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Friday, September 10, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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12:30am BBT Azah says last year, JCM told Day about The Committee alliance before she went to jury. Ky/Tiff say JCM can't do that. Azah is sure. (Azah is wrong- it was Tyler and Nicole in their GBMs that mentioned unspecified alliances, but The Committee is not mentioned)

12:35am BBT The HG try to figure out what the pre-jury HG think about The Cookout. Tiff says Travis doesn't care. Ky thinks Whit is OK with it. X thinks Brent respects it but Christian is shocked. Ky/X thinks The Cookout will be written about and studied.

12:40am BBT The HG discuss historical figures. Ky is Fredrick Douglas. X is Malcom X. Tiff says DF is MLK. Ky says no, Thurgood Marshall. Tiff says she is NOT Harriet Tubman. Hannah says DF is Louis Farrakhan. Tiff says she is Angela Davis. Azah is Phyllis Wheatley.

1:00am BBT The HG talk about Claire's desperate campaigning this past week. Ky says her eviction speech accused X of acting like he had nothing to worry about. None of them ha anything to worry about when on the block. DF laughs that Claire thought X was running the show.

1:02am BBT DF laughs about Claire pitching a F3 with him and Azah. He responded that none of them could ever win anything. Tiff says that last night after Claire cried with her and said it was over, but then went to find Ky and campaign. 

4:20am BBT Tiff is sleeping in the SGBR. Hannah is still up in the YBR. Ky is preparing food in the KT. DF is in the Poker Parlor. Ky and DF have another heart-to-heart talk. 

5:00am BBT Ky/DF hug and Ky heads into his HoH room to listen to music. DF goes to the WC then to the YBR for bed. All the other HG are sleeping. After a minute, Ky turns out the HoH lights and goes to sleep.


8:50am BBT HG are up and all in the YBR.  

10:30am BBT Ky is holding 1-on-1 meetings w/the other 5 HG. HG tell Ky what they think he wants to hear & steer him away from targeting them. Then they talk to the other HG about who they think Ky should target, which means who they think the other HG wants them to target.

11:30am BBT Tiff meets with Tiff. Tiff tells Ky she can't get to the F2 without him. She thinks X or DF should go first.

12:30pm BBT The HG were up late last night celebrating the success of The Cookout. Some of Hannah's HoH wine may or may not have been involved. Ky also got his HoH room. The LR screen says Nominations Today but the HG are all in various states of sleeping and eating.

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1:15pm BBT X decides to do dishes since noms not right away. Hannah joins Ky in HoH. She wants F3 with Ky/Tiff & will vote however he wants this week. She would choose Ky for F2 because Tiff has good relations w/the jury; taking Azah or DF to F3 is slap in the face of BB.

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3:46PM BBT

Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, Xavier and Big D are sitting at the table talking about Alyssa's exit and how she went out

Azah- I was pleasantly surprised. I don't think she's going to be bitter.

Tiffany says it seemed like she was still processing what happened.

Xavier says in his goodbye message to Alyssa he mentioned that he made a pledge to something prior to entering the house that he had to stick to

Tiff says she mentioned that her personal mission and loyalty to Claire were at odds, but she knew it had to be done "I thanked her for understanding."


3:52PM BBT

The feeds move to WBRB Bubbles then quickly to animals from RCHS for the nomination ceremony.

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5:30PM BBT

The feeds are back. 

Kyland has nominated Tiffany and Hannah


Azah is planning to cook halibut, steak, lamb with peppers for dinner. Tiffany is helping.


5:36PM BBT

Big D and Xavier are in the bathroom.

Big D- We just drew a line in the sand. They will be coming for us.

Xavier- Mm Hmm.


In the kitchen, Xavier tells Tiff he is sorry, "Girl, your name popped up on the mirror for the first time this season."

Tiff- I expected it.


Kyland is talking with Hannah in the HoHR. He is rambling, as usual.

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6:30PM BBT

Kyland and Azah are cooking.

Derek enters and says "That steak is well ass done"

Derek is pondering how he won't see Kyland everyday since he is so cute.

6:45PM BBT

Derek "Can I get in your head? What are you thinking about?"

Kyland "Just all of it. It's hard to explain at times"

"My brain is saying 3 sentences at once and I can't say 3 at once"

Derek tells Kyland they are planning a game for later

6:55PM BBT

Tiffany talking aloud to America about how she will win the veto. And if it's meant to be it's meant to be. If not, then they are ready to send me home. Whatever

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7:20PM BBT Everyone except Tiffany is in the dining room eating. They are discussing how they need to come up with content and the previous times this season they played a game called "Mafia"

They've moved on to parsing Julie's words from yesterday. Thinking someone was coming out of the jury house when 2 were heading in.

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7:52PM BBT

Tiffany has joined the HGs at the kitchen table. DIscussion is centering around Christian and how Alyssa had full control of him. Xavier says Christian was like the little brother that wanted to be in charge but didn't know what or how to do it. Hannah points out that Christian was completely managed by Alyssa but would constantly make a point that he was acting alone to try and exclude Alyssa from any backlash. They all agree they saw through all of it. Big D says Alyssa was "lipping it" during his veto meeting (giving him the speech word for word). Xavier says Christian did his Bump Set Veto speech on his own and his eviction speech. "He wanted to blow eerybody's shit up" but he told him that was a horrible idea and he should lay low, "I've got nothing but love for him."


8:15PM BBT

Kyland is cleaning up the kitchen and asks if anyone is drinking the apple juice. Big D says he drinks it every now and then but it can be thrown out (Christian was the major consumer of the apple juice.) Kyland says he was just curious and there's plenty of room in the fridge for it now with only 6 of them.


8:32PM BBT

In the bathroom Xavier tells Hannah, who is showering, that they need to stop believing Claire's speech. "I am not a threat." Xavier leaves the bathroom then skips through the house to the bedrooms repeating, "I'm skipping 'cause I'm black...I'm skipping 'cause I'm black."


8:36PM BBT

In the sea glass bedroom, Kyland is massaging Tiffany's left hip and buttock while she is lying on her stomach. Big D is with them and they begin laughing and getting loud over the jury house and how Alyssa will go in singing one of the BB23's greatest hits "I trusted the wrong man because I'm a dumb ass bitch." Kyland jokes that Julie will say, "For the first time ever, the jury has refused to vote."


9:00PM BBT

Big D is talking to Azah about his attraction to Ky, "After week 1 was when I noticed Ky."


9:33PM BBT

All of the Cookout members have gathered in the sea glass bedroom. Tiffany is sharing her HoH snacks. Hannah opens the seaweed, "Do any of you want some seaweed?"

Tiffany- everyone can have some by Ky

Hannah- Why?

Tiff- because the mother fucker put us on the block 

They are all laughing and begin sampling the seaweed

Tiff- Oh, my bad. Kyland, would you like some? I got to act different. I'll be different tomorrow.

Tiffany asks if they will have Have Nots this week. The HGs don't think they will.

Discussion begins about BB Comics and what they could be. Tiff teases that Ky's will be a Jackass. Azah is excited to see hers in a fro. They think BB will make Tiffany's a version of "Tippy Toes."

Azah- I'm excited to see everybody's. I'm excited to see Brent's....the cartoon versions. I'm excited to see Frenchie's.

Hannah- (to Xavier) What if they call you the Sheena (his bald head)?

Azah laughs, "I just said that." 

The topic of conversation changes when Azah says, "There was a period in time when I dated two older men. I was delivered. Not anymore. They can smell it though. You walk by and they are like, 'I know you like this.' But nope! Not anymore."

X- I think you are going to get a lot of older men after this, though.

Azah- Nope. I can appreciate an older man. The salt and pepper. Aged like a fine wine.

Tiffany starts joking about how they won't put her on the block (teasing about Ky being a younger man that put her up)

Ky makes a face.

Tiff- What? I'm being a good sport about it.

Kyland agrees saying, "definitely."

Tiff says she has dated plenty of older men.

Azah says the oldest man for her was 18 years older.

They begin discussing the difference between "dating" and "boyfriend."

Tiffany says dating is getting to know someone but not necessarily intimately. A boyfriend is someone she is intimate with. Azah asks Tiff if she can be initimate with someone she's dating. Tiffany says yes. 

Ky- You can be intimate with anyone you want.

Tiff- I have definitely entertained older men, but I haven't dated them.

Big D says he hooked up with a man who was 48 when he was 27. "To me it always is...it's not about age..it's your personality and how you look."


10:02PM BBT

Still in the sea glass room, Big D is explaining that when he first came out, he dated a black man, but as he got older, he realized he liked white men. Tiffany asks what it is that attracts him to white men over black men. Big D says he likes the lumberjack look. He does not usually like dark skinned men, "There are plenty of black men out there that are attractive that I would date...it depends on the look. I'm attracted to a beard." He says his attraction to Kyland is something his friends wouldn't expect because he is so different from what Big D typically is attracted to. Big D says he ends up with white or hispanic men.  He likes Italians.


Azah says her dating preference has been a journey. She was a late bloomer and faced a lot of rejection in middle school and high school. She says she was rejected most by people that looked like her but accepted by those that didn/t, so she developed an interest in the European look. She says the caucasian boy she dated all through college had a very accepting dad, but his mom was completely against them dating because of her skin tone. Azah points out that she has had to put up with some white men who see her more as a fetish. Tiffany says she has experienced that as well, "it makes me wonder if it's genuine." Xavier says he has been approached by white women saying things like, "I think we would make beautiful babies....but then they wouldn't know how to deal with biracial hair. Even if they are mixed, society is going to view them as black."

Tiff- Whitney said it like day 2

Xavier- Mm Hmm.

Azah says that Big D's experience is something she can relate to. She brings up that she has some white relatives and it's been difficult to explain to others.

Tiffany- I am completely open. I'm not gonna keep myself in a box.

Big D says he is open, too, "but I just have a preference."

Tiffany says there is nothing wrong with a preference.

Kyland adds that he is open to anyone he finds attractive.

Xavier- I think you can still have your preferences, but limiting yourself to those preferences can deny you a world full of a bunch of beautiful and wonderful people.


11:23PM BBT

Tiffany has a pair of tweezers going after Xavier's ingrown hairs. The Cookout reminisce over all the comps this season while Tiffany plucks one after another. Azah says she feels bad about whoever cleaned up her vomit after Flying BB-inos (swinging ropes comp).

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