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BBCAN10 - Episode 3 - HOH and Nominations

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, 16 primetime players scored a ticket to the gameshow of their dreams. But it was Hermon that landed the first big door prize. With nominations on the table, Melina struggled to make nice, while zero chill Jess missed the mark with their plea. At the nomination ceremony, the car dealing kingpin put up Melina as his pawn and put a huge target on Jess as his pray. At a balloon popping competition, some HG struggled to get over the hump while Jess pieced together a puzzle. Forced to name a replacement, King put up Kevin as a pawn next to Melina. But his pawn wasn’t willing to rest on his laurels, so the mastermind in training launched a smear campaign to save his hide. On eviction night, an 11-2 vote sent Melina packing. With Hermon on the beach, who will catch the next wave to HOH and who will catch the eye of the heartthrob? And who will catch the block? Life’s a beach on Big Brother Canada!


We pick up after the first eviction and Kevin says he has a huge sigh of relief and he is taking it all in and he is processing and then he talks about the twist of him getting to choose one of three doors and him winning $500.


Kevin likes the mystery doors. He says anything can be behind them and being a pawn is not so bad. Hermon says his HOH was the most chaotic of his life but he feels ok. He created an alliance called the Savage Seven. He thinks he is pretty safe.


Jess says her place is in this house is still the target and outcast. She says her name is in multiple people’s mouths and she is the only one she can rely on 100%. She says she just needs to win.


It is time for the first HOH of the season! Each HG will step onto a surfboard and keep their watermelon from falling off either end. Whoever keeps their watermelon on the surf board the longest will be the HOH!


The HG all set their watermelon’s and they all get started. Betty is the first HG out. Haleena says this comp is mentally exhausting because if you lose focus, then you are gone.


Tynesha says this HOH is everything because she wants her daughter to see her crush it and prove to the other HG she came to play hard and win. Moose and Haleena are out of the competition.


Summer is eliminated and then Kevin right after. Kevin says he is exhausted because it was a hectic day and he hopes Jess takes it because if she wins, then he could slide by one more week.


Jacey-Lynne does not want to win but wants to hold on as long as possible. Jay is out of the competition, with Jacey-Lynn right behind. Josh is the next one out. Jess is counting 1, 2, 3 to be rhythmic.


Kyle is left but he says this competition is not important for him and he wants to make sure Jess does not win. We are 24 minutes in and Stephanie seems steady. Jess makes a bobble and she is eliminated.


Tynesha’s neck is going number but her back and shoulders are on fire. Tynesha then drops and she is out. 41 minutes have elapsed and we have 4 left. Marty is dancing a bit and Stephanie says her back is hurting. All four say they are safe with each other.


Marty wants to hear from his family. Kyle drops. We are at an hour and 13 minutes and Marty says their deal still stands and is trying to negotiate a deal. Stephanie says she misses her little sister. Gino’s neck is killing him and it is distracting and he drops.


It is down to Marty and Stephanie and Marty says his word is golden. He promises not to backdoor her either. Stephanie says she does not really know where Marty is and she wants to make sure she is safe.


Marty says they do not trust each other and it is a battle between the two of them. We are an hour and 28 minutes in. Steph bobbles and falls off the board. Marty wins HOH! Marty says he is going to take a shot on his HOH and make it count.


Marty is pumped. He wants to be a comp beast. Now that he is HOH he wants to work on relationships he worked on week one and he wants to figure out what move to make. Jay says he has not talked game with Marty a lot but he hopes he can be an asset to his game.

Summer thinks she will be ok too. Who wants to see Marty’s HOH room? We see pictures of Marty’s wife, son, and daughter. He is so happy to see his family. He gets to order a meal from Wendy’s for himself and one other HG and he selects Tynesha.


Marty also gets a brand new outfit from Winners. He models his new outfit and then wants to read his letter from his wife. She tells him to keep playing hard and his family sends their love and are proud of him. He is overwhelmed.


Marty says this letter re-energized him and gets him fired up. We are on Day 7 and Stephanie wants to talk to Marty and she wants to know if he is going to stay true to his word. Marty says they never had a chance to connect and he is not sure what he is going to do.


Stephanie says she would not put him up and Marty wants to talk to everyone to see what he is going to do. Marty reassures Stephanie that she is safe and he says he does not trust her but he is going to honor their deal. But someone she is close with is an option.


Tynesha, Stephanie, and Haleena are talking about Gino and Tynesha is encouraging a showmance. Tynesha asks Stephanie if she wants her to plan a date for Gino and Steph. Tynesha is making sure Steph is completely ok with a relationship with Gino.


Stephanie says if Tynesha wants to play matchmaker for her, she is ok with that and she wants to hear everything. Kevin says Marty tried to open things up with him but he got bad vibes, but since he is HOH he needs to turn his cold shoulder warm.


Marty tells Kevin that he is a smart guy, he can tell. Kevin says he is a big target and he is going to share a few names that are not his. Kevin throws out Jay’s name, and then Jacey-Lynne and Stephanie. Kevin suggests putting up Stephanie and Jacey-Lynne.


Jess says the Marty she knows has come to play and she wants to check in and make sure he does not want to go with the easy target. Jess says she would not target Marty for most of the game. She would have his back and she needs to show him she is good for his game.


Jess says she may seem overly passionate but she is a huge fan and she thinks Marty is too. She encourages him to get more names out of people’s mouths. She says she is a target for a lot of the house. Marty says no way will he go after the house’s target.


Tynesha and Kyle are talking about everyone being unsure how the week will go. Hermon, Moose, Gina, Josh, and Summer are in the Savage Seven along with Tynesha and Kyle. They say Jess is on an island but he wants to build that relationship.


Kyle and Tynesha are talking about the Savage Seven are running the show right now. The lights are on and the cameras are rolling and they are cold. Stephanis is talking to Gino while playing chess. Stephanie says she has a bubbly personality.


Gino says he is trying not to get distracted from his game but there is someone he is really attracted to in the house. We see Gino talking to Jacey-Lynne and he says her eyes melt him on the inside and he wants to make a move but he is holding back.


Jacey-Lynne says Gino is hot and it would be good to have a deeper connection with, not just for the game. Jacey-Lynne says he is vulnerable and she is not used to a chill, reserved guy. She says it is hard to say if it will be romantic or a friendship.


Marty and Tynesha head upstairs to order their Wendy’s meal. Marty has a video message from Jillian, the winner of Season 1, and she advises him not to let the HOH win go to his head and avoid drama but have fun.


Marty and Tynesha are talking in French about who to maybe put up. Tynesha mentions Jay and Marty says yeah, he might be the target. Marty says everyone thinks he is putting up Kevin and Jess, but he has a bigger target.


Marty says Jay is very good and social and he could be a threat moving forward. Jay says he is good at reading people and he needs to talk to Marty because something is brewing.


Jay says Marty is not his target at all and Marty says he tried to hang around with Jay but this game is not personal and he will be putting him up. Jay says Marty was not even on his radar. Marty says if he wins veto and takes himself off, he will respect that.


Jay says he does not want to be on the block. He just wants to make friends and make food. Marty again tells him it is not personal and Jay says he understands that.


Tynesha is talking to Gino about Stephanie and he says she is cute. Gino says he is going to lay low for a bit because he does not want to cause drama. Betty asks if Gino would get in a showmance with Jayce-Lynne and he admits he is attracted to her.


Tynesha says she wants to see a showmance but she does not want to force anything on him. Marty is talking to Moose and Gino and he tells them he is thinking about putting up Jayce-Lynne and Jay. Marty says Jess is going to stay a target.


Marty tells them that Jay scares him and he feels like he could be a threat to Jay. Moose asks who his target is and Marty says he is not sure. Gino decides to give Jayce-Lynne a heads up so she knows where she stands.


Jayce-Lynne asks Gino if he tried to talk Marty out of it and he says it was a quick conversation. Jayce-Lynne wants Gino to have a talk with Marty and maybe work some French magic.


Gino is going to talk to Marty and he wants to tell Marty not to put Jayce-Lynne on the block this week but he just cannot do it. He and Marty are playing a close game and he does not want to step on his toes and break that trust.


Gino is telling Jayce-Lynne he tried but he thinks she will be fine. Jayce-Lynne appreciates Gino trying to talk to Marty but she does not need a man to do things for her so she goes to talk to Marty herself.


Marty tells her if she had won he did not know where he stood with her. Jayce-Lynne says he was never on her radar and she would never go for him. Marty tells her she is in consideration and she says she feels a little blindsided.


Jayce-Lynne says it could take a number away from him because she would have his back. Marty says this is tough for him and Jayce-Lynne says it is the name of the game.


Jay heads back to the HOH to talk to Marty. Jay is checking to see if the line has been drawn and Marty says yes, because he came to play the game. Jay wants Marty to tell him he’s the target and Marty says he is shooting for him.


Marty says he came to play and if he takes a shot and misses, then he expects Jay to come after him. Jay says they come from very different places and he is creating an enemy. Jay loves drama and this week is going to be hard for Marty as he destroys his game.


It is time for nominations! Marty says this is HOH and in order to be a legendary player you have to make big moves and he is here to play Big Brother. His first nominee is…Jay. His second nominee is…Jaycee-Lynne.


Marty says he nominated Jaycee-Lynne he felt conversations did not turn to game play. He nominated Jay because he did not feel like respect was reciprocated and he thought he might be a target.


Jaycee-Lynne says just as expected she is on the block and there is a fire inside her and she wants that POV so bad. Jay says Marty should watch out because he is playing with fire and Marty was never his target.

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