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Monday, September 6, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
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Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

A can of ordinary Coke sinks in water, while a can of Diet Coke floats to the surface.
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12:30AM BBT

Hannah and Claire are talking in the bathroom. Hannah asks how CLaire is doing while she is brushing her teeth. Claire tells her that she is going up on the block.

Hannah- How do you feel about going up?

Claire- I've already had a long cry with Tiff about it and have accepted it. I'm not gonna fight her on it.

They discuss the votes and Claire says she has to convince Azah to keep her.


12:41PM BBT

Kyland talks with Big D and Xavier in the coral reef bedroom about Tiffany's talk with Claire. Ky tells them what Tiffany told him about Claire saying she is really sad but understands that Tiffany has to follow her moral mission.


1:04AM BBT

Chaddha joins Tiffany in the HoHR to tell her that she talked with Claire and she told her about going up on the block. Hannah mentions that Xavier is uncomfortable with a 3-2 vote. Tiff tells Chaddha that Xavier was in there about 20 minutes ago asking her to get Claire in the HoHR and tell her not to say anything to Alyssa. Tiffany told him no, "Claire is not going to say anything to Alyssa. There are four grown ass men in this house and to think that we need to babysit these two women and separate them anytime that are alone talking is unrealistic. If Claire decides to say something to Alyssa, it only involves me. She knows Alyssa has X and X has Alyssa. She wouldn't even try to get a vote from Alyssa. I do feel like if Claire is expecting a vote from  anybody it's from you."

Hannah- Well, I would have to talk to X and make him comfortable with a 3-2 vote  

Tiff- Listen, everybody is centering their whole game around what Xavier wants. Xavier is going to win this game. No one can make a decision in this house without running it past Xavier. When you and Ky left the room today and it was just me and Claire, I almost wasn't even going to have the conversation because I hadn't had a discussion with X. At that point, I had to realize that this is my game. This is my reputation.  This is my life. This is my story. I am here because of me. I came into this house alone. Whatever is going to happen in this house, I am going to write my own story about it.  I am not going to run to X and get his permission for what I can say to my friend.

Hannah- Yes, but at the same time,  if he is expecting a 4-1 vote and he gets a 3-2 vote, and he wins HoH, now he has a reason to come after me when he didn't before.

Tiff- True, but if you want to vote for her you should. You shouldn't have to ask his permission.

Hannah- Yes, but I would have to give Xavier a heads up

Tiff- But you don't have to ask his permission

Hannah- This is the same situation we found ourselves in with DX and with Brit.

Tiff- If he says he got Alyssa, he needs to trust he has Alyssa.

Hannah- He claims that if Alyssa finds out about the Cookout, he is coming after him first.

Tiffany points out that Alyssa would understand just like Claire understands. "When she watches the show back she will be pissed to see that's what he thinks of her." Tiffany says this was all a blessing in disguise because she had the opportunity to be open with Claire about her moral delimma. "At some point this game will be over and we need to move on. Him thinking about how she will turn on him... I don't think he is right about that.

Hannah says they still don't know for sure if there will be Battle Back and that's why the Cookout doesn't want them to be exposed. As far as Alyssa is concerned, I don't think it's her place to share our narrative.

Tiff- He has so little faith and so much faith in her at the same time. I would rather have Big D

Hannah- It's not even just Alyssa. It's that it is none of their places to share our narrative with the jury. She shouldn't have to take on that burden. He really thinks him and Alyssa are like this (close) but then he finds out something from me and I'm like, what happened to this (him being so tight with her)

Tiff- His emotions are...

Hannah- I think it's his ego

Tiff- Oh

Hannah Never seen that from a man (sarcasm. I hate when men...he wants to be the knight in shining armor that swooped in and saved Alyssa when Christian went home. He wants to feel like he can protect Alyssa and he has protected Alyssa even better than Christian could have

Tiff- He's got his cape on.

Hannah- Mm hmm.

Tiff- Honey, men love wearing a cape.

Hannah- They do. I mean if Alyssa is as smart and capable as you say she is, she doesn't need you.


1:39AM BBT

Kyland joins Hannah and Tiffany in the HoHR.  They begin talking about Britini having a meltdown when she found out from SB that she was going on the block. 

Tiffany- Nobody wants to win the HoH next week. We are like the CMB right here. We all we got. (Cash Money Brothers from the movie New Jack CIty). You (Ky) cannot win this week, but they are gonna try to make you win so you can't win at 6. If you win at 6, who is your target? 

Kyland says he would target Azah because she is adamant about getting him out.

Hannah- Who do you think X's target is?

Kyland says Tiff or Chaddha

Tiff- Okay, here's the thing. I am going to be completely selfish.

Ky- Okay

Tiff- For me and Chaddha's game, we only have a chance with you. If you are trusting X and keeping him, you are jeopardizing our game

Hannah- Which you aren't obligated to protect

Tiff- But you are because you sent our savior to jury (she means DX). If you don't care about yourself, care about us. (she is joking). I firmly believe you are first on his list because of things I have heard not long ago. I know stuff.

Kyland- Okay. If it's not shared, I have no incentive to believe it.  

Tiff- I feel you two are working together. You must be if you don't see him as the biggest threat to your game.

Ky- The only two in the 6 that are guaranteed to win this game in the end is you and him.

Tiff- And he can beat me in anything.

Tiffany says no one is mentioning Xavier or willing to put him on the block. Kyland says that if she has information she should share it. Otherwise he has nothing to go on. 

Tiff- Let's just deal with the facts then. No one plans to get rid of X before the 4. So, if nobody is looking to get rid of him and we all know today that if we sit next to him, we lose. Why aren't we going after him? IF you are working with me and Chaddha, why isn't he atarget for you instead of Azah?

Ky says he has been consistent about his reasoning. 'I am extremely loyal. I am a team player."

Tiff- When I win HoH and put X on the block, you are not sending him home.

Ky- I don't know that.

Tiff- Why are we considering keeping him at 6?

Ky- I think you are misunderstanding my answer. I have never said I wouldn't consider it. I am considering all things. I am 1000% down for doing that. It's just a conversation.

Hannah- For me, we are human beings and not everything we do comes down to logic. A lot of it comes down to ego. I get that you are a shield for X. No one is looking at X. He doesn't need a shield. X is confident he could beat Tiffany at anything. He can beat Azah at anything. He has beat Azah at everything. He can beat Big D. He has beat Big D at everything. Can we beat him? I think we could, but his ego tells him otherwise. I personally think that you can't be like, 'explain the rationale for why taking me out makes sense'

Kyland says that he feels it is a valid case but if X is out at 6 and he can't play, "I go out at 5" then Tiff and Hannah walk to the finals. Hannah says she is willing to do it. (take out X)

Tiff- WHo is taking you out, though? Why would we keep Azah and Big D when they both want to take me out?

Hannah- I'm gonna be honest. You are an insurance policy. If anyone gets to the final three with Big D, they take Big D. IF anyone gets to final 3 with Azah, they take Azah. You are my insurance policy.

Kyland- In what sense?

Hannah says that others would want to pick them over her.

Tiff says she feels the exact same way.

Hannah- I am trying to be transparent with you.

Ky- Yeah.

Hannah- You are my insurance policy and that's why I need you in the game.

Kyland- That's fair

Hannah- X does not need an insurance policy because he wins this game no matter what and no one is looking at him. That's my argument.

Tiffany- Thank you Chaddha. That was very well said.

Hannah- Thank you. I have been thinking all day.

Hannah says she talked with Azah and Big D and she compared notes and realized that they can't get to final 3 with Big D and Azah. "I don't see any way the three of us can get to the final 3 if X is still in this game."

Kyland- That is correct.

Tiffany- yep; absolutely

Hannah- I just don't see any situation where the three of us are able to evade going home at 6th, 5th then 4th. I don't see it. And I can't make it to the end if I lose either one of you.

Tiffany- We have to stick together, or we don't make it. None of the three of them would keep any of us. 



2:05AM BBT

Tiffany, Chaddha and Kyland continue to talk about their final three plan.  


Hannah- I am a person who doesn't like unpredictability

Hannah says she has not necessarily switched her target from Big D to X, but she is thinking about it.

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4:00AM BBT

Hannah, Tiff and Ky are still talking about what to do moving forward to make sure they get to final three. They devise a plan for Tiffany to approach Alyssa and say to her that if X stays on the block, he will go home...that everyone has been lying to her.

Hannah- say 'I know you don't want to be directly responsible for sending him home when you could have saved him.' And when she asks who are you putting up next to him you say Kyland and then you (looks at Ky) go , no, no, no, no, no. Ky agrees with the plan. 

When Alyssa gets called to the Diary Room, Tiff will make the statement to Alyssa

Hannah- If you are actually able to execute this

Tiff- I'm excited about it

They say it could beat out Dan's funeral for most exciting game play.


4:04AM BBT

Kyland says goodnight and goes to bed in the coral reef room. Hannah is staying the night in the HoHR with Tiffany.  


4:28AM BBT

Hannah and Tiff say good night and drift off to slumber.

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7:48AM BBT

Claire is up. She heads downstairs and checks the time on the oven. She then uses the loo. When she comes out of the loo, she thoroughly washes her hands then stands in the bathroom just looking around and sighs deeply a few times. Claire then heads back to the HNR and crawls into her janky bed for some more sleep.


[This years' Have-Not beds really aren't bad at all compared to previous years.  -MamaLong]

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10:35AM BBT

Tiffany is reviewing her plea with Alyssa regarding using the veto on Xavier instead of herself. She has been rehearsing this since last night with Kyland's help and Hannah's coaching. Her main point is that Xavier will go home if he he is still on the block on Thursday, but Kyland is the second biggest target and there's no way she would go home sitting next to him.


11:17AM BBT

Tiffany is done rehearsing with Hannah and is now getting dressed for the day.


11:18AM BBT

Big D is washing dishes in the kitchen.

Alyssa is downstairs in front of the memory wall practicing with Xavier for how she will hold her tiny little veto during her speech. She has decided to hold her hands in a praying position.


11:19AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


11:22AM BBT

Hannah is wiping down the kitchen counters. There are ants everywhere.

Alyssa and Big D are inspecting the kitchen floors for ants and are spot treating wherever they see ants.


[The ants are notoriously the constant houseguests that annoy HGs every season. No amount of bug spray has been able to keep them under control. Even if the HGs manage to keep them out of the house, they are an issue in the backyard, too. The ants are never truly evicted. -MamaLong]


11:27AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


11:33AM BBT

Big D announces that the veto meeting is in 30 minutes.

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11:35AM BBT

Tiffany walks in the kitchen saying (to CLaire), "Today is a good day." She then whispers, "I got something in the works."

Claire- Really? Ae you gonna bang out a rap like Britini?

Tiffany- maybe

Claire- No, Tiffany.

Tiffany- (whispers)- Keep your fingers crossed.

Claire- Okay

Tiff- I got to pitch her.

Claire- alright

Tiff- I have to be very strategic and wait until they call her and everyone goes outside. I have to make sure X is nowhere around.


11:38AM BBT

Tiff enters the bathroom and Hannah compliments her that she looks so pretty. Tiff is wearing white jeans with a floral crop top.

Tiffany says good morning to Kyland.


[Posting this here because it did happen on the feeds: Now, I am not sure exactly what is going on with Tiff and Ky. Fuskie brought to my attention last night that Tiff and Ky had been outed on Twitter as being playful under the covers just after 4AM that morning. I shot down Fuskie faster than a tick on a Tom because, as you know, I keep a close watch and I had not seen any such thing. Well, I checked the flashbacks and sure enough, Ky and Tiff were quite enjoying each other's company from 4:00AM - 4:20AM in the HoH bed. Covers were strategically blocking the hand action, but it is quite clear they had a great time. Now, when I'm wrong, I will easily admit my mistake. My apologies to Fus! I thought a rumor was being spread when, in fact, it was not rumor but fact. They had me convinced they had fallen asleep. Let's just say Ky is an amazing actor but Tiff, not so much. This leaves me wondering just how many times they have "served" each other in the past...was it before the season started? Was it a one time thing? Only the two of them know the whole truth and nothing but the truth...so help them, GAWD. I can't unsee the things I've seen. *Sheesh! - MamaLong]


11:50AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


12:08PM BBT

The feeds move from WBRB Bubbles to RCHS and an adorable dog jumping for our attention. It's time for the veto meeting.

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1:10PM BBT

The feeds have returned

Tiff is talking to the camera- I tried. Maybe I should have tried sooner, but I couldn't talk to her in front of X. So I had to wait and catch her at the last minute. But, people do need time to think

Xavier is at the door

Tiff- God Damnit

She lets him in

Tiff- Hola

X- I am not mad. I know how much Claire means to you. If I was in your position...I understand it.  You kept your word.

Tiff- I am a woman of my word.

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1:13pm BBT Alyssa tells Azah that she tricked Tiff into nominating Claire. After talking with X, Tiff talks to camera that she's not going to convince X to turn left when he wants to turn right. Maybe she shouldn't have waited until the last minute to approach Alyssa.

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1:21PM BBT

Xavier walks in the kitchen to make PBJ sandwiches. He hugs Claire, "One of us is for sure going home. That's some fucked shit."

Claire- Mm hmm.


1:26PM BBT

Azah and Alyssa are sitting on the backyard couch.

Kyland enters the backyard with a can of bug spray. He says it's the good stuff. The girls asked what happened to the eco spray.

Ky- They ate it.


1:26PM BBT

Alyssa- Whether it's X or Claire going home, I know it's hard for you

Azah- No, X needs to stay in the house

ALyssa- If you need anything or just to act goofy. Let me know.

They hug and exchange "love you"

Alyssa goes back inside.

Azah (to the cameras) Oh, I feel like scum. She has no idea. She has no idea that she's the next target. That's why we should just tell the truth. Just tell the truth.

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1:46PM BBT

Alyssa is so proud of her lates Have-Not recipe. She created a "Have-Not Slushie" with crushed ice, Gatorade and a bit of sugar. She has Claire try it and Kyland try it. Big D argues that it's "just ice and Gatorade." Alyssa takes her slushie to Hannah in the bathroom.

Alyssa- Want to try it?

Hannah- Oh, okay.

Hannah tries it and says, "What is that, ice and Gatorade?"

Alyssa tells her there is asome sugar in it, too.

Hannah- That's sad...almost pathetic.

Hannah asks when they changed the rules. (to allow Gatorade)

Alyssa- Bump Set Veto

Hannah- Oh, when Azah almost passed out? 

Alyssa- Or when SB almost passed out just while taking pictures

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2:57PM BBT

In the backyard, Tiffany tells Claire about her pitch to Alyssa before the veto meeting

Tiff- X was so mad.

Claire- X was?

Tiff- I planned this all night. As soon as...I came downstairs, I had to hurry up and get dressed. I knew what was going on. I timed it perfectly. Him and Big D are on the couch...her and Big D in the chairs and X was on the couch. I was on the couch too just drinking my coffee thinking what are y'all doing here. I was waiting for her to get called to the DR so that they would get up and go outside and I could talk to her. She went to the mirror and started looking at herself, and I started looking in the closet for nothing. When she got to the DR door I said 'Hey can I talk to you a minute?' X turned  around and was like...

Claire finishes her thought- What the fuck are you doing?

Tiff- Yes. I had to take her all the way to the coral room. I was like, 'I have a...."

WBRB Bubbles

"...oh man, if she would have done it."

Claire- It would have been so good.

Tiff- She would have been looking at me to put up Ky and I would have been, 'Okay, fine, fine, fine, fine...Big D'

Claire- It was worth a shot

Tiff- I should have told her I owe this to Christian. SHe might have believed me. Thing is, she is still thinking about it.

Claire says, "As soon as the veto meeting ended they went to the couch, but Azah came out here (backyard) and one by one they all came outside. I think they are worried."


3:16PM BBT

In the backyard, Tiffany, Kyland and Claire are debating Xavier's age. They are having a hard time believing his age of 27. The discuss that Derek X is 24 and Derek F is 29.

Tiff- You mean to tell me X is younger than Derek F?

Claire- No way!

Ky- No chance!

Tiff- 27??? If I am wrong, I am wrong

Ky- I will die believing he is not 27

Tiff- If he is 27 then he is the most unique 27 year old man

Claire- and you are not gonna be a model bartender.

Tiff- X 27? He probably 37.

Claire- He could be.

Tiff- He is very controlled. I know when he is upset but he reins it in quick. I don't think his lifestyle allows it.

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3:44PM BBT

Alyssa is fast asleep on the living room couch.

Sarge- Wakey Wakey Houseguests


3:52PM BBT

Kyland is spraying the entire perimter of the backyard to try and eradicate the ants. He claims he has the "good Raid that lasts for a long time." Tiff says that the bugs in the hot tub last night were crazy.  Talk moves to flies, and Azah swears she had a fly in her house but it was preganat and had a baby in her house. Hannah says flies only last a few days. Ky says he knows flies and they have eggs and then die.


[These HGs need to study up on their insect, spider and bird facts. Xavier thinks baby pigeons could not possibly exist because he has never, ever seen them....not even on the internet. Alyssa warns that if you step on a pregnant spider, a hundred baby spiders will squirt out. Azah thinks flies have live births. Kyland thinks ants eat bug spray. -MamaLong]

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