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Saturday, September 25, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

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12:13AM BBT

Xavier, Big D and Azah are in the yacht club bedroom still playing their game where they assign themselves to characters in popular shows. Currently up: Power Rangers

Azah: So, why can't I be the Red Ranger then?

Derek F: Because I am the Red Ranger

Xavier: He is definitely the Red Ranger. 

Derek F: I am the Red Ranger

Azah: Oh because you want to be the Red Ranger?

Xavier: Not that he wants to be but he IS the Red Ranger.

Derek F: You are definitely the Yellow Ranger.

Azah: You guys always get the good ones.

Xavier: What the fuck?  I'm just Tommy.

Azah: Okay, I'll take it. I'll take it. I'll take it.


Proud Family:

Derek F: You are ......

Azah: You are Dijoney

Xavier laughs; Big D laughs, too. They all get a good belly laugh out of that.

Xavier: Oh, hell no....you (Big D) grandma (he means Suga Mama) Especially with your feet.

Azah: Yeah, you grandma (pretending to be Suga Mama) 'Come over here and rub Suga Mama's face' 

Xavier: You ARE Suga Mama

Big 😧 Fuck y'all. You are defitintely the main character.

Azah: Penny?

Derek F: Yeah, Penny and you (Xavier) are....

Xavier: Oscar Proud?

Derek F: No mother fucker, you are...

Azah: Boulevardez (not sure which one she means) or Sticky

Xavier: Wizard Kelly! (Xavier is pleased with himself that he has assigned himself Wizard Kelly)

Azah: You ARE Wizard Kelly

Derek F: I can't....Wizard Kelly?!?


[Notice how X doesn't let Derek F speak for himself? Azah does it in a sisterly way, but Xavier's approach with Big D is more authoritarian. Just my view/opinion. -MamaLong]


Kim Possible:

Xavier: (points to Azah) Kim Possible 

Big D sings the theme song.

Azah: suggests something inaudible

Derek F: Fuck You

Xavier- (Pointing to Derek F) Rufus for sure. I'm Ron Stoppable. You are definitely Rufus.

Derek F: Y'all are fucking ruthless.


Phineas and Ferb:

Xavier points to Azah: Ferb

Xavier: Perry the Playtypus

Derek: Who?

Xavier: Me

Derek F: I am definitely...

Xavier: The sister

Derek F: I am not the fucking sister

Xavier: You are Ferb, you are the sister (Big D) and I am Perry 


[Because whatever Xavier says he is, he most definitely is. Few have recognized the regime Xavier has charged this season like myself and grannysue1154 have acknowledged. I'm not a fan of X. I don't like his ways at all. -MamaLong]


This game continues for many more cartoons and shows.


12:35AM BBT

Big D and Azah are asleep in the YBR. X gets out of bed and heads to the loo.


12:39AM BBT

[Wow! That took a while.  -MamaLong]

Xavier finally finishes in the loo and heads back to bed having to feel his way through the YBR in the pitch blackness. 


1:00AM BBT

The house is dark and silent with the Final Three fast asleep.

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8:00AM BBT

The BB23 Final Three are still sleeping in the Big Brother house where the only illumination is the BB Beach Club sign that hangs scross from the front door near the celing.

8:13AM BBT

Big Brother turns on the lights in the common rooms. The HGs are still sleeping.

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9:15AM BBT

The guys are out of bed and going about their day. Azah is still tucked under her covers on the sofa bed in the yacht club bedroom.

Xavier: They got us up early which menas there got to be something going on today.

Derek F: I feel like we have like.....(he is looking at vitamin packets) Do I have to eat with this?

X: Anytime you ingest pills, you should.


9:20AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


9:24AM BBT

The feeds return with Azah now awake and talking with the guys in the LR.

Big D gets called to the DR.


9:25AM BBT

Xavier tells Azah the comp will likely be a combination of physical and mental activity.

Azah: Big D has been doing well

Xavier: Big D has done really well with these ending competitions, but so have you. But so have you. You have more wins than he does.


[Come on! I mean, seriously? They only have each other to compete against at this point; the reality is that neither Big D nor Azah are "comp beasts" in any sort of way.  -MamaLong] 


9:33AM BBT

Azah expresses that she is so nervous

Xavier: Just go out there and give it your best shot. I think either one of you could pull it out. Just see how it goes. I wonder if I get to watch.

Azah: DO you think Ky is in the jury now?

Xavier: When did we kick his ass out?

Azah: Two days ago

Xavier says he may not go in until they have the round table (discussion with Dr. Will) "Either he went there last night or he will go there tonight."


9:35AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles

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9:37AM BBT

Xavier is complaining that he has lost his butt in the BB house. He wants it back, so he plans to work his legs today

Azah: But you have muscle memory (implying he shouldn't worry)

X complains that his grey pants won't pop without his "plump rump"


9:39AM BBT

Big D is now out of the DR.

Azah says she feels she has gained 5 pounds. She says she was 113 lbs for the longest time and was thrilled when she gained 10 pounds just this past year turning 30. She weighed 122 coming into the house 


[That was my weight when I married PapaLong. That is no longer my weight. Enough said.  -MamaLong]


Xavier predicts that Azah will be called to the DIary Room, and on cue...

Sarge: Azah, please go to the diary room downstairs

Azah: I look a hot mess

Xavier: You look as good as you could look in these moments (trying to be nice, I guess)


9:50AM BBT

Xavier and Big D discuss their production-approved final two name: Black Ops

X: I feel it is most like The Hitmen

Derek F: yep

[Nope! They are not like The Hitmen. I understand wanting to emulate their greatness, but I hate when this group compares themselves to past BB success. This is a FIRST. They do not need to try and emulate anything or anyone else. -ML]


9:54AM BBT

Azah is out of the DR and in the shower now.

Xavier talks about Azah and how she complained she didn't want to hit the block, "I don't care if you didn't want to hit the block."

They take some time to review the days and comps while Azah has finished her shower.

Xavier monitors Derek's retelling of the days and comps and corrects him then questions him about specifics. [He sounds like one of those all-knowing coaches, if you know what I mean.  -ML]


10:05AM BBT

Xavier has retreated to the gym where he begins working out.

Derek is continuing to talk aloud, recalling BB days, comps and winners.

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11:49AM BBT

The FInal Three are singing the BB23 Greatest Hits in the LR while waiting for the competition they are expecting around noon.


11:51AM BBT

Sarge: Xavier, please go to the DIary Room downstairs

Xavier- Oh! (He jumps up) Maybe this is the thing.


11:53AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles then quickly to RCHS where an adorable pup with a heart shaped face would easily join my fam if I wasn't 1,335 miles away!

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3:14PM BBT

The feeds have returned. Big D is on the bed looking forlorn or maybe just tired.

Azah is in the shower.


3:16PM BBT

Derek F is now snoring in the coral reef room.


3:22PM BBT

Azah won part 2

Xavier walks into the coral reef room to check on Big D.

Derek F: I'm just pissed. I can't believe...

Xavier tells Big D that he is in a good spot because if Azah wins part 3, she will take him.

Derek F: I just wanted to win something. How am I gonna do that. It's round. It's not flat. There was no way possible. I literally tried. My body said, oh. And if I fall? My knee was hurting which caused me to not go as fast as I wanted to. It was probably one of my worst performances I've had the whole season.

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Derek F: But I can't beat her

*WBRB Bubbles


3:25PM BBT

Xavier tells Azah in the YBR that he doesn't know what to do the rest of the day. (he is bored.


3:26PM BBT

Xavier tells Azah that Big D plans to make the burgers after he showers.

Azah: How is he doing?

X: He is alright. He is in the coral room

Azah: I'm gonna go talk to him


3:27PM BBT

Azah heads into the YBR and Big D tells her she looks cute (she is wearing his Hawaiian shirt he gave her)

Derek tells her he was frustrated with the comp. "Obviously I am very happy for you. For me...I'm like, I just wanted to win something. My knees hurt so bad. I was crying and screaming. They just fucking hurt."

Azah is holding his face.

Derek F: I don't know. I don't know what you are going to do. I don't know what he is going to do. I am just a sitting duck. My fate is in two people's hands. I don't know what they are gonna do...it's just weird. I look at this jury, If I sit next to Azah; I lose. I sit next to X....it's just difficult. It's hard, that's all. I'll be alright. I really don't know what else to say. I did the best I could do.

Azah: You did well. You did great. You did awesome. You can't beat yourself up on it. Your time was good.

Derek F: I just don't feel like I deserve to go any further.

Azah: You are speaking like Kyland.

Derek F: No. That's how I feel. I just don't feel like I deserve it anymore.

Azah: You can't beat up on yourself, Boo.

Derek F: Azah, when you try to win every single comp and haven't even thrown it....I go in knowing I'm gonna win and feel like I look so stupid.

Azah: Why do you feel stupid. You are confident. And to whom?

Derek: America

Azah: America is sitting on their ass. They are not here. Jury is not here.

Derek: It's just hard for me to build a case for any person to bring me. Like how? X earned his spot. You earned your spot. And I'm like...hmmm...hmmm.hmmmmmhmmhm...Mhmmmhmm

Azah: With you; I just can't


Azah tells him that she feels he will get AFP

Derek: I saw myself in those two chairs and now I don't. It's just hard. I don't want to even talk about it anymore. Now I have to rely on two people to plea my case on why you should take me. It's very hard.


3:39PM BBT

Derek: I don't really care about AFP! I don't really care about AFP!! I cared about being in those final two chairs and winning second place.

He gets up to go take a shower and prep dinner.

Azah: Okay. I love you, Boo.

Derek: Love you.


Big D has benadages on his knees. He is walking with obvious discomfort.


3:43PM BBT

He heads into the YBR and removes the bandages saying they are digging into his legs.


*Feeds pop back to RCHS and the sweet heart faced pup.


Derek hobbles into the kitchen

X: How you doing Scabby Abby? Didn't get down to the bone like Azah's but got the skin.

Derek: I tried and tried and screamed and tried. There was nothing I could do.

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4:06PM BBT

Azah is getting some leftover lemonade from their Chick-fil-A dinner supplied by Sarge last night.

Xavier- I feel like you should kill this. (just take the rest)

X and Azah are playing cards. There is lots of cursing and screaming.


[I'm out for now.  -MamaLong]

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6:03PM BBT

Derek is back to lying on the bed in the coral reef room. Azah and X are still cuddled up on the living room couch. They are awake but sleepy and not chatting at all.


6:10PM BBT

Big D (talking to himself): Fucking knees hurt. My fucking knees hurt! So bad...my fucking knees hurt. He bends his leg. Oh God. My fucking knees.....Oh my fucking knees. Oh they hurt so bad.

He is moaning and groaning. 


6:12PM BBT

The feeds pop to RCHS


6:20PM BBT


I believe Xavier is in the DR.


Derek has made his way to the living room where he will have a live audience to offer sympathy.

Derek: I am really checked out now. I was so defeated. Like, before we even started, just going over the rules and everything. I was so defeated. That's not the way I wanted to go out. Oh fuck [He is complaining about his knees with as much drama as possible, of course, and they look nothing like poor Azah's banged up bloody sausage knees after Bump Set Veto!!! -ML] 


Derek: I don't know what to feel right now. I am so angry. And I'm like what the fuck is this. What the fuck, am I a circus clown? How am I gonna do this? What the fuck am I gonna do with this? This was just like asking for a disaster like planting my face and teeth going through my fucking lip. It never felt safe to me, and I never felt safe on it standing up. I tried to figure out a way and I was like, here we go...on my fucking knees and shit. It was just, I don't know. I was fucking super checked out. I was... what the fuck is this? They were like, are your ready? Uh, I guess. I don't know what I'm gonna do! I was so defeated. I couldn't even think of the answers half the time, and that was what made me even more angry.


Azah offers sounds of sympathy and gives him her full attention.


Azah: The competition was not easy for anyone. That competition wasn't easy. Everyone would have struggled. I struggled.

Derek says he thought the comp was perfect for Azah or Xavier, based on body types.


Big D continues describing how the season has been a nuisance for him and goes over all his complaints for the entire season and every comp.  Azah tattempts to cheer him up. She is wasting her energy.


[I'm so over these pity parties that Derek throws for himself. No one wants to attend. Azah is trapped and has no choice. I have a choice. I'm out. -MamaLong]

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8:22pm BBT X is out of the DR. DF has been sitting in the nom chair and Azah is laying on the LR couch under her blanket. Azah is hungry and gets a burger out of the freezer. There are 4 left and X says they should eat up all of them. 



8:25pm BBT Azah is animated now, her mouth salty and she's bouncing around the KT. She asks X if he wants cheese on his burger (he does). DF thanks her. The burgers were already cooked, so she heats them up in the microwave, melting some American Cheese. X gets the buns.



8:30pm BBT X and Azah are eating their burgers in the LR while DF just sits and looks miserable. X talks about how nice it is without Ky in the house. He imagines what excuses Ky is making to the Jury. Azah says no intellectual discussions either. 



8:35pm BBT X says that they have survived so much this season - DF survived Tiff, Azah survived Ky, and X survived both. They deserve alcohol. X says doing things against the group was problematic to him. Tiff and Ky forced the group (meaning X) to shift the plan.




8:40pm The F3 still haven't been able to get over Ky, again talking about his faults and mistakes. It's the same convo they've had a dozen times and will have a dozen more, dissecting Ky's game and justifying their endgame. 

8:45pm BBT X says Paul lost twice because he didn't own his game. We was nice in his GB messages but didn't own up to how he played the game. You can't be Mr. Nice Guy and be a gamer, Azah says. You can, X says, but you have to own it. Dr. Will owned it. Ky never owned it.

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8:50pm BBT Azah explains that Tiff and Ky were not objective like her. She warned Ky that evicting Tiff at F6 would not be good for him but he thought it would buy him support from DF and X, rather than leave her in so she could be a bigger target before him.

8:53pm BBT X disagrees & thinks Tiff would have targeted Ky before X as well. There's a bottle of wine in the SR (they call it Josh) & X runs to get it. Azah thinks Tiff would have tried to get Ky to go after X & X to go after Ky. DF is listening but not joining the convo.

8:58pm BBT X says everyone in the group hated Ky; he was always going to go as soon as he stopped winning comps. Azah says Tiff was still trying to protect him. X disagrees. He & Azah have different views of how the game unfolded and keeps explaining until Azah agrees.

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9:13PM BBT

Derek admits to Xavier that he has petitioned Azah to take him instead of X because she could have a chance against him (Big D) but not with Xavier.

X: Let's say she wins part three. You just told her she can beat you. She's not gonna take me.

Derek: Maybe it's my paranoia. I want you to win. The fact that we came this far together. If you don't win, it would be devastating to me. I'm just scared.

X: I'm telling you, if she wins part three, in all scenarios, she is taking you.

Derek: I'm not worried about me, I'm worried about you. Today, when they told me stand on this thing and run...there was no fucking way. I was already defeated going through the practice round.  [And?  Move on!]


Big D goes on and on about the competition being unfair, and he is talking himself around in circles that look a lot like squares and TRAPezoids.


*WBRB Bubbles  [Thanks Sarge! I'm sick of hearing it, too! -MamaLong]


10:15PM BBT

Azah and Xavier are talking about pain tolerance. Azah admits hers is low because in Flying BB-inos she just started throwing up. "But I am proud of myself"

Xavier: You should be.


10:58PM BBT

Azah openly admits to Xavier that she is a floater. X tells her it doesn't matter how she got there...she just got there.


11:07PM BBT

Azah and X are discussing the jury. X is laughing over Big D telling everyone straight up they "can get it" (menaing he told them he was voting them all out) but they thought he was just joking.

Azah: This is a smart season. There were very smart people in this house.


11:13PM BBT

Azah and Xavier go over the jury votes and which way they think they will vote. They know Big D will be "bitter as fuck." They speculate that many of the HGs will be bitter. Many are absolutely not bitter.


[I do not care what these players think we will happen. We truly don't know; but I imagine if Azah takes Xavier out, she will win this game. That's a huge move that cannot be ignored. AND, it will leave me winning BB23 Monopoly! If Azah wins part three and takes X, she is begging to lose.  -ML]


11:27PM BBT

Azah is telling Xavier and Derek that she came to play the game. But, people were saying they came to the game for "some real ass shit. I literally had to smack myself in the head..... People's stories did resonate with me well. I had to know...this person won and I'm good. I know this person came here for a purpose."

Xavier: There were people I knew I wanted to rock with. Y'all were two of them and Chaddha was the third and then it was like just anybody. If I could have my ideal final group, it would be you, him, SB, Alyssa Christian. That would be my ideal final seven. Just based off people that YO!, they shown me they would rock with me.

Azah: I would have loved to rock with Britni. Britini was loyal.

The begin discussing jury.

Azah: Pretty much everyone in that jury lied their ass off.

Xavier: I don't know. I'm good and I'm tough and I'm thug when I need to be.


11:31PM BBT

Big D heads into the yacht club bedroom looking around at his things and organizing where he places particular items. It seems he has started thinking about packing. He begins changing clothes, wrapping a blanket around him to protect his privacy. Azah comes in and tells him it was amazing watching him do that so gracefully. She admits to Derek that she is tipsy.

Derek: Okay, so I should take advantage fo you now?!

[It is never cool to joke about rape or molestation! Just don't. Ever!  -MamaLong]

The control room immediately switches back to Xavier in the LR.


11:36PM BBT

Derek is heading to the shower and passes Xavier on the way. He tells X that he is scared knowing it will hurt. [This guy! -ML]  X begins laughing at him.

X: Be strong. You got this!

Once Big D is out of earshot, Xavier starts predicting aloud what will happen in this next week...

Xavier:  Alright Xavier....Big D is in the shower and Azah in the Diary Room. Let's get serious. If Azah wins, it's a toss up if she takes you or Big D. If you win, (BIG SIGH) it could be a toss up between Azah and Big D. If you win, you are probably taking Big D. If you take Azah, it is not necessarily rude, but it does make things more...Ugh.......However.....if you win the final HoH and take Azah, you just broke your final two deal with Big D. So, yeah, it's not an option! So, pretty much in all scenarios, you have to take Big D. However, if you make a case to where it's okay if Azah takes you, that's good. I'm just being real with her.  I truthfully think Azah could beat me just because of her personal connections. If she wins the final HoH and beats me, I don't think people could ignore that. (He goes over his wins compared to hers.)


Okay, so I have beaten her in more competitions than she has beat me. Big D? Pretty much every argument I have beats him. Azah can say that she never had a single  vote cast against her. I was nominated 5 times and still made it to these final two chairs and only had 1 vote against me.


Yeah, I have solid arguments. If I win, I take the Black Ops to final two. But I need some type...some safety... if I can get a safety net with Azah, that will make me more comfortable. The ultimate goal here is I have to win. (X starts laughing really loud because he can hear Derek screaming from the bathroom) Why did I bring him to the final two? Why? Actually, wait, let's get that right. He carried all of us. (being sarcastic here) America. He carried all of us (still laughing) It took him 81 days...It took him 81 days to realize that he is Enzo and I am Cody. 81 days. Up until that he thought he was Derrick and I was Cody from season 16. Okay...I gotta go check on this man....This is gonna be fantastic. He is in there screaming. A little punk. A little sissy. I gotta go in there. Damn! It's 11:30? Fuck, I'm about to go to snooze town.


[As he walks in the bathroom, you can hear Big D audibly moaning and groaning, even screaming, over his knees.  -MamaLong]


Xavier: Hey Buddy. How is it going in here? (he is still laughing)

Derek: It's the water that stings.

X: I can hear you from all the way in the living room, so I figured you needed some backup.

Derek: Oh, It hurts so bad.

Xavier: I'm gonna talk you through this.


Xavier gets comfy on a lounger and starts asking questions, trying to distract Big D from the pain.


Derek: Oh my God.

X: I got you! We gonna fight through this together. Okay, what is your favorite memory this season?

Derek moans and groans. X asks again.


Derek: Fuck. AHHHH! Bitch. Oh my God. I'm......so scared to use this fucking soap. Oh my God. I don't know if I can do this. How am I going to do this?

x: Let me rephrase this.... Do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic?

Derek: I guess so (Big D goes back to screaming)  AHHHHHHHH! Fuck You!!!

X: Rank the houseguests least to favorite.

Derek lets out more screaming

X asks again and during this, Derek F screams and moans and curses between each answer delivering the following:


1: Travis

2: Tiffany

3: Brent

4: Claire

5: Whitney

6: Christian

7: scremaing "Fucking Hannah"

8: SB

9: Derek X

10: Alyssa

11: Britini

12: Frenchie

13: Kyland


Derek: I have to use soap. I have not used soap.

X: You have to use soap. You HAVE to use soap! Thug it out. Boxer mentality. You have to do this. You got this. Be strong.

Derek: It's going to be so painful.

X: You got this!

Derek is wimpering....I don't know what to do. I may just wash my ass and my dick. Oh my God. I am so scared. I have never been so scared in my life.


Big D starts hyperventilating. Xavier coaches him. "You got this. Now spin around like a rotisserie chicken...get all the cracks and crevices."


Derek is screaming at the top of his lungs: Ohhhh Fuck You. You dumb ass comp....okay, my face....and my...

X: that's it. One step at a time.

Derek: Oh my God that's going to go straight to my knee. M O T H E R  F U C K E R...No, I'm a Have-Not. I'm not showering......UGH....BITCH....Just finish....okay...just the face and the butt.....just the face....


Xavier is holding back hysterical laughter and trying to coach him through breathing exercises as if he is giving birth.


[Sorry, but men have no idea what real pain is....like delivering a 10 pound baby through a 5'0" petite frame and no meds. (Yes, I wanted an epidural) Don't test me. I have everyone beat in that department. Maybe this is why I am so sexist. I'll own it. -MamaLong]


Big D sees him holding back laughter and starts screaming at him, "Do you enjoy that? There is nothing funny about this..."


The feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles. Hopefully the DR will get this child some boo-boo lidocaine spray. Big D's knees are not that bad, yall. They are ntohing like Azah's or SB's injuries. NOTHING!  What a whimp!  Yes, I said that sh**  (*giggling)  -MamaLong]


11:54PM BBT

The feeds return to Xavier sitting alone in the living room and Big D walking through, "I swear to God, if I could, I would be lighting you up like Christmas Day."

Xavier can't stop laughing: I'm so sorry. I can't stop.

Derek: Worst pain in history. This is the worst pain I have ever endured, and it's a constant pain.

Xavier: It's not funny, but it's just....Azah's shit? You could see the white through the...

Derek: But Azah, when we were putting that peroxide on it she screamed and cried.

Xavier: Yeah, but it was just... (X sensors himself) Mmm Hmm


Xavier tells Big D he needs to put the hydrogen peroxide on it. He goes to get it along with a towel. Big D refuses saying he will not do  it. "The doctor said Neosporin." Xavier is insisting and this becomes a battle of will. "The doctor said nothing about peroxide" X argues back that it is the best thing to use and begins reaching to start applying the hydrogen peroxide. Big D is telling him "NO, I'm not doing it!!!"


*WBRB Bubbles. Hopefully someone in the control room is telling X to stop. Forget what people have told you!  Hydrogen Peroxide damages the wound more. Not a good idea at all.


12:00AM BBT

The feeds return to a calm Big D, "Thank you so much Medic! Thank you!....over here trying to kill me, X! My knees have to be better before Wednesday."


[This has been wonderful entertainment for me.  -MamaLong]




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