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Saturday, July 16, 2022 - Big Brother 24 Live Feed Updates

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12:02AM BBT

In the kitchen, Ameerah tells Pooch she is going to bed because they are waking them up at 7AM. 

Pooch says they will get the backyard on Sunday

Ameerah: Yeah, the backyard will be open on Sunday


12:10AM BBT

In the Have-Not Room, Nicole suggests someone use the watermelon float as a blanket to block the air flow. Daniel says he is not mad about the floatie he has. He says they are too kind for letting him have the cell phone float. (It's the biggest and thickest float they have.)

Nicole: Well, you are the tallest, and I feel you need to be comfortable. I don't know about those guys. I don't know what they think of you, but that's how I feel. Daniel laughs.


12:13AM BBT Daniel complains to Terrance and Nicole that Taylor is screwed. He says she is following him around and acting like she is safe, "But I won't forget what she did to Paloma." Terrance says (about Taylor) that she needs to relax because "it's not her time."

Daniel: I don't know. I fucking want her gone. I will be respectful, but she is chasing me around the house, now. Every room I go to. Why is that happening?

[I have not witnessed Taylor following him around the house any more than other HGs. I think he is just paranoid about Taylor since he put her on the block as the replacement and then her eviction didn't pan out. -ML]

Nicole advises Daniel to ask the guys in the house to help him out and save him when they see Taylor stuck to Daniel, "If I see it, I'll get Terrance or one of the guys and say, 'Hey, go save Daniel.'

Terrance: Okay

Daniel: I don't have power. Yo, give me a break. I have to go to a room alone because I need a break from everything, and she will come find me. I don't want to focus on it too much because my name will become 'get this girl out.'

Terrance: Yeah.

Daniel: It's annoying

Terrance: It is, but I think tomorrow is going to come together the way it's supposed to.

Nicole: Yeah!

Daniel: I hope so!

Nicole: As long as we are all on the same page, we trust Jasmine.


12:20AM BBT

Nicole, Terrance and Daniel all say they were victims of Jasmine toying with them, making them think they were going up.

Nicole: It worked for like 30 seconds, and she told us she can fuck with us like that.

*They laugh, knowing Jasmine just needed to laugh.

Terrance: It's going to be a good day tomorrow. We need to catch the steam roll.

Nicole says, "Whatever floats your boats...or should we say, whatever floats your floats?" Nicole laughs at her own pun.

Terrance: I don't want to play with these people. That scared me.

Nicole: Seriously! Oh, Big Brother!

Daniel: I know. This is so crazy. But we are here! (excited to play)

They comment about how the Have-Not Room is such a great design.

Nicole: I have a fear of drowning even though I can swim.

Daniel: I don't like bodies of water.

Daniel says it is scary waking up and not seeing land. Daniel says he worked on  a cruise ship with 7,000 people. Nicole has worked on yachts that host 100 guests.


12:58AM BBT

Pooch and Joe are talking about Taylor in the bathroom area. Nicole joins them in the bathroom.

Pooch: Did Daddy wake you up? (he means Terrance)

Nicole: No, we are all just talking shit

Nicole says Daniel tried to put air in the cell phone floatie, but the pump doesn't work on it, so he folded the watermelon float and put it under it. Nicole said she is sleeping across two beach chairs, "and you'll have the butterfly to yourself."

Pooch: Terrance doesn't want to sleep on it?

Nicole: No 


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1:03AM BBT

In the HoHR, Jasmine is complaining to Ameerah and Alyssa that it wasn't fair she didn't get a whole day, after not getting to bed until 5AM (Ameerah corrected her saying 7AM) to do meetings with HGs before the nominations like Daniel did, "but I'm not complaining. It's whatever."


1:05AM BBT

Back in the bathroom...

Pooch: My job is not to win veto, it's to make sure she doesn't (Taylor)

Nicole: We just have to hope that Brittany doesn't get picked for the veto (because she is a weak physical player in the their opinion)

Pooch: We have 5 people to win. We need to make sure we have a solid group.

Joe: Nothing against Taylor, personally.

Nicole: She is a great girl

Joe: But because of last week...

Nicole: Thing is, when you do one thing, slap on the wrist; but when you do two, three, four things? (time to go)

Joe: I actually love her as person. 

Nicole: I knew on day 2 that she should probably talk to him (Daniel), but that was before I knew all the shit going on (she means she figured Daniel would settle on people who had not talked game with him) but then she's acting like she's the fucking goddess of the house. We are not playing THAT game either.

*This conversation just cycles on repeat, so I am hitting the fast forward button!


1:30AM BBT

Ameerah leaves the HoHR to get ready for bed.

Jasmine, Alyssa, and Nicole are talking with Daniel in the HoHR. Jasmine says she hasn't formed an alliance yet, but she really wants to work with them

Daniel says he figured they were working together. Jasmine says she just knows good energy and wants to work with all them

Nicole: Ameerah, too

Jasmine: Yeah, Ameerah too

Daniel and Nicole love the offer of an alliance with them and say they are going to play hard tomorrow

Daniel: But I really can't wait to get Taylor out of here (he is so annoyed by her)

Daniel tells the girls that he has been wanting to work with them.

Jasmine: Really?

Nicole: Yeah, he has been saying he wanted to work with girls from the beginning.

Daniel: I'm cool with him, but I have no problem getting rid of him. (Pooch)

Nicole: I was literally just in the bathroom downstairs, and he was like a confident man sitting on his throne. He said, "She is not gonna see it coming."

Daniel: What do the numbers say?

The girls list votes: Daniel, Alyssa, Ameerah, Brittany, Nicole, Terrance and Michael

Daniel: You split a 7-7 vote?... (to Jasmine) You break the tie.

Alyssa: Wait! Who is the other 7?

Jasmine: Who are the 7-7?

Nicole:: Indy

Jasmine: INDY!

Nicole: Oh God (surprised they forgot to count her vote) She is the head of the snake that wants him out.

Daniel: No blood on your hands. I'm not fucking around, I am ready to ride this shit to the end.

Alyssa; Me too!

Jasmine says she just looks for people she vibes with, "if you fuck with me, I fuck with you. Honestly, I don't have to make it to the end, but I want someone I'm working with to make it to the end."

Nicole: I agree.

Nicole says she loves Terrance, though,  and wants to carry him along as long as they can.

Alyssa says there is not any reason to want him out.

The others agree.



1:56AM BBT

Nicole says Pooch has a God Complex.

Jasmine says she completely agrees.

Daniel and Nicole finally get up to leave the HoHR when Alyssa says, "Can we go to bed soon?"

Nicole asks Jasmine when was the last time she took Advil. Jasmine responds that she took some with the chicken wings.

Daniel: That was a long time ago.

Nicole: Like 4 hours ago.

Jasmine: What? It was? (no concept of time)

Jasmine takes more Advil.

Nicole checks the time and reports that it is 1:56

Jasmine: Not too shabby

They all hug and say goodnight.

Jasmine says she is locking that door because if Pooch comes in that door one more time without knocking?"

Daniel: Do it!


Ironically, Pooch is in the bathroom downstairs complaining to Joe that Taylor just walks in the HoHR without knocking.


2:05AM BBT

Jasmine and Alyssa are ready for sleep in a dark HoH bed. They whisper (same old stuff) until about 2:13AM when Alyssa says, "Sweet Dreams. Thanks for letting me sleep in here." It's not long before they are both silent in slumber.


2:45AM BBT

The lights are off with sleeping HGs in the Have-Not Room, but Terrance sounds like a broken down freight train. [Sorry Terrance. I love ya! You're golden, but you snore just like my PapaLong, and I know how hard that is to sleep through. XXX000 for your wife.  -MamaLong]


His snoring wakes up Nicole who wakes up Daniel, "Hey, tomorrow could be the mini competition...like with the tweezers."

Daniel: Oh, okay

Nicole: If Taylor gets houseguest choice, she would pick someone she could beat; so, she would pick Brittany

Daniel: Right

*They laugh over Terrance's snoring

Nicole: Jasmine has a chance to win.

Daniel: Exactly

Nicole: And Brittany has a chance to win.

Daniel: I'm on board.

Nicole: Oh and that's the competition that Alyssa (BB23) won to take herself off the block.

Daniel: Oh Nelly! Alyssa is hot as fuck! (Alyssa from BB23)

Nicole: She reminds me of our Alyssa because she works in branded bathing suits, and they are both from the same town.

Daniel: Oh wow!

Nicole: Okay, I just wanted to give you that information since I'm not sleeping anytime soon. Might as well strategize.

Daniel: Absolutely!

Nicole: That means next week's HoH competition will be...

Daniel: Tell me it's the wall hanging.

Nicole: Yeah!

Daniel: Oh my god!

Nicole: Because it will be down to 13 of us

Daniel: I'm ready. That will be fun.

Nicole: That's the one Sarah Beth won

Daniel: That will be fun!

Nicole: So much fun!

Terrance lets out some loud snoring snorts and they laugh.

Nicole: I am ready for that wall comp. Apparently Terrance is, too.



Nicole and Daniel whispered until 3AM then grew quiet. Not even ear plugs could stifle that loud snoring. Terrance needs a C-Pap machine.

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7:03AM BBT

WBRB for "Wakey, Wakey Houseguests"

It's the Power of Veto Competition Day! The HGs will pick players this morning then play the competition sometime today. Stay tuned for your competition spoilers here at Mortys TV - Big Brother US - Live Feed Updates


7:13AM BBT

The feeds return to Pooch, Monte and Turner talking in the kitchen. The house lights are up, but the HoHR is dark with Jasmine and Alyssa still sleeping.


7:16AM BBT

Terrance is heading to the loo.


7:17AM BBT

Michael is whispering with Kyle in the Car Design Bedroom. They are talking about Pooch being the target.

Kyle warns that the girls could be all working together.





7:21AM BBT

Bob: Good Morning Houseguests! It's time to get up for the day!


7:22AM BBT

The boys are whistling Tom's Diner, so they must have heard Suzanne Vega this morning for wake-up music.


7:30AM BBT

Terrance tells the boys in the kitchen that last night was the best night's sleep he has had so far in the BB House.


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7:33AM BBT

Nicole is chatting with Ameerah and Indy in the Space Age Bedroom. Nicole tells Indy that Pooch would be the first one to vote her (Indy) out.

Indy: I know

Bob: There are fresh batteries in the storage room.

Ameerah: They really want us out of bed.

Alyssa walks in.

Nicole: How did you sleep?

Alyssa: It was hot in there.

Nicole: I would take that over Have-Not any day.

Alyssa  says that Bob was chastising them in the HoHR, "What about get up do you not understand?"

Ameerah: We got, "Wakey, Wakey Houseguests."

Nicole complains about Terrance's snoring, "I'm gonna have to go to bed early tonight, before Terrance. All the things, and Terrance's snoring is just horrible."


Bob: Please exchange your microphones in the storage room.



The girls begin talking about shopping at Zara. Indy says she and her girls discovered that Zara puts their things on discount the third week of every month, "so we shop like crazy."




7:39AM BBT

Bob: Please change your batteries in the storage room.

Indy and Alyssa head to the SR, saying they don't want to get in trouble.


7:43 AM BBT

Daniel is making some coffee.

Pooch: At the end of the day, it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's about the fight in the dog.

Indy passes through

Monte: Good morning, Mamacita.



7:44AM BBT

Jasmine watches the spy cam for a bit from her HoH bed.



Bob: Jasmine, Monte, Taylor, please change your batteries.


7:46AM BBT

Jasmine checks the bruising on her legs then struggles out of the bed.




7:48AM BBT

The doorbell rings. It's Taylor bringing Jasmine her battery pack. She offers her breakfast.

Jasmine: WHat is everybody else eating?

Taylor says she will go check and report back.



7:51AM BBT

Pooch is making a slop breakfast that Alyssa calls "prison food."



7:52AM BBT

The cams switch to Nicole in the SPace Age Bedroom filling in Ameerah an the late night HoHR chat.

Ameerah: Was Jasmine trying to start an alliance with me, you, her, Daniel and Alyssa?

Nicole nods, "You have to say yes. What are your thoughts?"

Ameerah: My thoughts are, say yes, but, like, bring that intel back to our core 6, of course. I want to to bring Daniel and Jasmine as far as we can.

Nicole: So do I.

*Cams move back to Jasmine washing her face and brushing her teeth in the HoH bathroom.


7:57AM BBT

Monte is talking with Ameerah and trying to change the plan to put out Taylor instead of Pooch. Ameerah says, no, that she would rather Pooch go. Monte keeps pushing the point. Ameerah is not budging.

"You cannot flip the house right now. It's over. It's done. You are the only 3 voting for Pooch, but it's whatever."


[I love her, y'all. Monte is just paranoid because Taylor knows he was the one in Daniel's ear about the Taylor/Paloma drama. -MamaLong]





8:04AM BBT

Monte heads up tio the HoHR to try his pitch with Jasmine.

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Monte clearly wants to talk with Jasmine, privately, but Brittany is not getting the hine and not budging.






8:08AM BBT

In the bathroom downstairs, Indy tells Ameerah she (Indy) has gained weight.

Ameerah says they are all eating crap.

Indy: Well, at least they feed us.


8:12AM BBT

At the memory wall, Joseph is joking around about Pooch's photo on the memory wall saying, If I punch this guy, I'm gonna get sued."





8:20AM BBT

Monte fills in Kyle on his push to flip to Taylor but Ameerah is not budging.

Kyle: What do we do? I feel like she was playing me pretty hard. Pooch wanted me to play in the veto, and if I win I'll keep noms the same

Monte says Pooch said the same to him

Kyle: If we do want to keep Pooch, we have you, me, Turner, Joe, Daniel, for sure.

Monte: Maybe Terrance

Kyle: I don't know where Terrance stands.

Monte: Terrance can't stand Taylor. I underrstand why she feels comfortable with Taylor, but I'm not. I don't understand why she thinks she could control Taylor. At any point, she could put two of us up.

Kyle: We have to be honest and move forward together. We have to get on the same page.

Monte insists Pooch is not a threat because he tells them everything he is doing.

Kyle: I agree



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8:28AM BBT

In the bathroom, Indy is struggling with rebandaging her finger injury. Joseph offers to help once he gets rid of his orange.

Indy: How can something so small hurt so bad? Fuck!

Britt asks if she cut it in the kitchen. Indy says she cut it while cooking Jasmine's chicken. Britt says she had a migrane last night and had to go to bed.



8:31AM BBT

Britt reports that Jasmine was called to the DR, "So it should be soon." (she means the veto picks)




8:37AM BBT

Kyle is now working out in the gym and chatting with Nicole about how terrible it is to sleep in the HNR. She tells him she will try the floor tonight. Terrance comes in and tells Kyle he was on the pineapple last night, but it deflated in the middle of the night. 

Kyle: So the watermelon and now the pineapple?

Terrance says the things they gave them are now busted.

They decide to ask BB for new floaties.




8:45AM BBT

WBRB then adorable adoptables while the HGs pick players for the veto competition.

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9:16AM BBT

The feeds have returned after the veto picks.

The PoV players today are: Jasmine, Taylor, Pooch, Ameerah, Michael & Terrance



9:21AM BBT

Once Nicole and Ameerah are alone in the Space Age Bedroom, Nicole jumps on top of the bed in glee.

Ameerah sayss he knows she (Nicole) is happy, but she says, "I don't want to participate."

Ameerah was hoping Nicole would be pulled. Nicole says she does to.

Nicole: You Michael, T, Taylor, Jasmine. It's 5 against one. The odds are, he is going home.

Ameerah doesn't want to play but says she has to go for it.

Michael joins and celenbrates with Nicole.

Ameerah: Here we go again.  

Nicole: It's going to be awesome. I'm so excited.

Michael: I just hope whatever it is, Jasmine is able to play.

Nicole: I think it will be the mini thing (talking about Micro Cocktails from BB23)

Alyssa walks in and says that comp was much later in the season.

Nicole: Thanks, Mom!

ALyssa: Of course

Michael says he doesn't want it to be that, anyway, because he would be shaking.

Ameerah says Sweet T is going to save the day and win. *They laugh and all say they love Sweet T.


[The HGs have several nicknames for Terrance, including "Big T" "Sweet T" Iced T" and "TMan"  -ML]


Ameerah tells Alyssa that she reminds her of Cher from the movie Clueless.

Nicole: She had a white Jeep Wrangler. So cool.

It sound slike Daniel is hosting, again because no one else wanted to.

Daniel: It will just be me and Big Brother in different costumes.



9:30AM BBT

Taylor is talking to us in the Golf Pro Bedroom, "I have to find out why Brittany was locked out of that room and got in  that bed last night. That was weird. She will tell me why. I initially wanted to win one of the first HoHs. But I don't know if that's good for me anymore. If I dio it, I'd be out the next week, for sure.  I think Brittany or Michael have to win that. I have been fighting for myself in this house since the first day. I've been playing this game for survival longer than anybody in this house. It's not like Terrance or Michael where they got the chance to fight for themselves the first go 'round. I didn't get that. Everything I said I would do in this game, coming here, I have royally screwed up. I've just been in survival mode. But after this week. After winnin to veto, which I will do. I got to map out my plan. I got to map out what I want my jury to look like.  I got to map out who I want sitting next to me in final two. If I play smartly, I can get there. I have something to offer every single one of those girls, except Nicole and Ameerah. Those are the ones it will be hard to find anything to offer them. Maybe I can offer them my weakness compared to them. That veto is mine. With Terrance and Michael playing, that veto is mine. (They both said they will save her with veto, but more likely, they will throw it her) Ameerah will gun for it and keep noms the same. I have to come down. I have to come down."


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9:34AM BBT

Taylor continues whispering to us, "I think an all girls alliance will work. We just need to find a few guys."

Bob: No napping, Houseguests.

Taylor: Napping? I wasn't napping! I was plotting.



9:48AM BBT

Monte is pushing Nicole and Ameerah really hard in the SR. They are getting pissed.

Nicole: If you want to change things, go talk to Jasmine in the HoH.

Ameerah: I hear you.

Nicole: The reason I am getting so worked up is because ....we are literally in a position to put these power players up.

Britt comes in and interrupts.

Britt: Sorry, Guys.

SHe puts trash in the big bin.

Monte: You're fine. You're fine.

Then Indy walks in followed by Kyle.


Kyle stays.

Nicole: Look, I appreciate you guys pulling me into this, but I am a protective bitch. I'm not saying shit. (doesn't want to freak out Jasmine)

Monte keeps pushing.

Nicole: We have her in a position that she is willing...

Monte: Why you guys feel like you have her like that?

The girls tell the guys she will be going later.

Ameerah: If y'all can flip the vote, I'm in.

Nicole: He's a douchebag

Monte rambles on, "I don't trust her"

Nicole: I am not asking you to trust her. I am asking you top trust us!

They break apart and go separate ways.


[Hear me now, Monte will be a target a lot earlier now because of this pushback. This is not his HoH. He needs to keep his mouth shut.  -ML]




10:00AM BBT

Jasmine is talking with Michael and Ameerah in the HoHR. Jasmine is thrilled with the PoV player picks. Michael wants to know how they should play it if the comp is a head-to-head knock out style, "Get Taylor out first or get Pooch out since we want to evict him?" They decide to make it look like they all favor Pooch and are targeting Taylor. Indy joins them

Indy: Can you guys just win this shit so we can get rid of him. (She can't stand Pooch.)

They all laugh

Indy:(talking to God) Dear God, it's me again.

*More laughs for Indy


10:04AM BBT

In the Car Design Bedroom, Nicole tells Terrance to be sure to tell anyone asking that he is just going to do what the HoH wants. Terrance asks if Taylor is the target. Nicole sets him straight.

Terrance: Okay, I got the memo

Nicole leaves and Terrance says, "We gonna play Big Brother today."


10:05AM BBT

Nicole joins the others int eh HoHR saying she just talked to Terrance and he asked if the target is Taylor.

Jasmine: Bring him up here right now

Nicole: No, I set him straight




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11:47AM BBT

The HGs are just hanging out waiting for the PoV competition.


11:54AM BBT

In the living room, Jasmine is talking with Ameerah and Terrance.

Terrance: How are you healing up?

Jasmine: I can move it a little bit.

Terrance: That's good then.

Ameerah: Have you ever broken anything?

Jasmine: No

Terrance: I broke my collar bone in a  motorcycle accident

Ameerah: You look like you ride motorcyles.

Jasmine agrees

Ameerah and Jasmine ask Terrance how he feels about today.

Terrance: Well, I ain't gonna talk shit, but I'm definitley gonna beat Ameerah's ass

Jasmine: Okay, question. (to Terrance) I heard you told somebody you were gonna gun for it to get Taylor out.

Terrance: I thought that was the plan, and I didn't get the fucking memo

Jasmine: Big T! That was the plan the other day. I told you!

Terrance says he knows the plan now.

They agree Jasmine's foot looks lo much better.

Terrance: But you gonna be down for about two weeks.

Jasmine: Well, I can't compete for HoH next week, anyway.

Jasmine asks BB to call her mom and ask for her to put a prayer request with her prayer group.

Terrance says he is waiting for the DR to request a new floatie because his no longer holds air.




12:07PM BBT

Jasmine says she is going to be getting an X-Ray on her foot. (she doesn't say when)

Jasmine is just hoping it's something she will be able to compete in today. "They said I have the option." (Production told her it will be her choice to particiapte or not.)


12:10PM BBT

Pooch is in the kitchen trying to make some slop food. Yesterday, he made salsa soup, which he claims was as close to Italian food as he could make with approved slop condiments.

Jasmine: WHat does it taste like

Terrance: Oatmeal and then you just doctor it up



Jasmine says she prays that she gets a boot and not a cast.

Turner asks Jasmine how she is feeling this week emotionally.

Jasmine: I just can't move and groove like I used to.

Turner: Can I ask you a game question?

He jumps up and moves closer to her.

Jasmine: Don't hit my leg

Turner asks her who she will put up as replacement nom if Pooch wins veto

Jasmine says she has to talk to somebody, but someone she knows would absolutely not go, "maybe Brittany"

Turner: Okay, so not me?

Jasmine: No, I told you someone who would absolutely not go

Turner: If Pooch wins, does he come off or stay on?

Jasmine: I don't know, if he keeps them the same, we can get her out. The only thing is if she gets herself off.

Turner: That would suck ass

Jasmine: Maybe I can convince her to stay on.






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12:18PM BBT

Jasmine tells Turner that Taylor did come talk to her, "I said I was just respecting what the house wants. I said I'm sorry but at least I told you to your face."


12:22PM BBT

Bob calls Ameerah to the DR

Ameerah: FInally

Pooch: I guess there is no veto comp yet

Ameerah: I guess not




12:33PM BBT

Alyssa and Indy are talking in the living room. 

Alyssa: I miss P (Paloma

Indy: I do, too

Indy says she is worried because she needs a dress for finale night because she was planning to wear the red one, but production made her wear that the first night. 'Maybe my firend will get me one and drop it off."

Michael joins them and they begin talking about what sort of festival they could have today.

Michael: I hope we have costumes.

Alyssa: What other festivals are there?

Michael: An art festival, maybe. There was a hot air balloon festival where I went to school , but it's not super popular. 





12:43PM BBT

Indy is playing with the phone in the living room, "Hey God, it's me again. I hope you can help me this week, and I may give you a break for 3 or 4 days and I'm gonna need your help on Thursday, again. Goodbye. See you soon.'

Nicole: WHen are you gonna see him?

Indy: When I need him




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After being silent for a few inutes, Indy says, "I don't want to think about it"

Nicole: You just talked to God

Michael: You put in a request

Nicole; Yeah you put in a request

Indy: I am going to be the next HoH

* She dances and then makes a shark fin at Jasmine and starts the Jaws theme

Jasmine: Oh is that what that is? I thought it was a dolphin.

Indy says the dolphin in Brazil are NOT nice. 







12:54PM BBT

Daniel was just called to the DR

Nicole: Okay, Let's go. I can't wait to se eyour costume.


At the memory wall, Nicole confides in Terrance

Nicole: I am not very proud of my poops lately. They are very disappointing. I feel I can confide in you now since we are on another friendhship level.

Terrance: Fuck yeah. I use that Benefiber and put flax seed in my protein shakes. Well, here we go.

Nicole: You got this

Terrance: I want it.

Nicole: You need that under your belt.

The HGs are just waiting for the comp to begin and speculate about the comp festival, again.

Indy says maybe a luau

Alyssa: Oh, don't ge tme excited.




1:03PM BBT

WBRB pops up followed immediately by RCHS for the Power of Veto Competition

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2:59PM BBT

The feeds have returned to WBRB after the PoV Competition then to HGs. 

Michael won the Power of Veto.





3:01PM BBT

In the bathroom

Pooch: Taylor was half a ball away from me to being fucked

Daniel: Everyone was close

Pooch: If it was a race back up and back up....I talked to him and said keep noms the same; he was cool about it


Pooch said he was cramping.

Daniels: DId your knees get fucked?

Ameerah: Taylor's knees are bleeding



Jasmine did not participate knowing her injury made it pretty impossible (it was too physical).

Daniel likes the pants from his costume, but he says the wig was hot. (Daniel hosted).

Taylor said she messed up her knees on the linoleum.

Michael: The Little Mermaid was my favorite movie growing up, so I was like 'This is Fun'

They had to try to get a "pearl"



3:09PM BBT

Jasmine (to Britt): That is why you never judged somebody. That is a prime example. When people look at them and judge them; it's always gonna be their downfall.

Britt: Yeah

Michael: Are you ready to talk?

Jasmine says Alyssa is in her shower, so maybe in about 10 minutes.

3:24PM BBT

The comp involved wearing a flipper, so Jasmine said she knew she couldn't do it.

Kyle: You could see they could barely get it on their feet, and they have two healthy feet


3:27PM BBT

Jasmine says she is getting a portable X-Ray. They are bringing the machine to her.

Kyle: (to Jasmine) If you are gonna roll your ankle, this is the week to do it. 


3:28PM BBT

Taylor tells Pooch she would rather not sit next to him.

Pooch: Absolutely


In the SR, Turner and Alyssa agree the noms will stay the same since Michael won.

Alyssa plays it off saying, "Everyone says let's get Taylor out of this fucking house."

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3:37PM BBT

Jasmine asks Taylor if she woulod do her a favor and cook her something simple to eat. 

Taylor: Of course

Jasmine asks for some of her shrimp from her freezer sauteed in butter with salt and pepper and rice.

Taylor takes off to retrieve the shrimp from the HoH.

Jasmine says a Crawfish Festival would be great. She asks BB to pay attention.


3:42PM BBT

Alone in the HoHR, Taylor says, "So, I am safe. I am safe." and she heads downstairs.


3:43PM BBT

In the Space AGe Bedroom, Nicole says they are about to have Pocch's funeral.

Ameerah: SHould we all wear black

Nicole: Yes

The cameras move rooms while Nicole changes her clothes.


3:53PM BBT

Terrance is talking with Taylor int he kitchen while she cooks Jasmine's food. He tells her, "It's not a sprint..."

She finishes it, "It's a marathon as all get out."



3:58PM BBT

Michael and Ameerah are talking n the Space Age Bedroom

Michael: Oh, I did not want to win that

Ameerah: You had to; you're good

They discuss the water hitting them, but it was warm. 

Ameerah: That was really good. 

Nicole comes in and warns them that Pooch & Turner are right outside the door, "He is pissed you won. But I am definitely not. He needed an ego check."

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4:07PM BBT

Brittany tells Michael in the bathroom that Ameerah is really smart, 'Go in there and you'll see in her drawer she has Q-Tips.....she is keeping track of the days with the Q-TIps. I feel she is really smart...more like us."

Michael: Yeah

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Jasmine and Pooch are talking in the living room, Pooch is fast talking, Jasmine is talking about her foot, Pooch is checking it out, looking at the swelling and bruising.

Jasmine says she would have liked to compete in the veto.

They are trying to count episodes, Pooch says the fact they are on tv three times a week is wild. Pooch is hoping he will get followers that open doors for him after this, he is interested in leaving football, but wants to continue to be involved in sports.

Alyssa comes up and Pooch makes jokes.

Daniel is in the chair laughing.


Taylor and Ameerah are in the lavatory complaining about waiting for the loo while they call attention to the dirty carpet and question the decor.

Ameerah says she has not used the bidet, she says it just gets one wet

and they have to dry off anyway.


They hear the bidet running, Ameerah asks if she knocked, Joe comes out, says he didn't know they were waiting.

Joe joins Ameerah, she tells Joe that Michael will not use the veto. Talk changes to Joe's leg hair growth after shaving.


Turner and Pooch are in the storage room, Pooch asks why Nicole told him not to worry. Turner says he talked to Michael and Michael told him Jasmine wants him to keep it the same so he probably won't use it.

Turners tells Pooch that Jasmine said there is nothing to worry about and he can't see why she would lie.


Pooch says earlier today he thought he had one flip flop out the door.


Turner says he thinks they are good and Pooch leaves the storage room.

He offers Ameerah a protein shake, she declines. 


Daniel says he is going to try to win the HOH, he is going back to back. Jasmine says Daniel looks really nice, but can whip your a**. Daniel says he is very loyal.



Cameras move to kitchen/dining area where house guests are enjoying pasta while Daniel complains about house guests talking back to BOB.


Indy plays on the phone, she has called God several times a day. Nicole hands the phone to Pooch, who is definitely talking to God.

House guests are telling each other the phone is going to ring, and the tv in the back of the house is coming on.


Indy and Nicole help Jasmine take her dinner to the table in the dining area, Inday says she prefers people eat at the table.


General talk at the table about hiking experiences.







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Talk about mountain hiking and climbing continue.

Terrance is not impressed, especially when they mention a 7 day hike.

He asks if they have confused days with hours.

"So you wasted 7 days of your life..."

Nicole is talking about skydiving, she says she has done it twice.


House guests are making plans to go to a nude/clothing optional beach. 

Indy says they need to go around the table and tell what they have learned this last two weeks.


Big D-Trust the process

Brittany-I need to pick up the pace at home

Jasmine-I need to be more selfless at home

Joe-Vulnerability is not a bad thing...so far

Kyle- I don't need as much sleep as I thought

Michael- I don't need to be closed off with people

Turner-I need to clean my sh*t up more, and not take people's time for granted

Monte-I learned yoga, how to cut an onion, how to make coffee.

Taylor-I need sunlight every day, and not to be afraid to show your whole self.

Indy-I can love different kind of people and people who don't agree with me and don't have a same lifestyle, sun and not as much chocolate.

Daniel-Even on slop I don't know what I want to eat

Pooch-would like to see more of the world

Meesha-there are good men in Mississippi


Jasmine asks who they would bring from home to help them in the house.


Jasmine-her sister


Joe-one of his siblings

Kyle-my mom


Monte-oumbled the friend's name

Taylor-my friend Chioma


Daniel-one of Indy's Brazilian friends, probably the red head

Pooch-Beans Poocrh

Nicole-a gay boyfriend or her sister

Terrance-his little siste

Ameerah-her mom

Alyssa-her sister


The group starts to break up, they realize it is 10pm.


Jasmine hobbles up the stairs. Pooch offers to help her, but she says production doesn't want them to do that. She decides to go up on her bum with Pooch right there guarding her.



















In the HOH conversation is about Taylor over acting her worry about leaving by yelling at production.

Daniel is upset by it.


Terrance make a point that Pooch is in their crosshairs this week.


Several people have a different name Pooch has suggested to replace the nominee that is being removed from the block.


Nicole tells them that Pooch told her and Daniel that there were stronger people in the house to put up, they told him to go tell Jasmine.

Turner comes into the room.

They are acting worried that Taylor may come into the HOH room.

Ameerah tells them Taylor is cleaning the kitchen with Brittany.


In the have not room Pooch is telling Daniel that the whole group that was in the HOH room earlier is in there again.

Pooch leaves and goes downstairs.


The HOH gang continues to gossip and plot.


Nicole tells them goodnight, Terrance says she needs to fall asleep before him (he is a loud snorer (new word, made it up myself))


Cameras move to the living room area.

Kyle is talking to Pooch about past seasons.





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Kyle says another week with a girl in the HOH will be ugly for them.


In the HOH room house guests are looking at the camera, trying to see who is in the living room.


Brittany comes to the HOH and Daniel runs out, Taylor also comes in.


Gossip and general chatter continues. Mostly chatter.


Daniel has moved to the have not room with Nicole.

Daniel says wanting Pooch out is not thinking game, although Nicole says Monte is the person that should be going.

Nicole says that this morning she went to Ameerah's room and asked her about an alliance. The name of the alliance is Paloma's Posse.

Nicole says Ameerah is very torn.

Monte tells Nicole that Ameerah told him that Taylor would back door him if she had the opportunity. He started pushing to take Taylor out and keep Pooch.  She says he started barking at her, but she told him that he is in an alliance, it became an argument. Ameerah came in and Monte also started in on her.

Nicole says she told Monte they have the numbers to get Pooch out now. 

She says Kyle also came into the storage room.

Nicole confronted Monte about her and Ameerah not being safe from Pooch.

Nicole says Ameerah sees now what is happening, that it is possible that Monte is working with the boys primarily.


Daniel wants Terrance to know that his conversations with Pooch are game, he is still on board to evict Pooch.


Nicole is still angry at Monte.

Daniel says Monte is still fuming,  that "they" (the guys' alliance)want to take girls out.

Nicole says that Pooch's first target is Michael.

Nicole says she told Ameerah that she would protect her while she protects her own game.

Nicole and Daniel are trying to put together four people, Nicole, Daniel, Ameerah and Jasmine.

Nicole calls it "messy", she is worried that Meerah feels loyalty to Monte.

Nicole wonders if  Monte should go up, but they know Jasmine won't do that.

Daniel says Pooch will put up two girls, and he thinks Taylor will put him up against Monte.  Nicole says she can protect him, but she expects the same from Daniel.


They don't think Jasmine knows Ameerah is in another alliance, when Nicole wanted to tell her about it, Turner walked in.

Nicole lists the alliances in the house she knows about, she says they can only trust each other and Michael.

Nicole tells Daniel to make it up to Michael and earn trust with him. She adds Terrance to her list of trusted people, but she says they can't tell anyone anything.

Daniel says if you don't have power you don't have an alliance.


Nicole is worried about what conversations Ameerah is having.

Daniel and Nicole feel like they are back on square one.

Nicole feels that Michael may not go for HOH next week, he is winning too much.


Nicole feels that when she is HOH there may be a blow up with Monte.


The two of them talk a little about past seasons.


Nicole says she thinks Brittany is trying to create a riff in the house, Brittany questioned them earlier about whether they are voting out Pooch for sure. Nicole says she told her the people who are voting Pooch out are saying it out loud, so they would know who did not vote for him to leave.

Nicole is worried that Brittany has lied, and was caught, and could be doing that again.


Daniel thinks if Monte is out they could pull in Kyle.

Nicole says Kyle is struggling with his loyalty to Monte. She thinks it is because of the conversation in the storage room.







More rehashing.


Daniel is not enamoured with Indy's game.

Nicole says Indy would be a good HOH, she would do crazy stuff.

Daniel says he would make out with her to stay safe. (he laughs).

Nicole says Ameerah just says "yes" to anyone.

Daniel, "Maybe I should make out with Ameerah. She is cute."


Nicole says Daniel needs to have a conversation with Jasmine. He decides to go to the HOH room and see who is in there. He goes to the loo first, though (downstairs).


Daniel comes out of the loo, asks Taylor (who is brushing her teeth) where the party is, she tells him HOH, does he want to come?  He says he is socialed out.
Daniel reports back to Nicole that everyone is in the HOH, he could hear male voices in there, but then again everyone is in there.


They decide to try and get some sleep and lie back on their chosen blow up pool toy weirdness.

They continue to talk,but it is just general chatter.


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Pooch is expecting a tie vote because the guys will vote to keep him.

Kyle tells Pooch that Terrance has decided to go with the house.

Pooch thinks Jasmine's vote will save him in the event of a tie.

Pooch knows the smart move is to get him out.


Jasmine and Monte are talking about Pooch, she tells Monte that Pooch has suggested him (Monte) as a replacement nominee.  She tells Monte that Pooch told her he was interested in working with Kyle and Turner.


Jasmine says she just want to be real with him, he could go to Pooch and tell him, causing a problem with Jasmine.


Monte says he has to vote for Pooch to gain leverage long term. He doesn't want to show disloyalty to Turner and Kyle with a vote against Pooch. He says he is not loyal to Pooch.


Jasmine tells him she doesn't expect him to change his vote, she has the votes already as far as she knows. This is just her being a friend outside the game.


Monte says Pooch got really paranoid when all the girls and Michael were in the HOH earlier in the day.  Monte calls Pooch a liability.


Monte confirms that Pooch is the head of the snake. (Jasmine says she said that earlier today).


Mr onte thanks Jasmine for the information.



Darlings it has been a big day in the Big Brother House. Lots of game talk this evening, lots of fun chat at dinner, and plotting continues.

But now it is time for me to do my usual night routine, thank the Lord for my day, find my little puppies, and cuddle.

Celebrate yourself today, and all the things you love. Treat yourself to a big high five.

goodnight my dears, hugs--Grannysue


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