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Monday, July 18, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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Thank you!

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12:15AM BBT - 12:43 AM BBT

Indy is talking in the HoH about how if even just one person gets some inspiration or anything out of her being there then she has done her job. She shares about her journey to the US and talks about how rough her life was when she first arrived. She was living on the street with a mattress someone gave her. She came with nothing on a visa then applied for student visa then worked her ass off to become a citizen, "It took me nine years." She says she didn't mind suffering because she wanted to make things better for herself and her family. "Even if I lose, I am winning. But, it was a hard way up as a nanny and working at stores and serving and everything, everything. So, now I really appreciate it because if I have to come back, I am not afraid of it because I know what I did! Being here? Guys, it makes me so proud of who I am. I still have dreams and want to get my parents out of the favelo. If people out there... if I can light a flame in their heart, then that's great. A lot of people here don't have papers and don't have a way, but this country literally gives people a way...an opportunity. Okay, that's it. We can talk shit now. I manifested this. I want to go and do Big Brother Brazil. I am going to win that shit. Okay, it's over. My podcast. " *everyone laughs   

Monte: Talk heavy, Queen

Indy: Guys, this country? Of course it has problems, and it has a lot to prove. But where I come from, people don't have money to eat; if they are sick they cannot stay home because they don't have food for next week. They have like ten kids to feed; they have nothing. A lot of people take America for granted, and that is really, really sad. But I am glad you guys understand. People ask me how I get to travel so much, and I say I work my ass off. I don't sit home and worry about how. I do it. So, this is why I am so picky. I am not spoiled, it's that I have been there and know what it’s like. I loved it and because I made it happen. But, I am going to take my parents out of the favela, and I will bring you there. I like to do things there...to help people there. If you were born speaking English as your first language, you are already ahead. It is true.


She is teary through the whole thing and once finished, the HGs share their love and admiration for Indy.


Monte: Yes

Joe: You are already my dad's favorite player. I can hear him, "Yes! Yes!"

Ameerah: it's the truth


Indy: Thanks you guys. I really hope you  are my friends after this because I need some American friends.


Indy says most of her friends are Brazilian. She has just 5 American friends. She says her Brazilian friends went back to Brazil with her and since they are all rich, they couldn't believe she actually came from the favela...they called her the princess of the favela. She took them to the favela to see what it was like.



[I love Indy! She is the definition of a girls' girl, if you are looking for one, with a determination and drive that can't be beat. And the conditions in the favela are as bad as she describes...even worse. -ML]


2:46AM BBT

Taylor, Daniel, Kyle, Turner, Joe and Michael are talking in the backyard.

Daniel: Oh my God. Her story was amazing. No filler.

Turner: it was!

Taylor says she told her what her (Indy) goodbye message would be; about second chances.



2:48AM BBT

In the HoHR, Ameerah is telling Jasmine that Turner didn't drink saying it wasn't worth it unless he could get fucked. Daniel joins them but the cameras move to the backyard.



3:30AM BBT

In the HNR, Nicole is telling Daniel that she has figured out that Ameerah and Jasmine are tight.

Terrance is snoring

Daniel: Maybe if either of us win HoH, we get rid of Jasmine on the low

Nicole: Yes, and I don't want to keep poking at Ameerah and be like, yo, let's ride

Daniel: She should decide

Nicole: I think she should because not only is she in our 6 alliance, but now there is the 5 alliance and the girls' alliance. If I were her, I would use Taylor for what we need then let the guys get rid of her. 7 women. That's a lot! We’re are gonna fucking kill this game. America is probably shooting me in the head right now.

Daniel: Why?

Nicole: Because they are like, Nicole, you are in a final two with a boy but an alliance with all these girls.

Daniel: So! I was in an alliance of girls for like 5 minutes *he laughs  I was going to name it Femme Fatale and be mansplaining the whole thing. Like, it was 'such a man thing to do but so cool'  [Funny! -ML]

Nicole says Brittany is coming out of her shell now and feels so accepted by the girls. Daniel sys he doesn’t see it; he just tries to talk to her once a day. Nicole is happy about Britt feeling better in the game "because I still don't have a connection with her."

Daniel: It's hard

Nicole: It's hard  (They mean that talking with Brittany is hard. She is not natural in conversation and comes off paranoid.)


3:38AM BBT

In the HoHR, Jasmine has finished straightening her hair.

Joe is in the room talking with Jasmine, Ameerah, Taylor and Pooch about how he worries his Big Brother edit has him coming off as a meathead.  (pretty much, Joe -ML) The conversation gets frequent warnings from BB as they discuss DR sessions, "Houseguests, you are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other houseguests."




3:40AM BBT

They all agree they had fun today. They broke into the alcohol, so the girls loosened up.

Joe says earlier today, he asked the DR for something to celebrate Indy's citzenship, and they said, "We'll work on it."  So, he knows the alcohol and fruit tray was for her.


4:28AM BBT

Terrance is up for the loo.


4:33AM BBT

The lights are off in the Car Design Bedroom with sleepers.


4:45AM BBT

All of the BB24 HGs are sleeping in a quiet Big Brother house (not even Terrance is snoring, right now)


4:58AM BBT

Nicole is out of bed for the loo

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  • morty changed the title to Monday, July 18, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

9:20AM BBT

Terrance is out of bed for the loo.

The HGS had alcohol last night, so I imagine they will get a 10AM wake-up call.


9:40AM BBT

Turner is up for the loo. He shields his eyes form the lights and stumbles through the livingroom.


9:43AM BBT

Turner heads straight back to bed.


9:52AM BBT

Daniel is out of bed in the HNR for the loo.


9:53AM BBT

WBRB but feeds pop back after just a few minutes. Monte is now up, and Michael is heading to the loo.


9:55AM BBT

Daniel is making coffee in the kitchen.


10:00AM BBT

Monte is doing a very thorough job brushing his teeth right now, but he has left the water running, so no bueno on that.

10:02AM BBT

WBRB for "Wakey, Wakey Houseguests"

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10:14AM BBT

The feeds return to all house lights up and HGs starting their day.

Michael, Daniel and Nicole are sitting outside, enjoying the fresh air.

Terrance and Taylor are doing ADLs in the bathroom area.


10:22AM BBT

Monte is making himself some breakfast on the stovetop. Terrance is prepping some slop.


10:25AM BBT



10:30AM BBT

The feeds have been popping in and out.


10:31AM BBT

Daniel apologizes to Terrance for waking him up (apparently he had to wake him because his snoring was super loud.)

Terrance said it's fine because he was getting up a lot for the restroom because he has been drinking so much water. Terrance says last night was the best night's sleep he has had as a Have-Not. They think it's because he got the butterfly float to himself.


10:35AM BBT

In the backyard, Daniel tells Terrance that Joseph confessed he has been throwing competitions. "You kinda can't throw it when you are a big dude." (because it looks obvious)



Taylor, Alyssa and Ameerah are up doing ADLs in the bathroom.

Daniel and Terrance are putting up the awnings in the backyard.

Michael and Pooch are helping with the other side of the yard.


Joseph is trying to gather everyone for a leg workout. Pooch says he won't workout today.

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10:46AM BBT

Pooch says the sun feels so good, "I can't believe we only have this for an hour."

Nicole says all the Have-Nots are "outside so they can acclimate their bodies to normalcy."

Pooch peels down to his undies to soak in the rays. Taylor shouts out to Express (brand of his skivvies)that they have a spokesperson.

Daniel asks Taylor how she's feeling. She tells him never to let her drink wine, again. She plans to just drink water all day.





10:53AM BBT

Jasmine rolls out to the backyard and Terrance announces, "Yo, Yo, Yo, it's J Monroe" (he's a  great DJ)

Pooch compliments Jasmine on her straight hair

Terrance: But those curls are fly, too

Pooch agrees

Jasmine: I love my curls

Pooch: That Have-Not Room is cold as balls

Taylor: Aren't balls hotm though?

Terrance: That floor hits different.

Terrance tells them he slept so good last night and really needed it.





11:12AM BBT

Joe is conducting the workout. Michael, Ameerah, Monte, Taylor, Kyle and Alyssa are participating. Indy is doing it, too, but in the shade. Joe is setting up 3 stations.

Indy says good morning to the world in Portuguese, and I believe she says something about her citzenship anniversary, too (Sorry, I can't translate)








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11:23AM BBT

Nicole is whispering to Terrance in the bathroom about Turner going crazy after Pooch is evicted.

Terrance: He will definitely retaliate

Nicole tells Terrance that, not to say anything when she does, but Jasmine is going to fill him in that they plan to tell Turner today that all of them are voting with Joe (including Terrance, Nicole and Daniel).

Terrance: Okay

Pooch walks in, still in his undies. Nicole announces that she had a good poop today. Pooch asks Nicole for "the alone time they deserve" in the bathroom. She leaves.

Indy is struggling with the workout. 



11:38AM BBT

Turner is talking with Britt in the backyard about how good he is at Websites, Instagram and TikTok.

Turner: I've done like 5,000 hours in ten different things."

Turner says he was "fire" on Twitter and made 90K.

Brittany: That IS fire.






The workout crew is complaining about the heat (It's currently 88 degrees there, but the backyard is basically a box that doesn't get much cross-breeze)

Monte: Listen to your body

The girls ask how much more (of workout)

Joe: 30 minutes

Monte: What? You said 30 minutes, thirty minutes ago

Joe: Okay, we will see how everyone feels (after their rest)

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1:12PM BBT

The feeds return to the HGs preparing lunch.


1:15PM BBT

Alone int he SR, Pooch tells Michael they can talk later, "but you know, that's not something I'm gonna forget. I don't take it too lightly. Ya know? You doing that does me a lot. I wasn't too, too worried. I appreciate ya. Just want to let you know"

Michael: Okay


1:19PM BBT

Nicole asks Terrance to save the edge of the butterfly float for her tonight, "I'm going to start my sleep on that floatie (the lounge-chair one) then finish my sleep on the floor with the edge of your float for my pillow.

Terrance: Yeah

Nicole: Make sense?

Terrance: It will when I see it

Nicole offers Pooch to come get some "slop spaghetti." They are planning their food for when they get of slop, saying being Have-Nots has humbled them.



1:31PM BBT

Alyssa and Ameerah are talking in the Space Age Bedroom about being inside on Tuesday and Wednesday with nothing to do. They both loved the workouts and say they will always work out with them.

(The backyard is closed until after the next HoH. -ML)

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1:34PM BBT

Pooch is talking with Alyssa and Ameerah in the Space Age Bedroom

Alyssa: How are you?

Pooch: Fine, I guess.

Ameerah: Yeah

Pooch: That's what I wanted. I hope it's what you guys wanted.

Alyssa: You both nailed it. (their speeches)

Pooch: I'm fine as fuck. We'll go ffrom here.


1:36PM BBT

Nicole comes in asking if any of them have a shitty t-shirt she can borrow to cook in.

Alyssa: I have my Backstage Pass shirt.

Nicole: Can I use it?

Pooch: Dude, I gifted that to you!

Nicole: It was a shitty fucking gift.

Pooch: It was all I had to gift.

*Alyssa laughs


1:39PM BBT

Pooch: Obviously, I feel food. How are you feeling with everybody in the house? I see it as you and Alyssa.

Ameerah: My favorite girls are in the house are Alyssa and Jasmine.

Pooch: Do you have a one and two? (ranking them)

Ameerah: No, I have a one and one. I love them equally.

Pooch: Kyle I like more for hanging around the house, but then Turner. Those would be my two. And I guess Monte/Joe. They are interchangeable.

Ameerah: I don't know who my favorite guys are. Y'all are too shady.

Pooch: Too shady!?! I guess we have said too fucking much.

Ameerah: I'm just kidding. I actually love you guys






1:54PM BBT

Nicole and Ameerah are talking about Taylor being worried she embarrassed herself last night. Nicole says that she told Taylor she needs to just be her best self and own it. Don't have regrets, even if it means you were flirting.

Ameerah: I guess it's good she exposed her feelings for Dan because maybe now he will stop being mean about it.

Nicole: He was like, she won't leave me alone. Well now you know why (about Daniel). She wants to make out with you or fuck you, or both.

Ameerah: Or whatever you'll give. It was surprising to me.

Nicole: It was surprising to me, too.

Ameerah says that Taylor told Alyssa to back off because she wants Daniel. That's what Jasmine told me.

Nicole: What? That's funny and totally uncalled for. If you want the D you got to be the B.

Ameerah: When you want the D, you got to be a B.

Nicole: That's my advice for the day. Hashtag it. When you want the D, you got to be a B.

Ameerah tells NIcole that Pooch came for her again to make sure he is good. "He was like, I got 7. I got you and you're my top girl."

Nicole: Aw!

Ameerah: Sorry Pooch, but I want that money.

Nicole: Sorry Poochie!




2:10PM BBT

[Michael did not use the Power of Veto. Pooch and Taylor are still on the block, and Pooch is the target for eviction. SO far the votes are 8-4 with only Kyle, Monte, Joe and Turner voting for Taylor to keep Pooch. It's going to be an exciting eviction!  -MamaLong]


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2:12PM BBT

Ameerah and Nicole are discussing potential alliance names for their alliance of 5. (Nicole, Ameerah, Alyssa, Jasmine and Daniel)

Nicole says she wanted "The Great Divide" because the house is divided. 

Nicole: Daniel wanted the Femme Fatale, and I was like that would be bad ass

Ameerah: That WOULD be bad ass. Lock it in.

Nicole: But he's in it.

Ameerah: So, I like it!

Nicole: And then I thought King and Queens with Daniel in it

Ameerah: I like them all.

Nicole: We are going to have to use Michael and Kyle to get rid of the girls.

They discuss Michael probably being hurt most of his life so he is guarded about opening up.

Nicole: I can't wait to meet Hayden.

Ameerah: Me too!

Nicole: Paloma, if you are watching??? Girl! I would love to know what's on your mind about what's happening in this house.

They begin talking about what happened with Paloma (things we don't know, I guess) so the cameras move to the livingroom where talk about Elton John is going on with Daniel and Turner.



2:20PM BBT

Back on Nicole and Ameerah, they are now discussing Monte and how they love him like a brother, but he annoys them like a brother...he really grated on their nerves pushing for Taylor over Pooch.

Nicole: We already told you we are in an alliance and will have each other's backs. We have to do what is best for the alliance,...

Ameerah: Yeah, not what's best for you.

Nicole: We are going all the fucking way!

Ameerah says her next target is Turner.


2:30PM BBT

Nicole and Ameerah decide to apply for Amazing Race together. They are excited about it. 


2:31PM BBT

Joe walks into the bathroom and offers Britt and Ameerah some fresh melon that he cut up. They decline. When he leaves, Ameerah says Joe is her favortite guy in the house because he is so sweet. Britt says Joe walked into the SR last week when she had a mini-meltdown and held her crying into his muscles. Ameerah laughs that when she smacks people when she is laughing they are usually soft but when she smacks Joseph, he is hard as a rock. Joe hears and laughs.


2:50PM BBT

*I'm out the rest of the day/night.  -MamaLong

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Jasmine and Ameerah are whispering in the HOH room. Joe is sleeping at the bottom of the bed. (or is he?) 

Ameesha tells Jasmine she has a job at Google lined up when she leaves the show.

The doorbell rings, it is Pooch. Jasmine doesn't answer. She sees him with his ear to the door.

He opens the door and they pretend to be sleeping.

BOB helps them out, says "House guests, you must be awake between the hours of 10am and 10pm."

Jasmine laughs, "Says, they are going with it,helping us out."


They are laughing at the cameras moving around.

BOB "No napping house guests."

They wake Joe up. Joe doesn't seem thrilled.

BOB repeats,  "House guests, you must be awake between the hours of 10am and 10pm."

All three of them think it is 10pm.

Joe asks if it looks like he has a game face.


They talk about the covid test. (uncomfortable thing, that)

They are wondering if people are behind the windows, Joe says he has seen them.

Jasmine, "I see dead people"

BOB "You are not allowed to talk about production"

(BOB seems to be in high spirits, messing with the group in the HOH)


In the Tiki lounge Terrance and Monte are talking.  Monte is bothered that he has to approach others, they don't approach him.  He says he needs to be cautious. He is worried that Taylor will win HOH next week.

He says he can't win when he doesn't know what he is playing, he just wants people in the house he wants to be there with.

Monte says he needs to get more aggressive. He continues to pump himself up (my granny called it "fillin' yourself with air")


Camera moves to HOH

Jasmine says when she got hurt she didn't want to cry on tv, but she could see it swelling up.


Big Bubbles interrupts for a few minutes, returns to cameras in the kitchen.

Daniel, Nicole and Kyle are in there.

Pooch is on another scavenger hunt. (That child loses everything, all the time and is constantly searching.)


Brittany and Michael are on the sofa in the Tiki lounge.

She is telling Michael that one of the boys is talking about

giving Pooch a vote.


Michael is counting votes, says the best Pooch can get is tie Jasmine will have to break. Michael thinks Indy is a weak link in the vote.

Brittany calls attention to the fact that her and Michael are on the outskirts of the vote.

Brittany says Indy is aware she is not the center of the girls group, they agree that they can bring Taylor close to them.

They are both hoping "they" take shots at "them".

Brittany says they (the girls) feel bad for not telling Joe about the vote.

Brittany and Michael talk about Kyle and Alyssa getting close, and he isn't mad at that. Michael says Kyle and Alyssa think Daniel has a crush on Alyssa (that could cause Daniel to be targeted by Kyle)

Brittany is worried if Turner is HOH next week. She says that her and Michael are closer to other people in the house than "they" think.

They continue to discuss the danger of being on the outer circle of these groups and the idea of getting out "easy" targets.

Brittany says the girls think she is with them, and it is okay for them to think that, they may expect her to do their dirty work for them.

They talk about the house, and the jobs..who believes whom...


Nicole comes into the lounge, she is annoyed. She doesn't like men lying in Jasmine's bed. She says it is Pooch, and Jasmine is a married woman. She doesn't care if there are other people and he is a few feet away.

Nicole says Pooch has been told before and ignored it.


Michael tells Nicole he is counting votes, he doesn't see a path for Pooch.

Nicole says, "It doesn't hurt my game either way."

Michael says Pooch thanked him for not using the veto and keeping his word.


Nicole tells them that Taylor has a crush on Daniel but Pooch says Taylor approached him, wanted to know if he would make out with anyone in the house.

She tells them that  Pooch accused Taylor of almost making Alyssa cry, but Ameerah was there and called him out

They continue to gossip about Pooch.


Kyle comes into the lounge, they decide to play the bumper pool game.


Taylor, Daniel and Terrance are in the bedroom talking about spending time together later.



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Daniel and Nicole are in the have not room.

General gossip.


Nicole says they caught Pooch in a lie.

She repeats the story of Taylor approaching Pooch, and Pooch telling the group in the HOH that Taylor almost made Alyssa cry. (it was not true at all).

Daniel does not trust Brittany. He says he saw Brittany and Joe leaving the washroom together.

Nicole wonders if Brittany will flip the vote.

Daniel doesn't know.

Nicole relays that she has heard Brittany ask twice if they have enough votes.


Daniel says during a conversation with Monte about the eviction coming up. Monte says he knows the girls are bonding together. He is worried about being on the wrong side of the vote this week. Daniel says Terrance was there and just "rode with it".

Daniel says he will pull Monte and Terrance (who is in on it) later and tell them the vote is flipped and he doesn't want to be on the wrong side of it.

NIcole thinks Brittany will be a rogue vote this week.


Daniel says he told Kyle he has heard some s**t when Kyle asked him if there was any information about the house flipping.

Nicole says if there are more than two votes for Pooch to stay this week she will win HOH and "burn this house down."


They agree that Monte would go after Brittany and Taylor if he wins HOH.

Daniel plans to tell Taylor tomorrow that she has his vote to stay.

Nicole is worried if Taylor leaves she will have no allies in the house.

Nicole says if Taylor is in the house they may as well use her, Daniel agrees.


Nicole and Daniel continue to discuss their worry about Brittany's relationship in the house with Joe. They say she seems so honest, but she tells too much.




 Brittany and Joe are in the storage room. Joe says the most dangerous person in the house is Taylor. Brittany says other people may have decided that Pooch needs to leave. Brittany says Pooch just needs to lay low.


Joe says no one has any idea what Taylor's next move will be, but the.y will know what Pooch would do. He says people are forgetting how strong Taylor is as a player. Brittany tells Joe she feels like people are looking at both options in this eviction.


Michael and Kyle are in the Tiki lounge playing the bumper pool game.


Cameras return to the storage room,

Joe and Brittany are joined by Ameerah.

Joe says he will tell Ameerah that Brittany was just asking him how he was feeling, and about Pooch's possible eviction.

Joe leaves the room

Brittany talks to the cameras. She says she hopes he is out of the loop, and he will remember her. She is hoping Joe takes a shot at Ameerah for her. She knows she is expendable in the Girls' Girls and she just wants to make sure her and Michael are safe.


Michael comes into the storage room with Brittany. He tells her that Kyle says he feels good with her. Sr he tells him she had a conversation with Pooch and he must not find out what is happening. She plans to tell him before anyone else to gain trust.

Michael leaves the room.


House guests in the kitchen are laughing and chatting.


Terrance has joined Nicole and Daniel in the have not room.

Nicole is going over information we already have.


General talk and gossip











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  • morty unpinned this topic

10:54PM BBT

Daniel, Terrance and Nicole are talking in the HNR.

They discuss how Pooch went to Michael in the SR right after the veto meeting and told Michael, "Good play, way to go."

Nicole: Are you a fucking moron?

Nicole says Britt is so excited to be included with the girls alliance.

Nicole: I am just a skeptical mothe rfucker. I don't trust anyone but the two of you

Daniel: Same

They discuss that it could end up being a tie that Jasmine breaks (to evict Pooch) if these HGs are not being honest about their votes. They continue discussing Brittany and how she tries to play off that she is not a super fan, that it's her sister, but it is actually her. Nicole says she made a comment about everyone in the BB24 cast b eing super fans and Brittany looked at her with her big eyes like she had just blown her game.

Daniel: She got, like scared?

Nicole: Yeah


11:00PM BBT

COnversation in teh HNR turns to the food. Nicole says she thinks it's funny how today was the first serious Have-Not meal together. "I'm pretty sure we didn't want to admit that we were on slop. We were ieating in our own little  corners because it's

Terrance: That slop today was good.

Nicole: That was good.

Terrance: It was so goood I would eat more.

Daniel: Yeah

Terrance jokes about showing off their slop to the Haves, "Fuck you to you eating your lamb chops and everything else you fucking guys ate, look at THIS shit. Our chef gave us the best shit ever."

Daniel tells Nicole it's amazing that she will cook for others when she is on slop. "That's some will-power."

Terrance: For real!

Nicole says she cooks for people all the time and doesn't eat it.  

Nicole: Terrance put me on a brand new mindset

Terrance hyped up Nicole today about being such a great chef and how it can make her famous.

The guys tell Nicole she already has everything she needs for the rest of her life to play out perfectly.

Nicole: Thanks guys! I appreciate that!

Terrance talks about Daniel and how he said pwerful words to him on the day of the Taylor/Terrance eviction. Daniel told him that everything he needed was in place and there was no need to worry.  "Who knew everything I needed was already in place."

Terrance says he has had two divorces and had to start his life over from scratch twice. He says now he is in a great position in life with a great marriage. 

Nicole says the $750K would be great, but she is happy to be there, regardless.

Terrance said he already met his set goal "Don't go home first."

Daniel: After going through the process, I was like, Dude, just don't go home week one.

Nicole says her sister said the same thing, "Better not  come home week one because you won't have a home to come home to."


11:50PM BBT  Building a new alliance in the Car Design Bedroom

Britt, Michael and Kyle are whispering in the Car Design bedroom. They are discussing their positions in the game and their newly formed alliance.

Kyle: I think I'm good.

Britt: Monte is a question mark. I have tried to talk game with him. He says if you are good with me, I am good with you.

Kyle: Monte is tough, though. I feel like I am close to Monte, but we rarely talk game. I think he threw the first competition. I think he is playing a very low key game.

Britt: Joeseph is sucha wild card, game wise.

Kyle: I think that's his strategy, to be the fun, goofy guy that is not strategizing

Britt: Thi is the season where you have to win because there are so many groups

Kyle: It's stressful

Michael: I know

They decide their 3 person alliance is called The Outsiders (production will likely make them change that alliance name given it's the title of a book and movie.)

Kyle: We all have different areas that we kind of...

Britt: Inner circles we can all go to. If we van get further along, we can go far. I don't think anyone see us three working together. I think the inner circles just see us as numbers. BUt we are making plans, too. We are just confident about it.

Kyle: Eventually, we are going to be able to do some things. DO you guys feel better about getting rid of Pooch over Taylor?

Michael: I would feel safer with Taylor as an HoH than Pooch

Kyle: Yeah

Britt says Taylor is feeling like an outsider, too, so they are not in trouble with her. "You can't ever make a shot at them" (she means the others he is working with, seeing Taylor as a missile to take out targets they won't be able to take out themselves without blowing their game.

Kyle says he is working his relationship with Alyssa because he thinks she has a crush on him (Funny! Alyssa has said the same thing about him! -ML)

Britt says that Jasmine has been bossy and she overheard a spat between Alyssa and Jasmine because Alyssa overcooked her hot dogs, and "Alyssa said you're welcome. It was not joking."   (I did not witness this)

Michael: And Ameerah is DIRECT.

Kyle: Yeah; that's gonna bite her in the butt

Kyle says Joseph and Turner were recruits and don't know the game. Kyle likes that he can play with people that are normal and not emotional.

Kyle heads to the loo and Michael leaves to "go mingle."


[Y'all, I have said it before. These HGs all came to play. Each has their own style, but all of these HGs have multiple allliances that are working well. This season will be solely dependent on who wins competitions and gains power. It's such a great season of pure game play so far! I don't even care if half were recruited. They are playing a mature game that I respect! -MamaLong]


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Was reading the update and saw y'all looking for help posting live feed stuff. Is this where I'd post stuff I see on feeds? And...I'm in CST so if it's 3:46pm here, then it's 1:46pm BBT, right? 


So, if the above is correct, it's 1:46pm BBT and Michael, Joseph...well, I was gonna add the other two in the ki5chen and got the be right back signs.


So...my computer is updating and I type too slow on tablet. I'm usually up late at night and am available lots of different times during day and evening. 

1:50pm BBT. Michael, Terrance, Nicole, Daniel, Taylor, and others I'll identify soon are hang8ng out in a bedroom...HOH? Terrance is talking a lot about writing and filmmaking though admits he doesn't know how to write for film.


Taylor says she needs to go work out before it gets too busy...then the showers would get busy, and the kitchen.  Terrance says the have not showers are never busy, but she doesn't like that idea.


(Gotta wait for my computer to try more cause this tablet too slow)

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1 hour ago, justmedoubleb said:

Was reading the update and saw y'all looking for help posting live feed stuff. Is this where I'd post stuff I see on feeds? And...I'm in CST so if it's 3:46pm here, then it's 1:46pm BBT, right? 


So, if the above is correct, it's 1:46pm BBT and Michael, Joseph...well, I was gonna add the other two in the ki5chen and got the be right back signs.


So...my computer is updating and I type too slow on tablet. I'm usually up late at night and am available lots of different times during day and evening. 

1:50pm BBT. Michael, Terrance, Nicole, Daniel, Taylor, and others I'll identify soon are hang8ng out in a bedroom...HOH? Terrance is talking a lot about writing and filmmaking though admits he doesn't know how to write for film.


Taylor says she needs to go work out before it gets too busy...then the showers would get busy, and the kitchen.  Terrance says the have not showers are never busy, but she doesn't like that idea.


(Gotta wait for my computer to try more cause this tablet too slow)


This is the place. Just make sure you put your posts in the proper date. There is a new page for each day. I know morty will be thrilled to get your updates!

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