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Wednesday, July 27, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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3:28 BBT Terrance and Michael one on one. Rehashing that Ameerah thinks she is safe and that they believe she will go. Terrance thinks Monte and Joseph are super comfortable and he has not felt that way. Terrance wants to feel safe. Tells Michael he will go after "them" (Monte and Jos?) if he stays. Michael says he still needs to talk to Ameerah. Michael offers to talk to anyone for Terrance that Terrance thinks might be iffy in their vote. Terrance thinks he has close to the minimum votes he needs. They think Indy will vote for Ameerah to stay. He thinks he has Michael, Britt, Daniel , Nicole and Monte. He's worried about Joseph because he thinks he is close to Ameerah. Terrance asks Michael to send Kyle if he's awake. 

Terrance is by himself talks to us. Says he's doing the impossible but he's going to do it. He doesn't know how politicians do this campaigning. 

6:43 BBT Kyle joins Terrance in Tiki lounge. Terrance makes his pitch. Kyle says he and Daniel are not sure what they're going to do (festie besties) says he'll talk to Daniel to figure it out. Says if you're here next week let's chat some more.  Terrance asks Kyle to send Daniel up.


4:01 Terrance makes his pitch to Alyssa. He knows she is close to Ameerah. Alyssa says she loves Terrance and this is a really hard decision. Terrance tells her to make the game move that is best for her. They hug. Terrance goes downstairs to talk to Jasmine. (it's 4:02 - that was a really quick talk with Alyssa).

Daniel is chowing down on something at the dining table.

Jasmine and Terrance go into another room. Terrance doesn't want it to be awkard that he doesn't make his pitch to her. He says he is there for the game. He says he was angry when he was put on the block. He's telling the same story to everyone - that Ameerah picked him as her festie bestie because she knew she would be safe with Terrance because he and Turner are close and Ameerah doesn't talk with Turner. Terrance says he knows she is close with Ameerah but he has to plead his case. Jasmine says Turner kept asking why Ameerah picked Terrance instead of Jasmine for Festie Bestie. Jasmine denies that the girls are allied. 

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4:08 BBTJasmine flatters Terrance and says she hasn't decided yet on her vote. She wants TErrance to tell her what he knows about the vote. He thinks it'll be a close vote. Jasmine promises to let Terrance know when she decides on her vote. She wants to hear what the others say. She wants to know if Turner asked who flipped the vote on Pooch last week. Nicole interrupts to talk about food. After she leaves Terance says Turner wants to do this for Pooch.


All cameras in kitchen, general talk. Terrance eating the cheese steak Nicole made for him.

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Kyle, Brittany and Taylor are in the lavatory going over competition dates.

The girls are talking and giggling in the bedroom

Daniel comes to the loo, doesn't speak.

When he leaves Kyle asks if she okay with Daniel and Nicole, she says speaking terms.

Taylor says after tonight's episode the world will not be kind to Daniel.

Kyle says he was sitting next to Daniel when "it was announced".

Monte comes into the room, says he cut his toe.

Kyle says, "Daniel s**t a brick," he demonstrates Daniel's quick breathing.

(no idea what the announcement was.)

They leave the area and head to the kitchen/dining area.


General chat in the kitchen.

Lively talk about UNO rules and other card playing games.


Nicole comes and gets Michael for a talk.

They go to the have not room.

Nicole tells Michael she is voting to keep Ameerah, she says a lot of people are giving her the run around on their votes. She says it is a hard vote for her this week, she is closest to them in the house.

Nicole asks Michael what his thoughts are, Michael says Ameerah is acting very calm this week, he wonders if she has other things set up. Michael says Terrance has one on ones with people, she said she wasn't, she said she was "good".

Nicole says Ameerah may just be counting on the alliance to keep her.

Michael questions not getting together on this vote.

Nicole says she spoke to Monte this week for the first time in two weeks.

Nicole says "when" she wins HOH next week they will surround her.

Nicole reassures Michael that he won't go on the block again.

Nicole says Ameerah really thinks the 6 is the 6.

Nicole says she doesn't trust Monte and Kyle 100%, but Alyssa has a "big mouth", she told Terrance she would miss him. Nicole says Alyssa talks to Jasmine all the time, she knows some of that is game talk.

Nicole says Brittany has been talking "s**t", and  Nicole thinks Brittany told someone Daniel and she are 50/50.

(then Nicole says other people knew, ..confusing confusing).


Nicole says if they are voting Ameerah out, she wants to know.

She says Indy, Jasmine, Alyssa will vote Terrance out. She says Joe is fishy, but he seems to be leaning towards keeping Ameerah. She counts herself, Michael and Daniel. Brittany has said she will vote to keep Ameerah as well.

She says the boys are only four votes.

Michael denies that he is voting to evict Ameerah.

Nicole tells him that Taylor won't vote out a black woman.


Kyle comes into the room, Nicole verifies his vote, she doesn't mind telling Terrance he is leaving.

Nicole tells Kyle and Michael they should tell Terrance they are voting him out tomorrow.

Kyle says he wants to stay on the same page with Daniel.

Nicole says if the two of them want to throw their votes it will be okay, it won't matter. She says they owe him more than a sugar coated answer.

She wants to give Terrance the respect he deserves.


(She can do that tomorrow night after the show... :)I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying this season my darlings-Grannysue)


Kyle insists that the house is going to vote to evict Terrance, Nicole says she wants Daniel to give Terrance his vote, but she has to vote with the women.

Nicole denies there is a womens' alliance, they just want to be strong together. (These guys know about Girls' Girls, Brittany and Taylor told them)

Nicole wants their blessing to tell Terrance, there will be conversations after that. Kyle says "you don't want to be the last one to know."

Nicole divulges her plan to rid herself of Taylor next week, she says she talked to Monte, she asks them is they are on board, "Sure", Kyle says.

Michael is silent.

Kyle leaves the have not room.

Kyle says it is okay to throw some votes to keep Terrance.

Now Nicole says she can't vote Terrance, but if she has a confirmation from everybody, she can vote Terrance out.

Michael tells Nicole that Brittany will vote with the house if they are keeping Ameerah, he is sure of that.

Kyle encourages Nicole to vote to keep Terrance, she plans to tell Terrance. It is up to her to tell him.


Cameras move to the bedroom where the woman are gossiping about non game topics.


Cameras move on around the house, land on Monte and Turner playing checkers at the table. Nicole hovering, Michael stopping by to watch and takes Turner's place after the game is finished.

Monte has settled into the game, Nicole comes and interrupts him for a talk.

Nicole says she has verified the votes and can she be the one to tell Terrance he is leaving. She wants to throw him a sympathy vote, Monte says it won't matter.

Monte gives her another incorrect count for votes against Terrance, he says Daniel said the same thing earlier.

Monte tells her he is fine with that, he would do it to if he could, Nicole, "nononono". Monte, "okay".

Nicole asks if she should go talk to the girls, she wants to make sure she talks to Terrance. Monte tells her to go ahead and tell him, but the girls should know so they don't keep evading answers.

Nicole says she talked to Kyle and Michael as well.















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Nicole leaves to talk to the "girls".

Off she goes bravely to tell them she is going to talk to Terrance.

She cries, they all comfort her, even Brittany. Taylor watches.

Nicole says she must tell him now, not tomorrow.

She says she doesn't know what to tell him, Jasmine advises her to tell Turner, Indy says to tell Terrance. it isn't "happening."

Nicole plans to be generic and direct,she will tell Turner that she has talked to Terrance.

Nicole says, "I'm not gonna lie." (Grannysue eyeroll here)

She wipes her eyes and continues her quest.


Nicole takes Terrance upstairs to give him the news.

They go to the HOH room.

Nicole starts to cry, she tells him she loves him soooo much.

Terrance tells her it is okay, this will further her game.

Nicole tells him she wanted him to stay.

Terrance says it is all right, he felt it all day, it was too hard to battle.

Nicole says she was hoping after his conversations today it be different. She says Daniel is upset by this as well.

Nicole says whatever Ameerah has going on is stronger than what Daniel and she have.

Terrance seems to take this information well while Nicole cries.

Nicole tells Terrance she thought he would be there til the end.

Terrance says unless something happens, it will be how the numbers fall, he needed 6 votes and they were hard to come by.

Nicole says there is no real womens' alliance, they don't trust each other.

Nicole says she has thouroughly enjoyed being in the house with him, and she plans to stay in his life after the game.

Terrance is forgiving of Turner's decision.


Michael and Turner are in the storage room, they are happy if Daniel and Nicole vote to keep Terrance it will create an overlap and create chaos.

Michael says they don't trust Indy and Nicole, think they have something going on with Monte.

Michael suggested to Nicole that he will give Terrance a sympathy vote, she will believe it will be 8-3 for Terrance to go, but the reality is it would be 8-3 for Ameerah to stay.

Michael says Nicole is telling Terrance he is leaving "right now".

"He's gonna be real f**king happy tomorrow then", says Turner

They leave the room to go make cookies,happy with their plan for the votes tomorrow.


Nicole continues to talk to Terrance in the HOH room, possibly spilling information that will be useful to him later.

Turner is cutting the cookie tube with a knife so he has rounds.


Indy is cooking for her and Alyssa. (they can eat at midnight). She doesn't plan to make food for everyone.

Alyssa comes in, asks for cookies for her for midnight, Indy tells her to make sure they can eat then.

Indy tells Alyssa says there is steak for the two of them.

Brittany comes in, she thinks her blood sugar is low, she grabs a sweet drink and sits at the table.

Indy brings her crackers, Brittany says she forgot to eat dinner.


Taylor is talking to Ameerah, Ameerah is counting votes. Ameerah says "he" really "f**ked up that whole thing." (Daniel) Ameerah says she hopes they show the talk they had later, Ameerah doesn't think they will.

Ameerah says that day was crazy.

NIcole hopes tomorrow's show will be about Daniel and her making ammends.


Jasmine takes Ameerah and Michael into one of the bedrooms and question him about why he was in the storage room with Turner. He tells them Turner couldn't find the aluminum foil and Indy came in looking for potatoes or something.


They talk about what the twist will bring tomorrow, Ameerah thinks she might join a duo. Michael mentions putting Kyle and Daniel or Nicole and Taylor.  Ameerah says she is cool with whoever the house wants, Jasmine is afraid of going on the block against Turner.


Jasmine gossips about Turner.


Ameerah says if she gets to pick a new bestie, and the person who is kicked out goes straight to jury (pipe dreams). Ameerah says she would be comfortable to go up against Turner on the block.

Michael asks who is the target next week, she mumbles.

Michael says having Taylor and Daniel in the game to argue could be a good thing.

Ameerah says she will not try to win HOH, she will step out of it.

Jasmine says she will try to answer right, she just doesn't want slop.

They continue to go over scenarios for the twist, and complain about Turner.

Jasmine, "Tomorrow's the day, guys."

Ameerah leaves for the loo, Jasmine and Michael follow.


House guests are working on food for midnight.

General talk.

Camera moves to Ameerah, who is complaining about flat fizzie drinks.


Cameras move to HOH room,

Turner is talking to Nicole

Nicole tells Turner that Terrance deserved to be told, and by her.

Turner says "you don't seem very happy with the house right now."

Nicole agrees, she complains about having to choose between two people she likes in the house.

Turner says he did that last week.

Nicole says Turner turned the house upside down.

They see Brittany, try to guess if she is coming to the HOH. She complains about Brittany knowing about her having a conversation with Terrance.

(Brittany doesn't come in).

Nicole complains more about Brittany.


Camera moves to lavatory area.

Brittany comes in, whispers where people are.

They are looking for Michael (who is in the diary room)

Jasmine says Brittany might be "our room girl"

They see Michael come out of the diary room.

They laugh at themselves.

They start new gossip about prior seasons.
















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Ameerah says when she gets to jury she will call people out.


Nicole is called to the diary room.

Turner tells Terrance he has something to tell him.

Terrance says a conversation with Mike, Brittany and Taylor this morning. They had great conversation about moving forward.

Terrance says Daniel and Nicole are shoveling him that no one wants him to be here. He thinks it is a ploy.

Turner tells Terrance that he will indeed,be here tomorrow, there are individuals in the house, scattered.

Turner says Nicole doesn't know. 

Terrance says that Nicole told him her people were Daniel, and Ameerah. He says he told her that he (Terrance) will be cool with Nicole, not Daniel.

Terrance says there is an official alliance with Nicole, Daniel and Ameerah.Terrance says it doesn't measure.

Turner asks about Taylor, Michael and Brittany, Terrance says they are the lowest on the totem pole, the others are trimming the fat before jury at the expense of Terrance, Michael and Brittany, and Taylor.

Terrance says this will mess up the house tomorrow. Turner says some of the people they are counting on votes that aren't happening.

Turner tells Terrance not to stress, and not to say anything, he says Nicole came from the nicest place and was sent by the girls.

Terrance says he has already told people at one on ones he would not be talking game to them again. 

Turner says people he would never expect are voting to keep Terrance.

Terrance says he will just be cordially happy. 

Turner says he never would have put Terrance on the block if he didn't know a hundred percent what would happen, he has known all week, he knows today, and he knows what will happen tomorrow.

Terrance says Ameerah asked him if he was packed up, with the exception of his toiletries. She wanted to know if he is leaving it, he told her he needed it in the morning.

Terrance says Turner has exposed a lot of "sh*t" about how people are moving with him. Terrance says he isn't interested in playing hot potato with the block, other people need to be uncomfortable.

Turner hopes Terrance wins HOH, Terrance says he will ask Turner for help if he wins.

Terrance is very relieved and excited.

They plan to say Terrance is devastated, but is taking it well. Terrance says he is going to the loo, then to his bed to chill, pretend to collect himself,then he plans to play until he is ready for bed.


In the bedroom Daniel, Nicole and Ameerah are talking in the bedroom.

Daniel told Monte he had rumors about keeping Ameerah, Monte confirmed. Nicole says she talked to Monte as well, and he confirmed it to her.

Daniel plans to vote to evict Terrance instead of Ameerah to insure the numbers.

Nicole says Jasmine told Nicole she could tell Turner, Daniel says why would you even tell him.  Daniel says he was hoping Turner would be blindsided when Ameerah stays. "He blindsided us.", Daniel says.

Ameerah says Turner is pushing Jasmine to win HOH.

The three of them say Terrance knew from day one he would be leaving the house, he wished Ameerah well, and want them to keep fighting.

(somber group)

Silence and staring in the room for a few minutes.

Daniel asks if Nicole wants to give Terrance her vote, or should he (Daniel). Daniel says it doesn't matter, they just need to split it.

Ameerah says she had a nice talk with Brittany today, she got to know her.


Nicole says she didn't "get to say" the exact words, she just went in there and started crying. 


Daniel, "This is the dumbest thing he has ever done."


Michael and Brittany are talking about whether Taylor is keeping her story straight, (she is voting Terrance out) Brittany says Taylor gets it.

Michael says don't play too much with the sympathy votes, they want it to be 9-2. 

He also says Jasmine is saying she will throw the HOH to get Turner out.

Brittany says the girls sent her looking for Michael, they saw him go in the storage room with Turner. Brittany says they are going crazy, he was in the diary room.

Brittany says Nicole is inserting herself in situations she doesn't need to be in. Brittany says Ameerah likes Joe, a showmance has been mentioned.

Michael says he will take a shot at Daniel, Brittany says Taylor will do that as well. Michael says Nicole doesn't trust Alyssa, she says she talks too much.

They hear a noise outside, they start talking loud about Pooch's clothes.

Indy comes in the storage room, they grab expired orange juice to pour out.

Terrance is in the kitchen, he says it is hard to keep up with some of the things.


House guests are in the kitchen and dining area. General talk.

Taylor is getting fries for Jasmine to eat in bed.

Terrance is in the room, standing by the dresser while Jasmine lays there eating.

They are whispering (can't hear them).

Terrance asks her if she is moving her foot.


Terrance tells Jasmine that Nicole told him he was leaving, Jasmine says she did that to make it look like she wanted to keep him and no one else wanted to. She isn't happy to hear it.

Terrance tells her that Nicole said she talked to the girls, and to the guys, and mentioned Monte by name.

Jasmine says she did that in front of Turner, who denied knowing anything. Jasmine says she has never told Nicole where her vote is.


Monte and Ameerah come into the room, Monte is off to take a shower, Terrance accepts a hug from Monte. 

Jasmine asks what they were talking about, Ameerah tells Terrance that Nicole and Daniel are going to vote to keep Terrance.

They told her (Ameerah) so she would be prepared.

Nicole and Daniel come into the room, talk turns to Indy's fries.


Terrance says his grandma made french fries and told them they wanted McDonalds,this was McDonalds. She told them McDonalds didn't have kool aid, so they were getting something McDonalds didn't have.


General talk in the bedroom


General talk in the kitchen


Daniel and Terrance are in the bedroom, Daniel tells Terrance it is his job to figure out what is going on outside Old School and it is his job to figure that out.

Daniel says it won't be unanimous, he says a heartfelt goodbye to Terrance.

Terrance tells him they will meet outside the house.

Daniel tells him that he (Daniel) will just have to win HOH now, Terrance tells him to bring Turner in.

Terrance tells Daniel to keep his eyes open Terrance tells Daniel that the conversation he had with Turner was hard. Turner is the reason he is going home.

Daniel says he is jealous that Terrance will be drinking tomorrow night. Daniel says to send his love to Paloma and Pooch.

They share a hug and leave the room



Indy and Alyssa are excited for their first meal this week.


Darlings it is time for me to wander off, say my prayers, start negotiations with my puppies and cuddle up until the sun wakes me tomorrow. 

Every evening before I go I try to give you words that encourage you. Today I want you to use your words to encourage yourselves. Give yourselves permission to follow your dreams. Regrets come when you don't.  goodnight Dears, hugs-Grannysue









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9:17AM Everyone is asleep except Terrance and Nicole. Nicole has got to the be the LOUDEST person I have ever seen. She's banging pots and slamming cabinet doors and using aluminum foil loudly. 


9:19AM Daniel is now awake, joins Terrance and Nicole in the kitchen. Nicole is giving a lesson in making an omelet to Terrance. 

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