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Thursday, February 10, 2022 - Celebrity Big Brother 3 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Standard Time(See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

As you know, there are two Houseguests named "Chris," both with last names beginning with "K." For the sake of clarity, we will call Chris Kattan, "Kattan" and Chris Kirkpatric, Kirk." This could change with the HG's interactions.


To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Cuckoo Clock Bedroom (CBR)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Pink Tile Bedroom (PTBR)
Ski Lodge Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:18AM BBT

Carson and Cynthia are whispering in the Chocolate Bedroom. Cynthia says, "This is the team." 

They do their pinky swear unity thing, again, and Cynthia adds that Shanna is with them, but the two of the=m are the "team." Cynthia tells him that she seriously doesn't mind going. Carson says he doesn't mind either. Cynthia discusses that it's likely best for her to go before things get uglier. Cynthia says she doesn't really trust Kirkpatrick, but she does feel Todrick is trustworthy. They agree that Miesha is going to take Carson down and then be forced to put up one of their own. Cynthia adds that Kirkpatrick has hinted to working with Shanna.

Cynthia: If I go, I go...and if I don't, I don't.

Cynthia talks about Shanna and how much she likes her, but she is playing the game. SHe understands that Shanna is a big fan, but Cynthia says "I just can't do it." The game is not fun for Cynthia anymore becasue she doesn't like lying and sneaking. Carson agrees. She tells Carson that Todrick wants to talk with her about what will happen after Carson leaves.

Cynthia: I just need you to, like,....I just have my discernment...I need you to really listen to her.

Carson: I have a good sense about how people roll.

Cynthia: It just seems like he is being loyal to someone who doesn't give a shit about him. (She is talking about Miesha, Todrick and Kirkpatrick.)




1:01AM BBT

In the bathroom, Shanna and Carson are getting ready for bed.

Shanna says she sent a video to her boyfriend.

SHanna: Thank you for cooking!

Carson: Oh, you're welcome. Thank you for being so good at the game.

Shanna says she is crazy about BB. They discuss that people in the house seem to have a lack of graciousness. Shanna agrees. They discuss Kattan and how they wish he could have just been "the real him when he wasn't under duress."

Shanna: Yeah because I am a super fan of him.

Carson: Let's get a good night's sleep. You did so good! Take a mellie (melatonin)

They finish up and head to bed.



Miesha and Todrick talk for hours in the HoHR then Miesha heads to bed downstairs to sleep in the Cuckoo Clock BR, giving Todrick the HoHR.


2:30AM BBT

The CBB3 house is dark with sounds of sleeping CHGs.




8:38AM BBT

The CHGs are still sleeping


9:08AM BBT

Todd heads to the loo, and the lights come up in the bathroom

(Yesterday, Todd was complaining that BB showed favor to Kattan by turning on the lights for him when he was attempting to move about in the dark, so it seems BB heard and doesn’t want to give Todd anything more to complain about.)


9:12AM BBT

Todd heads back to bed with a towel in his hand. He uses it to cover a pillow and falls back to sleep. (He is in the Cuckoo Clock BR, so I guess the patio was either too cold or BB closed it overnight.)


9:31AM BBT

We have WBRB Glitter 


10:00AM BBT

The feeds come back to all lights on in the house and a few getting ready for the day. Kirkpatrick and Todd are in the bathroom. They fist bump. Todrick walks in with a box of cereal. He teases todd about his mismatched socks.


10:14AM BBT

Todd heads to the kitchen to take his blood pressure.

Miesha is talking with Shanna in the HoHR. Cynthia is chatting with Carson in the Chocolate BR. 


In the HOHR, Shanna tells Miesha she is open to working something out with her. Miesha says the veto meeting is in an hour. Shanna says she wants to have at least one person in the house that will side with her, so she plans to use the veto. Miesha says that if she doesn’t use veto, and it’s Cynthia vs. Carson, Carson would go home. Miesha says if Shanna pulls Cynthia down and Todd goes up or Kirkpatrick goes up that could be difficult. She asks Shanna who she would vote out.

Shanna: I’ll vote Carson no matter who goes up against him

Shanna points out that Miesha can’t play in tomorrow’s HOH, but she will probably win the HOH on Monday. Miesha promises Shanna that she won’t put her up on the block next Monday and she would expect Shanna won’t put her up if she wins the next HOH, “I would like to ask that you not put up Todrick either”

Miesha asks directly if Shanna plans to save Carson. Shanna says “NO, not at this time.”

They go through all possible scenarios. Miesha keeps saying that her using the veto makes things difficult for her. Shanna says she’s sorry but doesn’t know what else to do….she needs to do what benefits her game. Miesha says she understands and appreciates her being upfront. Shanna tells Miesha she isn’t a single mom but needs to do well in this game for her future.

Shanna: I need to go as far as I can to get opportunities for myself after this show.


Shanna leaves and Miesha tells the cameras that the honesty thing is killing her game, “It’s really hard for me to lie.”


10:34AM BBT

Miesha talks with Todrick in the SR. She tells him about her conversation with Shanna.

Miesha warns Todrick that his “niceness game” is missing because he isn’t talking to people. Shanna mentioned that he isnt working with her. Todrick says he is trying but he doesn’t know why everyone is so pissed at him because he has been rooting for them since day 1. “I’m gonna go talk to her. Can I use your room?” Miesha agrees.


10:47AM BBT

Todrick heads to the Chocolate BR and talks with Shanna. Todrick says his target is Kirkpatrick after hearing from Kattan that he was talking about him behind his back. (a few days ago he told Miesha that it was Todd who told him Kirkpatrick was talking about him) Shanna tells Todrick that she has tried to talk with him but he always seems bothered and that he doesn’t want to talk with her. Todrick gets snippy in tone. He admits that he has been annoyed by people saying one thing to his face and something different behind his back. He knows that she is close with Kirkpatrick and knows anything he says about him to her will travel back to him.


*WBRB Glitter interrupts


10:57AM BBT

Cynthia walks in, interrupting their conversation, and asks if it’s okay for her to get her things. They say yes and continue talking. Todrick tells Shanna he was short with her the other day because he is frustrated….he rambles about how annoying it is that everyone comes to him to communicate to Miesha when they should just go talk to her. He doesn’t want to talk to Miesha for anyone, and he can’t convince Miesha to do anything she doesn’t want to do. 


10:58PM BBT

The feeds move to RCHS for the veto meeting


12:08PM BBT

The feeds have returned

Miesha and Todrick are talking with Shanna in the Ski Patrol BR. 

Shanna: I know you are pissed, and I understand. It's just that Carson has some ability to win competitions.

Todrick: It's just when we were working together, we all agreed together that we were getting Teddi out and then Mirai out.

Shanna: Well, there is the athlete's alliance

Todrick: You heard that from CHris Kirkpatrick. There is no athlete's alliance

Shanna: I aksed Lamar, and he confirmed there was.

Miesha: There was a plan to work with the athletes, but it fell apart.


Shanna tells then she still wants to work with them but needed a level playing field.

Todrick: Did you feel safe until Kattan left

Shanna: Yes

Shanna says Kattan leaving changed things for her. "What is scary for me Todrick, is that with you, you have Lamar with you. You have Kirkpatrick with you. Todrick is with you (to Miesha)....I was like, that's 5 to 2...she has the numbers. There is nothing I can do to penetrate that."

Miesha: I get what you're saying. That you wanted to propel yourself in the game. But, the thing is, now the line is drawn. That's how I feel.

Shanna: I understand.

Miesha: You had to pick a side....but that's pretty final to me. I don't take it personally, it's fine. But I don't really have anything else to say. I feel like he saved you and I committed to saving you but in the end, it just game back and is biting me in the butt.

Shanna: I understand

Todrick says he doesn't really know where he stands

Shanna tells him he does know because he has already been counting jury votes.

Todrick: I love her, but I came into this house to play for myself. I am going to make my own decisions. I can't tell her what to do and she can't tell me what to do.

Miesha says she feels like that's why the two of them work well together. There is  amutual respect. Todrick says she is just a bit hurt by what she did, and he feels she has been playing both sides.

Shanna: Todrick I love you. Our connection; it's still the same. I have never wavered from you.


They all agree that it's a game and they are going to play their own games and leave the game in the house. Shanna and Todrick share mututal love and respect for each other. SHanna tells Miesha that she has mad respect for her and wants to have a good game.

Miesha: I respect that. We are competing. We all knew it was going to get to this point.


Shanna leaves the room and Miesha says she just doesn't know how to lie...."that's how I do things. I go head on. I am still so shook. I don't know what I want to do, and that probably sounds crazy.

Todrick: You mean Cynthia or Kirkpatrick

Miesha: I just don't know. My hand was forced in a way and I didn't like it. I don't like it.

Miesha says she feels Kirkpatrick has her to the end. Todrick argues that if he had her to the end, he would have shared his plan. Miesha is playing devil's advocate for Kirkpatrick. Todrick continues to say that Kirkpatrick's smear campaigns and sabotage are red flags for him, and he wants him out. "If he was really ride or die with you, he wouldn't be so threatened that I exist in this game. He is the person that jumped ship. Not me. Not Shanna."   Miesha listens but doesn't seem to fully buy Todrick's argument.

Miesha: The thing is, putting Kirkpatrick on the block means I have to choose between working on your end game or working on my end game. 




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4:10am BT Lamar wakes up in the Chalet BR and heads to the WC. 

4:45am BBT Todd is up and heads to the WC. 

5:20am BBT Todrick wakes up in HoH, uses the WC and brushes his teeth then returns to bed.

6:15am BBT Todrick gets up, dresses and heads downstairs to the SR to change his batteries. Lamar is outside on the BY patio. 

7:10am BBT Todd joins Lamar in the KT. Todrick watches them from above on the balcony. 

9:30am BBT BB wakes up the HG

10:00am BBT Todrick updates Miesha on his convos with Shanna & Cynthia. Miesha is worried if she nominates Kirkpatrick as the replacement nom, would Shanna vote him out or Carson? She's under the impression Shanna plans to save Cynthia. 

10:23am BBT In HoH, Miesha asks Shanna to not use the Veto - she wants Carson out of the house. Shanna asks Miesha to promise not to put her up next time she's HoH and Miesha agrees. Miesha asks Shanna to protect Todrick as well. 

10:45am BBT In the Chocolate BR, Shanna tells Todrick she has no one to play with in the game - everyone else has a partner. Todrick throws dirt on Kirkpatrick, claiming "multiple sources" have told him Chris is smearing his name in the game.

10:50am BBT Chris, Lamar & Todd head to the gym upstairs. Todd says they stank and should put on something "good smelling". Lamar starts rapping and FotH.

10:58am BBT FotH. Time for the Veto Meeting!

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12:08pm BBT Feeds return w/Shanna talking to Miesha & Todrick in the Chalet. Shanna says she she thinks if Carson/Cynthia had won Veto, she would have been the replacement. Todrick asks if she felt safe before Kattan left? Shanna says yes. Shanna saved Carson. Todrick and Miesha say though they may talk to each other, they each make their own decisions. Todrick is doing all the talking; Miesha just looks at them with a defeated scowl.


Todrick mentions that BB simply told them that Kattan wasn't coming back. The HG don't know the circumstances.


Downstairs in the KT, Lamar is having fun at Todd's expense, hurting his feelings. Todd is the replacement nominee. Carson and Cynthia tell Chris they won't campaign against Todd. Todd comes into the KT and sits at the DT table where the other HG are eating. 


Shanna leaves the Chalet and Miesha tells Todrick she doesn't know how to lie in this game. It was hot though, Todrick says. 


In the KT, Chris says this game just changed. Whether I or Miss Cynthia goes, we just won. The house flipped. Chris is jubilant at being nominated. 


12:20pm BBT Alone in the Chalet BR, Miesha is upset her hand was forced by Shanna. Todrick is convinced Chris is jealous of the closeness between him and Miesha and that's why he was smearing Todrick's name and pushed Shanna to save Carson. He says Chris was desperate, clutching at straws. [I don't really follow that logic and haven't seen evidence to support the paranoia -- Morty]


12:25pm BBT Chris and Shanna high-five in the WA. They did it, he says. Shanna says she needs Chris and Carson in the game. But Carson and Cynthia don't realize yet what they did for them.




12:30pm BBT Todd and Cynthia blow up! Todd said he had given his word to not vote against Chris and Cynthia says he didn't have to throw that in her face. Cynthia is upset in the Chocolate BR with Carson & Shanna. Todd tells Miesha and Chris that Cynthia broker her word to him by voting to keep Teddi, but he never gave her his word. Todd says she's just trying to be gangsta. When I have the opportunity to knife in her, I will, he says, she cut my throat and is expecting me to give her a vote?





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12:38pm BBT In the WA, Chris asks to talk with Todd, who says no, he's in a f*cked up mood. You ain't safe in the streets, he says. Chris warns him that Todrick wants this to happen. Todd knows, but she just kept coming back at him. Chris repeats Todrick is behind it. They start playing basketball, throwing trash in the can. 


In the Chocolate BR, Cynthia is crying, saying Todd came up to her from behind. He has to stop doing that to a woman. She'll talk about him but won't be afraid of him. She's upset because she thought they were developing a friendship. I thought we were past that, she says of her voting for Teddi instead of him.


12:45pm BBT Todd is fired up to win the next HoH so he can nominate Cynthia. Chris says it's just a game. Chris says being HoH is not easy. Why do I have to keep my word and she doesn't, he complains. Lamar comes out of the WC and says women are confusing. Todd has the whole house in an uproar.


Lamar says he's not on anyone's team, he's Team Lamar. Todd starts yelling at Carson, who came into the WA to hear his side. She came to me, he accuses. She just wanted to make her point and be heard, Carson defends. It could have ended at the table, Todd argues, but she kept coming back, saying crazy sh*t. He was just minding his own business and she was being aggressive. It's never OK to get in a woman's face when arguing, Carson admonishes. 


Todd says Cynthia didn't like his ribs. Lamar says she was talking about the food, not him. Todd tells Carson all he did was tell her F U, that's all you can do in the house. [I'd hate to find out what he thinks is acceptable outside the house. -- Morty]


FotH again.



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2:27pm BBT Feeds return after over 90m and Carson says Cynthia will get over it. Carson and Miesha are in the KT. Todd & Shanna are at the DT while Chris just stands around. Cyntia is sleeping in the Chocolate BR. Chris invites everyone to his Easter Party in the mountains. Todd says something and Chris jokingly retorts, everyone but you. The convo turns to holiday specials.

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2:54PM BBT

Carson, Todrick, Cynthia, Kirkpatrick, Miesha and Shanna are in the kitchen eating something. Shanna says she is going to go take a nap.

*feeds cut to RCHS



2:58PM BBT

Shanna is lying in her bed just thinking.






In the kitchen, Miesha is talking about her upcoming fight on May 14th. She says she has to lose 17 more pounds. Cynthis is shocked that she has to lose more weight.

Cynthia: I was looking at you today...you're tiny. You're muscle, but you're skinny.  

Miesha says that's why she is so careful with her food in the house, and that it has made the experience much harder for her. "I have to get down to 133 or 134...I have to lose at least 10 pounds of weight."





3:06PM BBT

It sounds like the veto competition involved stacking some blocks and riding a reindeer. Cynthia says her inner thighs hurt from riding the deer. Carson says his arms were super shaky. Miesha says she lost focus and forgot about the clock.



Todrick says they are at the point where they have to imagine the outdoors because they have a Polly Pocket sized yard.


Todrick tells Miesha that it makes him want to throw up that they have to depend on Lamar for anything (vote).




Miesha wants to convince Todd to change his vote.

Miesha: I'm the type of person that will sacrifice everything for myself for someone I care about.

Todd enters the kitchen to check his blood pressure because it was high when he went Crazy Town.

Todrick tells Miesha that she has all the brawn and all the brain but her honesty is putting them in a compromising position.

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3:35PM BBT

Miesha asks Todrick if she talks to Todd will he keep it to himself. Todrick says Todd isn't the one to go telling everyone around the house everything. Todrick says that he wants to talk to him, too. Miesha says they should both talk to him, but Todrick says she should talk to him first because she has a calmer tone.

3:39PM BBT

The plan is to tell Todd that he didn't go up because they knew if he was the replacement nom, he would have gone home. THey want Kirkpatrick out, not Cynthia. Miesha wants to work his heart strings, and Todrick tells her to stroke his ego. Todrick heads off to look for Todd.

Miesha puts her ear to the bathroom door (the one from the kitchen) to hear conversation in the Sauna/bathroom. Shanna is in the Sauna talking with Todd. 





3:45PM BBT

Miesha enters the Sauna and sits with them. COnversation turns to talking about people dying in sauna's after getting locked in.

BB: Todd, please do not obstruct your microphone.

Todd: They are always on me.

Todd says he is cooking a turkey at 5pm. They all agree the day is moving so slowly.

Todd says he is losing is hair because of the house then laughs at his own joke.

They begin discussing how the regular seasons have 16 people. They can't see 16 people fitting in the house. Todd says there are not enough beds. (yep, some have to share at least until some are evicted)

Miesha mentions that she got laser hair removal on her legs but there are few hairs there. Todd wants to do his head and asks how they do it. Miesha says you have to get it before you have grey hair because it won't work on hair with no pigment. got like every 4-6 weeks for about 6-8 total treatments. Shanna says she got her bikini and underarms done when she was 19. Shanna says, "I feel like y'all want to talk, so I'm gonna leave so y'all can talk." Shanna leaves.


Kirkpatrick ahs been working out in the gym.


Miesha begins chatting with Todd. Todrick asks if they want to talk alone. Miesha asks for just a few minutes. Todrick and Todd say they will talk later.  


All cameras move to Shanna in the Chocolate BR. "I'm so annoyed."

Shanna: We have to win this fucking HoH, Carson

Carson: It's tomorrow.




4:02PM BBT

Cynthia walks in the Sauna room and asks Todd if they can talk in a bit. He says they can talk when he finishes with Miesha.

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Miesha and Todd head to the HoHR. Miesha then explains what happened last night and how close it got to him being on the block. She said she just couldn't risk it because she doesn't trust Shanna then SHanna went and saved Carson with the veto when she said she wasn't going to. Todd tells her that he doesn't think she (Miesha) is the biggest threat. He was surprised that she pulled offf Carson instead of Cynthia. They discuss that her game is playing both sides. [This observation is entirely true] Miesha tells Todd that she has worked really hard her whole life and she has played an honest game. She really needs this game to help her with her future because she only has a few more fights in her. She talks about how she has to sacrifice her body for those fights, and Todd agrees it's a huge sacrifice. Miesha says she wants a chance to get further but she ultimately feels like she deserves the opportunity. Todd agrees she is playing the game really fair.

*WBRB Glitter

Todd says she made herself a big target on herself. Todd says Shanna plays the blond ditzy but she is a lot smarter.




Todd asks her who she wants out. Miesha says she wanted Kattan as her fallback if not Carson, but now things got sped up a week. She feels that she has to take out Kirkpatrick.

She explains that she asked him to vote out Carson and because he wouldn't commit, she felt he put himself on the line.

Todd: I have no trouble doing that. He is probably the best bet to get out. I think you have played the game very fair. You had to put up Teddi because she said she was going to put Todrick up, and CHris couldn't tell you he'd vote out Carson. You tried.

Miesha: I needed to make sure you would be safe, too, and that's why you wee a part of my decision. I was looking out for you.


Back in the Chocolate BR, Carson, Cynthia and Shanna are talking about how everyone wants to talk with Todd right now.

Carson: Wow! No one wants to grow grass under the feet.

Cynthia (to SHanna) Why aren't you up there in that meeting. Ar eyou not over there anymore?

Shanna confirms that Cynthia is right.

Cynthia: Okay

Shanna begins counting votes. Shanna says Lamar, Todd and Carson are voting out Kirkpatrick. They assure Cynthia that they believe she is safe. Shanna tells Cynthia that she is loyal to them (Carson and Cynthia) Cynthia tells Shanna that Miesha told her Shanna is an amazing person, but she thinks Shanna is playing sides.

Cynthia: I don't even care because I already picked my side

Shanna: Well, but I'm not. I just told them what they want to hear and then I do what I want.

Cynthia: I am riding with you guys

Shanna: I knew by taking Carson down I was showing all my cards. Chris even told me to do it. But now we are losing one of our numbers, and that's why getting Todd and Lamar are key. We have to work on Lamar.

Cynthia: Lamar can't be bought. He has a soul. 

Cynthia explains that the whole fight with Todd was because she overheard Lamar going hard on Todd about saving her and she interrupted to tell them to stop fighting about her.

Shanna: You are not going home. You have Lamar, me...

Carson: Honestly, the best person in the game to beat her (Miesha) is you

Cynthia: It's any man's game now and when I asked her what happened yesterday (with veto) she told me she lost track of time. She is human. She's a Navy seal but human.

Shanna brings up that Todrick is really working the game. Cynthia says Todd is her target. Shanna says Todd is completely expendable to both sides.


Cynthia says that she thinks they can get Todrick on their side. Shanna warns her that Todrick is not a good person, that he has said horrible things and she swill see that later, but if she feels that strongly in her heart, she will support it. Cynthia says as of today, her mind has changed about a lot of people, but she is working with Carson and Shanna, for sure.

Shanna: We need to just enjoy this night. You are safe. You are not going home. Chris really did give up his game so they won't win. He is willing to go home for that. We are playing an MMA fighter here. It is what it is

Carson: We just have to win that HoH

Shanna tells them that they need to relax and have some fun. If it is meant for them to win, they will.

*Feeds cut to WBRB Glitter




They commit to each other again with high fives and a positive attitude.





4:30PM BBT

They decide to go have some fun.

Shanna: I'll do whatevere you guys want to do

Cynthia: WOuldn't it be great to go for a walk right now

Shanna announces that shark week is over (she means her menstrual cycle)

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4:42PM BBT

Carson and Cynthia are in the SR talking with Miesha about her calorie counter that she keeps on the wall.

They both commend her on her commitment and tell her they hope she wins her next fight. They leave the SR and Carson tells Cynthia something he just remembered from the veto competition. He says it just struck him and there could be a memory game. "They said that the reindeer drank water made from snowflakes...and I was like why would they say that. It just stuck out to me. I've been trying to remember stuff. So, when they ask what do reindeer drink, we say (and together they repeat), "water made from snowflakes."



4:58PM BBT

Kirkpatrick and SHanna are havinng a funny conversation in the Cuckoo Clock BR that results in Kirkpatrick announcing, "We backdoored me." He goes on to say he played so stupid they will be on a show about the worst celebrity Big Brother players, "and I probably won't even get my money." Kirkpatrick says he will lose it if Todrick wins the game.


[Kirkpatrick really is taking all of this really well, and YES, it is true that he agreed to all of this play for the sake of the game and wanting the "better people" to win. I give Kirkpatrick full credit for changing my mind about him. He may still give me Radio Shack vibes, but I know he would sell me the right radio at the right price. -MamaLong]



5:04PM BBT

Kirkpatrick continues with his jokes, "I hope they don't blindise and keep me." He says if he somehow stayed, he will be gunning for them.

Shanna: If I had to somehow vote for one of those two (at finale), I'm gonna be so pissed off!



5:07PM BBT

Kirkpatrick gets a feeling someone is listening. He opens the door and finds Todrick right there. He closes the door and tells Shanna that Todrick is right there listening. He says he doesn't give a fuck for himself, but he doesn't want it to affect her. He isn't sure he actually heard anything. (they were mostly laughing)

Kirkpatrick starts planning out his packing.

Shanna offers to do his nails. He says it would be great if she could paint happy faces on his middle fingers.



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5:17PM BBT

Kirkpatrick says they had it (meaning he and Shanna were in a good spot) but he just couldn't let one of the good guys get evicted (Carson, Cynthia or Shanna). Shanna tells Kirkpatrick that Chris Kattan leaving completely changed the game for her.

Kirkpatrick brings up that he backdfdfoored himselg again and they start laughing. He says if he somehow stays, she has to give him full credit for the plan.

Shanna: Of course. I will say it was your idea to backdoor yourself.  (this is pretty funny)





5:35PM BBT

Kirkpatrick and Shanna decide to go make cookies.

Carson is prepping a salad.


5:41PM BBT

Todd announces that his turkey is going to be amazing. Shanna and Cynthia exchange a look.


Lamar and Todd head in the bathroom where Lamar complains that he needs a haircut.





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5:55PM BBT

Todrick is talking about coming out at 15 which he says was a big deal in Texas. (Everything is big in Texas, including racists and homophobes  -MamaLong...a Native Texan)



6:00PM BBT

Shanna has retreated to the Chocolate BR to nap, but Lamar follows her asking for a brush to brush out his "nappy beard" (his words, not mine...I think his beard looks grerat)

6:09PM BBT

The CHGs are gathered in the kitchen for dinner. Earlier they proclaimed there would no tbe a family dinner, but things have returned to mutual love/respect for each otehr, despite the game.



The CHGs are talking about the backyard opening at 8:30PM. They are looking forward to it.

Cynthia decides to go pack her bag to get it over with it.

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6:25PM BBT

Cynthia asks Shanna if she talked with Lamar yet. SHann a says no, other than her loaning her hairbrush for his beard brush out. SHe said he didn't seem to want to talk game. Cynthia asks if Kirkpatrick is okay. Shanna says he is more than okay.

Cynthia: Are you sure?

Shanna: Yeah, I was just talking with him. We knew this was happening. We were laughing and he said "I backdoored myself."

They laugh about the crazy day they have had.

Carson enters the Chocolate BR and tells them dinner was so awkward with Miesha just sitting there playing solitaire. "It's so weird out there. No one is talking." He tells Cynthia not to get too comfortable packing her stuff because that's not happening (her being evicted). She says she doesn't want anyone else to have to find her stuff.



6:34PM BBT

Carson says that he really wants to do the hot tub tonight just for something different. He told production they needed to fix gthe chemicals, so he hopes that happened.

Shanna: I'm really getting tired, guys. I want to go home.

Cynthia: Don't give up.

Carson: Our money is on you winning. And if anything, you changed the game. That's what you wanted. That's why everything was so awkward out there.

They begin discussing talking to the Julie CHen after eviction and then the press. 

*Feeds cut to WBRB Glitter

The feeds pop back long enough for shanna to say, 'Perrier, you should hire me because..."

*Feeds pop back to WBRB Glitter

When the feeds return, they are talking about Marty(from production, I guess) saying that if they are local, when they are evicted their person will be there waiting. 

Shanna: Matthew! I will cry my face off.....Honey, you're goling to have to rock me in the fetal position for a day.

6:50PM BBT

Cynthia comments that clues could be hidden. Shanna says she feels like they are in an escape room. Carson begins talking about all the places he has looked for clues. Shanna says she has counted the chocolates in the room and starts naming of numbers off items in the room.

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6:52PM BBT

They begin discussing a Palm Springs get away. Carson says the Parker is great.

Shanna: The Parker it is.

Carson: Or you could go to Hawaii; it's close for people out here

Cynthia says she loves the Four Seasons in Kona because it is less touristy


7:11PM BBT

In between frequent WBRB Glitter, Cynthia tells Carson and Shanna that her talk with Todd went well. She just apologized for yelling at him.


7:13PM BBT

In the kitchen, Todrick asks Lamar what his family will say about "Lamardrick."

Lamar says his son won't like it and his aunt will smack the shit of him.

*WBRB Glitter



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7:35PM BBT

In the Gondola Lounge, Kirkpatrick says he is expecting the biggest hug from his kid, and he proabbaly won't let go until next Friday.




7:55PM BBT

Back in the Chocolate BR, Carson, Shanna and Cynthia talk about how awkward the house is.

Carson: The great thing about not leaving the house for 30 days is not ruining your shoes.

(He has new tennis hsoes with red soles

Shanna: True

Cynthia whispers about Miesha

Shanna: I kinda liked it better when she stayed in her room

Carson: I know, and now she is just lurking about.

They laugh

Carson: And then she is pleasant and all which makes it all so weird

Cynthia: Yeah

Carson: And Todrick just won't even speak today

Cynthia: He is quiet today. 

Carson says he is heading to the gym to workout.

Shanna: I'm just being a lazy bastard. I don't care. I can't torture myself mentally and physically and don't want to be sore if we have something physical tomorrow.

Cynthia mentions that CHris Kirkpatrick hasn't been in any of the meetings with them anymore

Shanna: That's because he's ostracized. SHe had to put him up. Cynthia, I truly trust him. I think he is being brutally honest. Todrick hates him. Todd is not a fan of him, and Miesha just put him up.

Cynthia: Yeah

Shanna: Todd is tricky, though. He's a tricky, tricky, tricky player. Todd is tricky because Todd belives their bullshit and is one of their pawns, so  he thinks he has more power than he does. He talks a good game, but half of it is true and half isn't That's my take on it. I could be completely wrong.

*Feeds cut to WBRB Glitter


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8:00PM BBT

Shanna: I'm sorry Cynthia, but Todd did the same thing to teddi that he did to you.

Cynthia: I was like if he is willing to move on, I am willing to apologize for my part

Shanna tells Cynthia she handles it all very well with a lot of class  [She really did! Todd was definitely scary and completely out of line.  -MamaLong]


8:03PM BBT

Cynthia says she really thought Lamar and Todd were going to get into it because lamar was standing up for her  [Yes, it seemed like a war was about to break out. Cynthia tried to put  a stop to it and then she became Todd's target. Express ticket on the Crazy Train to Crazy Town!  -ML]

*More Glitter

8:23PM BBT

In the bathroom, Miesha is doing her hair while Todd and Lamar act silly. Todd is talking about breathable underwear and how crazy it was to invent underwear that "stuffed everything all up in there all twisted up." He then begins talking about his book called, "Killing Willis." He says that Killing Willis was killing him.

Lamar: That was the real Todd Bridges?

Todd: That's the real Todd in the book

Lamar says he is asking about his "gangsta shit" (aka Crazy Town)

Todd says he pulls it out when he needs to.


[Okay, that's it for me tonight. I'll be back with more tomorrow. -MamaLong]

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8:30pm BBT That was the real Todd Bridges, Lamar tells Todd. Yes, in my book, he replies. No, Lamar says, about that gangster sh*t today. That's the street me, Todd says, I try to not let him out, though. When he comes out, it's bad. He needs to stay locked away.

8:45pm BBT Miesha suggests a Final 4 to Lamar, to also include Todrick and Todd. If only, says Lamar. Miesha says Chris already has allies on his side. If I had nominated Todd, they would have voted him out. If Chris can't agree Carson is bad for our team, then he can't be on our team and has to go. I know you like Shanna but I don't. I should have put her out week one but Todrick convinced me not to.

8:55pm BBT Todrick tells Shanna that nobody has his back except Miesha, and if she's gone, I'll need to build relationships. I didn't come here to play Miesha's game. I thought my team was a solid 4. 

9:10pm BBT Miesha shows Lamar how to play Solitaire. He asks Todd if he wants toplay Pitty Pat but Todd says no. That's why you guys adapt to this solitaire, because it's a selfish game and passing was always my best attribute.

9:30pm BBT The HG get Fatburger Milkshakes & wine. [That's a stomach-churning combination. -- Morty]

9:55pm BBT In the SR, Miesha tells Chris that she was never coming after him. She thinks Shanna is as dangerous as she is - they're head to head in comps and she's playing both side since the beginning. [So has Kirkpatrick. -- Morty] Chris tells her he has her. I've got you walking out the door, he says, but I'm not going to blow up your game.

10:30pm BBT Todd and Todrick are in bed. BB turns out the lights. In the WA, Chris tells Cynthia, Shanna and Carson that he won't campaign against Cynthia. They want me gone, he says, I put myself up on the block. Miesha asked if I would vote out Carson and I said I couldn't promise that. He tells them about his convo with Miesha in the SR. Shanna warns him someone's in the WC. Panicked, Chris says I'm gonna go. I'm gonna crap on the floor. He squats down pretending to leave a dump in the WA.

11:00pm BBT Chris, Shanna, Carson, Cynthia and Lamar are hanging out by the HT. Chris says Todrick hasn't looked at him for 2 days now. He could have at least said hi. What's up with all the Solitaire, Shanna wonders. Chris says they (Todrick and Miesha) took a whack and it didn't work. He backdoored himself. Shanna tells Chris he may lose the battle but they will be able to win the war because of it.


11:15pm BBT Lamar heads inside and goes to bed. Outside by the HT, Shannna was hoping there's be a practical joker this season. She says she told her BF she hoped Carson would be on. [OK, that's a little too much arse-kissing. You already saved him - I think he's grateful. -- Morty]

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11:20pm BBT Chris was scared Boston Rob was going to be on. Cynthia said she supported Kandi on CBBUS2 last time. Shanna and Chris say goodnight to America and head inside.

11:25pm BBT Shanna asks Carson why everyone is asleep already. Carson says he's staying up to be fresh for the DR. Shanna says everyone else is sleeping to be fresh for HoH. She says when she goes to sleep won't affect her performance in the HoH comp. She doesn't fully trust Lamar. Todd is sleeping on the LR couch.

11:40pm BBT In the Chocolate BR, Cynthia says Todd was acting upset earlier. Shanna disagrees - that was raw emotion, he's not that good an actor. She says she would go home before working with Miesha. Carson says Miesha's brand is to be ruthless, so that's how she behaves in the house. 

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