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Episode 10-7/28/22 - Live eviction and start of HOH competition

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Previously, on Big Brother, a new twist would pair up the HG and at the HOH competition, the Festie Bestie’s took shape. And after Turner became the new HOH, the scooter queen became his bestie.

Turner put Michael and Brittany on the block but he had a backup plan to take out Taylor, much to her bestie’s delight. When Taylor and Nicole got picked to play for the veto, Nicole got emotional about the prospect of having to throw it.

Thinking something was wrong, Taylor told Nicole it was ok if she did not want to compete. Misunderstanding Taylor’s intent, Nicole downloaded Daniel causing him to erupt on Taylor. With the POV on the line, Michael’s undefeated veto streak continued.

Kyle, Monte, Turner, and Joseph started to realize Ameerah was the real threat to their game and knowing they needed numbers, they recruited Michael, Brittany, and Taylor to their cause. So with a united goal to dominate the game, a new alliance was born.

Tonight, will it be a double serving of blindsides from The Leftovers. Who will replace the veto winners and who will be evicted? What will happen to the remaining bestie? And who will win the next HOH?


Julie greets us and it is Day 23 inside the house and the twist has already changed the game. In order for a blindside to happen, Michael and Brittany need to use the veto.


We pick up on Day 20 with the veto meeting. Turner is ready to make a big move. He is nervous but it needs to be done. Michael and Brittany have decided to use the POV to save themselves.


Turner steps up and he nominates Terrance and Ameerah. He is sorry to put them up but they do not talk game and he says this might be a surprise to a lot of them but he does not feel the house target is what is best for his game.


Turner says he does not want to add to the dogpile people are putting on someone and behind closed doors these people are saying some pretty crazy things.


Joseph says The Leftovers finally got to make a move because they were getting strongarmed and it is time for them to do their part and get Ameerah out. Turner says Taylor has been bullied a lot and he was ready to get a change going in the house.


Taylor says this feels like the right crew for her and it feels amazing that people will stand up for her. Terrance feels like he was hit with a brick because he never saw this coming and thinks he is in trouble.


Ameerah thought Turner would make a big move but she did not anticipate this. She wants to know who he is aligned with where he had the balls to make this move. She wants to know what is going on because this was not the plan.


Nicole is talking to Terrance and Ameerah and Alyssa. Terrance wants Ameerah to stay. Ameerah wants to know what the heck Turner is doing. Nicole says she was fully prepared to go on the block. Alyssa and Nicole are emotional and Jasmine comes in.


Jasmine says she understands where Turner is coming from about the dogpile on Taylor. Ameerah says but what does he think he is doing. Michael says Po’s Pack is unofficially dead because he is 100% with The Leftover and Terrance will stay whether he wants to or not.


Monte is talking to Ameerah and says he swears he wants Taylor out and she questions him. Monte says he knows why Taylor is not on the block and he cannot give Ameerah any indication he knows what is going on.


Ameerah says she needs six votes to stay this week and as long as everyone from Po’s Pack and Girl’s Girls vote for her, then she should be good to go.


Monte says The Leftovers really have to make sure they are on it this week because of Ameerah gets any wind of this, then it could be over. Ameerah, Daniel, and Nicole are talking about who might be awake while in the bedroom and they check to see who is in the backyard.


Joseph, Taylor, Michael, Turner, and Terrance are in the backyard and Ameerah checks to see who is all there. She reports back to the bedroom and says it is a weird group and they were not talking game. Daniel cannot imagine they have anything else to talk about.  


Taylor says a lot of people were expecting her to go on the block and she has to make it look like she has no friends in the house so no one catches on to The Leftovers. Ameerah is talking to Brittany and Ameerah is trying to figure out what she is missing.


Kyle joins them and says he had no idea about this and says he thought they were all together. Monte is talking to Daniel and saying he is processing and he is just shocked right now. Joseph tells Nicole this is the second time something went down and he is in the dark.


Joseph says they are all acting clueless now but when things come out on Thursday, the house will be turned upside down. Nicole is talking to Terrance and she wants to be as honest with Terrance as she can since he will be going home.


Nicole says it is clear he will not be there anymore and she has something to tell him. She tells him that she was a cop for ten years and she wanted him to know before he left. Turner comes in and Nicole tells him the consensus is Terrance is going home.


Turner wants to talk to Terrance alone and Nicle leaves. Turner says he has something to tell Terrance but he cannot tell anyone and not even Nicole. He tells Terrance that he will be there tomorrow and Terrance says this move will be big.


Ameerah is talking to Indy, Jasmine, and Alyssa and she tells them she should have the votes but if she does not then the guys are after the girls. Brittany says I have news for Ameerah, she is going home and it is not just because of the guys.


Nicole and Ameerah are talking. Nicole says if the guys flip the vote then things will be crazy. Ameerah says if the vote gets flipped she will shut things down as she is leaving. Nicole tells her to do whatever she needs to do.


It is time for the live vote and eviction! Ameerah does her shoutouts and she wants to thank the HG for welcoming her with open arms and she hopes they see how hard she is trying and she enjoys playing the game and they vote to keep her.


Terrance does his shoutouts and he says the HG know how he feels about all of them. He says the move was unexpected and courageous and he asks everyone the question what if?


It is time for the live vote!

Alyssa sadly votes to evict Sweet T, Terrance.

Indy votes to evict Terrance.

Monte votes to evict Ameerah.

Nicole sadly votes to evict her soul mate in this game, Terrance.

The vote is currently 3-1 in favor of evicting Terrance.


Voting continues.

Jasmine votes to evict Terrance.

Brittany votes to evict Ameerah.

Taylor votes to evict Ameerah.

Kyle votes to evict Ameerah.

Michael votes to evict the incredibly beautiful and intelligent Ameerah.


Daniel votes to evict Ameerah.

Joseph votes to evict Ameerah.

By a vote of 7-4, Ameerah has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Nicole is shocked and Daniel immediately goes to hug Ameerah. Alyssa is stunned with her mouth open. Brittany looks confused.


Terrance looks stunned. Ameerah hugs everyone then whispers something to Jasmine and makes her way to the front door. I'll see you on TAR, Alyssa says as she walks out the door. Terrance gets congrats as The Leftovers are quiet. Nicole hangs on Turner as Ameerah goes B&W


JCM says you just looked at me and whispered, OMG. You're shocked. I kind of am and kind of not. Everyone said I was safe but I'm a bigger threat than Terrance so I never really believed it. You looked nervous tonight. I was, I was just a bigger competitor than Terrance.


If I were them, Ameerah says, I would have voted me out too. Did you realize when Taylor wasn't nom that something was up? Absolutely. I'm not sure why not, but Turner wouldn't have put me on the block if he didn't have the votes to evict.


Who do you think was responsible for your eviction? Daniel, Nicole, maybe Michael, I don't know. Not 100%. You were tight with Daniel & Nicole. Yeah, but they were close with Turner and always in his HoH room.


How about I tell you. A group that formed the night before the Veto mtg saw you as the mastermind and a threat to win it all. They are 7 in the group pictured behind me: Monte, Kyle, Joseph, Michael, Brittany, Turner and Taylor. They call themselves The Leftovers.


But half of them were in most of the alliances, Ameerah says, confused. That's good. Are you shocked? Yes. Not about Turner & Taylor and Michael, but the rest of them, I am. You said this game felt easy. It did & that's why I was so confused. I thought it should be harder.


People were telling me what I wanted to hear and that seemed too easy. Never get comfortable in the BB House, JCM says. How about some GB messages? Kyle says he created The Leftovers alliance and names them. We decided to get out the biggest threat in the game, you.


Nicole says if you see this, then the boys officially drew a line in the sand and I will turn this house upside down. Taylor says it's no secret you're one of the strongest, smartest competitors in the house.


Hearing that the girls never had my best interests at heart, Taylor says, I have to do what's best to protect myself. I think you're amazing, love you dearly, and can't wait to be your friend outside the house. She blows a kiss.


Turner says he blames her for Pooch leaving. If you weren't taken out this week, I honestly think you would have taken this whole thing. I respect you as a player but this move just had to be done.


Final thoughts? It's fair. I think I was a big threat as well. It's all good. Keeping it classy, JCM says, I like that. Now I need to tell your Bestie, Terrance, what's going to happen in the game now that you're gone. You just stay put.


Julie calls everyone to the LR and tells Terrance to sit in the eviction chair. Julie tells Terrance and the HG that after an eviction, they get to join any set of bestie’s they choose. Terrance decides to join Monte and Joseph. Julie sends everyone to the backyard.


It is time for the HOH competition! The HG will need to find an invitation out of 1500 envelopes in order to compete in the HOH competition. The first 8 HG to find a red invitation and step on the porch will get to compete and the remaining 4 HG will not.


Julie tells us Sunday to see who wins HOH and who goes on the block. Wednesday we will see the veto competition and ceremony. Thursday the live vote and eviction will send another bestie packing.


Julie takes us to the BY and it is time to begin the HOH competition! Envelopes will drop and they have to find invitations and claim their spot to compete. Julie gives the go. Jasmine has one and she hops to the porch for the first spot. Terrance and Brittany have invites.

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