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Sunday, September 19, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
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According to Pornhub, the kinkiest states are Wyoming, Alaska, Vermont, West Virginia, and Oregon. California, surprisingly, is the least kinky.
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12:10am BBT Azah talks about the leaves changing color in fall in the Shenandoah mountains. X is in the shower. Azah/Ky talking about waiting/driving for a good dinner. Azah tells him about a NYC Chinese restaurant that serves lobster with fried scallion chili sauce.

12:15am BBT X is out of the shower & is putting on skin lotion. Azah thought she's be evicted before Jury. Then she made jury and thought she'd be evicted before F6. Then she blinked and was F4. Ky says they couldn't have done anything different & accomplished all this.

12:20am BBT Azah says she was told you can't bring faith into the BB House but she's tried to keep faith with her. All the times before Final 4 where she could have been nominated, all these little things. If Tiff hadn't won the endurance I would have been out. Ky says no.

12:25am BBT X is downstairs for a snack, talking to himself. Ky says Azah is a caring person. Azah says I was, but after Hannah was taken from her, she's just looking out for herself. X returns to HoH to get something to drink out of his HoH Fridge. Ky/Azah play what-iffs.

12:35am BBT Azah says she's tried to not lie in the game but she apologized to Hannah in a GBM for not keeping her. Ky says it was such a crazy hour. X comes outside to say he's going to bed since BB hasn't called him to the DR. Azah/X congratulate him on Veto again.

12:37am BBT Ky says Chaddah wanted me to tell her she was safe but all I could say is I couldn't promise that. She had a look of terror. Azah says she had every scenario in her head. She knew what would happen. It was heart wrenching, Ky says, and it happened so fast.

12:40am BBT X is in the HoH WA doing his ADLs for bedtime. Ky/Azah discuss the reactions of the evicted HG when they realized they would be evicted. They discuss how hard Claire fought: How you doin', Azah? DF is up in HoH eating some pizza and listening to music. 

12:48am BBT HT talk turns to how The CO got away with it. The house got blacker and blacker, Azah says, and no one got it. Ky says everything just worked out. Azah thinks the trick was the one vote against eviction that keep their intent secret. 

12:50am BBT Azah says her vote to evict DF over Brit was an act of defiance. Ky thought it was planned. Azah pretends to be put out - it's not an act of defiance now. Ky says it's still an act of defiance. You ruined it, she says. DF was the one to start counter votes.

12:55am BBT Ky is hot and wants a shower. They get out of the HT and head inside. Azah's third shower of the day. DF watches Ky come into the KT on the HoH monitor. Ky starts cleaning up dishes in the KT. He lets out a deep sigh. 


1:00am BBT Ky scoops some ice cream and tells Azah he's going for a sugar crash. It looks like he's trying to eat ALL the ice cream in the freezer. He even nukes the tub to soften it up to scoop and is crumbling in cookies as toppings. DF still jamming to music in HOH.

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1:19am BBT Ky finishes cleaning up in the KT and heads to the WA to brush and floss his teeth. 10 min later, he's still brushing. After 15 min, He finally gets into the shower, showing a little more cheek than intended. DF takes the music into the HoH WA.


#BB23 1:33am BBT DF heads downstairs and heads into the YBR where Azah is up doing her hair. DF lays down and is eating candy in bed. DF worries to Azah he'll be going back on his word if he evicts Ky. Azah: if Ky had won Veto, he'd have earned F3. DF wonders if X/Ky have a F2.

1:39am BBT DF tells Azah Ky is making him feel like the worst person ever. She's not going to push him to make any decisions. Am I a bad person to send him home? No, Azah says, if this is a decision you can't make... I won't say you're a bad person sending me home.

1:41am BBT If I were in your shoes, Azah says, I wouldn't have made a deal with the devil in the first place. No, he's not the devil. I retract that. DF says he made the best decision he could at the time. DF says he made a deal with Ky week 2 the night he became HoH.

1:43am BBT DF wants to be a man of his word. DF wonders if Ky is really taking the game that personal, he put in a lot of work. So did Tiff, Azah says, she put in a lot of work. DF says Ky will look at him as a bad person. He can judge goodness and badness, Azah asks?

1:45am BBT Ky is violently washing his hair in the shower. Azah is silent. DF says that scares him. DF apologizes for talking to her about this. BB tells Ky to conserve water due to the drought. Ky turns off the water. DF says Ky can't take him to F2 & have a deal with X.

1:50am BBT DF says Ky said he could have played an individual game and been ruthless and deserves to be rewarded for that. He turned on his own peoples, Azah says, and surprise, they were locked in before. Ky ls laying on his back in the WA couch, shaking his hair out.

1:54am BBT Azah tells DF that Ky nominated Tiff for himself, not for the group. DF says the F4 vote will be so awkward. He wonders what Jury will think, what Ky will tell them. Ky dresses for bed. DF says the only deal he will go back on will be this one.

1:59am BBT Azah walks out of the YBR to get her blanket. She comes back and says he's not out there. Azah asks DF if keeping deals is important to him. No, he says. The most important thing is to be yourself, Azah says. We don't owe each other anything, DF says. 

2:00am BBT DF says he made 2 deals in the game, one with her Day 1, and with Ky Week 2. Ky goes up to the HNR. Azah tells DF that Tiff/Hannah are waiting for her, they'll say the guys were working together. Ky gets into bed and says, oh well, there's a small chance.

2:05am BBT Ky talks to us in HNR. He was out first and it was an agility thing. He is so disappointed in himself. He let down himself, his friends, family, anyone cheering for him. Not feeling sorry for himself but for letting others down. 

2:06am BBT Ky says this is where I find out if I was right to trust X to use Veto on him. FotH blocks Ky's comments. Feeds return and Ky is still reviewing his game moves with no regrets. Maybe he's too nice to play this game, but he doesn't think so.

2:11am BBT Tiff, Chaddah, DX, many told him he couldn't trust X and he didn't want to believe them, told himself he could trust X. Will he be called dumb? Honorable? Naive? Foolish? I thought I was making the right decisions. 

2:13am BBT The only bad decision I made, Ky says, was to not take deep breaths and slow my mind down. This comp needed a calmer temperament like my Dad. X's temperament is like my Dad. I've been able to calm myself down before but I'm devastated to have lost so badly.

2:15am BBT Ky says one element in the game is not having to win every comp. He has to work on an appeal to X. We talked why we each want to win, but I need to get him to want to bring me. Ky says if any fans are upset because X is planning to cut him out of F2, he's sorry.

2:18am BBT Ky says X just seems like a stand-up guy, he doesn't want to look bad at the end. It makes no logical sense for him to cut me. Ky closes his eyes and is drifting off in thought. He gives shout-outs to family/friends. Sucks to not be able to save yourself.

2:21am BBT Ky says maybe some admire HG who want to win at any cost. If that's X, it is what it is. Ky asks family to tell his grandparents he's thinking of them and sorry if he's not making them proud. He's proud of The Cookout and his game. He worked so hard to get here.

2:23am BBT All I can do is hope I laid the groundwork to keep myself safe, Ky says. If I make it through this eviction, I will sit in one of those F2 chairs and will decide who sits next to me. I'm ready to make that happen. I can do it. I just have to get through this.

2:24am BBT I kept X safe 2 weeks in a row, I just need him to keep me safe this one. If X's game gives him the win over me, then so be it. Ky says goodnight and asks BB to turn off the lights. Lights are already off in the YBR.

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 9:00AM BBT


The Final Four are still sleeping and will likely get to sleep in until at least 10AM today. 


[Sunday Funday will be quite interesting today. I am waiting to hear what Xavier will tell Kyland. Will he lead KY to be shrouded in false hope? Will he be forthright with Kyland and tell him that he might to take down Azah and put up Big D in her place?  At this point an interesting twist would be a Final 2 with Azah and Big D. I believe Azah would win the jury over Big D. I'm confident Xavier would win next to anyone. -MamaLong]

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10:03AM BBT

WBRB for Wakey Wakey Houseguests

10:20AM BBT

The feeds return to Azah in the bathroom and Big D lying in his bed in thr YBR.

Xavier walks into the YBR

Big D- Oh, just the person I was thinking about!

Xavier- I'm glad we are in control.


Ky is on cams 1/2 just lying in bed in the coral reef room with his shades on.


Back in the YBR:

Big D- X, everytime I think about it, I have bad dreams

X- I need you to be comfortable with the idea of that happening.

Big D- The way he was talking to me lastnight....the hard part for me was, he's like, 'I moved forward with you guys because I felt you were honest' and he was breaking down the whole scenario. I was like, are you looking at this like game play

Xavier- You said this to him?

Big D- I was like, let's say X uses the veto on Azah. Because I'm like we all put in equal work.....He was like, I put in more work than Azah.

X- No matter what decision we make, at the end of the day, I promised you and you promised me. Either one is a viable option. I just need you to be comfortable with what is best for us.


*All cams are on th ehouse, but a very loud plane can be heard flying overhead. Clearly the audio is somehow on the backyard.


X- For me, I would be like, can you beat Azah?

Big D- I mean, I beat her in that and I beat her in BB Comics.

X- I think Azah would bring you to final two over me.

Big D- The reason why I am pushing away from Ky is because the whole Batman and Superman thing and it's funny how weeks ago we vowed never to vote each other out. My thing is that me and you had our thing since day 1.


Xavier hears something, so he opens the door to see Azah heading back into the YBR. He holds the door open. Azah thanks him.


10:27AM BBT

Xavier tells them that he will hold meetings today and do them first saving Ky for last.

Big D says he is talking like he feels the vote is good. If he find out, he is gonna be a hot head. That's the last thing I need is a grown ass man freaking out.


*WBRB Bubbles


10:31AM BBT

Big D asks Azah how she is feeling healthwise (she started her period yesterday)

Azah- Better; the first day is usually annoying


In the kitchen, Xavier finds Kyland prepping for breakfast. They only have 5 eggs, so it seems breakfast will be pancakes.


10:40AM BBT

Azah walks in the kitchen and notices Ky is wearing eye glasses. She makes a big deal about how cute he is in his glasses. Ky thanks her for the compliments.

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12:13PM BBT

Big D and Xavier are putting up the awnings in the backyard. Xavier approaches the same discussion with Big D that he was having earlier. If X takes out Ky, he wants to know if Big D can beat Azah. Big D says he can't make a guarantee because Azah could pull out a win when her back is against the wall. X repeats that if they go to final three with Azah, he (Xavier) will be taking more of a risk and wants to make sure he (Big D) can beat Azah in the final comps. Big D says he doesn't want to take Ky to final three because he makes him feel he owes him something when he hasn't done anything wrong.

Xavier- alright


[This conversation can't truly going anywhere based on what-if scenarios. I'm surprised Xavier keeps asking a question that Big D can't possibly answer, and Xavier already knows the odds are against Big D to beat Azah in anything.  -ML]


12:17PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


12:24PM BBT

Azah is trying to get dressed with makeup and hair done because she has some DR sessions to film. Her hair is still wet, so Big D suggests she go sit outside.

Big D says he hopes they get a video or something to see their families.

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1:15pm BBT Ky heads up to the HNR, smells his sheets, says not smelly at all. He's going through his cloths to see what needs to be washed. X is pacing in the HoH WA. DF is laying out in the sun. Ky grabs as many clothes as he can fit in his arms & heads to the BY washer.

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1:25pm BBT With his laundry started, Ky is doing a rapid-rep workout, where he runs from station to station doing a quick set of reps than moving on. DF headed inside to collect towels for the wash. FotH.


1:36pm BBT X is now outside wading in the pool while Ky is running laps in the BY. More FotH. Feeds return and Ky is catching his breath. X is out of the wading pool and wiping off his face (it was only his feet that got wet). 

1:42pm BBT Ky is back to doing rapid reps in the BY. X is enjoying the SoCal sun. FotH again. Ky takes a moment in the shade to catch his breath. DF is talking about getting liposuction. He jokes he's going to take the fat from his front and put it in his *ss, Cardi-style. 

1:45pm BBT Gasping for breath, Ky goes inside for something to drink. F*, he says, my arms. That gives DF and X the opportunity to talk behind his back about why Ky would want to face X in F2. X moves into the shade. Ky is back outside. He did 5 rounds of 10 reps each.

1:50pm BBT DF pretends they were discussing not having the Slip-n-Slide comp this season. They discuss whether anyone will talk to them after the game. DF figures they won't hear from Brent or Travis. X thinks they'll all get over it. Ever the optimist, Ky agrees. FotH.

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2:00pm BBT Ky says his sign is Cancer. X's is Taurus - they should be compatible (then why does X not want Ky in F2?). DF is a Scorpio. X says then we should butt heads. We DO but heads, DF reminds him. He jokes if JCM gave her the power to vote both of them out, he would.

2:08pm BBT Ky/X/DF are singing their made-up Big Blue Couch songs. BB keeps going to FotH because they apparently can't tell if the music is made up. That hasn't stopped the trio. What is life going to be like when we get home, DF cries out. What if my friends are engaged?

2:12pm BBT DF had a nightmare last night that his friends are engaged & he won't like their chosen life partners. Ky/X rib him on that. Ky jumps into the pool and gets a 2 out of 10 from X. Talk turns to how long you can know someone before committing your life to them.

2:15pm BBT Ky is riding the inflatable unicorn in the pool. DF worries his friends have moved on since he's been gone for 3 months. Ky jokes their lives will be chaos because DF isn't there to guide them. DF says he trusts their judgment. Ky brings up Good Will Hunting.

2:17pm BBT Ky says it's like Ben Affleck telling Matt Damon that his biggest hope is one day he'll knock on the door and he won't be there. And then it happened. His friends knocked on DF's door and he wasn't there. Do you like apple, X says? How 'bout them apples! 

2:19pm BBT DF is getting increasingly defensive as Ky/X needle him. He says he would have evicted both their *sses if he could. X gives him the bird and says his finger is broken, can you fix it? I can fix it up my *ss, DF retorts. 

2:21pm BBT DF says every year is like the Hunger Games with him and may the odds ever be in your favor. Ky accuses him of contradicting himself a lot. DF denies it. X says this is why you 2 don't get along. Ky says you say you can't find the time but you have to make time.

2:23pm BBT Ky says you have to understand the limitations of the people in your life and tailor your relationship to them, to be there when and how they need you as much as you can given your own needs. Ky says urgent things only become important when they are neglected.

2:27pm BBT DF says you are you and I am me. I always answer the call when anyone calls. Then you don't value your time, Ky asks, I save my energy for the people most important to me. X makes his way up to the balcony to collect towels. DF says he can do 2 things at once.

2:30pm BBT DF says the only person for whom everyone else gets put on hold is mom. Ky says there are a lot of people in the world and things I want to do for myself & for others. DF starts to talk about his closest friend and FotH. Apparently Sierra didn't sign a release.

2:33pm BBT DF says if Lauren texts me I know to text her back right away (sounds like Luaren is high maintenance). X says they will have a lot to catch up on in the world. DF says he doesn't care about the world. He just wants to know if Obama commented on The Cookout.

2:34pm BBT The guys have found something on which they all agree - they are hoping there are pop-culture references to The Cookout. X says they won't load up the house with African Americans next season. DF says God made everything happen this season. 

2:37pm BBT Talk turns to watching the season back after. X says you're going to see things in a whole new light. You'll learn what others were saying about you behind your back. FotH.


2:41pm BBT Feeds return and talk has turned to America's Favorite HG. DF thinks it will be DX. Ky thinks it will be a toss-up - 45% DX and 45% DF and 10% someone else. They wonder whether Gen Z has the attention span to watch BB enough to be fans of Chaddah (ouch!).

2:45pm BBT DF says under 100k on TikTok is a joke. His show with Adam has 48k. The majority of their engagement is women. They get about 100 engagements per video but they don't post a lot. He hopes Adam is using DF's time on BB to grow their audience. 

2:47pm BBT DF and Ky are now debating who will have a bigger following. DF jokes every woman and gay man will be searching for Ky on social media. X says so we're doing all right? DF says the question he'll be asked most is how was it with two attractive men for 3 months.

2:49pm BBT DF says he'll have a month and a half to get in shape for his 30th birthday. X is cheering on Charlie (the unicorn) as Ky paddles. Charlie reaches the edge of the pool and X starts stroking his horn. That is the gayest thing I've ever seen, DF declares.

2:51pm BBT X tells DF he needs to do 2-a-days (working out). You'll see results fast. Ky says start out the morning with a workout the day after BB. Woah, DF says, let me get back to Philly first. DF wants to go to Canada with his friends for his birthday. He invites them.

2:53pm BBT DF wants to find a gay-friendly Canadian city. Ky suggests Montreal because they're French. DF wants to go snow-tubing, have bonfires, a big house. But on the cheap. X wants to visit his nephew in Vegas. DF says you going to leave me out? He starts it up again.

2:56pm BBT X says there's never been a trip to Vegas that didn't include Derek, pounding his fist. You meant DX, DF whines, anyway, back to my story. FotH.

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3:06pm BBT DF has gone in side. OMG, Ky says, imagine what it might have been to make the Top 50 (HG candidates) and not been here. X agrees, to have watched The Cookout. FotH. X is inside, Ky is outside and Azah is going to use the washer next after a long DR.


3:13pm BBT X is folding clothes in the LR before carrying them to HoH. Ky is still floating on Charlie in the pool (he's been mounted for over an hour). Azah is laying in the sun. Ky is trying to make her laugh by "trotting" Charlie. The water is warm, he says. Azah yawns.


3:15pm BBT X gets into the HoH shower. Ky and Azah discuss dinner - Mac'n'cheese & wings. Ky will take out the wings. Ky dismounts Charlie. What happened to the flamingo, asks Azah? Ky puts his lips to Charlie's rear flank and starts blowing. He's reinflating the unicorn.

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#BB23 3:30pm BBT Azah/Ky/DF in the BY. DF wants to be a co-host for JCM next season. He wants to be known as a legend. In what way, Ky asks. Like Enzo is a legend. Ky doesn't think Enzo is a legend. Dan, Dr. Will, Derrick, because of their strategy. Victoria is not a legend.


3:34pm BBT DF will settle for infamous. Ky says if you're still talking about a HG's game years later, then they achieve legend status. Janelle's a legend. Rachel is infamous. Azah says people love the Rachelness of Rachel, she's legend, a comp beast in her own right.

3:37pm BBT DF asks if ED is a legend? No, he's infamous. I listen to you, DF says. You hear me, Ky replies, but you don't listen. They debate whether DF listens. DF is distracted by his beauty. Ky understands how DF might confuse being a legend & being infamous.

3:41pm BBT Ky says that you can think you're playing the perfect game until you get home and watch it back and realize how many mistakes you made. You can be a floater who thinks you have a successful strategy. And some have, but you can't know until you watch it back.

3:44pm BBT For me, The Cookout executed a successful F6 strategy. With complex personalities, DF concludes, aren't you just tired of me? Ky smiles. We could always break up, DF says, these are the good ol' days. Remember HG, Ky jokes, these are the good old days.



3:46pm BBT Ky gets out of the pool and DF starts laughing. You know what you did? Azah asks what? He fixed his shorts. Is he a grower or a shower? A grower, DF laughs, thank you. 


3:55pm BBT Ky is making lemonade. Have you ever had it naked, X asks? W/O sugar? Yes, Ky replies. It's just fruit with no sugar added. You should try it. I should get naked, X asks? At least partially, Ky replies. Ky asks the BY if they want lemonade. Azah or me, DF asks?

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6:00PM BBT

Xavier has been grooming Big D for tomorrow's veto meeting. Xavier tells BIg D that voting out Kyland will be his (Big D's) big game move. It seems at this point, Xavier does not plan to use the power of veto.


Azah is making the mac and cheese for dinner. Xavier and Big D are worried that she will put onions in it, so X goes to ask. Azah says she knows the boys don't like onions, so she doesn't add onions any more.

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6:02pm BBT X says did you think you wouldn't get any blood on your hands (that's how X is playing)? DF says it would be stupid to not send Ky home. He tells X he's making him nervous pacing like that in front of him. X says he would come back as a coach but not a player.

6:08pm BBT DF rationalizes Ky can come back next season because he lives in CA. He worries Ky won't forgive him. X tells him voting out Ky will impress the jury. DF is surprised he made it this far. X thinks the next All-Star will be Season 30 (we should live so long!)

7:15pm BBT DF on the hammock hopes Frenchie is rooting for him. DF has a fear of flying and the flight from Philly scared him to death - he was crying. DF liked Christian because he was so open. He hopes they can hang out. He can't wait to see Brit again.

7:20pm BBT DF says DX was a funny guy, the kind you wanted to out on the town with. X comes out & asks who he's talking to. Live feeders, DF says. DF continues his review of the former HG. SB was sweet but very fake. Claire is his NYC sister, full of energy but savage.

7:30pm BBT X asks if there's any action going on in the JH. DF thinks DX/Claire, but that'll end when Hannah gets there. X asks if Alyssa will go for Ky. No, she won't do that to Christian. (X is just trying to distract DF with random questions) 

7:35pm BBT DF says Alyssa/Christian was love at first sight, from 1st night, when Christian held back her hair while she threw up (how romantic). DF says Tiff is beautiful, respects her elders. He's glad she apologized, but if not for The CO, he wouldn't have worked w/her.

7:40pm BT Ky has the GoPro on DF laying in the hammock. X is lounging nearby. Azah is working in the KT for the men. DF continues with his HG review, now on camera. Hannah was so smart. She didn't display any emotion except for DX. She's like Nicole and should play again.

8:30pm BBT Dinner time! Azah's chicken wings and Mac'n'cheese dinner is ready. DF and X didn't want the chicken, just the Mac'n'cheese. They are discussing the game and dining with the past HG and being HNs.

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9:00pm BBT DF wants to watch the season back as a drinking game - every time you hear the word "Conspiring", take a drink. It's been a festive and wide-ranging conversation, with DF doing most of the talking, egged on by X, Ky and Azah.

9:05pm BBT DF lives with roommates so there's always something going on. Azah has been working remotely and has only met 4 people in her company because she was hired when COVID started. And FotH because her employer did not give permission to be discussed.

9:25pm BBT After a long FotH, X is laying in Azah's lap on the LR couch as she stokes his scalp. They say they just need to keep up appearances through Thursday. DF and Ky can be heard off camera, probably cleaning up dinner in the KT. 


9:37pm BBT X tells Azah he's not the kind of guy who would use his power to leverage someone else to do something he doesn't want in the game. We're past that. Why does everything have to be so analyzed? Turn it off! X is mocking Ky's expectation he would take him to F2.



9:44pm BBT Azah is either plucking X's eyebrows or popping his pimples, but she's sitting on him and working on his head while he makes her laugh. 

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10:08pm BBT Feeds return. Azah is back to massaging X's scalp and DF is listening to Ky describe something intellectual as they do the dishes. FotH again. 






10:30pm BBT Ky/DF continue playing a game where Ky poses a thought-provoking question and DF tries to distract him to avoid answering. Azah/X have been ignoring them from the LR couch. Azah thanks them for doing the dishes. 


10:37pm BBT Ky finally gets his question out to DF who says it is a hard one and he's going to have to think about it. Ky heads to the WA and DF makes hand motions to X/Azah as if to ask HELP! Ky returns and offers to restate the question for DF and FotH.

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10:48pm BBT Azah/X have been laying on the couch together for 2hrs listening to Ky/DF verbally dance around each other for 2 hrs. Azah asks if they are interested in taking a walk. What, Ky asks, where? To the SR to check if something's there. X says you are so lazy.


10:50pm BBT Ky tells DF he's not the kind of guy to leave things unresolved. DF says him too. But sometimes he doesn't feel like talking about what makes him upset. X says no alcohol in the SR so he decides to 
head up to HoH and go to bed. Azah also says GN, heads to YBR.

10:52pm BBT X in HoH says these two grown-*ss men have been arguing for 2 hours. Shut up! That's why I had to win HoH - to get away from them. He can't deal with it. X says as long as Ky's here, he's going to be doing the same sh*t. He's got to go. X is pacing in HoH WA.

10:55pm BBT X is doing his bedtime ADLs. Azah has retired to the YBR reading the bible. Ky/DF are still debating whether tone can be angry in the KT. DF heads to the WA leaving Ky alone in the KT wiping off the counter. DF returns and picks up the discussion again.

11:00pm BBT X has to come downstairs to find his shorts. They are in the dryer, DF tells him. X heads to the YBR while Ky/DF discuss why they keep arguing. X complains to Azah DF keeps saying he wants to keep Ky, his closest friend the house, but they fight all the time.

11:04pm BBT Azah complains to X that DF keeps talking to her about why he wants to keep Ky. I'm on the F*ing block, why are you telling me this? Ky/DF have moved to the BY for laundry. DF: I have to expand my mind to understand what you're telling me.

11:06pm BBT X/Azah are commiserating over the DF/Ky drama. DF brings Azah/X's clothes in. What do you want me to do, DF asks? I apologize for ruining your night. I had a great night, Azah says, smiling at X. I've never had more difficult convos in my life, DF says.

11:08pm BBT All feeds on Ky working the washer/dryer in the BY. He heads back inside and FotH.

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