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CBBUS3 Episode 7 - PoV and Live Eviction

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Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, the duo of Shanna and Kirkpatrick were working both sides of the house. They were tight with Carson and Cynthia and also aligned with Todrick and Miesha, but they knew those two were the biggest threats to their long term game.

With Mirai and Kattan on the block, Chris made a plea to save his friend, but it didn’t stop the house from saying later to the skater. With the HOH back up for grabs, the Celebs hit the slopes and Meisha jumped back into power.

Carson and Cynthia were worried, but Todrick had worries of his own about the pop star. At the nomination ceremony, Carson and Cynthia’s worst fears were confirmed.

Tonight, the power of veto is on the line. Then the live vote and eviction will send another celebrity packing and an epic battle of endurance begins.


Julie greets us and it is Day 17 inside the house and after a failed attempt to get Kirkpatrick to target Carson last week, Miesha has taken matters into her own hands and Carson and Cynthia are on the block. But POV is up for grabs.


We pick up on Day 14 after the nomination ceremony and Carson says they all better learn to bake and cook. Miesha says Carson has been in her sights and she thinks this is the week to take him out of the game, and Cynthia is riding with Carson.


Miesha is concerned about the veto competition because last time Carson blew them all out of the water and she cannot have that happen again. Carson says he is super popular here and Miesha is obsessed with him. He needs to win veto again.


Cynthia says shocker! She is on the block and Carson is on the block with her and even though she is not in an alliance with Todrick, she had hoped he would give her a heads up. Todrick says he needs to make sure Carson does not win this veto.


Kirkpatrick says these nominations are not great for his game and if Miesha takes out Carson, she might target him or Shanna. Carson is talking to Cynthia and asks why they will not let Kattan go home. Carson says Miesha is making things hard on herself.


Cynthia and Carson are hugging and Cynthia says it is an honor to be nominated next to him. Todrick asks Cynthia how she is feeling and she says she had hoped for a heads up but she suspected it.


Todrick tells Cynthia this would not have been his decision but he wants to clear the air with her and let her know he is fighting for her. Cynthia says they are in a game where people have to make uncomfortable decisions. Todrick says she is not going home this week.


Todrick is talking to Miesha and he tells her that they are trying to figure out how to get them out and she asks who. Todrick says Kirkpatrick and Shanna are plotting against them and Miesha says she needs to worry about Carson first and deal with others later.


Todrick says Carson is definitely the main target this week, but if he comes down then Kirkpatrick is someone they need to keep their eye on. Carson advises Shanna to ride it out and figure out how they can help her before they go down.


Carson tells Cynthia and Shanna that if he wins veto he would take Cynthia down to give her more time to work with Shanna. Shanna and Cynthia do not like that idea but Carson says he wants to take down that ship.


Shanna comes out of the bedroom as Todd comes in and he pretends to get hit in the face and she feels so bad. Lamar says Todd is a bad boy and Todd says got ya!


Shanna is talking to Kirkpatrick and she is worried she will get backdoored. She says if Carson or Cynthia come down, Miesha may put her up. Kirkpatrick says they have options and he wants to talk to her about them.


Kirkpatrick says he got to do what he wanted last week, but now it is the Todd and Miesha show again. Kirkpatrick suggests if Shanna wins veto to take Carson down and she would be safe. Kirkpatrick says he could go up but he is willing to take that risk.


Shanna says what Kirkpatrick is pitching is super risky but they cannot just sit around and let Miesha pick them off so why sit around and not fight back. Julie says up next, one HG unexpectedly leaves the game.


Kattan is pacing and Kirkpatrick asks how he is doing and Kattan says he is having a tough day and he wants to go home. We see him go to the DR. Miesha comes out of the DR and she calls everyone in for an announcement.


Miesha reads that Kattan will not be continuing in the Big Brother game and he wants them all to know he is ok and he will send a video later to let them know about his departure.


Todrick says Kattan was struggling and it breaks his heart because he had great energy. Shanna says his happiness was the most important thing.


Kattan’s video apologizes for not telling them in person, but his departure is abrupt and he just was not happy. He loves Miesha and Carson. He says Todrick has the best butt in the biz. He will not miss Todd’s snoring but he will miss his humor.


Kattan says he will miss Lamar being a sweetheart but not his toxic farts. He says Cynthia has a big heart and Shanna has the best hair in the world and he cannot wait to see Kirkpatrick after the show. He wishes them to keep their happiness alive.


Miesha says Kattan is an amazing person. Kirkpatrick says he is glad he got to experience this game with Chris Kattan. Carson loved having Kattan here because he was a comic idol and he will miss him destroying his cake and he sends lots of love.


Julie welcomes us back and it is time to focus on the POV. Time to pick players for the veto competition! Miesha draws Shanna. Cynthia draws HG Choice and she selects Lamar. Carson draws Todrick.


Lamar says whoever wins veto gets to send someone home right? Todrick says no and explains how veto works again. Lamar asks if he can save both of them and Todrick says no. Lamar would like to win and save Cynthia and Todrick says that is not a good idea.


Todrick says Lamar should not talk about saving people if he does not understand how to play the game. Todrick explains Cynthia would not vote Carson out and Lamar asks if she has a vote. Todrick says Lamar might vote Julie Chen out at this point.


Todd welcomes the HG to the Reindeer Academy. It is time for the POV competition! On go they have to rock their reindeer 20 times to get 90 seconds and they must stack snowflakes. They can lock in when they are satisfied with their score.


If their time runs out or they do not lock in a score they are will have a score of 0. Whoever stacks the most snowflakes will win POV! Miesha cannot let anyone else win so she can keep noms the same and get Carson out.


Carson knows he or Cynthia or Shanna need to win. Carson gets a bunch of snowflakes in place and he starts with the biggest flakes on the bottom. Miesha says awareness and quick hands will win this comp.


Shanna says Lamar looks ridiculous on the reindeer. His feet are touching the ground while he is trying to rock. Cynthia is hoping if he she, Carson, or Shanna win they have options.


All of Carson’s snowflakes fall and he has to start again. Lamar is getting frustrated and he times out. Carson says while you are building and balancing and strategizing, you also have to keep an eye on the clock. You need nerves of steel for this.


Todrick says the snowflakes are odd shapes and different weights so bigger and sturdier need to be on the bottom. Miesha says time management is not her strong suit and she ends up timing out with 8 snowflakes stacked.


Shanna says the comp queen timed out so everyone else has a shot at winning and this lights a fire under her butt to win. Todrick does not want to buzz in with his current stack and have someone beat him so he needs to keep going and stacking higher.


Todrick drops some of his snowflakes. Cynthia has 9 snowflakes stacked and she locks in her score. She is banking on everyone else to time out or their stacks collapse and she will hold steady.


Shanna says 9? That’s hardly a pile. Shanna has 22 snowflakes stacked and she could keep going but she does not want to risk them falling over. She feels pretty confident and she is hoping her stack will beat everyone else.


Miesha says she thinks Shanna will win and she tells her she can pull Cynthia down if she wants and she wants to divert attention away from Carson. Shanna does not know what Miesha’s angle is but the competition is not over yet.


Carson is stacking as fast as he can because winning is the only way to be certain he can be safe. Todrick says he and Carson are the only two left and they are running back and forth and tensions are running high. Todrick says he has to win this.


Carson says he has to be laser focused so he does not slip up. Carson times out and he realizes his clock is out. Todrick says he needs to focus on stacking the snowflakes and he also runs out of time. Shanna has won POV with a score of 22!


Miesha says she got caught snoozing and hopefully Shanna will not use veto. She just needs to talk to Shanna so she can get Carson out. Kirkpatrick says he is excited because Shanna now has some control, but do they want to shake things up?


Shanna is in the bedroom and she is celebrating her POV win. Miesha says she realizes she might need to come up with a replacement nominee and she wants to consult with her alliance and see if someone might want to be a pawn.


Todd says he is willing to back Miesha and protect her right now. Miesha says the person who goes up will not go anywhere. Lamar says how do you know and Todd says they have the numbers.


Kirkpatrick goes to talk to Shanna and tells her they are going to put Todd up as a pawn and they can flip the vote. Kirkpatrick says it would be great that Miesha can put up Todd but she could also put him up and he is willing to roll the dice.


Shanna and Kirkpatrick and talking to Carson about saving him and they tell him Miesha will put up Todd and they can vote him out. Kirkpatrick says they have to win HOH because the other side will be gunning for them.


Todrick asks Miesha how she is feeling and she says she is confused about the next move. She wonders if Kirkpatrick is a concern for the next HOH. Todrick says Shanna and Kirkpatrick are definitely threats and they might need to pull the trigger.


Miesha says she senses something is different with Kirkpatrick and she needs to make sure he is still loyal to her and Todrick. She asks to talk to him and she asks if Shanna pulls Cynthia down will he vote Carson out and he says ok.


Kirkpatrick asks Miesha if she is going to put him and she says not if you are going to vote out Carson. He says everything he has done was 1000% for her and he is completely true to her. She wants to know where things are because she is not trying to send Todd home.


Kirkpatrick tells Miesha that he is looking out for her. She says but you are not voting Todd out and he says they have a thing together. He is worried she will put him up and he says she knows she has him. She says she needs to think about everything.


Miesha is talking to Shanna and asks if she is planning on taking anyone down. Shanna says maybe Cynthia but she wonders who Miesha would replace her with. Miesha says she does not need to create unnecessary risks so Shanna cannot use veto.


Shanna and Miesha head upstairs to talk. Miesha says she does not know what is going on right now. She asks if there is a chance Shanna would not take Cynthia down and Miesha asks if there is any chance she would pull Carson down and Shanna says not at the moment.


Miesha says if they want Carson to go home she might as well leave Cynthia up there. Shanna says she is absurd and Miesha has everyone following her. She has never been a follower and she is not going to be following Miesha now.


It is time for the veto meeting! Shanna has decided to use the POV on Carson! Carson thanks her. Now that she has saved Carson, Miesha now has to name a replacement nominee.


Miesha asks for any volunteers then says kidding. She says this is tough. She nominates Chris Kirkpatrick. She says this game is full of curveballs and they make friendships but this is a game and she has been forced to make this decision.


Carson says that was a relief that he was taken off the block for a second time with a statement necklace. Miesha hugs Kirkpatrick and says it is a game. Miesha says Shanna blindsided her and forced her hand and Kirkpatrick gave her reasons to doubt his loyalty.


Shanna says she knew it was a risk but it feels good going against Miesha’s plan but she needs Carson to help her take down Miesha’s side. Kirkpatrick says he had a plan and he knew the risks but who backdoors themselves on purpose?


Todrick says he has made it no secret that Kirkpatrick is not his best friend and now that he is on the block he can make a move to send him home. Miesha is crying and Kirkpatrick tells her it is ok. Shanna asks if she is ok and she says that was tough.


Shanna apologizes to Miesha and Todrick hugs Miesha and consoles her and she apologizes to Todrick and says she does not have a fighting chance. Todrick says he hopes to talk with Shanna and get back to where they were.


Shanna does not want to work with Todrick and Miesha but she will say what she needs to in order to secure her spot for finale. Miesha says she honored Shanna’s request to not be first out and she hopes Shanna honors that deal made and would not put her up.


Todrick says he has been riding for Shanna but she can see that Todrick and Miesha are very close and she thinks if Carson or Cynthia had won veto she would have been the replacement nom and Miesha has the numbers and she cannot penetrate that.


Miesha says she gets that Shanna feels that way but now she has drawn a line and she has stepped into the octagon and the door has shut. Miesha tells her if she thinks she or Carson can take her on in a competition, then lets go.


Kirkpatrick is talking to Shanna and telling her it is ok because the whole house has flipped and now everyone knows they are in danger. Kirkpatrick tells Shanna not to let her conversation with Miesha to get to her. Kirkpatrick says they had to do something.


Kirkpatrick says right now is the happiest he has been and Shanna says she needs to keep him in the house. Kirkpatrick says one of them needs to win HOH. He tells her not to cry and it is game on.


Julie is about to give news from the outside world to the HG. Julie greets the HG and she congratulates them all for making it to the halfway mark. She asks Lamar what it feels like and he says it is new and he cannot wait to find out who is in the Superbowl.


Julie says they are going to give some headlines. She asks Shanna what news she is dying to know and she wants to know about the Superbowl. Todrick wants to know who is nominated for best actress of the year.


She is going to read three statements with two true and one false and they have to guess which one is not true. The first statement that is a lie is that Shawn White broke his leg on his final run. It WAS his final run, but he announced his retirement.


The next three statements is to guess the correct answer. They all guess correct that Kylie Jenner’s and Travis Scott’s son is named Wolf.


They have to guess which artist did NOT get nominated into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. She asks Kirkpatrick and he guess maybe Dolly Parton and the correct answer is Weird Al.


Julie talks about the Superbowl and asks which two teams Lamar thinks and he guesses the Chiefs and the Rams, but it is the Bengals and the Rams. Todrick asks if Beyonce is performing.


Julie tells them Tom Brady has officially retired from football. Lamar says he has goosebumps. Julie tells them that is it for now and she will be back for the live vote and eviction.


Lamar is talking to Todd about who he is going to vote out. Todd is holding a grudge against Cynthia for voting against him and Lamar says you are not over that? Cynthia goes to talk to Todd and asks if he is upset with her and he says it is hard to forget.


Cynthia says she gave him her reasonings and if he cannot get over it, then ok. But she gave her word. Lamar says he is a punk. Cynthia says it was never personal with him and they had not talked game. She says if he is in his feelings then ok.


Cynthia says she had tried to be supportive but do what he has to do and keep his word and stay with his people. Lamar is clapping. Cynthia is upset and Todrick would like to talk to her and she says she is leaving with her integrity and her word and with class.


Cynthia goes back and says and another thing. Why can Todd keep his word with his people but she cannot. Why is his word more important. Todd gets mad and says F you. Period. Carson tells Cynthia to walk away.


Carson says Cynthia said what she needed to say and Cynthia says she gave Teddy her word and she tried to explain to him. Todd says he is not going to take that BS to Lamar and he says he was just being quiet and she got upset and came after him.


Carson tells Todd that Cynthia was not coming for him. Todd says he was not going to sit there and be cussed out and just take out and Carson says she did not cuss him out. He says in this house everything can flip on a dime and he needs things calm.


It is time for the live vote and eviction! Kirkpatrick gives thanks and does shoutouts. He says this has been an amazing roller coaster of a ride and there were highs and when there were lows they came together as a family. Vote what is best for their game.


Cynthia gives thanks. She can only play this game one way. Her loyalty is everything and her word is her word and she would like to stay and play and she hopes they will keep her. She thinks the closer they get to the finish line word and loyalty is everything.


It is time to vote!

Todrick votes to evict Chris.

Todd says evict Kirkpatrick.

Shanna sadly votes to evict Chris.

Lamar chooses to evict Chris.

Carson votes to evict Chris.

By a unanimous vote of 5-0, Chris Kirkpatrick has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house!


Chris gives hugs and tells everyone to be happy. He thanks them and says he will miss them and he heads out the door. Chris says he was surprised Shanna did not vote to keep him, but he understands why.


Julie asks if he normally takes risks and she asks why he would do that. Kirkpatrick says it felt like one side of the house was controlling everything and that was not fun and he did not want to just be sitting ducks. He says he went out swinging and no regrets.


Julie says a critical moment was when Miesha wanted to guarantee he was with her. Why did he not tell her what she wanted to hear. He says because of his connection to her he could not lie to her. He knew things were stacked against him.


Julie wants to know why he did not bounce checks. Chris says he just wanted to play with integrity and have fun. Julie asks how he played the game and he says he played like someone who went out first for no reason at all.


Julie asks which is more grueling, going on a world tour or playing big brother. He says you have to walk on eggshells here and everything has to go through your mind.


Miesha says she has respect for him and how he played the game. Carson says he loved getting to know him and he is coming to Nashville. Cynthia adores him and he made the house fun to be in. Shanna says she cannot imagine having anyone else as an ally.


Todrick says he fought for him every week and he never turned his back on him and he made it his sole mission to last longer in the house than he did. Chris says he understands why he thought he went against him, but he was not turning people against him.


HOH is back up for grabs! The HG will have to stay in their director’s chairs and the last HG standing will become the new HOH! The wall starts to tip forward and the HG are all holding on.


All the tilting has messed with the HG hair but the stylists can fix that. They get sprayed from above. Lamar says come on man! Carson says he looks pretty good. Shanna says that hit her in her vagina. JCM says Good luck and goodnight HG! The HG say goodnight. Todrick says this isn't hard but it sucks.

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