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Sunday, September 25, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates THE LAST DAY

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12:49AM BBT

Turner and Monte are both asleep in the Car Design Bedroom.


Taylor is alone in the bathroom practicing her speech. "With three comp wins and two HoH's under my belt, I have proven that I am capable of winning and wielding power. But my game is so much than the comps I've won and the people I've evicted.  Monte may have more blood on his hands, but I have bled out the most...but after 5 times sitting on this block eviction night... I have bled out the most....But I have stitched up my wounds......I got back in the game every single time..."


Taylor: Okay, we are getting somewhere. If I could just have some pen and paper...NOW...or like a little fake laptop.




Taylor continued practicing her speech until 2AM when she finally started getting ready for bed.


2:03AM BBT

Turner is back at the dining table studying comps and days. He is running through all of the final three deets including their comp wins and evictions (resume), pausing every now and then for deep contemplation.






2:13AM BBT

Turner approaches the memory wall and begins whispering out the details in record speed, pointing at each HG as he goes.

[This is impressive, y'all. He is whispering, and it is difficult to hear, but it is clear he has the data down pat. -MamaLong]





Turner took a break for a bit and chatted with Taylor.


2:50AM BBT

Turner is back at the memory wall re-running all the details. He has the order of evictions down. He has the number of comp wins down. He has the number of competitions played for each HG down. He runs through everything over and over.  He runs through vetoes played and veto wins by HG. He goes through the order of eviction, again. He continues the process.....and again....and again.


2:53AM BBT

Turner sits at the kitchen bar and runs through the number of wins with every HG again.image.thumb.png.09978ce5ebeb51a623aa0fed76146a35.pngimage.thumb.png.64be2fa24924192e6d1f67a60ac35e12.png


3:03AM BBT

Turner is now using skeins of friendship bracelet floss to order the HGs by eviction and organize competition details.




4:00AM BBT

The HGs are all in bed sleeping. The guys are in the Car Design Bedroom, and Taylor is in the Golf Pro Bedroom.

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9:25AM BBT

The feeds return to Turner in the kitchen and Taylor still in bed, but she is awake.


9:27AM BBT

Monte joins Turner in the kitchen saying he hardly slept at all. He spent the night staring at the ceiling.


Monte: Oh, Man! Well....in ten hours...is it ten hours?

Turner: Yeah

Monte: Well, ten hours, we will be in the shit

Turner: Mm Hmm

Monte: Giving them hell...capping off hte season right. Didn't they say there is press we have to do?

Turner: That's what I heard.

Monte: I don't want to be bothered after.

Turner: Same here. That's the last thing I want.

Monte: We are going to be the two old mother fuckers after....not answering the phone

They laugh


Monte: I'm almost feeling like they'll put us in Mexico to make sure we get certain things done

*With this, we get WBRB and likely, "You are not allowed to talk about production"

[ "Mexico" the not-so-secret word for sequester. -ML]


9:37AM BBT

Turner: I can't believe this is our last day.

Monte: It's been a long time

Turner: Long, long


9:38AM BBT

They discuss OTEV. Monte says he feels like he could have won that had he known the back section was open.

Turner: Brittany was setting them all out for Michael

Monte: Really?

Turner: Taylor told me that last night

Monte: Britt-Flea!

Turner: 'Here, Master....I will take the L"

They laugh and the feeds cut to WBRB


9:41AM BBT

The feeds return to the FInal Three in the kitchen saying they have 10 minutes

Monte: Wow these live feeders.....Loyal

Taylor: Stuck through it






9:46AM BBT



The feeds return to talk about Brittany, again, playing the game for Michael instead of herself.

Monte: You going to sacrifice yourself first round just so Michael

Turner: Yep, so Michael could do good

Monte: You could have rounded them up for yourself. That competition wasn't about athleticism or speed, it was just about finding shit. Oh Brittany.

Turner: Oh Brittany!

Monte: The more I find out, the less respect I have.


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9:54AM BBT

They begin discussing the live show. Turner says he hopes Pooch comes to the show.

Taylor: It would be so cool to see their faces

Turner: I hope everyone is self-aware about how much they are beloved from the cast. Everyone loves Pooch. Now.... but Daniel


9:55AM BBT



9:56AM BBT

The goodbyes begin.

First up is Turner, "I want to say thank you to every single live feeder who stayed loyal this whole time. I'm not sure you thought these were the three faces you'd see at the end.....I don't know. I am malfunctioning...To all the random live feeders. Thank you for watching. That you for filling the pockets of another large corporation...... Because of you, I had a job this summer...Maybe I will chime back in, after other people, but that's it...I just shout out to my mom, my girlfriend, all of my family that inspired me this summer...there is a core group of people, they know who they are, that inspired me this summer...and some houseguests, a few choice that are at this table, that had me...whenever I needed to cry....because Brittany was torturing me. That's it."




Monte: Father Turner, ladies and gentlemen!




9:58AM BBT

Monte: Well, to all the live feeders, I just want to thank you for tuning in and watching my ass and the rest of these clowns just parade around this house and have fun. It does not feel like a huge responsibility or, sometimes, it doesn't even feel like we feel your presence…. all we see is the camera movin’ and we just live our lives. So, I hope you guys have had fun just seeing us be ourselves cuz that's all that we had to be throughout this entire time, as well as playing the game. I say that to all the live feeders who could have took advantage of some moments where we were vulnerable and where you saw some things that maybe you didn't need to see, I thank you for not sharing that. For those who did... for the live feeders who could have caught me slipping on some things and I thank you for not sharing those things, and for the live feeders who did for entertainment purposes, I understand. But for those who did not, I do appreciate you. But either way, we've got a great group here. I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing our entire journey from day 1 until day 82 in this house, and I don't know if you would would have expected the three of us to be here, but none the less, we are…. and I'm sure you had your favorites. I'm hoping that one of the three of us was one of those favorites. If not, well I'm sorry we kicked your favorites out.

Turner: Yep!  

Taylor: Had to do it

Turner: Had to do it

Monte: Had to, it was a necessary evil to get here  

Taylor: It had to be done…part of the game that you love.

Monte: Had to do it for the season. Well, love you guys, and I hope you enjoyed it because we sure as hell have.






10:00AM BBT

Taylor: Well feeders... look what you did. All the way. 82 days of watching us be a little bit of a dingbat....a little bit emotional...a little bit ridiculous. You have seen, literally, all of it... I appreciate it......(she talks about us seeing her nipples and thanks us for not spreading it on the internet) It has been quite a journey and I am sure I am one of the last people that was expected to make it this far in the game, but it is been the ride of a lifetime and you all have seen it…every angle of it.  And I am so happy that there are people who can see the truth in the moment as it happens and then hopefully advocate for my character because it's been twisted and flipped around in this space, and you all are the first ones who have seen the truth. So I appreciate all the work that has been done on my behalf, to spread the truth before a narrative was spun and I’m really thankful..


10:01AM BBT

The feeds cut before Taylor can finish talking.


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Final Overnights...


12:30am BBT Taylor grabs a bag of Lays from the KT then returns to the WA, where she has been working out her F2 pitch for the last 90m. She goes over the weeks she was unevictable. Even when sitting next to someone that created a racist plot against her.

12:50am BBT Taylor wishes she could write her thoughts down. After sitting 5 times on the block on eviction night, she's come back every single time. 

1:00am BBT Taylor considers the questions she might be asked. What was my biggest move? What did she do to be unevictable? I will win BB24, she says affirmatively, I am the BB24 winner! She continues practicing her Jury speech.

1:45am BBT Taylor is sitting quietly in the WA. Turner comes in and says Yo on his way to the WC. She asks what time it is. Not late enough, Turner replies. He says goodnight and returns to bed in the CBR. 

1:48am BBT Monte comes into the WA and says he has to pee. He heard Turner get up and followed him. Taylor says she's not tired yet. Monte is going back to sleep. Turner pauses at the DT looking at the Mem Wall, repeating stats in his head.

2:00am BBT Taylor starts her bedtime ADLs. She heads to the GBR and stops to talk w/Turner at the Mem Wall. Ask me 10 questions, he asks. Taylor starts asking him questions. She's having fun with this, says Turner is killing it. He got everything right. 

2:20am BBT Turner feels good with his Jedi training. Taylor says she's proud of him. He continues pacing in front of the Mem Wall while she washes dishes. He and Daniel have the same scar above their eyes, Turner realizes. 

2:30am BBT In the WA brushing his teeth, Turner tells the camera he woke up at 2am & he's going to study; He goes over all the evction votes, I got this, he says. He's going over the comps, male wins, female wins, Vetos, who has a pimple on their nose (it's me, Turner).

2:50am BBT Turner is back in front of the Mem Wall, pointing to each HG and reciting their comp stats. He uses the colored friendship bracelet pieces to represent the HG visually (after all, he's an artist). 

3:10am BBT Turner checks the clock and says perfect. He goes past Taylor sleeping in the dark BGR to bed in the dark CBR, where Monte is already sleeping. BB turns off the house lights. 

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