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CBBUS3 Episode 8 - POV, Live Vote and Eviction

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Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, Chris and Shanna were working with both sides of the house, but after Miesha was aggressively pushing her own agenda, and the former bunny won the veto, they chose their side and Shanna executed the plan. But it sent Kirkpatrick to the block and the founder of N Sync was gone. With the HOH on the line, it was Miesha, Todd, Lamar, and Todrick on one side of the house and Carson, Cynthia, and Shanna on the other.


As the stars fell, it came down to Carson and Todrick and a deal was struck that gave Carson a crucial victory. Carson and his allies made it clear that Miesha was in trouble. So Todrick concocted a plan to turn Carson and Cynthia against their ally and he threw Shanna under the bus.causing Carson and Cynthia to perform a 182 on their friend. Shanna tried to defend herself, but it just blew up into World War CBB3.


At the nomination ceremony, Carson put the pieces in place for a backdoor. Tonight, will the veto share Shanna’s fate or will Miesha or Todd be walking out the door?


It is Day 20 inside the house and the game has been turned on its head. We pick up on Day 18 after the nomination ceremony and Carson has nominated Miesha and Todd because it is part of an overall plan to save Miesha and eliminate Shanna.


Carson says there is risk with the backdoor plan but he is going to trust his gut. Todd says he is not worried about being on the block because as long as Shanna does not win veto then she goes home.


Miesha says being on the block sucks, but her friend Todrick flipped the script and the target is on Shanna. Shanna says she is surprised she is not on the block and once again to keep herself safe is to win veto and keep herself safe.


Todrick says Shanna is not on the block, but there is still a chance and he is proud he took part in this iconic moment. Todrick says this house is crazy and he cannot get over the energy of things being flipped upside down.


Miesha says things are looking good for her right now but she needs to focus on the veto. Because the only way to keep yourself completely safe is to do it yourself. Cynthia goes to talk to Shanna and Shanna wants to explain her game and process.


Shanna says the first week she was trying to figure out people and her plan was always to move forward with Carson and Cynthia with Kirkpatrick. Cynthia says the way she understands things is she was playing both sides so if one ship sank, she had protection.


Shanna points out that she kept Miesha’s nominations the same last week and she didn’t and that speaks volumes. Cynthia says she thinks Shanna shared information but not everything.


Cynthia says she and Carson have been on the block, but Shanna has not. Shanna says that is because they have been targeting Carson from the start. Shanna says Cynthia is believing what Todd and Miesha wants her to believe and she is blown away.


Miesha says if nominations stay the same, then she is walking on thin ice. Miesha says if Shanna wins veto, then she will pitch that if they keep her she will help get rid of Shanna next week. Todrick says that only gives you safety for that week.


Carson is talking to Cynthia and Carson says he is still confused and processing and he thinks he is doing the right thing. He says he decided from day one he would play with honor and integrity. He says he did not doubt Shanna until now.


Cynthia says Shanna is just not owning up to anything. Carson says she saved me and Cynthia says she has been in our alliance and that is what she was supposed to do. Cynthia says everything she did has been self-serving.


Cynthia says she would rather go on with just her and Carson. She does not like how Shanna is playing the game. Cynthia says Miesha and Todrick did not get together to make up lies. She says Miesha is so honest and Shanna seems flustered and defensive.


Miesha and Todrick are talking about next week and taking Carson out and running away with the game. Miesha does not want to make a deal with Carson and Cynthia for final four. Todrick does not want to make a deal and be seen as someone who goes back on their word.


Miesha says she wants to give themselves the best odds at winning and she does not think that will be make a deal with Carson and Cynthia. She says next HOH her or Todrick win and they take out Carson and that would make them the final two.


Lamar is talking about his wedding to Chloe and some of his marriage. Cynthia says when Lamar talks about her it sounds like she was the love his life. Lamar says he made a lot of mistakes because he was not taking care of himself and he never meant to hurt her.


Cynthia tells Lamar when they get out he should reach out and try to make things right. Lamar says he would like to take her dinner and be in her presence and at least apologize. He says he wishes he had been mature enough to handle it right. He wishes the best for her.


Most of the HG are asleep and Lamar gets up and out of bed and he says this experience has been life changing. Carson is talking to Miesha in the storage room and he wants to propose something to her.


Carson says in his heart of hearts he trusts Miesha in the Shanna situation but he needs a little assurance. He says if he sends Shanna home maybe Miesha can spare him and Cynthia in the next HOH.


Miesha says there is still a veto to be played so of course she is going to make a deal. But if Carson is willing to take out a number on his side then that makes things better for her.


Carson is telling Cynthia about his conversation with Miesha and Carson says he thinks they are going to the final four. He never thought he would be telling Cynthia that information. Cynthia says this is why she rides with Carson to the end.


Cynthia says she was uneasy about her spot in the house with Carson, but since he made this deal she feels a lot more comfortable. Carson says if he is going to make a deal with the devil, then he is going to get a little payback.


Miesha is telling Todrick about her conversation with Carson. Miesha says the deal was not for a final four, but just for next week. Todrick cannot believe Carson agreed to that.


Todrick says his plan worked wonders. Not only did they convince Carson to maybe save Miesha, but also to get him take out one of his own numbers. This was HIS plan. HE made this happen.


It is time for the veto competition! Todrick, Lamar, and Cynthia will compete for veto along with Miesha, Todd, and Carson. The HG will race down their lane and put their six piece chocolate box puzzle together. The first HG to do so and buzz in will win veto!


The puzzle must be built within the wooden frame and Julie has given them the first piece of the puzzle and there is a hint about a second piece as well. Julie starts them going. Todrick is making quick work of the puzzle. Miesha is doing well.


Carson has a large part of the puzzle apparently finished. Todrick places his last piece and races for the buzzer and Todrick has won the Power of Veto! Julie sends the HG back inside for the veto ceremony.


It is time for the veto ceremony! Todrick has decided save Todd. Julie says expect the unexpected. Carson now has to name a replacement nominee. Carson says this is still not easy but he nominates Shanna.


It is time for the live vote and eviction! Miesha says she is not surprised she is this position because she is an obvious target and she says Shanna is shady and she hopes they keep her.


Shanna thanks CBS and everyone and does shoutouts and says this has been a dream come true and a shoutout to Rhode Island.


It is time to vote!

Todd says evict Shanna.

Cynthia sadly and unfortunately votes to evict Shanna.

Lamar says this is hard. He chooses to evict Shanna.

Todrick is elated to evict someone whose back he had and she stabbed him in the back, Shanna.


By a vote of 4-0, Shanna has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. Shanna quickly leaves and says don’t worry Todrick, I’ll get the jury to vote against you.


Julie asks Shanna about her last words and she says she has no control over the jury so it was her last little jab at him. Julie says Shanna did not try and sway votes and she says she already knew they were going to backdoor her.


Julie says her own allies accused her of being a double agent and she says she was working with Miesha and her allies. Shanna says it was frustrating because not many people knew how to play the game and then they got mad for getting information.


Julie asks Shanna how big of a mistake Carson and Cynthia made and she says they are done. She says Chris Kirkpatrick sacrificed his game to get them to this point and her mind is blown that this happened.


Julie says Todrick and Miesha threw her under the bus and asks if she respects that she got outplayed. She respects it to an extent and they did what they had to do but she does not respect Carson believing them and not giving her the benefit of the doubt.

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