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Wednesday, September 29, 2021 Big Brother 23 FINALE Updates

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A Final Summary from MamaLong:

Wow! It’s been a remarkable season in so many ways. For the first time since the very early seasons of Big Brother, the houseguests were not recruited but were actual real fans applying (some for many years) wanting desperately to play this game. They hit the ground running, gleaming their play based on watching years of this game played by some of the very best. BB23 players mentioned some of the greats along the way, and we could tell right away that this season of HGs were truly here to play and hoping to win. 


This was the first season in history where the minorities outnumbered the caucasian players. The Cookout formed early with an unspoken bond then voiced their long term plans after Tiffany (the best player of the season, in my opinion) developed the master plan on a chess board and shared the details oh her plan with the Cookout one at a time.


Each Cookout member had a side partner they would work with through the game so that once Cookout  members were nominated, there were HGs they could “sacrifice” for the sake of “the mission.”

What was the mission? Their mission was for an African American player to win Big Brother US for the first time in 23 seasons. 


Their plan went mostly to plan with just a few hiccups along the way. Ego fought with conscience and reputation fought with intent. In the end, the six African American players, two of which are biracial, made it to the final 6 players of the Big Brother Season 23.


Each of the Cookout members expressed desire to play their own game but stuck with the mission of getting the Cookout to the end despite those individual personal preferences. Black Americans were being represented at a greater number in the game than ever before. They took notice and made it their intent to see their mission through. They HAD to accomplish this mission. 


Had they not formed an alliance from the beginning, it’s still very likely any one of them could have made it to the final three and won this game. After all, the season was full of solid players. Yet, they knew this season was a genuine opportunity to make sure they make a valid statement….to make a long overdue point. The point was beautifully made. America had the opportunity to watch six very different black Americans work together and play this game for the whole, rather than solely individually. 


Despite their differences, and even their dislike for each other, at times, they held strong to a “higher purpose.” They each referred to their group representation and entente (the treaty that their main plan is for an African American to finally win) as more important than the individual goal they each represent. 


The final three consists of Xavier, Derek F., and Azah. The recent drama unfolding between the final three centers around Big D (Derek Frazier). Xavier put it well when he said last night that Big D expects Xavier with an unmatched level of entitlement to take him to the final two no matter what. Azah was originally tied to taking Big D to final two but revealed to Derek recently that she was having a hard time with the thought of sending Xavier out third when she feels he is most deserving of the three to win the game.


Tonight will be the grand finale in which Azah and Xavier will compete in part 3 of the final HoH. The winner will get to decide which HG they are taking to the Final Two where a jury of their peers will award $750K. 


At this point, it is either Xavier’s or Azah’s game. Azah has a chance to win, but I am not sure she truly sees that ending...or even wants it. If she pulls out this final HoH competition and wants to win, she will take Big D to the final two.


I think it is indisputable that Xavier has the odds at pulling out a win in this final competition. He would win BB23 next to either Azah or Big D. Now we wait for this final competition and all the exciting conversation from the jury house while deliberating the outcome.


America is currently voting for America’s Favorite Houseguest (one vote per day per device) with Derek X and Tiffany leading in the polls. Some polls have Derek X in a huge lead over Tiffany, and some polls have Tiffany leading the race. Tonight we will find out the winners.


Personally, my only huge disappointment this season would be a Big D win for anything.  


Stay tuned!  -MamaLong

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8:57AM BBT

Xavier is making breakfast in the kitchen. Azah and Derek are parked on the couches in the living room. Big D is sitting with his full arm inside his shorts. 

[I understand guys need to “reposition” from time to time, but I don’t understand why hands have to stay inside pants like that for long periods of time like they are glued or something.  -ML]

9:02AM BBT

Big D says he is excited to see Alyssa and hopes she is excited to see him.


They begin laughing about all the lies and alliances they have discovered from the season. They laugh that none of the jury can be bitter because everyone lied and deceived.



9:05AM BBT

Big D has finally removed his hand from his pants.


9:10AM BBT

Big D is vacuuming the living room and Xavier is cleaning the kitchen. Big D screams that the vac is never charged.


Xavier: well, it’s the thought that counts


Xavier sits at the counter to eat his breakfast


Derek: Thank you Big Brother. The vacuum is dead, but thank you. Oh my knees, my knees, my knees. They hurt! The annoying part is that they crack because they are knees. It’s annoying.


Xavier: I wonder what time the lockdown will be.


Derek: probably 10:30


Xavier: that’s what I was thinking


Derek: you are making me want to go with the peroxide on it


Xavier: I would go with what the medic said!


Derek: I’m just tired of the hurting pain.



9:29AM BBT

Azah is sitting alone in the yacht club bedroom swimming in her thoughts.

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9:41AM BBT

Derek and X are playing cards in the kitchen.

Derek sings “It’s the final countdown”

Sarge: please stop singing

Derek: Colonel gonna wear me out one last time (X and DF both have called Sarge “colonel” this season while most others called the voice “Sarge”


Azah is still alone in the YBR

WBRB Bubbles and when the feeds return, the guys are thanking the live feeders. 

9:45AM BBT

In the YBR, Azah is finally practicing a final two speech. She seems prepared to make her case! 

9:50AM BBT

Azah joins the guys in the kitchen. They all say goodbye to the live feeders.


Azah: I’m gonna miss you guys knowing all about my life! Oh my gosh. This is crazy, guys. This is a crazy once in a life experience that I never thought I would have. I am happy we were able to have an alliance that centered around a mission and that we accomplished it! I love you guys!  Love you all! It’s weird not having you around because I would feel like I could talk to you guys.


Derek: same



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9:20am BBT X tells DF it's the last day in the BB House. We may never set foot in this house again. DF says he should take the train back to Philly (he hates flying). X says he'd never make it - the trip is 4 days! DF says he could watch the whole season then.

9:26am BBT On the LR couch, DF can't wait to find out everyone's real ages and jobs. X is in the KT. Azah is alone on the Big Blue Couch in the YBR. 

9:38am BBT Azah comes into the KT and asks X to time her speech as she delivers it silently to herself. She asks him to count more quietly (she can't hear herself think). 

9:41am BBT DF and X are playing cards at the DT while Azah has returned to the BBC in the YBR to read her HoH letter. 

9:45am BBT After FotH, DF and X say goodbye to Live Feeders. Azah is still in the YBR in quiet thought. DF says he has to get used to wearing a mask again and covering his mouth/nose when he coughs/sneezes (that should be standard behavior anyway).

9:53am BBT Azah joins X/DF at the DT. I'm going to miss you guys, she says to Live Feeders, knowing every single detail of my life and accidentally seeing her boobs. She immediately regrets saying that. X wonders if BB will tell them when feeds shut off. 10am BBT, DF says.

9:59am BBT X challenges the KT corner camera. DF says it's being aggressive. DF and X continue playing cards while Azah watches. It is symbolic of much of the Live Feed experience, watching HG doing absolutely nothing (with apologies to Seinfeld).

10:00am Big Brother Season 23 Live Feeds are over. On behalf of the entire LFU/TFU team at Morty's TV, thank you for trusting Morty's TV to be your source of Live Feed updates. Join us tonight live in the Morty's TV Fan Forums & Chat for Survivor & the live BB23 Finale!

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