stays the target.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Jag wishes them all the best from behind the memory wall. Hisam’s first nominee is…Reilly. His second nominee is…Cameron. Hisam says he is playing a straight forward game of integrity and he respects both of them. 

Hisam says Reilly told everyone he was her target so she is his.The Professors are sending the kids to detention. Jared says that was hard to watch because he thought she’d be safe. Reilly says she’s been through way worse and she is here to fight. Cameron says he is a fierce competitor. He hasn’t done well so far but for this veto competition? He’s here to dance.




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