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Tuesday, September 28, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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This season we learned that Kyland is as sharp as a box of ferrets.
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9:39AM BBT

The Final Three are still sleeping.


10:15AM BBT

When the feeds return after Wakey Wakey, X and Azah are talking in the YBR...

Xavier: Do you want to talk? Your face looks exactly how it did last night.

Azah: I don't know where your mind is at but if my opinion matters

Xavier: it does

Azah: I am completely fine and think you should follow through with the deal you made with him.

Xavier: Alright.


10:16AM BBT

Xavier: Do you feel like you got more clarity or is your gut still mush?


Azah: I feel the same in my decision. Of course, I want to take more time. But, I have prayed about and thought about it again and again and again. What I did was I replaced you with DX. And I replaced you with Tiff and with all the things Tiffany did, would I make the same decision?... and ! said no, I would take Big D. Then, I replaced you with DX, and I put...if he did all the things that DX did? I said, yeah, I would. So, at least I feel I have tried as much as possible to not...


Xavier: to be objective


Azah: Yeah, to be objective and to not be clouded


Xavier: Mmm Hmm


Azah: by, whatever. But when I thought about this decision I hadn't thought about the way I feel about you or any of the conversations we have had the past few days.


Xavier: I didn't think you would. I never thought our personal relationship would cloud your judgment.


Azah: I joked before coming in the house, but feel I have made pretty good decisions that haven't involved men.


Xavier: Is Big D not mad? Am I missing something?


Azah: He is!


Xavier: Because he spoke about that, too. 'The women empowerment.' I was like we both have penises...we are both men. Either one of us goes, it's a man sitting in the final two. I get it, one is straight and one is gay. I don't understand....He was like, nah, it's different.


Azah: I mean, if I cared only about myself this would be a really easy decision. I would take Big D and I would try to convince you to take me. SImple. 


10:22AM BBT

Xavier: From a game standpoint, I have thought of decisions from a logical standpoint but I have also thoughy from my gut. I don't regret any of the decisions I've made. I don't regret decisions. That's life. You have to make decisions. You might have regrets, but that's the part of life that is beautiful.


Azah: I feel this is a bad decision for me. My next part is having to own it. So, owing int in terms of Big D being upset and owning it as people understanding it...jury, and honestly, America might view it a certain way...adn other things I've done. I've made a lot of hard decisions in the game. ANd understading how I was wrong with Tiffany. This one is...because I think it does tap at my insecurities...


Xavier: What do you mean? You said insecurtities.


Azah: Um, I wouldn't say it's insecurities but Big D says I am throwing my chance away for a man.


Xavier: Oh, okay. That's what everyone is saying because they feel they can get you to poke at that. But they can't say that I haven't looked our for your game...or gone against you. They have nothing else, so the only theing they can go with is something personal. That's literally the only avenue they have because they try another argument, it doesn't work.


Azah: Yeah.


Xavier: All he did was make sure Kyland went home. They are going to try and poke your insecurities. That's why they bring me in the picture. In this game, I've done a lot of things. So has he. I have never gone against you. Neither has he. He has a close relationship with you. So do I. The difference is, I am not lording those things over you. If I care about someone, I am going to do things for them and not hold it against them.


Azah: That's another thing he told me....he said, you're welcome.


Xavier: See? That's not me. I wanted both of y'all to get here. There's no point in (holding anything above them) because actions have shown who I am loyal to. 'Oh, all the guys are working together.' I sent Ky home. 'You would never send Alyssa home over me,' I sent Alyssa home. The two people I wanted at the end were the two people I felt never had my name in their mouth. I knew Ky had. I knew Tiffany had. I think probably even Chaddha had. It's what I thought I needed to do to help my people, but I am not gonna be, like Big D, say I could have just taken you out. I'm not about that shit. If it's someone I care about deeply? I got your back. I don't have to say that. My actions will show that. I think it's not just because we have a physical attraction for each other. It's like people can't think we can be best friends or great friends. I think she is attractive. She thinks I'm attractive. That doesn't mean we can't come in here and play without a showmance. People automatically assume that because I didn't want to get involved....it's just hey, I've said she is one of the two I am most attracted to in the house. I just didn't want to take it to that level. That's the shit that irritates me. That's what they have all done on their way out the door...a last minute dig at somebody on their way out. I have never held anything over you to have you take me to final two. I haven't. I'm not gonna say he hasn't done things. I'm not gonna say I haven't done things. That's just not me. I haven't played the game by guilting people into things. That's not how I play the game. I just do what needs to get done. I was HoH. I had some power. I could have used that to set myself up. But, I said hey, who is it that everyone wants out? And I was okay with being the...if he wants to be pissed at someone, he can be pissed at me. I had no reason to get Whitney out, but that's what I did. I am not NOT going to be the person my parents raised me to be. That's not me. I do this for my family. Yeah, like I said. America probably thinks I am stupid for not bringing Ky, but I ask my brother in the other room and say I can give two shits. I made the decision I made, and I'm sticking to it.  I would do it 10 times; 11 times. The opinions of others have never really dictated how I make my decisions or live my life.


Azah: The people I don't care about have never affected me.


Xavier: I do care about your opinion, but if you have an opinion that is bringing me down...I mean, what is that opinion (meaning it is not important if it brings him down). I highly value the opinion of my family but at the end of the day, my family raised me to make my own decisions.


Xavier tells Azah she needs to make a decision she is good with. He is happy she prayed on it and will support whatever choice she makes. "Life will go on."


10:41AM BBT

Xavier: I have to go get something to eat. You gonnna be alright.

Azah: Mmm Hmm. Do you plan to let him know where you are leaning.

Xavier: Probably. Do you plan to let him know? I mean I don't plan to do a lot of talking to him today.


Xavier brings up that Big D keeps pressing her that she has told him to keep honoring the deal he made (with X) 'Selfishness bothers me. But, that's what this game does."


Xavier leaves to go get something to eat.

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11:05AM BBT

Big D is unloading on Azah in the Yacht Club Bedroom, convinced he will not be her choice for final two. Azah looks like a scolded child but hears him out.


11:08AM BBT

Azah: For me, If I do win final three (she means part 3) and I do have that chance, the easy way is for me to go with the person whom I feel I would have more of an influence in jury.  That's an easy decision for me to go home and make $750K. The hard decision is to ask myself, does that person deserve third? That's hard for me.  I feel no matter where you place, you are gonna walk out of here with at least $50K. I don't know that for him. I can be at coomplete peace seeing my best friend up there and a man that I don't think deserves third. 


[What the heck Azah!?!?!  -MamaLong]


11:11AM BBT

Xavier walks in with bagged laundry and interrupts the conversation. He apologizes, sets his things down and leaves seeing that Azah and Derek are having a serious conversation.


Derek: WHen you said his reason was better than mine. That's what it felt like. I put in more overtime. Ibeen there for you way longer than when he popped up. I have protected you in ways that....I can't even go back and give times and days....but (he rambles on)...the times I jumped in front of everything for you. But, it hurted me.  I made it clear that if I did not have the deal with Xavier, we would ride off in the sunset, Baby. I could have just lied and then we wouldn't be having these conversations. 


11:30AM BBT

Derek: I would expect this from anyone else but you. It's alright. We'll see. It does sucks that I came this far and I thought my relationships were gonna stick. It's gonna be hard for me to recover from this. Because I feel....It's not you, it's just I feel stupid and played right now. That's how I feel. I feel like I did so much. And I did it because I care...like, I really do love this girl. And I'm just sitting here like, damn! I did all that to now at the end when I don't have nothing and the one person I thought did have my back and the one person that was like I want a woman to win this game...I really want to win.....I just don't get it. No, especially from a game point of view.


Azah: I hear what you are saying now. I thought at the time....When I asked you who you would want to sit next to, it wasn't if you win who do you want to sit next to. If was like, if  deals weren't on the table.


Derek: But you didn't say that. If you would have said that, Azah, it was you. I protected you this whole game. I protected you this whole time. Maybe I should have voiced this and that. Maybe I should have honored that deal. But I am a man of my word. I cried for this man. Maybe it's me. We had a deal day one and then here comes Azah. We're on Jokers together...I was like, I have to protect this girl. 


Azah explains to Big D that it is nothing against him, but she doesn't think Xavier deserves third place. (She makes a lot of compliments on X glorifying his game play). She feels strongly of any of them, it should be her that gets third place and that's why she thinks X needs to win and take Big D. She even goes as far as saying that she wouldn't feel comfortable getting this money over Xavier.


[Can you believe this? Crazy talk!  -MamaLong]


Derek says that he feels they had a miscommunication and he has accepted the fate, but it will be hard for him to recover. He doesn't know how anyone can look at the game and make sense of her not taking him to final two.

Azah is sniffling (possible crying) and heads into the DR wrapped in the yellow blanket and looking very sad.


11:55AM BBT

In the gym, Derek fills in Xavier on his conversation with Azah. Derek makes it clear that he disagrees with Azah on her game decisions and says no one will understand what she is doing. "I just wanted to voice my opionion. As a friend, I am hurt. (He states that she was adamant he honor his alliances) I am honoring my bonds, but I can't honor you (Azah) when you are telling me to honor my bonds. I'm not that. That's a whole otehr level....If I am going out, I want to make sure I say the things that I thought I should have said. I did this, this, this, and that....I already know that."


Xavier: Y'all can have your conversations. I'm not gonna take any kind of way.


12:37PM BBT

Azah heads to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day. She talks with Big D but we can't hear because the correct audio is not on. They are on talking terms, but Derek is continually 

Derek: Please don't send me home. I know you are not gonna send me home, Azah. Please don't send home your friend. (he is making light of the situation and trying to make her laugh....it works)

Azah: I can't with you

Derek: I'm just telling you the things I hadn't said about how I feel


1:22PM BBT

Xavier and Derek are playing cards at the table. Azah is doing her hair in the bathroom.

Azah joins the guys at the table and watches them play cards for a bit.


1:52PM BBT

Sarge: Azah, please go to the Diary Room downstairs.


2:07PM BBT

Azah is out of the DR. She goes through some of her things in the YBR then joins the guys at the table.


2:16PM BBT

Azah and Xavier begin playing cards.

Derek: (to Azah) I have been your person. I have been there to hold you. To laugh. 

Big D gets up and parks on the living room couch.


2:54PM BBT

The final three are now in the living room. Azah is lying down under her blanket. Derek is on the opposite couch. Xavier is eating while talking with them.


2:56PM BBT

Xavier: Are we getting alcohol tonight?

Azah: No

Derek: No

X: Damn!

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4:00PM BBT

The Final Three have been discussing Azah's role in the Cookout. Azah says she felt on the outs with the Cookout from the beginning. Xavier explains it was because of her relationship with Britini and how personal she was taking Brit being put on the block.  [This is true....Azah just did not handle that well.]


Azah says it was because every time Brit was put on the block, it was based on a lie. Xavier explains to her very well that only one person, the target, had to believe the lie. They were never targeting Britini until it was time to get rid of the others not in the Cookout.


4:24PM BBT

Azah and Xavier are cuddled up on the couch. Derek F is hanging out in the coral reef room.



4:42PM BBT

There is nothing going on. Azah and X are still cuddled on the couch and Big D is hanging out in the coral reef room. He seems very deep in thought.

*WBRB Bubbles



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4:44PM BBT

Feeds return quickly.

Azah: How are you feeling for tomorrow? Are you nervous?

Xavier: Not super nervous. It's just another comp. What about you?

Azah: Similar 

Azah tells X she is not worrying about herself.


4:46PM BBT

Big D heads to the loo.


4:50PM BBT

Big D is getting a plate of food in the kitchen.

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5:43PM BBT

Azah and Xavier are sleeping cuddled up on the couch. Big D just finsihed brushing his teeth in the bathroom.


5:47PM BBT

Derek F is now playing with the deck of cards in the coral reef room.


5:46PM BBT

Xavier wakes up to see Azah staring at him with eyes of affection, "Are you okay?"

Azah: yeah

Xavier: What's on your mind?

Azah: I think you should tell me what's on your mind first.

Xavier: Truthfully, I really have to pee.


X gets up and heads to the loo.


5:50PM BBT

Xavier is back and resumes his Azah-cuddle position.

Azah: I want to know what's on your mind.


Xavier: I just went pee. Other than that, I did not have a thought at the moment or even an emotion. If you want to talk about something, maybe it can trigger me (his thoughts) and I can come back to it.


Azah: This is hard. Like I feel like I am certain at something, but I am back and forth. I want to know your thoughts on something.


Xavier: okay


Azah: I feel like when I signed up for this I knew what I was getting into, a shot at third, so yeah. THings that happened this past week, it's kinda hard to not reconsider. I was able to squash some things with Big D this morning.


Xavier: Mm Hm


Azah: If we were down to two, I want to propose to him that third is something I can be at peace with. But, part 2 puts you in a different mindset somewhat. If that makes sense.


X: Mm Hm


Azah: I do want to propose to Big D that your fate is in two people's hands. But it is very undecided to us, too. With final three, we had an opportunity to get first or to get third. But, if we asked him, taking deals, taking relationships, even best friends, off the table, who he would like to sit next to. No pressure; nothing. If that person wins, you are taking them. That person is at peace with that.....That would give me peace.


X: I see what you are getting at.


Azah: I would be okay. But, I want to know how you feel about that.


X: I feel that would not change things. If you say deals and friendships aside, I don't think his answer would change.


Azah: I feel he is so disappointed in me.


Xavier: He is still playing the game. He is still fighting.


5:57PM BBT

Xavier: Knowing him the way I do, he is still gonna say me.

He doesn't want to lie to you, so he may flip it around. You know?

He is upset, but that's not, you know, either of our faults. We both won a competition. He didn't. It's not being rude to him. I mean I see what you're saying (Big D) but she won part 2. If she wins third, she has the right to do whatever the shit she want.


Azah: I knew that if I wanted to get to the final two chairs, I would have to win part three. I was guaranteed third, but if I want to go to final two, I have to win third (part 3). That's what it was for me.


Xavier: I know. From his perspective, he feels like I win, I take you. You win, you take me and he gets third. If Big D had won, what would be the situation?


Azah: I would be sad, but I would be...


Xavier: You wouldn't be guilt trippin! He is saying you need to make a decision. But he wants you to take him. For me, I don't see how he can feel it is unfair.


Xavier tells Azah that sometimes the way Big D talks it's like neither of them (X or Azah) would be there if not for Big D. "That's not fair. But if Azah doesn't take you, you are gonna feel some kind of way even though you didn't have a deal with you. What do you expect?"


[Okay y'all, I need to interject. When X talks with Big D about this, he does not offer those words at all. He listens to Big D bitch about Azah, but he does not interject those ideas. He simply talks about the final two he has with Big D. That's it. Xavier is making Azah believe that he sides with her when talking with Big D about this situation. Nope! Xavier is trying to protect his positiion with Azah just as much, if not more, than Big D is.  -MamaLong]


6:07PM BBT

Xavier goes on to say to Azah that he has shared all the same sentiments with Derek F that he has told her about Azah earning her place and deserving the right to make up her own mind if she wins. I have not witnessed this at all. As Xavier told Azah this morning, he hasn't spoken much with Big D today. When they did talk, Big D was relaying the conversations he had with Azah and X was all ears.

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6:12PM BBT

Xavier: In both situtations, he was expecting me to win and take him to final two. 'She earned that shit, Dude. You can't say she didn't earn that.' I'm not trying to downplay. I am just stating objective facts.


X tells Azah that he confronted Big D on guilt tripping Azah

[I did not witness this, y'all. Maybe I missed it, but I do not believe Xavier at all. -MamaLong]


More jury love



6:33PM BBT

The Final Three are getting their weekly COVID tests. It is currently Xavier's turn.

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7:36PM BBT

Xavier invested a lot of time cuddling with Azah and explaining his game to Azah. She listened intently.


Derek F is playing cards alone at the table with his shades on.


7:45PM BBT

Derek F heads into the YBR to talk with Azah.


Azah: Hey, Boo!


Derek: How is your honeymoon going?


Azah: Honeymoon? I ain’t on no honeymoon.


Derek: I’m  here to give my pitch 


Azah: Okay


Derek: I already gave Xavier my pitch. Alright, Azah…. I have been with you since the beginning of this time In-N-Out and a tears and tears;  cries and cries; laughing and  laughing. I am at your mercy at this point, and I hope that with all I have done for you, it has been enough for you to find the graces in your heart to consider me if you do win. 


I hope my resume shows that I have been loyal to you I have kept to all my words that I said I would do, and  I have been a dear friend of yours this whole entire game. I understand this is a game. I understand everyone has their personal beliefs and what they think is best. If you find yourself... if you find yourself looking at the whole entire summer and everything we have been through, and all the ups and downs and the times I have always been there and had your back and all the Tiffany ….the Tiffany fiasco's and Britini fiasco's and everything, plus more. 


I would hope that you would make a consideration and taking me if you do win.  If you don't, I understand. I can't say I'm going to recover easily, but at some point in my life I will. And I do care about you, and I'm glad that I got an opportunity to find a friend in this game because coming in here I was expecting to make no friends at all. So keep that in mind, and that's it. I want to just keep it short and sweet; nothing crazy and thank you 


Derek hugs her and begins crying. He then thanks her again and leave her to wallow in her own tears.


Azah sits in silence for a bit, rubbing her face and thinking about the possibility of having to make a tough decision should she win part three of this final HoH tomorrow.


Her moments of peace do not last long....


7:55PM BBT

Big D enters the YBR, again.


Derek: You know, I have been in here with you since day 1.

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That's all I can say, you know? I'm here. I have not did anything to jeopardize your game. I have always supported you. I have followed through. I'm sorry I did not make deals you offered me. I just didn't want us to be in a situation where we coming down to the six where you would have to pick between like me and Tiffany because you guys had a deal. I’m just telling you what she said...she said you guys had a final two.  Where you would have to deal with that pain. That's why even when I was on the block I was like hey it is what it is. I’m not going to be upset. It is what it is. 


So I never thought the person I made a deal with and my friend will be at the very end. Never expected that. So I meant that. If I had no deals, you and me skipping down the yellow brick road. Absolutely. Like I said, I just hope you find it take time to think on it. If you've already made your decision, that's fine. Like I said. I've already stopped with my speech  because I can't even…. I can't even think about it cuz this has torn me apart a lot.  (He begins crying again) Come on Derek! Stay strong. 


Okay, so I just wanted to tell you that. I been staying to myself because I am trying to process everything….because I wasn't expecting it. I could see myself getting blindsided by X. I just didn’t see myself getting blindsided by you. So that’s why it just; it killed me. But you came in by yourself. You don't owe me anything. Everything I did, I do not regret. I do not regret putting myself as a pawn. I do not regret telling people I will be up as a pawn in order for you not to be a pawn.  I do not regret those things; never have. Do I talk in the heat of the moment. Yeah. Sometimes I am NeNe Leakes.  We don’t have to talk about it anymore. We can just enjoy our night.


Azah: I am still struggling with everything. I want to make sure that you feel...or try to get a perception of where I came from. I knew I signed up for being third. I knew there was no shot at final two unless I won it for myself. But, I only have one option….one place to place my bet. Your bests are placed on two people. It would be so much simpler for me if I could hear from you where you want to be.


Derek: Azah, listen. If I had the power...if I could. If I had no deals…


Azah: But I know you are saying that same thing to X, too.


Derek: Hold on. I am not getting with X. I already made that bet day one. I wanted you to get here. If I did not want you to get here,....Your game was in my hands... and I did not close that door for you.


Azah: Big D, at final five, it’s the same thing. It’s the same on both ends, but right now we are here. When you are telling me ‘I can’t believe you are doing this to me’ but you also saying ‘make sure you keep your final two deal’  That’s hard for me.


Derek: I am only having this conversation to make sure we are clear.


Azah tells Big D that she has made a concerted effort to not get in the way of his deal with Xavier.


8:04PM BBT

Xavier walks into the YBR saying he is trying to get his things together.

Azah: Are you okay. Is your eye okay?


Azah tells X that his eye is red. He tells her it's fine. Xavier leaves Azah and Big D to continue this conversation.


8:11PM BBT

Big D continues repeating all his points and Azah listens. [She is exhausted by all of this.  Me too!]


8:16PM BBT

Derek F is crying on Azah's shoulder in the most dramatic way you could imagine.


[Okay, I am out for the night. I'll try to post tomorrow, if possible.  -MamaLong]

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9:30pm BBT DF/X are playing cards at the DT while Azah watches. DF thinks he looks like a mess like he's in an insane asylum (he's certainly driving live feeders crazy).


10:38pm BBT X takes a break to visit the WC. DF waits for him to return, shuffling the cards. Azah has been painting her nails while the boys play cards.


11:00pm BBT It's the last night in the BB House and DF/X are playing cards while Azah watches. It hasn't been announced, but the feeds will likely come to an end late morning BBT with a thank you watching and sign-off by the Final 3.

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11:22PM BBT

Azah and Xavier are talking in the YBR about game show hosts that have passed away. They discuss Steve Harvey (still living). Azah says she really likes Steve Harvey "even though he wears those cat daddy suits."


Xavier: Steve Harvey suits. I'm like, bruh, these are all for old pimps. Now one young person can wear these suits. Only old men. Only Kings of Comedy can wear those suits.


Azah: I forgive you.


Xavier: What did I do to you? I'm sorry!


Azah: You took the movie life (she is joking)


Xavier: Pretending to be Big D "It took me 84 days with you finally and I've come around to see that  that I am not taking it from you, I just need it for me."


Azah starts laughing, "I don't know why. Really, I just can't forget that, and I am not supposed to be the one to hold grudges"


Xavier: You do. You are on his level now (mocking Big D again) 'Do you know what I did on Day 12 for you?' What? It's Day 81 and you want me to remember what you did for me on Day 12? Fuck that shit!


Azah: I can't.


Xavier: I can't with him!


Azah: Hoaw are you doing? You are alsways asking how I'm doing. How are you doing?


Xavier: I'm good. It's been long days. Tomorrow is a big day. It is what it is.  I'm gonna go out there and do the best I can. If works out, cool. If it doesn't, well, that's part of life. 


Derek F is getting ready for bed in the bathroom.


Xavier: I don't knoiw. The funny part is, he is counting on me to take him in any situation, but I still feel I could lose to him. I feel nervous. Not necessarily nervouse in the sense of like Damn! If I lose, it's not just my family, it's his family, too.


Azah: WHat do you mean?


Xavier: They have been watching, too. (implying DF's family knows they had a deal since day one) I could let them down.


Azah: How do you let them down if you lose?


Xavier: It's just pressure. We have to see how tomorrow's competition goes. He's like, 'All of Phylliy is on your back. My mom is on your back.' I get it, man. It's like fuck my family. 9Xavier is tired of Big D always putting himself and his own family before Xavier's)


Azah: Oh man! Do you think his family hates me?


Xavier: No. None of our families hate you. You are a wonderful woman. Truthfully, I think America is probably rooting for you.


Azah: Oh, I don't know if America is roothing for me. I don't know what America is thinking. I think they think...


Xavier: Who cares whatever America is thinking. We played the game to get here. First, second or third? I'm like, you do not know what that shit in there is like.


11:30PM BBT

Xavier: Let's say something happened to went out at 6. I think he feels I wouldn't even be looking out for him. (Xavier says he would have helped Big D out with his mom because that is the type of man he is.) What is important is that Big Brother will crown the first African American winner tomorrow. That's pretty special. One of us will be the first in history, and that's pretty cool. I'm glad it's one of us three.


11:32PM BBT

In the coral reef room, Big D is applying Neosporin to his knees.


Back in the YBR...


Azah: Oh Lord!


Xavier: Lord, give me strength


Azah: And that didn't help.....Big D is like, 'My mom is counting on you!' That makes me feel like shit


Xavier: That's just Big D. Don't feel like shit.


Azah: I just feel like I'm a...I just can't help it


Xavier: Don't feel like shit. Everything happens for a reason. It's probably making for some good tv, and that's what is most important.


Azah laughs and then sighs (this is all still weighing pretty heavy on Azah)


Xavier: It's pressure, but I don't know.   I would rather you put that pressure be on me instead of anyone else. I don't mind it. That's why Big Brother was like get your ass on that block. Chopping block roulette, let's see how you like pressure; get your ass up there. 'Okay! Damn!' Then double eviction, 'Get your ass up there. 'Okay! (pretending to cry) I get it. You want my ass out.  I'm like, damn, I just came to play a game with my firends..I didn't even know some of them would be my friends. Some of them pissed me off....Like that mother fucker Britini. I love her, but Damn It! Those mornings be rough some times.' I'm like what the fuck. Damn girl. I love you, but where do you get it? (he mens her energy and how it was always so extra.) Oh, I can't imagine her as a kid. 'Mommy, I'm up. I can't sleep! I'm hungry, but my tummy hurts' (pretending to be her mom turning to her dad) 'Honey, it's your turn.'


Azah: Oh, I get to see her tomorrow.


They joke about the things Britini would eat, "If someone did not cook for her that was her meal."


Azah: Okay, you're right. I just wouldn't look at it.


Xavier: I tried not to look at it, but it would singe my nostrils.


Azah is laughing, "Leave her alone"


Xavier: You sound like Chris Crocker right now, "Leave Britney alone."


11:45PM BBT

In the coral reef room, Big D settles in the for the night and says some nightly prayers, thanking God for his experience. "In this moment Lord, I am not reaching out for your help. You have a path for me, and I will follow it. Please make sure I get back home safe. I just want a safe flight home. That's all I ask for. I will not ask for green. I'm not that type of person. Thank you. Just make sure I get back safely home.'


Back in the YBR, Xavier and Azah are talking about Claire and how funny she was when she would give her "church hands" They both laugh over how good Claire was with those church hands. They laugh over Claire's vacation Bible school stories. They laugh over the Spongebob Forest story. [I never heard that story]


Xavier, "Kids, today we killed Spongebob for Jesus."


Azah: It was excuted terribly (they describe Claire saying holy water was in the water guns and the ministers chased the Spongebob to cleanse him)


Azah: CLaire was like, what the fuck!?!


11:48PM BBT

Xavier and Azah laugh repeating all of the drama Big D has injected the past few days.


Azah: Am I crazy? He would say stuff and then when I say to him, 'you said..." and he would be like, I never said that


Xavier: This damn entitlement! Where do you get that shit. Ain't anyone entitled to shit in this game. 'But you know, you can't break a deal.' Dude, you had a deal with Ky and you broke it. We have all made deals and broken them.


Azah: I'm just like, I am a loyal mother trucker....Cool, but take your shit and don't get mad if someone takes it differently. If Tiffany told me, I'm thinking of taking Big D, I would be sad, but I would be like, okay.


Xavier: Yeah! Thank You!


Azah: Would I be sad? Pissed, probably. But, rationalizing it, if he said, 'I don't think Tiffany should be third.' I'd be like, okay, fine. I got to sleep on it again tonight.


11:51PM BBT

Xavier: You got a long day tomorrow. We have to sit in a room tomorrow. Don't let him confuse you. Get some sleep.


Azah: Okay. Good night!


The Final three are all tucked in their beds. This is the first night that Big D has not slept in the YBR. I guess he wants to pour one last teaspoon of salt in what's left of his attempt to slash open Azah's heart with a jagged edged guilt knife by denying her his obnoxious snoring on this final night in the BB23 house.


[Damn. Given Derek Frazier's behavior this season, and especially today, I hope Azah does win and that she does take Derek F so he can lose next to her. He is a piece of work, that man. After the finale, I hope to never see him on my BB screen again. -MamaLong]

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