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Thursday, August 26, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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8:45AM BBT  WBRB Wakey Wakey time.


9:12AM BBT Feeds return to X in the HNR pacing the floor when he says. We are going to have breakfast. I have to find a waiter for this 5 star restaurant. He begins grabbing items from the room to make Stanley the waiter on the jet ski.


9:25AM BBT DX and Tiff are in the WA discussing the order of events in the house while Tiff is putting on her makeup.


9:26AM BBT Alyssa, Big D and Azah are laying in bed in the YBR. Alyssa says to Big D “We just need 4 votes, right? That’s us three and X”  Big D agrees. Alyssa rolls over and asks Azah if she is still on board. She says she is.

scrnli_8_26_2021_9-24-31 AM.png


9:34AM BBT Meanwhile, X is still in the HVR talking to waiter Stanley. He fed him part of a sandwich and is not giving him water. X is talking to Stanley as if they are holding a conversation.  

scrnli_8_26_2021_9-35-45 AM.png


9:35AM BBT Hannah and DX are in front of the picture wall talking. DX says that he feels he is better for Azah’s game and he just needs to keep pitching. Hannah says that Big D is not thinking long term. He can’t think past today.   WBRB


9:42AM BBT Hannah and DX move to the SGBR for more privacy. Big D goes in and asks DX if he can borrow his socks.  DX hands him the socks and Big D leaves. DX then says “Well, I won’t be getting those socks back”. They both laugh. [They have been joking all morning about him going home today ~PinkTee]

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9:48 am BBT:  Claire is packing in the coral bedroom. Tiff and Kyland are in there too. 

Camera switches to X in the HNR. He’s posing with Stanley saying someone better be taking a picture of them. Stanley’s head just fell off and X is trying to repair him. 😆 X declares he should have been a doctor. 

9:56 am BBT:  Getting WBRB bubbles on and off. Feeds comes back to Alyssa snuggled up on the HOH bed. SB comes out of the HOH bathroom and Alyssa lets her know a lockdown is going to start.  Bubbles. 

10:06 am BBT:  DX, Tiff, Chaddha, and Claire are in the blue and orange bedroom. Tiff got a chain from DX and Chaddha is joking she got nothing. Someone responds she got his heart. [awwww]  DX is holding the jelly jars for the OTEV comp cracking jokes about them. Bubbles. Back and DX has given his lucky headband to Chaddha and threw something else Tiff’s way.  DX said if he knew where his jade necklace was he’d give it to Chaddha. [The mood is really light and jokey, they are all constantly laughing]

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10:04AM BBT Feeds return from WBRB with DX, Tiff, Hannah and Claire in the SGBR. DX is holding up the a couple of items and says “These are the things I wear the most. He hands his jacket to Hannah and his chain to Tiff. Hannah: What you are giving her your chain. DX: Wait, I am getting these back right? Hannah: Can I have the chain and you take the jacket?  DX hands the chain to Tiff and says if I don’t get this back…….  He then hands the jack to Hannah who says “you really gave her your chain. Tiff says “he gave you his heart”.  


10:24AM BBT Hannah asks DX what he will do for the next week with Brit. He says he will stay in his room, maybe play pool. A lot of alone time. He asks Hannah if the Battle Back is a physical competition and she said it normally is. Hannah says it will either be an endurance, a puzzle or luck. DX: Luck? Hannah: Yes they have done that before. Season 15


10:28AM X is still having a conversation with Stanley, telling him his life story. Stanley is staying quiet, just listening to X ramble on and on.

scrnli_8_26_2021_10-29-15 AM.png

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10:42AM Stanley is asking X questions.

Who in the house to you trust the most?


X: The person in the house I trust the most is probably Alyssa and Hannah. Alyssa, Hannah and Big D. Alyssa, I know I can trust her. Game play is to not only help her game but mine as well. 


Hannah and I think a like in the game. She is levelheaded and knows to think before she talks. Out of all the members in the Cookout I trust Hannah the most.


Big D I trust significantly. The only problem with Big D is he is a talker, and he will talk about anything in front of anyone. He doesn’t realize some of the things he says could be taken seriously.


10:44AM BBT  Stanley asks X If he could have been on any other team, what team would he want to be on?

X: Probably, The Aces. I don’t necessarily want the Queens. So, I will say the Aces. That would be me, DX, Whitney and Hannah. So probably the Aces. I got very lucky with the team I got picked to be on. The Kings.


10:46AM What other questions? Has it not been an hour yet? I am ready to workout. Fuck it.


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12:36PM BBT Feeds return with X doing a workout in the HNR. Big D, Claire, DX and Tiff in the kitchen cooking.  


12:55PM BBT Cameras 1&2 switch to DX and Azah in the YBR with DX thanking Azah.  They give each other a long hug. DX stands up and Azah tells him “it’s not over, It’s not over”.  DX says he will talk to Big D to see where his head is. Last they spoke he was 50/50.

DX asks Azah if there was anything that convinced her. She said she been praying about it and contemplating it. She doesn’t believe in regret, but ummmmm I feel like I have to do what I need to do and I won’t be surprised if in two weeks I regret my decision. DX says I thought I was doing the right thing with Christian but look where I am. Anything can happen. DX leaves the room after they each tell the other they love them.

scrnli_8_26_2021_1-11-54 PM.png


1:00PM BBT Azah is laying in bed saying over and over “I’m going to regret this” to herself. She can’t go against everybody, or she will put herself as a target. Azah is whispering to herself of all different scenarios of what will happen in the coming weeks.

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8:56AM BBT

Claire talks to the cameras in the coral reef room. "What would I do if I won it? (She means HoH) That's tricky.  I could put up all the Kings, if one of them  comes down, Ky goes up. I don't hate that. I don't hate that at all.....That's proabbaly what I'd do. Put up all the Kings....so sorry Lys (Alyssa) Maybe SB, Ky then gotta do X and gotta Alys. Sarah Beth....That's the way of the world. I have high odds I hit the block. This is going to be a fight from here on out. I feel like I'll stay next week too, but maybe not. It depends about if people want to keep Tiff or get rid of her. But, what I would ideally like to see is probably X or Alyssa,  so I think it has to be because SB and Ky? I think I could work with them, Yeah, that's what I'd do. Okay, um...being on the block is not fun. I have to pack. Packing is so annoying. Okay.....let me think what else...Coin of Destiny. Derek votes me out in the Coin of Destiny. I don't know what I'd do....I do trust Azah even though I probably shouldn't. Big D? No Trust!...It is what it is....I'm not fully confident in my memory, if I'm being honest here."


In the YBR, Alyssa asks Azah how she feels. Azah says she knows it (video facts) but she isn't as fast as she'd like.


9:00AM BBT

Claire heads to the kitchen and begins studying with Hannah.


9:34AM BBT

Ky is in the coral reef room with Claire. Claire tells him the lights flash like strobe lights at night 'I came in last night to get changed and it was like  a strobe effect.  *insert Claire's repetitive flashing noises* Very intense flashing. She said sometimes it gets better and sometimes it gets worse." (she = production)


9:55AM BBT

Tiffany is sweeping the sea glass bedroom

Tiffany comments to DX and Hannah that she wouldn't want them to have to try to pack her stuff. SHe may just get her bag and pack now.


10:33AM BBT

Hannah tells DX he needs to look nice for his speech. DX has dressed in jeans and a blue top

Hannah- I don't like these jeans....at least, not with this top

DX- yeah

Baby D tries on some other things then says, "It just hit me that Travis took his shirt off."


Tiffany and Hannah keep offering advice. DX puts on dark pants with a button down shirt and cream jacket.

DX- I think this is one of the best options so far.

Alyssa walks in, "ooooh, OKAY"

DX- Is this doing it?

Alyssa- Yeah! Dang!..who is he?

DX- well, that's one more vote *laughing

Alyssa- I'm forgetting what Christian looks like. 

Alyssa suggests his plaid pants, but DX says he wore that to BB Nightclub.

Alyssa- We're getting a nice show. Good timing. I'm glad I walked by.

Hannah- he has been trying on clothes for 30 minutes

Alyssa- Hannah was just trying to keep him to herself


This whole time, Tiffany has been offering sounds of approval and/or diapproval in hums and grunts which DX is able to understand, but Hannah is totally not understanding.  I believe Tiff is bleaching her teeth, so her mouth remains closed, but DX picks up on everything she is trying to say. It's pretty funny.

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6:07PM BBT

The feeds have returned to Big D complaining about the competition

"We did all that studying and not one questions about the numbers"

Sarah Beth says there will be another HoH competition

Hannah, Azah and Claire are celebrating with Tiffany in the storage room.

Tiffany dances into the sea glass bedroom with Claire following behind, "I can win something!"

In the YBR, Big D continues complaining to SB  

6:15PM BBT

Hannah enters the bathroom crying, "Oh my God. There are people in here."

Alyssa asks if she wants to be alone. Hannah says she will be okay.


6:23PM BBT

Kyland is crying in the YBR to Big D and Azah. He feels horrible about DX's departure. Big D tells Ky that DX will totally understand once he sees their mission, "Stay focused."

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6:46PM BBT

Tiffany is talking with Ky in the bathroom. SB comes in to use the loo, so Ky says they will move to the coral reef room. Tiffany promises not to be a diva as HoH.


Tiff heads into the YBR and celebrates again with Azah. Both Azah and Big D tell her they are so proud.


While Ky is waiting for Tiff in the coral reef room, he asks production to please give them 5 unimterrupted minutes.


In the YBR, Tiffany says she has her mock nom speech ready, "You sent my friend Derek X home. I told you that was a mistake. Put your god damned heart glasses on. Go get you *inaudible* " Azah and Big D laugh then start dancing around the room as 


Big D is dancing in the YBR, "take your ass home...take your ass home....then I will have my man to myself."

Big D leaves to make pizza.

Tiffany heads to coral reef to talk with Ky.  In the coral reef room, Tiffany tells Kyland that she wants the men to help her because she has been so set on SB that maybe she has been missing something.  She tells Ky "In her defense, she is gonna say she kept us safe. She didn't want Claire to go home and she protected Jackpot."

 Tiff tells Ky once the get to 6, the two of them will be the targets. Ky shares that Big D has offered to take the final shot a 7. That means he won't be eligible for HoH at week 6. Ky warns her that noms could be at 10:30AM tomorrow and she will want to have conversations first.

Tiff practices her nomination speech with Ky. Ky tells Tiffany that SB pointed out they didn't have a Jackpot celebration in storage.

Tiff- Damn! We didn't do Jackpot when she won either.

*WBRB Bubbles

Tiffany says that she feels SB was trying to cripple her by taking out DX. "You managed to put yourself in a position to gather information. I'm not using candy"

Ky- No, don't use candy and shit.


7:02PM BBT

Claire joins Tiffany and Ky in the coral reef room


7:05PM BBT

Tiffany is nominating Kyland and SB. Keep in mind that Ky is part of this plan. They decide on how they are going to play this with SB. Ky says that he will tell SB that Tiff was talking about previous HoH's and DX being evicted...that she was taking it personal. He will then tell SB that Tiff gave him a soft warning that she may need his help as a pawn. Tiffany will tell SB the same thing, so when Ky and SB discuss Tiffany's conversation, Ky will play it as a mystery as to which of them is the actual target.


7:10PM BBT

Tiff tells Claire that she won't do much talking in her one-on-ones "I'll be doing a lot of listening."

Tiff- we need a weekly deal with everybody

Claire- yeah

Alyssa comes in and interrupts the conversation but leaves quickly

Tiff- DX told me that you, me Chaddha need to be like this (together)

Claire- Azah told me yesterday that she is more us and he (Big D) is more them

Tiff- Big D, we are not playing the same game....you like Ky, I don't....I'm gonna use him for what I can

Claire- use Ky but don't trust him

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Tiff- I gotta see where Big D's head is at with using theis Coin of Destiny

They try to determine how much the HG's have. Claire says they know who got the 100 and they know Chaddha got $75. They determine that Alyssa will tell them if they ask. SB could have $75

Claire- if we find out what X or Alyssa got then we can figure it out

Tiffany- okay, so I need to know how much money everyone has; what their plans would be if they had won; how safe we are, you and I

Claire- yeah, and broker some deals

Tiff- If Ky comes off the block I have to put up Alyssa. SHe 's not my target, but I don't want to make a deal and have to go back on my word

Claire- yeah

Tiff- I need to know was Alyssa really coming for us

Claire- Ky is claiming she was

Tiff- listen she is telling somebody I am her target and she said the why (Claire is the why)

Claire suggests she asks if her name has ever come out of their mouth or heard her name from others


7:17PM BBT

Tiff- I'm not gonna be crass. I'm gonna sprinkle some sugar

Tiffany settles on 10-15 minute chats with the HGs

Tiffany and Claire gather hair accessories for Tiffany to keep track of the responses from HGs.


7:56PM BBT

Tiff talks with Azah in the coral reef room. She asks Azah what she should do. Azah says put Ky and SB up. If one comes off, put up Alyssa.


7:58PM BBT

Xavier is showering and Hannah is keeping him company in the bathroom.


[I'm out for the night.  -MamaLong]

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8:29pm Big Brother Time

Alyssa is talking to Tiffany

Alyssa is telling Tiffany that Sarah Beth wanted to put her (Tiffany) up but Kyland stopped that and made sure that she did not go up.
Alyssa also tells Tiffany that Sarah Beth has been telling people that Alyssa was after people in the house (Alyssa denies), and Alyssa believes that Sarah Beth is trying to get Alyssa evicted by another person so Xavier would not be angry at her (Sarah Beth), leaving Sarah Beth with allies in both Kyland and Xavier.

Alyssa tells Tiffany if she wins a power she would remove Xavier, and hopes Tiffany understands. She repeats this again, adds 100%.
Tiffany says that she understands that.

Alyssa asks if Sarah Beth gave a reason for Alyssa's “going after” Tiffany. Tiffany says to let it die there, no sense in repeating.
Tiffany says Sarah Beth is playing a very good game, she appears non-threatening.
Tiffany tells Alyssa she is not going after her (Alyssa), Alyssa repeats that she was not coming after Tiffany.
Tiffany tells Alyssa to keep their conversation confidential, she adds that Sarah Beth has already made her partnership choices in the game.

Xavier takes a turn to speak to Tiffany.

Tiffany digs at Xavier by calling him “nominee”, “third nominee”, and having him sit in the “nominee chair”

Tiffany asks Xavier questions about his opinion on how she should do the HOH this week.
Tiffany says she talked Alyssa because she knows Alyssa has said that she would put Tiffany and Claire on the block.  Tiffany says that Alyssa told her she was not targeting her (Tiffany).
Tiffany asks Xavier to tell her his thoughts.

Xavier says she needs to consider her target, and make sure she has things lined up to succeed. He indicates he is interested in seeing Sarah Beth go to the jury this coming week.

Tiffany says she is trying to decide if she is making a personal decision or a game move. She repeats things that have happened this week that have made her feel that Sarah Beth made moves indirectly against her.
Tiffany says she is putting Kyland next to Sarah Beth but would rather Xavier wins and removes himself.  Tiffany says she told Alyssa she wanted her to not use the veto, but allowed Alyssa to explain and then agreed to support Alyssa using it on Xavier.
Tiffany says that Big D always thinks he is going on the block, she is tickled about this.  She says he thinks he will go on the block this week as a pawn, and she plans to allow him to worry. (Tiffany gives a comical repeat of Big D's reaction of, “Fine. Fine.” while throwing his arms in the air.)

Tiffany tells Xavier that in the event Sarah Beth or Kyland comes down the replacement would have to be Alyssa.  She says she might still use Big D to keep her reputation good with Alyssa. 
Tiffany says if it is a tie of some sort, she will break the tie and send Sarah Beth home.
Xavier promises to do what he can to make her week easy.

Tiffany tells Xavier that Claire has been telling Kyland that Xavier is her target, but she does that so they don't know she is after Alyssa. She is afraid to let Xavier know she is going after his duo partner.

Xavier says he was upset when Kyland did not throw the HOH in the earlier week, but he lost it because he messed up.  Sarah Beth gave him the wrong answer.

They end their conversation and Sarah Beth comes into the room

Tiffany is welcoming and her natural warm self, Sarah Beth looks a little nervous.

Sarah Beth tells Tiffany that she wasn't in a good position in her HOH, and she messed it up. She says she didn't want Claire to go home.
Tiffany asks if she will have a chance to play in the BB High Roller.
Sarah Beth says it is possible with what she has, what she gets in the envelop, and what America sends her. She says if it is not herself or Kyland on the block she would not use a veto.

Tiffany tells Sarah Beth she wants to use the HOH in a way that she has some sort of advantage next week.
Sarah Beth says that Big D has said he would put up Tiffany and Claire on the block. She says that Derek X told her that anyone, including Tiffany, would put her (Sarah Beth) on the block.
Sarah Beth says that Bid D is worried he will be on the block, and last week Big D encouraged her (Sarah Beth) to put Derek X on the block.

Tiffany says she has said that there are two sets of duos that have won the majority of competitions in the house this season. She says that her group of three have won nothing until tonight.  Tiffany says that with Derek X gone they are at risk against the four of them (Xavier, Alyssa, Kyland and Sarah Beth).  Tiffany calls them a tight group, and she was lucky it was a competition that used knowledge, not luck.

Tiffany repeats she is going to try to position herself and Claire are under the radar next week. Tiffany says she doesn't know what she is going to do, but right now she is looking at the two strong duos this week.  She repeats that losing Derek X has made her question where she is in the house, she doesn't want to lose a girl in the house, but the girls that have guys in the house don't want to lose them (their guys) either.

Tiffany says she will wait and see what comes from the BB High Roller and veto, then make a decision for a final nomination.  She says if it is “you and Kyland” she decides to nominate, she will make sure they have the opportunity to play for the veto.

Sarah Beth (subdued), says she saw last week is that the Jokers and Alyssa and Xavier are closer than she thought. She says that the radar is on herself and Kyland is coming from more than one group. She says Tiffany should think about the shots other people would take, but the shots that only she would take.

Sarah Beth says Kyland wants to repair the relationship between himself, Claire and Tiffany. She adds that she would be interested in that as well, she would be looking at other people in the house.

Tiffany says that she heard Sarah Beth tell her earlier that she would use the coin of destiny for herself and Kyland, but she is struggling to understand where “me and Claire” would fall into that.  She goes on to say that is fine, but that doesn't say where she is where safety is concerned.
Tiffany says both of them have hurt her game indirectly, she has to think about that.  She says she needs to know where she fits in the game with them.

Sarah Beth says she didn't know she would be cutting off Tiffany's legs by sending Derek X out.

Tiffany says that she understands why taking Derek X out was a good game move, but she had a tight bond with Derek X was never coming after her. There were other people in the house that Sarah Beth could have targeted.  Tiffany says the only guy in the game that would fought for her.

Tiffany says that Sarah Beth has not only Kyland, but Xavier fighting on her behalf, and now she (Tiffany) has no one like that in the game.  Tiffany says that if she had not won HOH, she could have been on the block.

Sarah Beth tries to make her decision to nominated Derek X seem like a favor for Tiffany. She gives the same reasons she has used all week for nominating him. (Tiffany isn't buying).

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9:14pm Big Brother Time

Sarah Beth continues to break through Tiffany's obvious decision that a duo will be on the block this week.  She says it is helpful when duos are in the house because the HOH knows where they stand.
Sarah Beth says she is trying to win the game, and she has seen girls who get the end with a man and the girls do not win.  She says she has told Kyland that she would not want to sit beside him at the end of the game, she is not blindly loyal.

Tiffany agrees that everyone must play the game, she says that Sarah Beth has given her some things to think about that she was not aware of.

Tiffany ends the conversation.

Tiffany invites Hannah to talk to her next.

Tiffany thanks Hannah for helping her with the HOH competition. Hannah says she misunderstood the question she missed at the end.  Tiffany says Sarah Beth gave Kyland the wrong information before the competition, he went with it and missed.  Tiffany says Xavier did not throw it either, he didn't know it.

Hannah says Alyssa pulled Claire and Hannah aside and told them that she did not trust Sarah Beth since week 5.  She told them Sarah Beth has not trusted her either, but she had to work with her because of Xavier and Kyland. Alyssa says that Sarah Beth told her to take Claire down, then later told Alyssa to take down Big D.  Alyssa said she did what Sarah Beth told her to do, then had to have a conversation with Claire to justify it.  Hannah says that Sarah Beth went to other people telling them that Alyssa was going after Tiffany, Claire and Hannah. Hannah says Sarah Beth has been starting rumors, all directed towards Alyssa's targets.

Tiffany says Alyssa looked her “dead in the eyes.” and said she was not coming after Tiffany.

Hannah says Alyssa told her the same thing, and she believes of the two girls, Sarah Beth lies and manipulates.

Tiffany repeats what was said in her conversation with Sarah Beth.

After a few minutes of talking, Hannah breaks down into tears. Tiffany comforts her, tells her that he will understand when he watches the season back. Hannah's meltdown continues. 

When Hannah gets her emotions under control, they spend some time laughing.
(Tiffany was very loving when she cried, she told Hannah that the game is being played the way the Cookout wanted to play it.  No one expected to actually love the people they have befriended, and it hurts them to see them go.  Tiffany tells Hannah that they are not playing the game for a personal win, if they were things would be very different. They are playing to maneuver a member of the Cookout to win the game.)

Tiffany tells Hannah that Sarah Beth told her she would not take a guy to the end, the guy always wins.
Tiffany, “She ain't gonna take no one, she don't have to worry about it.”

Hannah tells Tiffany that the last three standing tonight were her (Hannah), Alyssa, and Tiffany. Tiffany had no idea Alyssa was there.
Tiffany says it took forever for Julie to say she won.

Hannah asks to sleep upstairs with Tiffany
Tiffany, “yes, please do!”

Their meeting ends.

Hannah puts on her shades and goes to the lavatory area.
Sarah Beth comes out and Hannah speaks to her before going into the loo.
Sarah Beth checks herself in the mirror, then leaves and Xavier comes into the room.
Sarah Beth comes out, Xavier notices she has been crying. He teases her a little, she says, “I can't wait for your moment to come.”
Hannah wants to return to her typical heartless self.
Tiffany goes to the loo, Claire comes in and hugs Hannah. She tells Hannah that Chicago will be proud of her for showing emotion. Hannah laughs, “You don't know Chicago.” and they laugh.

Tiffany repeats her conversation with Sarah Beth. She says Sarah Beth threw everyone under the bus, even Big D. Claire and Hannah laugh and nod.

Claire is laughing because Big D is so worried about being on the block this week.
Tiffany tells them he thinks he is going to be a pawn and she never said anything about it. She said he left their one on one really believing it. She mimics his arm swinging.

Claire says Big D is mad about the envelopes as well, he was so sure he was the only person playing in the upcoming BB High Rollers.

Tiffany tells them that her one on one with Kyland lasted 40 minutes, and he was surprised that it was the one on one.  (Tiffany will not be pandering to Kyland's need to give input regarding decisions this week, that is crystal clear)

Xavier and Alyssa are in the anchor bedroom, Alyssa tells Xavier about Sarah Beth's stories.

Big D and Azah come into the room.

Cameras move to Sarah Beth and Kyland in the kitchen area.
Sarah Beth is telling Kyland about her conversation with Tiffany. (saying she is not pleased might be an understatement) 
She tells Kyland that she tried to indicate that the Jokers and Kings were very close together, and that her (Sarah Beth) and Kyland were going after other people.
Sarah Beth is whispering, Kyland is noisy—hard to hear all of it, but seems accurate.

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10:11pm Big Brother Time

Sarah Beth says she told Tiffany she might have the money to play in the BB High Roller and offered to keep the nominations the same if her (Sarah Beth) and Kyland aren't on the block.

(Kyland keeps moving around from the stove to the microwave, Sarah Beth is trying to get him to listen but has to stop over and over as he moves away.)

Sarah Beth, “I'm not done”.
Kyland, “ohh ohh.” comes back to the microwave
Continues to make noise, stir loudly with a spoon, banging drawers, digging in a drawer....

Sarah Beth has to keep repeating what she is telling him, Kyland keeps saying, “what?” “huh”, and he is traveling between the microwave, trash and oven..Sarah Beth is talking the whole time.

Kyland asks her what they should look for to figure out who is being more candid with them, Sarah Beth says she thinks they are hearing the same things.

Sarah Beth says she did not lie to Tiffany.
Kyland asks who she could say she should have put up instead of Derek X that would not affect Azah and Big D.
Sarah Beth says she might try to talk to Tiffany again and use the excuse that she was taken aback by Tiffany saying that removing Derek X was like cutting off her (Tiffany's) legs.
Kyland tells her to try to tell Tiffany that she saw Claire and Derek X trying to flip the house and Tiffany seems to be loyal to Kyland's HOH.
Sarah Beth says she will do that.

10:23pm Big Brother Time
Hannah, Claire and Tiffany are talking about the HOH competition. 
Tiffany continues to say she was surprised that the game ended and she won.
They cackle like little hens while they talk.

Tiffany says Sarah Beth wrote her HOH letter to herself.

Hannah repeats something Sarah Beth said in the kitchen a few days ago, (Here it is in a nutshell)

Alyssa made a comment about America not liking showmances, and that is why she only received 50 dollars in the BB High Rollers vote.  Sarah Beth said that America probably hates her then. Hannah said she asked Sarah Beth if she was in a relationship outside the house, and Sarah Beth said she was. 

While our three little hens talk, no one can understand, is she in a relationship outside the house, or is she in a showmance with Kyland?

Cameras move back to Kyland and Sarah Beth in the kitchen area.

Kyland continues his pep talk with Sarah Beth, telling her she made her “own decisions” as HOH. He tells her if they go up someone might take them down, she might win veto, he might win veto...

Tiffany is in the hallway bedroom talking to America.
She is thanking America for sending her such positive energy, she says thank you again, and says she hopes her week will go as planned.

She goes into the room with Xavier,  Alyssa and Azah.

Claire and Hannah are whispering in the gym, the topic seems to be their mutual adversary, Sarah Beth.

Hannah comes into the bedroom with the whole gang, then Claire comes in as well.

Tiffany tries on Xavier's wig, but her hair is too high.  She says Claire needs to try it on too, but Azah says her wig has traveled all over the house, so no.

Eventually Hannah has the wig on and she struts around the room with Xavier.

Cameras move to the chess room.

Kyland and Sara Beth are talking about their fear of being on the block.
Sarah Beth, 'we're about to run straight off a cliff...splat.”

Kyland encourages Sarah Beth to take it one day at a time.

Sarah Beth tells America on camera that she is begging and pleading for them to give Kyland the votes for the BB High Rollers.  She says to give him her votes as well.
(earlier Sarah Beth made a rather rude comment about just what America could do with their BB High Roller money. And that was also on camera...hmmm)

General talk in the anchor bedroom. They are talking about meeting after the show is done with other house guests.

Big D comes in after his diary room session, he tells everyone to get out because this is where they hide to avoid the block.

Cameras move back to the chess room, Kyland is still giving his pep talk to Sarah Beth.

Sarah Beth makes another plea to America..
Bubbles cuts it off and returns after she is done with it.

Camera moves to the anchor bedroom, Tiffany is called to the diary room.

Xavier, “We're gonna be on tv.”
Big D, “They want us to look like we're doin' somethin.”

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11:00pm Big Brother Time

General conversation, house guests have decided to wait in the bedroom, Big D is keeping watch for Tiffany.
Sarah Beth comes down, Big D tells her what beds are open in the hallway bedroom.

Xavier and Alyssa are on the sofa while they wait and Sarah Beth joins them.

11:31pm Big Brother Time

Tiffany is ready to reveal her HOH room.

House guests run to see Tiffany's photos and snacks.  Tiffany gets to see a photo of her son, who is seen in a photo of him at the high school.  She is seeing photos that are new to her.

Tiffany spots a gift she received and Big D does jumping jacks and yells, “yay!!” over and over. I am pretty sure he has no idea what she was so happy about.

Tiffany is really good at making people laugh and feel good about this room reveal.  She looks in the fridge, everyone is squealing about what she has in it this week.

Tiffany opens her letter, she gets emotional as she reads it, and it is from Mama Pat and Christian.
Tiffany says Mama Pat is the grandmother who raised her, she is a retired teacher and has always brought children in to help raise them. Tiffany was with her from age 5 full time.  Tiffany loves her grandmother very much. (If someone who knows Mama Pat can share this:  11:35pm Big Brother Time all cameras – Grannysue)

Tiffany talks about Christian as well. He plays both the clarinet and sax. Tiffany says she struggled to get those instruments for him.  She says Christian is with the best person he could be with in his first days of high school.

Big D gives Tiffany a big hug, and it is followed by several people who leave the room. 

Big D and Xavier go to the anchor bedroom. Xavier says he thinks she is putting up Kyland and Sarah Beth, with the possible replacement being Alyssa or Big D.
Big D says when there are seven left, the girls have to win.

Xavier says the coin of destiny makes him nervous, 
Big D is worried about how much money people have collected. Big D says Claire will have enough to play for it, Tiffany might also have it, Azah might have enough.
Xavier says Claire playing makes him nervous, but with Tiffany in power he is less nervous.
Big D says it is anonymous, so he has to win.

Kyland comes and goes, Xavier is telling Big D that Claire may have lied to Kyland, no one in the house likes him much. (Claire named Big D and another house guests as her targets to Kyland).

The girls are gathered in the HOH room.

General talk in the room.

Kyland and Sarah Beth are in the kitchen area. She says she doesn't want to look like she is lurking so she starts doing dishes.

Tiffany tells the girls she told Xavier she hopes he wins the veto, he will remove himself.  Tiffany says the second best is that she wins the veto and keeps the nominations the same.
Tiffany asks to see who has not hosted a veto.

Alyssa and Xavier are in the lavatory area.
Alyssa tells the diary room if they want her when she needs to vent, this is a perfect time to call her.
Xavier mumbles with the toothbrush in his mouth.

In the kitchen area Big D is talking to Kyland, telling him that a person he identifies as  “he” felt bad about going back on their deal.  The water is running right by Big D's microphone, so it is impossible to tell what they are saying. Not sure who “he” is.

12;00am FRIDAY MORNING Big Brother Time

It is time for me to say goodnight to all of you.  I hope you find joy in your day. Be kind darlings.

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